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Blackhawk Hall Ch. 04

Christi and Ari out on the town while Mindblind is on the march to Darius.
Arilee and Christi walked through the massive double doors of Blackhawk Hall into the cobblestone courtyard beyond. Both were dressed to impress, and the effect was not lost on the guards flanking the door. Christi turned around after a few steps, knowing that the guards would be looking, and winked. The men both quickly lifted their eyes from the sway of the women's bottoms, provoking a laugh from Christi as she turned her eyes back to the path ahead.

A glance at Ari readily revealed the reason for the stares. Christi had picked out the outfit to specifically accentuate the woman's attributes. Her blonde hair flowed free, framing her smiling face, and shining in the fading light of sunset.

The blouse Arilee wore was unbuttoned at the top to display some cleavage, hiding enough to make a man want to look through the cloth. It was thin enough that her small nipples pressed against it provocatively. The blouse was also short, and if Ari lifted her arms more than shoulder height, it revealed a little of her taut tummy and a hint of her navel. The skirt she wore was tight and short, showing off her bottom and long, shapely legs.

Christi was dressed much the same, save she unbuttoned one more button on her blouse, revealing more of the firm globes it held hidden.

The courtyard was small – the original wall surrounding the keep having been torn down and replaced with one much closer to provide more space for a growing city. Behind the stout walls of Fightershaven, there was little need for the Hall to serve as a true defensive position as it had in times long past. The swollen population of the city could no longer fit inside the Hall if the city was breached, anyway. Thus, it took little time to reach the open gate in the high stone wall that surrounded the Hall to pass into the city proper.

Once again, Christi turned and winked at the staring guards. This pair she knew well, and they were not so quick to remove their eyes from two attractive backsides, so blatantly presented. Christi gave her ass a playful swat, and blew the men a kiss. Ari turned when she heard the spank and blushed upon seeing the guards staring at her bottom.

The noise of the city assaulted the pair immediately as they walked through the gate onto the main thoroughfare of the city – Bison's Way – a crude approximation of the native name for this region coined by the plains dwellers that had lived here since before recorded history. The wide cobblestone trek could accommodate large wagons passing each other on opposite sides, which happened regularly, as the city had become an important part of the trade routes.

The sounds of merchants hawking their wares, hoping for a last minute sale, filled the night. Laughter and singing roared from the taverns to reach a traveler from a fair distance away. Ari thought that the noise inside the buildings would surely have been deafening, to be audible this far away. The snorts of horses and a thousand conversations added to the din of noise that would continue until long after dusk. Fightershaven was a rough and tumble place, and nightfall was more a signal for it to grow increasingly boisterous than to quiet down, as was common in other cities.

Christi laughed, "I told you that you looked good. They're lucky they're standing still. The first man we come across trying to walk while staring at your butt or boobs will probably walk right into something."

"I sort of like it. It's different. I don't usually dress so..."

"Slutty?" Christi supplied and laughed.

Arilee echoed the laugh. "I was going to say provocatively, but it's the same thing isn't it? I've had men stare at me before, but this is – exciting."

Christi leaned over and purred into Ari's ear, "Is it making you hot?"

Playfully pushing her away, Arilee said, "Yes – and so is that, so stop it."

"Sorry I tried to push you a little too far. Gwen used to be the one to come up with those little schemes to keep the men in line, and I guess I miss it a little."

"It's okay. I need to loosen up a little, and you've already told me that you need someone to help you put up the proper appearances at times. So, it all works out."

Christi raised an eyebrow and one corner of her mouth into a crooked smile. "So, you do like showing off a little?"

Arilee blushed and smiled even wider. "Yes, I guess I do. I'm learning about a lot of things I like that I would have never considered until I met you."

Just then, Christi's prophecy came true as a young man walking on the opposite side of the road walked directly into one of the posts supporting the firepots illuminating the street, his eyes locked on Arilee.

Christi quietly suggested, "Try not to laugh, and give him a wink. It will make him feel better."

Arilee did as Christi had suggested, and the young man smiled as he stood back up, holding his head.

The streets were crowded, but fortunately, not so much as they were during the height of the business day in the city. The pair was able to continue with a minimum of jostling.

Prostitutes stood along the busy avenue in front of houses of ill repute, trying to entice customers inside. Beggars pleaded for coin from merchants returning home for the night. Couples and boisterous groups of both men and women moved to and from the many taverns and inns in the city.

Arilee realized she had never really paid attention to just how busy the city was, and what was going on in those crowds. Before, she had always thought of the bustle as little more than an obstruction between her and the place she was going. Now, she looked at things in a more relaxed fashion, and details were leaping out at her she had never before noticed.

One such detail was that nearly everyone in the city was armed. Only those who wore clothing that precluded it, such as her and the Duchess, did not carry a weapon in plain sight.

"I know the perfect place to go. There's an inn called the Wayfarer's Rest that is about the cleanest place in town. The food and the drinks are good, and the patrons are usually fun, without being too loud and annoying. I know the owner, and he'll make sure nobody bothers us that we would rather have just go away," Christi said, and motioned for Arilee to follow her along the main street.

"That sounds fine. I never noticed how many beggars and prostitutes there are in the city. It seems strange when there are not really many poor sections in the city."

Christi smiled. "The prostitutes are here because the money is good. We're on a major trade route, and half the population are sell swords with plenty of coin and a need of companionship. The same goes for the beggars, about half of whom are really just scouting for a pocket to pick, or for someone that their partner can rob."

"They are thieves?" Ari asked with surprise.

"The biggest part of them. There's little we can do to stop it, so we just have to keep them from getting out of hand. Most of them are poor and needy, but afraid of work. We can usually find somewhere for them to earn an honest living if they're willing. They just find begging and stealing easier. Cerebus and I made contact with the thieves’ guild, and let them know in no uncertain terms that there would be limits on their activity. There have been a few clashes here and there, but mostly we've come to an understanding."

"I don't know if I'll ever understand this city."

Christi laughed and said, "The same holds true for most people. That's why Thakkor picked Cerebus and me to run this Duchy. We're the only ones who really understand the people here, and we get along well with the people of the plains, too."

"The plains people frighten me," Arilee said and hugged her arms around herself, shivering slightly.

"They're just not like us. They have no desire to be tied down to a city, and consider us as strange and frightening as you find them. They go where the bison, deer, and other creatures go. They live a simple life, and might seem like barbarians, but they're very honorable people. Once one of them trusts you enough to talk with you, it's fascinating to listen to their unique view of life."

"I've just heard so many stories about them raiding villages and taking women and things."

"At one time, that was somewhat true. They only did it to protect themselves, though. What you never hear is that we white men started out burning their villages and taking their women first."

"I didn't know that. How can people be that way?"

"It's not something people like to talk about. There were a lot of misunderstandings back then. Things were just starting to work themselves out when Drax invaded and enslaved them all. Once we freed them, it went back to that tension for a while. Cerebus and I have worked hard to keep things from flaring up, and the people of the city accept them for what they are now. The plainsfolk trade in the city now, so everyone benefits, and that's made things easier."

Ari opened her eyes wide with surprise. She had never been on this street before, and the huge two-storied building that was directly in front of them – obviously Christi’s destination – was remarkable. "Is that the Inn?"

"The Wayfarer's Rest – sometimes a reason for travelers to come this way in and of itself. The reputation is spreading, and it's almost impossible to get a room without reserving it in advance now. Somewhere to sit in one of the common rooms isn't much easier, but Ishaq always makes sure a few places are available in case Cerebus and I, Thakkor, or somebody else comes to visit."

The place was one of the largest structures Ari had ever seen. It was easily as big as three inns of the size with which she was familiar. All the doors were intricately carved, as were the frames around doors and windows. The lawn and shrubs were perfectly groomed, and beds of flowers lined the cobblestone path. The path split into three branches, each leading to an open double door in the building.

As Ari and Christi walked closer, the sounds of merriment from within drifted to their ears. The sound was loud, but not overly boisterous, as was common in so many taprooms. Joyful laughter and conversation dominated the sound, where elsewhere the sound of swearing and off-key singing seemed to be the norm. Ari also noticed that the large windows dotting the building were quite clear, showing few waves or imperfections in the surface.

"I didn't even know this was here," Arilee marveled.

"It's not unthinkable. You were completely on the other side of town at the Ogre, and I imagine that jackass kept you confined there as much as possible. The people around there aren't the sort to frequent the Rest, and wouldn't have much to say about it."

"It's beautiful. I can see why people travel to see it."

Christi grabbed Ari's hand and pulled her into the central door, which they had just reached. "It's even better inside."


A short distance down the street, two men stood in the shadowed recess of an alleyway watching the women enter the Rest. Both wore cloaks that were certainly too warm in the summer heat, with deep cowls pulled over their heads.

"Who is the fair-haired wench with her?"

"A new servant. She is of no importance."

"News from our dear Governor?"

"There have been setbacks, but he is working to correct that now. All should continue according to plan."

"Neither is to die, or be incapacitated. I will be very displeased if such is to occur. Those around them, however, are quite expendable."

"We take great pains to follow your instructions. The color of your coin ensures our greatest diligence."

"See that it continues to be so. Death would be a welcome release from the results of my displeasure."


The inside of the Wayfarer's Rest was even more breathtaking than the outside. All the wood inside had been carefully selected, utilizing only the finest grains and richest colors. The natural hues of the wood were allowed to shine through, no stains or varnishes detracting from the natural beauty. The furniture, walls, beams, and even the floor were works of art, with fine scrollwork carved into the wooden surfaces.

Everywhere on the walls were curiosities and artwork, many obviously having come from foreign lands or artists. Many of the patrons stood near these items, examining them and apparently engaged in conversation about them. There were many statues and busts crafted in alabaster, all with a distinctive artistic style and dominated by human figures with animal heads. The translucent pieces were always at the center of every display, and were plainly favorites of whoever had decorated the Inn.

The patrons were animated, without being rowdy. Most were finely, if casually dressed. Arilee had little doubt that the bulk of the clientele was of a high class. The noise level seemed to hover at a perfect volume to be heard by those nearby, while hampering the ability to intrude upon a conversation from a distance. Attractive barmaids wove through the crowd, expertly balancing trays of mugs and glasses.

Unlike too many other establishments, the air smelled of incense. The scent was pleasant, without being overpowering. Burners were scattered throughout the building on high shelves overhead. Arilee found it a welcome change from the usual smells of stale beer, sweat, and other unmentionable odors common to a taproom.

Ari turned and saw Christi wearing a knowing smile. "Everybody does it. You don't expect to walk into a palace when you're going to a taproom. I watched them build this place, and my mouth still dropped wide open when I walked into it on the first night they opened."

"This must have cost a King's ransom," Ari mused, and then repeated it louder when she realized that Christi couldn't hear her.

"Ishaq did a great service for the ruler of his land when he was a boy, and he was rewarded handsomely. He used his coin wisely, and grew wealthier. There's something about the city that attracted him, and he decided to settle here after spending some time guesting with us in the Hall. I think it may be the women, quite frankly," Christi explained, and nodded her head toward one of the barmaids. She had enormous breasts that threatened to spill out of the v-shaped neck of her blouse with every bounce as she walked.

Arilee raised her eyebrows. "How does she manage to walk upright with those?"

Christi laughed. "I have no idea. The thought of boobs that big makes my back hurt. Let's go talk to Ishaq. He always works the main bar just like any other employee. Half of the patrons don't know he owns the place."

The pair navigated through the crowd – Christi returning waves and words of greeting from many of the patrons along the way. Ari assumed that the bar was made from cherry wood, considering its rosy hue. The bar was carved all along the face with scenes of beer and wine making, as well as drinking. The carvings were in the same style as the alabaster statues. The dusky-skinned man wearing a headscarf behind the bar did much to explain the style of artwork that dominated the Rest. He smiled wide when he saw Christi approaching.

"Christi. It is good to see you. It has been far too long since you graced my establishment with your beauty. I see you have brought another of equal beauty to doubly bless me this day."

Ari blushed, and Christi nudged her with a laugh. "This is Arilee. Ashtar is in the Hall, but he's busy dealing with our little wood troll problem. I'm sure he'll come by before he leaves though."

"It will be good to see my old friend again. I will never be able to thank him enough for bringing me here to these wonders."

"You've brought wonders with you. This place is beautiful," Ari gushed.

Ishaq's smile grew even wider, his teeth shining a brilliant white against his dusky skin. "I thank you very much. I do what pleases me, and I am glad it pleases others."

Christi batted her eyelashes at him. "You wouldn't happen to have a table for us would you?"

Ishaq's smile turned devilish. "I might be able to find one for a kiss."

Christi laughed and leaned across the bar, kissing him on the cheek.

"Please come this way – if my legs will obey me now."

He led them to a table very near the bar he was working. Arilee could see the entire common room from her seat, as well as the front doors. She could also smell food cooking in the nearby kitchen, even over the incense from the table, and the scent was making her mouth water. Ishaq went back to the bar, and then returned with two glasses of blood red wine.

Christi asked, "Boldheart Red?"

Ishaq nodded. "Just delivered from the Heraklan temple. I am sure some has been brought to the Hall as well."

"Mmm – Vladamir's vintage is always twice as good as anyone else’s. Thank you, Ishaq."

"There is plenty. I do not give this to just anyone. I am quite miserly with the vintage from the Heraklan vineyard to ensure it lasts me until they bring more. I was a bit more miserly than usual lately, and I now have enough to tempt a few more people of quality."

"We'll call out if we need more. Thank you again, Ishaq."

Ari settled in and listened to Christi as the Duchess pointed out people in the crowd and told Arilee who they were. Many people came over to greet Christi upon recognizing her. Christi always managed to include Ari in the conversations, and the younger woman soon relaxed. Before long, she was doing fine on her own without Christi pulling her into the conversation.

A handsome young man had just been dragged away from Christi and Arilee’s table by his angry date when Christi noticed Arilee staring toward the door. She looked to where Ari's eyes were fixed, and there saw an attractive young man with a ready smile standing near the door. Christi guessed he was probably not a patron, but appearances could be deceiving. He didn't look like the type to have excess coin to spend in the Rest, which was quite expensive by any standard.

Christi nudged Arilee and said, "You're staring. So who's that?"

"Joshua. He came into the Ogre and talked to me a lot. He bought me dinner the day before you found me there." Ari continued to stare as the young man appeared to recognize someone, and then walk toward whomever he’d spotted.

"I take it you're interested?"

Arilee blushed. "Yes. He's so handsome and charming. He makes my heart flutter."

Christi looked over and saw Joshua lean down, whisper to one of the patrons, and hand him a note.

"How would you like to treat him to dinner this time? Or rather, let me pay for it and you just provide the company?"

"Really? But it's so expensive."

Christi grinned and winked at her blonde friend. "I can tell you like him. It's worth the coin to see the smile on your face. I think I might just go teach that new guard that lesson after all. You just enjoy yourself here. We can have a girls' night out some other time."

"Oh, thank you, Christi."

Christi winked to her again. "I'll be right back."

The Duchess hurried to the bar and spoke with Ishaq, who signaled one of the doormen and used his hands to send some signs to the man. The doorman nodded and moved to intercept Joshua as the young man headed toward one of the doors of the Rest.

Christi walked back to the table. "I told Ishaq that whatever you wanted was on me. The doorman will show him over here."

Indeed, the doorman intercepted Joshua at that moment. The young man raised his hands in a gesture that indicated he didn't want any trouble. The doorman then spoke to him and pointed toward the table where Christi and Arilee were seated. Joshua’s face broke into a wide smile when he recognized Arilee.

He arrived at the table and said, "When I didn't see you at the Ogre, I asked where you had gone, but nobody would tell me. It is good to see you. I thought I had scared you away."

"I'm working in the Hall now, for the Duke and Duchess. I'm sorry I didn't find you to let you know what happened. I've just had my duties and the monster attacks..."

"There is no need to apologize. There are many stories about the Duke and Duchess. Are they as odd as people say?"

Ari stifled a laugh, but Christi let hers burst free. Arilee then said, "Joshua, allow me to introduce Christi."

His mouth dropped wide open. “I'm sorry, Your Grace. I didn't mean to..."

Christi laughed again and put a finger to his lips. "Shush. I know all about the stories. Some are true – some aren't. We're not like other rulers – no. You probably would consider us a bit odd. Ari wants to treat you to dinner. Won't you join her?"

"Here?" He questioned, obviously having the same reaction as Arilee had only a short time earlier.

Christi smiled and said, "Yes – here. I want you two to enjoy yourselves. I need to get back to the Hall and take care of something. Take good care of Ari for me, and escort her back to the Hall when you're done?"

"Of course, Your Grace. I would never allow her to walk alone at night."

"Please – just Christi. I'm not sitting on a throne. That's one of the stories that is true if you've heard it. Titles make my teeth grind."

Christi leaned down to Ari and whispered in her ear, "I told Ishaq that if you want a room, I'll pay for that too. Have fun."

Arilee had a deep red flush in her cheeks when Christi stood back up and turned to leave. "Have fun, you two," the Duchess said by way of farewell.

Christi left the pair and started back to the Hall, going through a mental list of the various girls in the Hall who would get a kick out of teaching a certain guardsman a lesson. She was worked up and needed a man – now. The handsome young man courting Arilee had only intensified the need that had started when Christi found out that she couldn't get pregnant right now, and could let a man come inside her.

Arilee knew the same applied to her, because Christi had cast her spell on the blonde as well. Christi hoped that Arilee would take advantage of it.


Samantha was one of the cook's assistants, and someone who had helped Christi straighten out new guardsmen this way in the past. She was blonde haired and had large breasts, so it was easy enough for her to lure the guard who had been tearing a swath through the hearts of the women in the Hall into her bed.

Christi stood in the hall, not far from Samantha's room. The sounds of the couple’s passion were muted, but still quite audible in the hall. The few other servants that passed by smiled, knowing there was only one reason that the Duchess would be standing in the hallway, barefooted and wearing only a robe. The servants continued on with a wink upon seeing Christi and the other woman with her.

Christi heard Samantha's voice rise into a crescendo, and heard the young guardsman emit sounds of release as well. She turned to the girl next to her and said, "Gregory will think twice before he breaks someone's heart like he did yours after this, Mary. Just have my robe ready when I come out, and give him a nice mocking smile when he scurries out."

The young woman smiled and accepted the robe when Christi handed it to her. "Get him good," she whispered.

"Oh, I intend to," Christi laughed before walking up to Samantha's door. She opened the door and stepped inside, quickly closing it behind her. She turned back to survey the scene of Gregory leaning over Samantha and panting for breath, his semen spattered in sticky trails over her abdomen and breasts.

The guardsman startled, and Christi gave the appearance of surprise as well. "I'm sorry, Samantha. I didn't know you had company. I was hoping you would want to play tonight."

Samantha purred, "Who says I don't?" She brought a dollop of the cum decorating her belly to her lips with a moan.

Christi moaned and stepped toward the bed. "Can I have a taste?"

"As long as you lick it off me," Samantha replied with a lick of her lips.

The young man's eyes opened wide upon hearing that. Christi walked up and said, "I hope you don't mind if I borrow her for a minute or two, while you recover?"

He moved aside, forced to stand beside the bed because there wasn't enough room for three, and replied, "No, not at all."

Christi licked all the warm cream off of Samantha's body while the guardsman stared with fascinated excitement. Once she’d gathered up the milky offering, Christi moved down between the other woman's legs.

As she lowered her face to Samantha's wet sex, Christi tugged the guardsman over and wrapped her hand around his half-hard member. She stroked and caressed him as she lapped Samantha's pussy, echoing the other woman's moans as she felt the flesh in her hand growing rigid.

Samantha came with a loud scream under Christi's ministrations at almost the same time that Gregory swelled to full hardness in her hand. The Duchess could wait no longer, having anticipated this for hours now. She needed a cock – and cum – inside her now.

Christi rose up from between Samantha's quivering thighs and stared at the guardsman's manhood, licking her lips. She asked the blonde, "Do you mind if I borrow this, and your bed for a few minutes?"

Samantha shuddered and moaned, pushing a pillow onto the floor before dropping to her knees on it. "Not as long as I get to clean you off when you're done."

Christi leaned over and kissed the other woman. "How about if you get to clean me out?"

The blonde moaned at that revelation. "I'd love to suck his cum out of your pussy."

Christi moved to her hands and knees, flipping her hair over her shoulder as she turned to look at Gregory. "So what are you waiting for? Get that cock in me and fill me full of cum, silly boy. Samantha is hungry."

He didn't hesitate at all after that invitation, mounting the bed and the Duchess in short order. He sank into her depths with a great sigh, her canal well lubricated with wetness in anticipation of what was to come.

Samantha, still quivering on occasion from aftershocks, moved to rub her fingers over Christi's clit while Gregory took her. She rubbed the abundant wetness leaking from the Duchess each time he withdrew into her hard bud, quickly building Christi's pleasure.

He thrust into her at a measured pace, and quite obviously knew how to pleasure a woman. Christi moaned as the heat from her impending orgasm built in her nether regions. She could certainly understand why those whose hearts he had broken still could not help but remark how good he had made them feel. Christi was in no mood for a slow-stroking, however.

"Fuck me hard – now. Make me come and fill me up," she growled to him.

He let out a chuckling little growl and pounded into her with hard, fast thrusts. Christi let out an animalistic growl as his flesh clashed with hers, his erection driving deep into her and stoking her fires to a white-hot intensity.

"Faster. Harder. Fuck me," she screamed to him as she drew close to the point of no return. Samantha's fingers rapidly danced over her clit now, adding to the hot friction of his cock slamming into her depths.

The welling heat in her loins suddenly flared to an inferno as she exploded in orgasm. Her muscles tightly clenched around him and her head snapped back, a loud screech of release erupting from her.

The tight clench of her walls around him pushed Gregory over the edge, and he slammed his cock home with a loud, growling scream. Christi snapped her head back down and moaned as his seed coated her walls in hot spurts.

The tight contractions of Christi's orgasm were too much for his sensitive flesh to endure, so Gregory pulled from her hot depths with a gasp. Samantha rose off her knees and quickly engulfed him in her mouth, sucking the mingled juices from his shaft. After only two strokes of her mouth, he pushed her away and slumped off the bed to his knees.

Samantha licked her lips and moved to the head of the bed, sitting down and teasingly flicking her tongue at Christi.

Still gasping in orgasm, Christi moved enough to allow Samantha to lie down on the bed, and then straddled the woman's face.


Arilee blushed as Joshua once again remarked how beautiful she looked. She had seen the struggle to avoid staring at her well-displayed attributes all through the meal, and in truth, he had done a good job. As provocatively as she was dressed, he was exhibiting astounding restraint.

That only served to heighten Ari's arousal.

The meal had been exquisite – roasted chicken with steamed vegetables and fresh bread, followed by a dessert of blackberry pie, which had tasted so good as to bring an orgasm to Arilee’s mind.

Topped off by the finest wine to be found for hundreds of miles, it was the grandest meal Ari had ever eaten. Joshua echoed those feelings when Ishaq himself came to clear the plates. Ishaq offered one of his bright smiles and sincere thanks for the compliment, saying that they need only gesture if they needed anything more.

The couple had talked throughout the meal, going into a lot more detail than they had previously, having overcome any nervousness around each other. The two shared a lot of their personal history, likes, and dislikes, and Joshua complimented Arilee frequently.

The conversation slowed down as the couple spent a lot of time just looking at each other. The heart flutters Ari had told Christi about grew stronger by the moment. On top of that, Christi had awakened her passions earlier, and that heat had not died down in the passing time. Between the wine, his compliments, and her arousal, Ari was very close to taking Christi up on the offer to get a room and take Joshua up to it with her.

A scream jolted the two back into reality. Ari started and looked up to see some sort of creature had appeared near the door. A flash of light near the bar revealed another.

The monsters looked like lizards twisted into human form. Taloned hands and feet tipped long, spindly arms and legs. The creatures’ mouths bristled with pointed teeth, easily visible when the monsters hissed.

Everywhere, people screamed and fled across the room, away from the creatures. The doormen and a few patrons drew weapons, and Joshua stood to draw a short sword that Arilee hadn't even noticed hanging from his belt. Seeing a sheathed long knife on his opposite hip, Arilee snatched it free and took up a defensive posture.

Joshua's eyes widened for just a moment, and then he prepared himself as well – just in time for a flash of light to appear only a few feet away from the couple.


The creamy mixture of cum inside Christi was rapidly seeking an escape route as she knelt over Samantha's face.

The first dollop dripped onto Samantha's tongue before Christi had even managed to lower her sex to the blonde’s mouth. Samantha moaned as she lapped up the cream that slowly slid from Christi's depths to within reach of her questing tongue.

A scream caused Christi to leap from the bed, startling Samantha, who hadn't heard it from between Christi's thighs.

All three in the room heard a second scream a moment later. "Your Grace – help!"

Christi cursed, recognizing the voice as that of the girl waiting outside with her robe. Samantha and Gregory heard this scream clearly, and as he bent to retrieve a weapon from the pile of his clothing, Samantha scrambled to do the same from a dressing table near her bed.

The Duchess was already on her way toward the door, but turned when Samantha called out to catch the dagger that the other woman tossed to her. Christi tossed the sheath to the floor and burst through the door.

A kobold was tearing at the girl's clothing, shredding the garment into tatters with a swipe of its taloned paw.

Christi fell upon it before it could react to her presence. She quickly drew the blade across the creature's throat, glad that Samantha took good care of her weapons when the blade easily sliced through the tough, scaly flesh.

The fountain of blood that spurted over Mary caused her to scream again. Christi didn't have time to try to calm the frightened woman, because she saw another flash of light down the hall.

Hearing someone behind her, Christi turned to see Gregory and Samantha emerge from the room.

"Take her in your room and protect her. Gregory, it's time to earn your pay. Find those things and kill them all. It looks like there are some kobolds this time, so watch out for the claws."

He nodded and quickly charged toward a wood troll appearing down the hall.

"I'm getting really tired of fighting naked!" Christi screamed to nobody in particular as she charged the kobold she had seen appear earlier.


Joshua slashed at the goblin that had appeared in front of him, but it recovered from its disorientation just enough to parry the blow. It was not so fortunate with Ari's following stab that took it in the armpit of its weapon arm.

Blood fountained from the wound – a vessel severed. The creature's sword clattered to the ground as its hand lost all strength. Its body followed a moment later when Joshua stabbed it in the chest with his short sword.

Ishaq leapt from behind the bar with a bright scimitar, easily vaulting the obstacle with only one hand to steady him. He slashed the kobold in front of the bar three times in rapid succession. The monster instantly went down with a slashed throat, and two arms cut nearly to the bone.

A wood troll appeared in front of a petite woman a few tables away, and Arilee quickly charged the creature from behind, having noticed that the woman was unarmed, and frozen in fear. Joshua started to follow her, but had his own opponent when another kobold appeared nearby and charged toward him.

The wood troll reached toward the woman as Ari charged it. The nasty creature heard her approach and spun on her, raising its club to strike. Arilee dodged the blow, and then used the trick Christi had emphasized to her so many times. Her kick to the creature's groin sent it to its knees, its eyes crossed and a pitiful wail escaping it.

The wail changed to a gurgle when Ari cut the creature's throat with her knife. She spun to see Ishaq cutting down another monster, and then Joshua doing the same. A pair of the doormen teamed up to cut down a goblin as well. Arilee kept scanning the area, looking for more flashes indicating the arrival of more monsters.


Christi cut down another goblin, and then breathed a sigh of relief when guardsmen who were much better equipped to deal with the monsters charged into the hall.

"Check on everyone, and keep your eyes open. Gregory is down that way fighting with nothing but a dagger. Get him out of there, and back here. There's no need for him to be risking himself now that you're down here."

The guards nodded and quickly spread out. The situation was so fast paced and rapidly evolving that the men didn't even have time to register that the Duchess was naked, blood spattered, and had sticky ropes of cum dripping from her to run down her legs.

Christi ran back to Samantha's room, snatching up her blood soaked robe from the floor when she reached it. She found Samantha watching the door with a dagger in one hand, trying to comfort a sobbing Mary with the other.

"It's okay Mary. You'll be safe with us. Sam, get her something to put on, she's in tatters."

Samantha nodded and went to her drawers to retrieve something for the sobbing Mary, who was indeed nearly naked in the ripped-up, blood-soaked remnants of her dress.

Christi spoke words of comfort to Mary while she watched the door and struggled into her robe while still holding the dagger. She thought it sounded as if the chaos outside was dying down.


Arilee relaxed when no more creatures appeared. Ishaq and the guardsmen continued to scan the room, while some of the barmaids who had maintained their wits attempted to calm the panicked patrons.

Joshua walked toward Ari, his sword still drawn but his expression showing that he believed that the immediate danger was over as well. "That was surprising. You fight very well."

Arilee wiped the dagger off with a napkin and handed it back to him hilt first. "For a girl?"

"For anyone," He responded with a laugh. "I thought to defend you, but it was your borrowed blade that struck the first blow. I shall have to remember never to make you angry."

Ari could not help but laugh at that remark. "See that you do."

Ishaq walked over to them, scowling and kicking a dead goblin as he approached. "You are unhurt?"

"We're fine. It's just not right for this beautiful place to be a battlefield," Arilee said with a sigh as she looked around.

"There is nothing which I cannot clean or replace. I am glad that you are well. I must attend to things," Ishaq said before walking over to one of his doormen.


The three women were dressed when Gregory returned to the room. He had realized who Christi was, and looked quite worried as he entered, still naked and blood spattered.

"Your Grace, I did not..."

Christi waved her hand. "Shush – you're not in any trouble. I thought I'd teach you a lesson, and enjoy myself at the same time, but these damn things ruined it. I suggest that if you just plan to bed one of my girls here in the Hall again, that you let them know that. Stop toying with their feelings. About half of them will be glad just to bed you, now that word has gotten around about how well you use that cock."

"He can bed me again anytime," Samantha said with a smile.

"Shush, Sam. Now, you owe Mary here an apology – the first of many," Christi said, staring hard at Gregory.

"I am sorry if I hurt you. I did not consider the consequences of my actions. I let my lust rule me, and I apologize for hurting you," Gregory said to Mary, who sat scowling on the bed.

Mary's expression softened when she heard something genuine in his words. "I accept your apology."

"Now, get dressed and see if there's anything you can do to help out there. Once we've got things cleaned up, you can start making a list of the other women you need to apologize to," Christi told him.


Mindblind checked the bandage on his arm, seeing that the cut he had taken had ceased bleeding. It was just a minor flesh wound, but the fact he had taken it was annoying.

He scanned the rolling hills around, searching for any sign of movement. He saw nothing save for his men tending their own cuts and bruises in the camp.

Nearly everyone had taken wounds, though those who had come against them were nothing more than simple farmers and villagers. The Duke had ordered his men not to harm the people any more than necessary to repel the attack, and it had limited the soldiers’ ability to mount an effective defense.

They were successful, however, and repelled the dozen or so men who had attacked the camp. One of his men had clonked a farmer on the head, and the man now lay bound and unconscious in the center of the camp, tied to the staff that held aloft the Ducal standard.

Seeing him stir, Cerebus walked over and waited until the man regained consciousness.

The man groaned and asked, "Where am I? What happened?"

"Why did you attack me and my men?" Mindblind asked him.

"Attack? I didn't attack anyone. I don't even know who you are or where I am."

Mindblind cursed. "Untie him, and see if you can help him find his way home. This isn't his fault."

Walking up to the captain of the men he had brought with him, Cerebus said, "They're bloody charmed. We need to get Ashtar out here. I know magic when I see it, but I don't have the slightest damn clue how to deal with it, except to kill it. I'm going to go try and talk to him with that silly mirror he gave me."

The captain nodded. "I'll keep the men on alert, and see what I can find out from that man before we send him on his way home."

"If this guy in Darius is behind this, I'm going to carve him up into fish bait," Cerebus mumbled as he stepped into his tent.


The Duchess sent someone to check on Arilee the moment she knew things were under control. As soon as she had organized the clean-up effort, she went to the Rest herself. She told Ishaq that she would send people to help with the clean up of his establishment, upon seeing the bodies and blood scattered everywhere.

Joshua said that he would like to see Arilee again, and Christi told him that he was welcome to come to the Hall. She told him that she would let the guards know that he was to be admitted, so there would be no hassle.

Both women went immediately to the bath to wash off the blood from the battle. Christi still had drying cum on her legs as well. The pair washed and soaked for a short while, and then Christi slid over beside Arilee.

"Sorry you got interrupted. Do you think things might have kept going if the monsters hadn't attacked?"

Ari smiled. "I don't know, but I know I wanted to. I just didn't want to give in so soon. You know the saying – why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free."

Christi chuckled. "I got interrupted too, but at least I got to come and get that hot cum inside me that I wanted first. It's not fair that you didn't get to come too. Let me do something about that for you." The last turned into a husky whisper.

Arilee gasped, then moaned, and parted her legs beneath the warm water. Christi wasted no time sliding two fingers into the blonde's depths.

Now that the danger and excitement had passed, Ari felt the rapid return of the arousal she had felt all day. Christi's fingers suddenly weren't enough, and she moved up to the edge of the tub where the Duchess could put her mouth on her as well.

Christi sensed the other woman's need, and had no qualms about meeting it. She slid the two pumping fingers back into Ari's depths, and added her flicking tongue to the play.

Ari looked down at the Duchess lapping her, marveling at how good it looked to have another woman between her legs – and how good it felt. A feeling that she could only describe as a buzz built inside her from where Christi's stroking fingers were rubbing someplace that she had never been touched before.

Christi's tongue darted over Ari's wetness as she stroked her fingers over the little bundle of nerves behind the blonde’s mound. Christi had discovered this special spot in her some years ago, but she could tell from Ari's reaction that the younger woman had never experienced it before.

Christi completely eliminated Ari's clit from her tongue's dance, trying to give Arilee the deep, body-numbing orgasm she knew could come from stroking that spot inside her.

It was working, because Arilee felt as though she were going to explode. The buzz inside her intensified to the point where Ari thought she could hear it in her ears over the rapid beat of her heart already pounding there. She felt pressure building, and found that she had to fight an urge to pee as she drew nearer to climax.

Christi could read the signs in Ari's body, and so she was unsurprised when the woman exploded in orgasm. She was surprised when a short squirt of juices erupted into her face as Ari reached her peak. Sitting back, Christi saw another squirt diffused by Ari's quivering lips as the woman continued to come, screaming to the ceiling. Christi used the fingers of her other hand to part Ari’s nether lips immediately thereafter.

The Duchess kept stroking her fingers, slowly easing off the pressure. Ari kept coming, emitting a final squirt that soaked Christi's breasts and caused her to moan. She had heard about this before, but it was the first time she had experienced a woman squirting.

Once Arilee's orgasm calmed, the two women sank back into the water to wash again. Christi's passions had roared to a bright flame when she caused the fascinating orgasm, and she soon had Arilee's face between her legs back in the bedroom. Try as she might, she could not emit a stream of her juices as Ari had, but it did nothing to dull the intensity of her orgasms. Ari also did not squirt when Christi tried again. She had no idea how it had happened, and thus could not do it again.

Both women were utterly exhausted when they collapsed together in the bed, bodies intertwined.


In Darius, the self-appointed governor stood outside his appropriated bedchambers, chuckling at the sounds of the woman he had seduced into his bed panting within the room.

"This had better be good," He growled to the dirty man, dressed in tatters, who stood before him.

"The half breed's camp has been attacked, and one of the rabble captured."

"Good, I was worried he would either kill them all, or be killed trying to avoid it. There isn't anywhere far enough to run if he had been killed. What did they do with the prisoner?"

"Once he awakened, they let him go."

"They know about the charm, then – good. That should get things moving the way he wants them. Send word that things are going according to plan."

The filthy man nodded and left.

"Fetch your pet wizards and come get me, half-breed. You'll find a surprise waiting for you."

He laughed and kicked open the door to his bedchambers, ready to enjoy the perks of his purloined office yet again.

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