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Cassandra's Destiny, The Ball

Cassis was so happy to be chosen as maiden of the ball. Who would have known she was such a slut?
As Cassandra felt the delights of Alfonse's cock for the first time and drank of his blood to fulfill her destiny more than her body was changed. Yes, she became a vampire as was he, but somehow the desires to know everything flooded her mind and body both. This is the continuation of the short story written originally for a contest. Without the word count limitation now in place, see just how far our little vamp slut will go to find the answers to her fantasies.

Cassie grinned from ear to ear as her fangs withdrew from Alfonse’s neck. She licked over the pin pricks as if somehow she knew her saliva would heal them instantly, they closed as if never there. He gasped as his lungs took in air, never before had the chosen one taken his blood, always it had been he to drink of the fountain during the ceremony of transition. Apparently Cassandra had been born to be his mate; he smiled up into her sparkling eyes and quivered his cock, still buried deep in her hot sheath. He spoke softly, but the other vampires in the room would have no difficulty hearing his words, “Cassandra, I am moved by your ruthless act. Not only are you a great lover, but destined to be my mate as well.”

She giggled like the 18 year old school girl she had been only days before and replied, “My Lord, can I gather that to be a proposal?” and giggled softly as her lips brushed over his jaw and neck. Her fangs had withdrawn, but she knew already that when the need arose she would be able to drink her fill of him or any other she chose. In that instant of climax her body had transformed into what her destiny had been, to become a vampire. Every fiber of her being had exploded in the release of her first joined orgasm. She rose only far enough to tease his senses, her dripping cunt slipping dangerously close to losing its grip of his massive cock before impaling herself on his spear again forcefully. She gasped at how good it felt to be filled with his member and the moaned at the sensations it provided him with as well. The crowd cheered once again, not that they had ceased their cat calls since she took him as her own. She gazed around the room, recognizing several of the folks, influential in their businesses and fields. James watched as well as the maiden became his queen. His eyes glimmered of desire and she found the thought of draining his sack and throat fitting. She would have to ask Alfonse how much liberty he would yield to his newest concubine, though he had already declared her his mate.

Alfonse rose from the chair, taking her body with his as his arms cradled her knees aloft, hanging, so to speak on his worthy cock, still fully erect deep in her wiles. He smiled and announced that his manservant had done well for him that day. The crowd cheered for James and he all but blushed modestly.

“Come forward James,” he declared loud enough for all to hear. James had never been allowed to be a part of the festivities of the Ball, yet his master beckoned him. He moved with caution not aware of what was to be. When he stood only feet from the joined couple Alfonse smiled and said, “Strip my queen and allow all to see her splendor"

His hands were sure as he unfastened the corset and withdrew it, her mask was next as his master’s hips rose and fell gently to continue their pleasures. His eyes could not help but to be drawn again to the lush curves of the youthful maiden. Well, no longer a maiden, but a queen who had stolen her King's cock and blood as well. He moved around and took off the 5” fuck me heels and set them down next to the robe and corset, all that yet adorned her were the now crotchless panties that hung uselessly from her hips. His master nodded and he tore them from her as well. Her alabaster flesh glowing in the faint light as Alfonse lifted her along his shaft and drove her back onto it; she quivered as arousal overtook her yet again. James stepped back as he deemed to be proper whilst his master reveled in fucking his queen before his family and subjects. He couldn’t help wishing he too would have that honor one day.

“James,” his master roared, “Strip yourself, Cassandra has need to be filled in yet another cavity. Fuck her ass as I take her cunt for my own.” His word was law within the walls of the castle and James stripped himself, his slender eight inch cock hardened and seeping pre-cum already as his mind conceived fucking such a beauty before the prestigious audience. He moved behind her, his hands cupping her cheeks to part them as his master raised her just enough to allow his cock to brush over the tiny bud of her sphincter muscle. Somehow Cassandra had complete control and her hole puckered even as James thrust a finger into it to test her tightness. She gasped out her pleasure as his finger rammed again and again into the quickly expanding cavity coated with her own juices. Two fingers replaced the one as Cassandra bucked against his hand.

“Take her now James,” Alfonse roared again as the audience watched and cried out with glee at the sight. He pressed his head to her rear entry and she shuddered with delight. He could not help but be anxious and thrust his cock half way in on the first thrust as his master drove her downward. She screamed as a wave of climax passed through her, Alfonse roared with delight as her hips bounded forth and back caught between his massive prong and the more slender one up her ass. She was no longer a virgin; her experience was growing by the moment as she took two men at once.

Alfonse panted for a moment and came yet again into her deepest well. She screamed out her fulfilled dream of experiencing what no other had ever known. To be selected had made her a queen, and to be fucked by two men could only be bested if she could suck a man’s cock at the same time.
“My Lord,” she panted as his rod continued to slam up her sopping hole, “Choose another that I might know the joys of three such savage men taking me at once.” He smiled and slowed his pace to allow James to not release his seed as yet.James also slowed and when bid withdrew his cock from the worn cavity even without release, his joy apparent.
“Bring forth a bench,” Alfonse roared to no one in particular. A low wooden bench was brought forth and he grinned as his knees dipped and he released her legs to set her feet onto the smooth marble floor, her legs wobbly but grateful for what was to come. His twice spent cock slipped free and his smile preceded the kiss that would seal her fate. James stepped back a half step to not hide any of Cassandra’s flesh from any of the observers. The man, a young virile vampire as it happened had been fortunate to aid his master and was selected to be the third male she would know. Alfonse bid him lay on his back naked at least from the waist down on the bench. He stripped fully exposing his smooth pale flesh and hard eager twelve inch cock, only a bit smaller than his master’s. Cassandra’s eyes glazed with greed as she gazed over the lovely prong she would impale herself onto. She had already figured out that her King, her master would take her throat as James once again stole her once virginal ass. Her master gestured for her to straddle the bench and the stud that lay upon it, the crowd roared with glee at the extended happenings compared to the previous masquerade balls.

She moved over him and lifted one leg to guide his lengthy average girth cock to her sopping pussy. He pulled her down over it instantly and she shuddered a modest climax at his size. Alfonse stood above the young vampire’s head and pulled her down to his dripping member’s head. She opened her mouth willingly as he pushed it into her mouth and roared with delight at how greedy her little mouth was. James also straddled the bench and the man, Cassandra sandwiched between them as he slid his throbbing cock back to her tight rear sheath. She squealed with glee as she felt filled in each portal of sexual deviance and delight. Her hips worked at fucking both cocks as her hands grasped Alfonse’s hips and pulled him closer. Her throat swallowed his member without pause or gag reflex. She truly was a slut meant to take on all comers, especially her master and now King. His hips thrust his massive organ deep into her willing throat; savagely he fucked her there as the other two filled her from front and rear. Truly she had gotten her wish to know what could happen to the maiden chosen for the ball. She cried out around the hard thrusting cock that impaled her neck and bucked against the cocks commanding her other entries. Her orgasms become one as peak after peak was reached and nary a valley between.

Two women walked up beside the queen, once a virginal maiden and knelt beside her, Alfonse smiled and nodded as each leaned down and cupped one of the large firm orbs of flesh. Her tits were sensitive and she wondered what was to become of this orgy with her as the only maiden to serve any and all who chose to have her. Each vampiress nudged at her nipples and then bit into the textured flesh, drinking of their new queen’s blood as her orgasms peaked ever higher. How long could she continue? She had no idea, but loved every minute and wouldn’t change a thing of the night’s events. James erupted into her ass as the young vamp filled her cunt with hot sticky semen. Alfonse withdrew his penis; his arousal subdued for the moment since he had cum deep in her pussy and drained the balance of his seed into her neck. She was pulled up to straddle the male she had felt deep in her womanly cunt and peered around the room. Apparently she was not the sole recipient of lavished savagery, it seemed each female had several males or females of their choosing doing much the same as had happened to her. She smiled knowing her joy had prompted such wondrous activities.

After a rest beside her master and King Cassandra bolded a question to him, “My Lord, is each year’s ball so extravagantly arousing? I have found myself taken by three males and two females at once and yet still crave more. Had there been two more males to find comfort with my hands I could have easily sated their needs as well.”

He laughed at the silliness of her inquiry and replied, “Cassandra, never in my 18 centuries have I found another so adept at driving the guests of the ball to such extremes. Though I would prefer to keep you as mine alone, if it is your wish to satisfy each of our guests I could not deny you that, or anything. Not tonight anyway. Just know that from the end of the ball at midnight into eternity you are to be my lover, my queen.” She smiled even as he bid more to come to satisfy his new bride’s request. He left her, still straddled the young male, James yet standing behind her after removing his spent cock from her ass. Cassandra had wished to be the next maiden of the ball and had already found she loved being fucked and aroused more than even she had expected. She craved to be filled with men’s cocks, nipped at by a woman’s fangs and caressed by their soothing touch. She wondered if two or three women would satisfy her needs and giggled as two others stepped forward to take their turn alongside three new, fresh men.

She bid a particularly attractive young female to lay face up on the bench as Alfonse sat on his lofty perch to watch. She straddled the woman’s face and felt her tongue slip into the sopping wetness of her cunt, grinding it over the woman’s face that gobbled the slick nectars and semen from her cleft with delight. She eyed the juncture of the woman she rode and tipped her head to the side wondering just what it would be like to do the same as she bid the woman to do to her. Leaning over her; her lips closed over the aroused button of her clit. She tasted of sinful wonders and sank two fingers into her new partner’s already wet sheath much to those watching’s awe as the woman erupted instantly and thrust her hips against Cassie’s fingers and mouth. She felt something brush against her buttocks and could only hope she would again feel joys in her rear cavity. The touch was far gentler than James had been plunging in and out of her rear cavity; instead it was like a kiss delivered to the rose bud. Another woman had joined in the reverie and lapped gently over the abused but willing hole. Her tongue slipped into it and Cassie felt the surge of her climax begin anew, the woman beneath her lapped down the copious flow eagerly as the rush of climax overtook her. The one receiving the flood also clamped down on the fingers probing her and came with a hard clenching orgasm.

Not to be left without satisfaction the woman licking Cassie’s ass and giving her pleasures beyond measure raised her buttocks and allowed a man to take her juicy cunt with fervor that soon drove her to climax as well. Cassie had now been sated by both men and women, several at a time no less and still yet wanted more, her lust had been fully unleashed and she relished every lick and kiss, every plunging cock in whatever hole was available, and of course her Alfonse and his mammoth cock. “Leave me,” she cooed softly to the three women and the man attending to her gifted oral partner at her rear. Once she was alone she looked to her Lord, the vampire who would forever sate her needs.

She rose and walked, rather on shaky legs, but with a determined look to her eyes and face. She knelt before the Lord of the castle and smiled softly up at him as her hand took his soft but sizable member and began stroking it to pleasure him and him alone. She heard his voice growl his delight that she would again satisfy him rather than the gang bang she had been lusting for. She bowed her head to his lap and lifted the semi erect cock to her lips, licking it like a candy cane, circling the bulbous head and lapping its length again and again as his arousal overtook his weary state. Her eyes glistened as she lifted them to his and murmured, “Eighteen centuries is a long time. I am glad you have never found another to peak your interest as well as you sizable cock.” She wasted no time in sucking the head into her warm mouth and gently causing his body to respond. His grunts spoke of his approval as she sank over the thick shaft and licked around it again and again. Soon he was panting with need though his sack had been drained twice already. Tilting her head back as she lowered her shoulders she took him into her throat, more than willingly, almost anxiously as she engulfed his entire length. He fisted her hair and held her against the base of his throbbing member, pushing her away only to give her a chance to breathe. She struggled against his push and took him again deep into her eager neck, gulping at his cock, sucking him violently to drive him over the edge. His sack had apparently had the opportunity to restore his supply of semen as he cried out to the guests and his queen of his climax. She felt the hot cum flood her throat all but directly into her stomach and jerked back to taste him before sucking him back deep into her throat to revel in his multiple orgasms for her, and her alone.

“My Lord,” she cooed as she removed her mouth from his spent member, “Your taste is beyond anything I could have imagined. Your cum so salty sweet and your blood so rich and full bodied I cannot help but wish to pleasure you many times a day for as long as you will have me.”

“Cassandra, we shall pleasure each other several times daily for eternity.” Somehow his body responded to her compliments and his cock again rose to the occasion, he lifted her from her knees and settled her over it, again filling her pussy with his twelve inch dick. It was not for the pounding rhythms of fucking he caused her to feel his member deep within her hallowed sheath, but to know of his honesty and truth.

“You have me under your spell Cassandra; I will forever be hard for you no matter how often you drain me. You will be filled with me at every turn; several times a day may well not be near enough.” He held his hand palm up out to one of his servants, a slip of a maiden who was nearly as attractive as Cassandra herself, and yet he had no interest in her whatsoever. She laid a necklace into his palm, pure gold, a finely made chain with a small winged creature as the pendant. Its eyes were fashioned of blood rubies, the gold dulled with a dark coloring. She recognized the image at once, for it was a part of the crest of Lord Drakell’s family. A bat seemed so fitting for the ancient vampire and his clan. He slipped the chain around her neck beneath the mop of tussled hair and fastened it, for some odd reason she felt dressed again, though her body remained completely nude, her pride clothed her warmly.

Her lips pressed to his and they shared the sweetness of a loving kiss. His lips closed over her throat and he sank his fangs into her vital artery, she moaned as the endorphins drove her body and mind to the edge of sanity and reason. Without moving at all he had driven her to another orgasm just by biting her. She now understood why he had reacted as he had when she bit him. This they would share many, many times as time went by. Her sheath clenched around his shaft and coated it with her creamy nectar; his cock spewed forth another stream to fill her womb as the guests reveled in the orgy she had caused. Blood was let and drunk, cum flowed like water from everyone in attendance. It would be a ball worthy of recalling for centuries to come. “Cassandra,” he cooed as she rocked up and back over his cock to further stimulate his overly sensitized member, “I fear next year’s ball will need to find a new host. I am fully fulfilled with my choice, and forever we shall rein . . . together.

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