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Chained to the Ceiling

She loves it, she gets it
They had me chained to the roof by my wrists, my feet dangling freely. I was completely naked and a cool breeze played across my erect nipples. They captured me last week when they invaded Earth. They looked exactly like us, but had more advance technology, and had more knowledge in the sex department. Those, like me, who had been captured were taken deep into outer space and were chained up. My feet hadn't touched the ground since. They had only touched me once, giving me great pain and pleasure by only touching my breasts. I had seen their cocks, and they were twice the size of the largest cock on Earth, and if they were to fuck me, I knew I couldn't take it.

That's why in the past week, they'd been pushing metal bars into my cunt, anus and throat, stretching them out to accommodate their cocks. It hurt like fuck. I loved it. I always loved rough fucking, and I wasn't going to stop them.

Two of them entered the room now, their cocks erect. They looked exactly like humans, which was the terrifying part. These two were my assigned aliens. 

They walked up to me and each took a nipple into the fingers, twisting and rolling them. My pussy swelled from pleasure. They started to bite my nipples and I gasped out in pleasure.

One of them moved behind me, and they both trailed kisses down to my pussy and anus. Slowly, they stuck one finger in, pushing in and out, lubricating me with their spit. They gradually put more fingers in as I became more lubricated and aroused. They had four fingers in when I felt my orgasm start to build.

They sensed it as well and forced their whole fist in, a pain rocking my body.

"Ahhh!" I cried, tears rolling down my face. "Please, I'm not used to fisting!"

They fisted harder and deeper, my orgasm at breaking point. My sweet cum spurted over their fists as I cried out in pleasure and pain, but they didn't stop. They only added their other fists.

The pain was too much, my vision was going black, and the orgasms were rocking my body hard. Their arms were drenched from my cum. 

"Please," I whispered, "it's going to kill me. Please." Tears were running over my breasts and they finally pulled out.

They chained my legs to the walls either side of me, leaving my cunt and anus bare to them to do whatever they pleased. Their tongues, which were just as long as their cocks, pierced my holes and roughly pleasured my insides. I was starting to enjoy this.

They pulled out and pushed their cocks inside me, sliding in perfectly due to the stretchers. I moaned in pleasure, this didn't hurt at all. In fact, I could get use to this.

Their cocks pumped my body, and they slapped my breasts. I rocked back and forth between their bodies, driving their cocks further inside of me. My orgasm was building up, and when my cum exploded, so did theirs.

It was beautiful, their cum was nothing like I'd experienced before. It was soft, warm and intensified my pleasure ten-fold.

"Please," I begged, "I want more!"

"And you'll get more," one of them said as another one of them walked through the door. Only this one was female and had a beautiful cunt. Oh baby, this would get hot.

She sat underneath me, and started to eat me out, her tongue working wonders on my pussy. The men left the room. 

"Come for me, darling. Mamma wants to have your hot cum all over her face!" She slapped my clit, sending me overboard as I orgasmed all over her face.

She took her time licking it up, her tongue lapping up the taste and teasing me into another orgasm. My body was shaking when she unchained me and laid me down. She sat on my face. "Eat mamma out darling, she wants to feel your human tongue inside her cunt!" She started to grind against my face when I happily complied.

Her cunt tasted beautiful, like no other cunt I'd had back on Earth. My tongue easily slipped up her hole and I swirled it around. I started to massage her clit, and her cunt swelled to my teasing.

"That's it!" she cried, humping my face harder, "mamma loves that! Mamma needs that!" She came all over my face, and her cum was simply perfect. I swallowed it all as she started smashing her pussy against mine.

Strands of her skin unraveled to fuse our crotches together. "They won't let go until our cum separates them darling, so come for your mamma!"

Man this was so sexy. Our pussies ground, and we were both sent into fits of orgasmic pleasure until our cum was enough to defuse the strands. She came one last time, and her jet of perfect cum hit my clit, making me scream in pleasure.

"Oh darling, you make Mamma and her sons so very happy," she cooed as she chained me back up. "We'll be back tomorrow for some more fun." She licked my nipple one last time before leaving the room.

I'd never had so much pleasure, I hoped they'd never return me to Earth. This is where I belonged. What I needed. What I wanted that no other human could give me. And I loved it.

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