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Carter's Exploits Part One: The One Night Stand

Carter's Immortal life takes a 180 as he finds a hot piece in his club
The all too familiar story seemed so close to Carter's life that he could've sworn that he wasn't alone. But even he knew that was, unfortunately, his existence. How he was meant to be. And he had come to like it that way.

The Gothic Lounge was bustling with the spirits of those raving around it. Everyone was jumping, singing, dancing and having a good time. It was a nice sight, seeing so many people happy over his efforts. He was sure to make his money back from the renovations to this place: The Gothic Lounge. A wondrous place.

The Foo Fighters seemed hot here. Wisconsin 2005. A beautiful time. The place was getting amazingly popular. They had people all the way from California and Washington hopping in their cars to come and see this place for their own eyes. A raver's paradise. Open 24/7 with amazing bartenders, and people nearly knocking down the door to get in.

If fights started, then that was up to security to get rid of. A set of fifteen guards in this place, that were making sure that nothing got broken without a broken back to pay for it. Or just some shit starting and the customer got to pay for the damage he or she did. Like clockwork, it was a perfect setup.

The song was reaching a good part. The climax, and probably his favorite part. He had to get up and dance to this part. After all, he was a host at this place. Standing up from the bar, he turned to the crowd and started off into the sea of people with a charisma that oozed sexual attraction monthly.

His hand grasped a female's wrist. And as she turned around to look at him, a grin formed on her face before she twirled a bit from his grasp. A sexy twirl, one that said, 'I am showing off my sexiness. Do me.' Of course, an immortal had no need to ask permission of a mortal. Nor did he need the desire. They held the need to forget their history, and hide it behind things like sex, drugs that didn't even work, and money and power. Carter was the money and power kind of guy.

And as the song went into a power guitar rift, he found himself up against the girl's back in a hold toward her front. The sexual charge between the two was shocking as he found himself in a slow gyration with her body. It was a song that held his emotions a bit in check, and she was helping majorly.

The room seemed to instantly get hotter, almost as if the hormones in the room were getting to him. And before he could stop himself, he found himself turning her around and claiming her lips in a scorching kiss. The moment that passed was one that had her returning the kiss before biting down at his bottom lip.

His body suddenly had a reaction, roaring to life. What on earth was happening tonight? He had to be in a parallel universe. His body never did this. He pulled the girl from the crowd. He had to find a way to remedy this. And yet as he felt the beat of the song's end, he pushed her a bit against the wall of the back alley and went to nibbling at her neck.

It was her moans afterward that motioned his hips to make gentle grinds against her center. Her soaked clothing had him in a trance. He, for some reason, wanted into those pants as quick as possible. Was he under a spell or something? The sound of tearing cloth was heard. His shirt lay now in a heap on the alley floor to reveal the chiseled and coiled body in which he possessed.

Her hands made roaming against his back, her body writhing in pure pleasure as he made the teasing nibbles to her neck. The wetness of her center was getting more and more damp as he slowly slid a hand within the confines of her pants. The moment was charged with pure sex and lust, nothing more. The need of two bodies to collide with one another in an animalistic manner. Carnal need.

He found the bottom of her shirt, lifting it high above her head to reveal the female's black lace bra. A set of beautiful DD breasts were revealed. 40DD to an approximate estimation. Oh, Carter was going to enjoy biting into those. And so he leaned down a bit more to take gentle, almost invisible nibbles at the perky skin.

Her gentle mewls and cries of pleasure were then muffled by her own hand over her mouth. Scratching was heard as her fingernails on one hand traced along his back. The pants of them both were the next to leave as they were stripped off with a fervor that showed their combined desire. Heavy panting, and some grunts, left Carter as he pushed his head back up to look her in the eye, her hand traveling down to the throbbing length against her cunny.

"Fuck it all, sir. Stop being so damned kind!"

These were the first words to be spoken from the female toward him as she panted a bit. Her tone was one of authority and need. A lustful undertone. She was begging for him without the pleading, showing signs of containing her full desire for him. But that was broken as well as her entrance as he slid inch by inch into her for the full approximate 8 to 9 inches.

This time, it was Carter's mouth over her hand that stopped her from crying out in full force. The muffled audio was a symphony to Bell, almost like a lullaby as he started to give gentle but quick thrusts into her. The quick actions of sliding into her tightened hole made him almost come apart then and there. It was obvious she hadn't done this much, but he couldn't help but to ask the question.

"How often do you do this?"

The girl started to pant against his hand with a muffled audio. He shook his head quickly and uncovered her mouth for her to speak. Her words were separated with panting and moaning. A nice voice, smooth as silk and oozing with the ache of lust she held.

"Mmm. Not often. Ah! I, I just saw you and needed to see what would happen. Grrr, God! Harder, please?"

Carter smiled at her reaction before the pace picked up and flashbacks of the club went through his mind. He had that feeling again, a deep and carnal desire. The force got heavier and heavier. Almost like the true animal the immortal was. A perfect lover as he pistoned into her with a speed sacrifice. Slower but so hard that he had to put his hand back on her mouth to muffle her screams so they wouldn't get caught.

"Grrr, dammit. We're gonna get caught if you keep it up, woman," Spoke Carter in a clipped tone as he missed no beat in his thrusting. Her breaths came out harder and faster now as she whispered against his lips.

"Fuck. Sorry sir. I didn't mean to scream. You just feel so good. Ah!" The female gasped as she gushed her juices upon his length, clutching her momentary boy toy against her naked body. A climax was met. And he showed no sign of stopping. It was going to be a long fucking night for those two.

(More to come later.)

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