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Charlie - Charlene Part 4

Elaine and Charlene continue on their mutual road to discovery
“That was wonderful,” said Charlene.

They were lying on their backs side by side, holding hands, and basking in the afterglow.

“You’re my best friend, Lainie, and I think I am falling in love with you.”

“I love you, Charls. I have for years, but I don’t think you really love me, and that’s okay. We have felt this way for a long time, and I’ve gotten used to it. But I love you too much to let you fall into the trap of confusing lust with love. Wait until sometime when we see each other first thing in the morning, to decide that you love me. Right after we have had sex is not the time to decide these things.”

“Shut up and kiss me, Lainie.”

They rolled over on their sides, facing each other, and their lips met. Charlene placed her hand on Elaine’s cheek, and kissed her tenderly at first. As their kiss continued, they read each other’s minds, and opened their mouths as one. Their tongues played freely with each other, and their breathing became more ragged.

Suddenly, Elaine pulled her head back. She looked into Charlene’s eyes, and saw the lust there. “Charls,” she asked, “do you suppose it is possible for us to be in each other together? I love making love with you, but somehow, just using my new cock feels …oh, I don’t know…empty.”

“Let’s try it. We can’t be face to face, though, ‘cause they are both in front. And you coming in from behind isn’t gonna work – well, unless you wanna jerk me off.” As she said this, Charlene turned over and pushed the crack of her ass up against Elaine’s erection. She raised her upper leg, and Elaine slid into her. She sighed as she felt the head of Elaine’s engorged member entering her inner folds.

Elaine reached across Charlene’s hip, and grasped her erection in her hand. She began pumping slowly, in time with thrusting her hips, so that as she went in deeply, her hand drove downward. The heel of her thumb hit Charlene’s pubic bone, and her pinky finger knuckle compressed Charlene’s clitoris. Two or three strokes, and she began to build up momentum, but she still felt empty. As she reached her first plateau, and Charlene was moaning with every other thrust, she stopped.

“This isn’t working for me, Honey,” Elaine said. She got up off the bed, and laid back down, with her head at Charlene’s ankles. “Roll over and face me. I think I know how we can do this.”

Charlene giggled, but did as she was told. Then, as Elaine felt for the right angle, Charlene did, too. Elaine bent her knees slightly, and Charlene slipped into her cavity. Charlene opened her legs and bent her knees, too, and as Elaine entered her, they both cried out with joy.

“Oh, God, Elaine! Yes! Fuck me like that!”

“Oh, Charlene, baby, I love you so much!”

They moved together then, slowly at first, being careful not to lose each other. As they began to get used to the unfamiliar motion, they moved faster, and more urgently. Toward the end, as each of them approached her peak, they were grinding together, and panting. Their moans and groans, and hissing breath filled the room and echoed off the walls.

Each of them, as if from a distance, heard the noises. Each of them realized they were her own, but at the same time, couldn’t fully realize it. They came together then, in a flurry of motion accompanied by their guttural visceral sounds.

They lay there, spent. Both of them were panting like marathon runners at the twenty six mile mark. They were soaked in sweat, and the sheets were soaked in sweat, mixed with semen, and the sweet efflorescence of vaginal intercourse.

Then, as if their minds were linked along with their bodies, they both began laughing.


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