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Carter's Exploits part three: The Dirty Mob Boss Girl

The true effects of her presence hits him when his baby is gone for a few weeks.
Two Weeks Later

It had been too long for Carter to go without Julia. He had barely managed to masturbate in the time she had been away. It just wasn't the same. Her fleshy folds around his cock. The feel of her juices as they exploded on his length. Her strangled screams as she shattered atop him. It made him throbbing hard and needy for the real thing that instant.

"I miss you, Julia..." Carter whispered under his breath as he looked to the bulge in his pants. He missed her so much that it stuck to his every fiber. He felt sluggish. Almost like a zombie, just waiting for that taste of flesh to revive his fervor and spirit. That one moment of solice where she would return to him and remain in his arms. He was truly in love with his 'little mob boss girl.'

The knock on the door to his room brought his erection down instantly. Taking him from the high of his that was known as Julia Watcher. But when he opened the door, that cock skyrocketed once more. The burning in his loins grew once again but faster as he glimpsed upon Julia in a... A french maid outfit?

She had begun to take a duster along his chest as she stepped into the room with a salacious grin crossing her plump pink lips. A naughty vixen, he thought as she grabbed his shirt and tugged him into a deep and passionate kiss. The liplock was heated to the point that Carter felt scorched with their combined need and desire for one another.

A few seconds passed before Julia finally pulled away and started to make her way toward the bed, making it just a bit since he had just gotten up.

"Mmm... You need to be more clean, Mr. Bellatreaux. You are dirty enough with me, aren't you?"

This solicited a seductive smirk from Carter as he started behind her to bend her over the edge of the bed. Hands grasped her hips in a hold to keep her bent over as he slowly began to grind his hips against her firm, plump peach-shaped buttock. A wonderful shape that he adored on her.

A couple of smacks to the firm butt caused Julia to yelp in surprise as she felt Carter's hands upon her body. The once moist spot on her skirt now went a bit further, coating the entire front. Of course she had not been wearing panties underneath the outfit. What would be the need for them around this god? All he had to tell her was strip and they would be torn to shreds as quickly as she could possibly perform it.

The feeling of her pussy stretching around his long hard cock always made her scream and plead for more. More of that length so she could cum her loads and be used like a nice little bitch. But as she would cum, there would be moments where Carter held onto her tenderly. Probably the most wonderful of the sensations she felt when they had sex. That hold.

And as she started to gyrate her hips a bit in a circular motion, Carter grunted and started to press her harder into the bedspread. She couldn't take it anymore.

"Screw me please, Sir Carter! I need to feel your dick inside me!" Julia panted with a seductive whimper. She had barely gotten the words out before Carter pulled back and sat down in an office chair, pulling the long throbbing length from his pants. He had needed just this thing to get his spirits up. The few times they had done it in the three weeks they had known each other, Carter had noticed people seeing the change in him. A scrutinizing person around others, he was always on guard with his employees and specific clientelle. Except when his Julia was around.

His sexy little maid then turned when she noticed an absence of Carter behind her. Feeling back, and finding nothing, she graced her head back to see his teasing. It was hot to her, making her even damper than she already was. Curious and slow hands went beneath the skirt to play with her fleshy folds after laying her torso on the bed. Dammit, she loved this man and his ways of showing what he wanted.

"Mmm... Monsier, Xieu ve ton amour." I want your love. A heartwarming statement from the hottest model in the world. And his one true love. Panting harshly, Carter began to stroke his cock even faster than before, his passion and desire fueling the thrusting of his hand up and down his shaft in time with her accelerating fingers teasing her own core. Sapphire eyes belonging to the frenchman were smoldering with his lust and love, burning their gaze on the maid.

"FUCK! Come here, my love.... Please.. I need you." This was not a demand, this was a plead. An askance of his love to come to him. In that moment, the lust had dissolved from his body physically and went straight to those sapphire pools which glared upon her. His twitching body was a sign of a soon approaching climax, as he thrashed about in his chair for her to come to him.

Julia's eyes narrowed at the sight of her lover's need. This game was so much fun at times, but all good things had to come to an end. But who said the fun had to stop? And so she stood up straight at that moment and began to turn on her heels toward him. That salacious bodice she held command over was one of the only things she knew so much about. But that godly-looking angel in the chair across the room from her was what she knew even better. In such a short time, she had gotten to know him more than she knew her own father.

Julia began to walk up to him before slowly taking to a straddle at his waist. The slight expansion of her chest was a sign of her arousal as she began a slow grinding on his cock. It was enough to drive them both crazy, but she continued her teasing. She enjoyed the power she had over this male, as no one had never given her the power he did: The ability to raise another life higher than the heavens, or to crush it with one whim.

Her thoughts diverging to the latter, she began to tear up before driving down hard on his shaft. Whimpers following behind, her hands grasped his shoulders which she held tightly. A gyration to her hips elicited a moan of pure pleasure from Carter as he was washed over with her need and want. They were the true puzzle in this room, one of body and mind. Now together as she leaned forward to pant in his ear. Their breath mingling on the flesh of anothers, Julia's juices began to stir and coat his length.

"C-Carter!! I'm cumming! AHHH!!!!" She had barely gotten the words out before she sputtered the love juices upon his cock and lap. Eyes were wide with the pleasure racking her body and making her twitch and contort as he back arched. Her face became buried in his chest to hide her shocked expression.

But her climax was not the only one which seemed to be approaching. Her own release was the catalyst to give him his slice of heaven. The paradise before him, this girl in his lap and his arms....

Both panting heavily, and without energy, they let their climax ride out... Eyes remained on one another, without a care in the world, even as the knock on the door was heard....

(To Be Continued)

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