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Cassandra's Destiny

Cassie turns 18 on Halloween and wants so badly to be the chosen maiden at the ball.
Well, here's the deal, I entered this story in a contest, unfortunately for me it wasn't selected as a finalist. Luckily for you guys you get to read it before the contest begins since the rights have been released back to me now. I ask that you accept it as a slightly rewritten version of the original (which I found much too short for my style of writing) and send your comments and votes to let me know how I'd have done if it had been chosen. For this I give you my heart felt thanks. So, here is Cassandra's Destiny...

“Oh Mother,” she cooed, “Dare I hope to be invited this year?” She knew it could be the best night of her life if only Lord Drakell would invite her to the masquerade ball at the castle. Held once a year on Halloween it was the most mysterious and sought after social event of the year. “Halloween is my birthday! That must surely matter to Him, mustn’t it?”

Her mother eyed her with as much hope as she had ever felt for her now 18 year old daughter. “Yes Cassandra, you can dare to hope, today is your birthday after all,” she answered as she stepped closer and hugged her daughter close to comfort the nervousness of wanting to become the next chosen maiden of the ball. Each year one was chosen, one made famous simply by becoming Lord Drakell’s guest. Those who had been chosen in the past had become famous in the small east coast town, not to mention going on to become models and actors, successful business women and powerful politicians. “Hope is all we can do for now Cassie, if it is meant to be the courier will come today. If he doesn’t, it simply wasn’t meant to happen.

Cassandra was on pins and needles all morning, lunch came and went though she couldn’t seem to eat a bite as she held out hope for the man servant from the castle to deliver what she considered her destiny. After she had cleaned up from the lunch her mother had prepared she went upstairs to her room and turned on the computer to distract her from the knot in her tummy. Opening up one of her favorite sites she began to read, tales of erotic pleasure seemed to take the edge off as she slipped her hand into her lacy D cup bra to twist the hardening nipple of her ample breast. A purr of pleasure streamed from her lips as she gazed at the words on the screen where a beast was slamming his huge cock in and out of a young maiden. Her other hand slid down her abdomen and beneath her skirt.

“Umm,” she cooed as she felt her fingertips press against the swollen nub of her clit. She was already wet and slid a single digit into her virginal cleft. She knew the joy of orgasm only from masturbation, not the thrust of a man’s cock. Not yet.

She had heard tales of the chosen being taken to levels of pleasure beyond imagination and hoped she would be the next to know them. To be chosen was something she had lived for since she first heard of the masquerade ball and all it stood for. Her finger dipped further into the slick tight walls of her vagina, her breaths coming faster, harder, more eager to bring the juices forth. The tip of it passed over her g-spot and she gasped aloud, thrust her finger against it as the first wave of cream flowed from the depths that had not yet been touched.

“Ugh,” she panted as her pussy gave forth the rich creamy cum she had needed to feel, the pleasure she had awaited since puberty to be given to Lord Drakell himself. He would be her first, he only chose virginal women to satisfy at the ball, and knew she would be the best lover he had ever had. Her climax ebbed and she pulled her drenched finger from the puffed petals of her labia, looked at the glistening cream and dreamed of seeing it on his reputedly huge cock. She grinned at the thought of giving herself to him, taking his all and feeling the rush of his seed filling her womb full with its heat.

Tugging her panties back into place she heard a car out front, she quickly moved to the window to see if it was the servant from the castle. Her womb quivered with glee as she spied a stretch limo pulling to a stop in front of her house. Her house! “Holy crap!” she squealed, “Is this really happening?” She dashed to the door and her fingers slipped on the knob, still slick with her juices. She licked them clean and made her way down to the front hall. She knew she shouldn’t seem too anxious, but it was impossible not to be.

The doorbell rang, she had never thought it to be so loud, but she was so excited at the opportunity she instantly moved to open the door. As the door opened she saw a man in his late twenties, tall and good looking. Not as good looking as Lord Drakell who she had seen once in the town hall giving a speech. That had been the night she had vowed she wanted to be his, wanted him to be hers. “Hello,” she squeaked to the man holding a garment bag in one hand and an envelope in the other.

“Good afternoon. I am James, manservant to Lord Drakell. I am looking for Cassandra Wimberley.” His smile at the sight of the lovely teen ager standing in the door was staggering, she was about to melt into a puddle right there and then with anticipation.

“I am she,” she said in oh-so-proper English.

His eyes feasted on her from the lush blond hair that hung in long waves covering her shoulders and ample breasts to her thighs exposed by the mini skirt she bore with striking beauty and perfectly curved hips. He could only envy his master for the choice of this year’s maiden. “I have an invitation to the Masquerade Ball for you Cassandra, and your costume. Lord Drakell insists you wear it when you attend as his guest of honor.”

Her heart did flip flops as she looked at the posh garment bag, hoping beyond hope the costume he had chosen for her would be something she’d really enjoy being seen in. But then it really didn’t matter, he’d likely strip it off when he took her body as his own. “I shall be honored to wear whatever our Lord has chosen for me,” she answered as she took the bag and envelope from James.

“Be ready at 6:00 this evening, I shall come and deliver you to the castle personally. You may change into the costume at the castle, but do try it on to be sure you know it’s ‘feel’.” His eyes again raked over the lovely girl who would soon be his master’s concubine. He sniffed and sensed the juices still lingering from her climax, wondering if she was still the virgin his master insisted on having as his chosen one. He somehow knew that Cassandra was and would please his master well.

She nodded and he took his leave with a bow. Closing the door she turned to find her mother right behind her, grinning at the fact that her daughter had been chosen. “Let’s see the invitation Cassie,” she beamed. They moved into the living room and Cassandra sat down on the couch, laying the garment bag beside her as she carefully opened the envelope to not rip the fine ecru linen paper. The invitation was spectacular, as expected. Rich black raised lettering with her name and the following commentary: “You are hereby summoned to be the guest of Lord Alfonse Drakell for the 2011 Masquerade Ball.”

“I look forward to joining with you for our much anticipated time together,” was scrawled in deep red that resembled blood more than ink and what must be his signature. She handed it to her mother and rose to pick up the garment bag, trying on the costume would be for her alone.

Cassandra went back upstairs to see the gown she knew her mother likely wouldn’t approve of. None she had heard of had been more than a wisp of fabric to cover only the most intimate parts of a young lady, and by no means ladylike. She knew she would wear whatever he wished her to; she would do whatever he wanted no matter what. This was her destiny, her fate.

Her eyes widened as she gazed at the pure white of the costume. It was so much more beautiful knowing he had chosen it just for her. The corset bodice was just enough to support her ample breasts, the waistline snug enough to reveal the perfection of her athletic 36-24-34 inch curves. The matching thong was simple yet stunning, though she wasn’t sure of the nubbin embedded into the groin. She grinned as she realized it would remain inside of her during the ball to prepare her for the joining. She stroked the small phallus and knew she would be creamy for him before their time came.

The stiletto heels must have had five inch spikes; she knew she had practiced in a much cheaper version for years to be able to walk smoothly in what seemed to be his preference of footwear. Some would call them “fuck me” heels; she grinned again knowing that was exactly what Lord Drakell had in mind, as did she. The feathered mask was also pure white and would cover only her eyes as she gazed upon him and the other guests of the ball. No one had ever mentioned the other guests other than to say they were very influential people that would allow her to become famous in the end.

She returned the costume to its bag and looked at the clock beside her bed, she had less than two hours to be showered and do her hair. She went to her bath and stripped out of her skirt and blouse. One glance in the full length mirror was all it took to again be aroused, her cleft seeping creamy juices even as she stepped from the moist panties she had filled with her essence earlier.

Stepping into the shower she reveled in the joy of being chosen, thinking of all of the wonders that lay before her as she washed her beautiful locks and conditioned them to a glistening sheen. The soft conditioner ran over her breasts and belly as she rinsed her hair, her body responding as only a woman filled with desire could. She slipped her fingers again to her groin, two fingers plunging hastily into the gash of her virginal womanhood as she gasped at the instantaneous rush of pleasure. Thrusting deeply for timeless minutes she brought herself to a profound orgasm and stood gasping for air as she allowed it to ebb.

Her nipples were hard peaks as she stood before the mirror to dry her hair, she couldn’t help but think he had chosen her for more than her physical beauty, but cared not if that alone was why he had. She so wanted to feel his manly cock doing as she had as yet only fantasized of. Long and smooth she brushed her hair into its waves of shining perfection, naked she allowed the locks to cover her breasts with the thickness of it, the feel of it brushing the orbs he would surely love to caress when their time came.

Looking at the clock she realized it was almost time for James to arrive and take her to her destiny. She moved into her bedroom and donned a simple sheath dress alone, no panties or bra were necessary to hold her curves or smooth shaven mound. She donned her shoes and smiled into the full length mirror one last time and carried the garment bag from her room and down the stairs. Her mother stood waiting for her, wanting to know her daughter would be alright with what was to happen on this special night.

“Oh mother,” she cooed, “the costume is so pretty. I wish you could see it, surely you would be scandalized by its revealing design.” She grinned as her mother sighed, content to know that her little girl was pleased. That was what mattered.

James was prompt; the doorbell rang at exactly 6:00 P.M. Cassandra answered it, garment bag and invitation in hand. The journey to the castle on the outskirts of town took about 15 minutes, she was in awe of her first up close viewing of the old world castle kept hidden away from prying eyes by the high walls and foliage surrounding the property.

James escorted her through the side entrance and up to the second floor suite where she would be allowed to change into her costume and prepare to be introduced to Lord Drakell at last. A brief time to apply modest make up and then a quick change into the revealing garment her new suitor had chosen for her. She was in awe at how it fit, especially the small tendril nestled within the panty and her eagerly moistening pussy.

James watched and waited patiently as she dressed. He aided her in fastening the corset snugly, assuring her that the support of the cups was sufficient to restrain the weight of her perfect breasts. Once she stepped into the skirt that curved high in front to just below the growing moisture of her juncture and flowed to a tail ending at the knee in back he fastened the cape of pure white velvet to her neck and allowed it to cover her supple beauty fully. It was time; she was ready for her fate and fame to begin.

He led her to the stair; the guests were waiting for her arrival with anticipation to see who the Lord had chosen as his next concubine. Her appearance was majestic to say the least; oddly she felt the power of what being chosen was and what it availed her even then. She descended the stair, chin held high as if she had been born to rule at Lord Drakell’s side, in truth she had. James walked beside her and guided her through the parted crowd to the platform where Alfonse awaited his prize. Their eyes met and fixed on each other’s; the other guests fading from their thoughts.

“Milord,” James stated in his regal voice, “I present to you Cassandra Wimberley.” He stepped away with a bow as Alfonse rose, his height magnified by the raised platform he stood upon. Cassie curtsied politely as his smile stole her heart; he like most of the men in the room was dressed in cliché garments reminiscent of the movie stereotypical Count Dracula.

When she raised her head he had stepped down to her level and whispered, “A dance Cassandra. To hold you will be my honor.” He took her arm and led her to the center of the floor, the violins and harp began to play a waltz for the hosts of the ball. Taking her into his arms more closely than proper for a dance in public she could feel the power of his erection pressing against her tummy sending her blood to boil and pussy to weep around the tendril that stimulated her clit and opening so profoundly. His lips pressed to her ear and he whispered to her, “I trust you are enjoying the panties I chose for you. I want only to have your sheath wet and readied for my entry.”

She giggled at his thoughtfulness. “Oh My Lord, I am more than ready to become your maiden. I have saved myself to know your cock for all my life.” Her eyes turned up to his as she felt his vast erection press harder against her tummy, he growled his need and pulled her skirt up to touch her warm moist juncture. “Oh, yes Milord,” she cooed seductively as his finger slid against the thin fabric and pressed the nubbin deeper into her wetted walls. His desire became demanding and he led her to the platform where a chair awaited them.

Seating himself he pulled her to straddle his lap, his erection now pressed against the shear panty and small dildo that aroused her beyond her experience. “Free me and take me in Cassandra,” he commanded as he dispensed with the cape and loosed her breasts from the cups of the corset.

She rose from his lap enough and unzipped his trousers revealing the lengthy male member she yearned to know. The guests watched as he tore the panty away and offered his thick cock to her. Barely tentative she sunk his cock deep into her womanly wiles with whimpering pleasure as she engulfed his thickness and coated it with the blood of rupturing her hymen. His cock stretched her and she was filled with joy. His voice rumbled as he felt the tight sheath surround him, so wet, so ready to take his all. His hands went to her buttocks and raised her only to fill her time and time again. His voice grunting for endless minutes as the crowd cheered baring witness to the reverie of the virgin now made womanly. She acted the part of a slut who had never been tried, which until that moment she hadn’t.

She took his cock deeper, his member stole into her womb and she clenched her muscles around it making him suffer with pleasure. She would milk every fiber of his control from him as well as her own. Fire stormed through her as she threw her head back and screamed in triumph knowing he would soon fill her with his seed. Her sheath stretched to accommodate his vast girth and she rode his cock without mercy as her body changed.

Her eyes closed as she took his all and reveled in it, driving him ever closer to pleasures he had rarely known. His hips thrust up to meet her pussy’s downward strokes, hot and wetted to slick the punishing capture of his full length, bouncing against his mound to satisfy them both. She cried out in orgasm and her juices coated him even more fully as she impaled her body over his massive dick with astounding talent.

He howled as his sack tightened, she gasped as their orgasms peaked together as it should be for mates. Her destiny fulfilled as her fangs dropped into place for the first time and sank into his neck’s vital artery forcing his seed to fill her and bring her to maturity. Her body convulsed with continuously peaking climax as she drank his blood and felt his hot filling seed. She was now his queen, born to become a vampire fulfilled in sex and blood as she had been destined from birth. The crowd cheered for their Lord and his Queen.
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