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Charlie-Charlene Part 2

Charlene shows Elaine her new toys
Charlie-Charlene Part 2

“That better be Elaine, or else the UPS man is in for a Helluva surprise,” she said to herself, as she crossed to the door. She stood on tiptoe, and put her eye to the little spyglass in the door.

Standing on the other side of the door, clutching a duffel, and tapping her foot, Elaine was just about to press the doorbell again, when the door suddenly was opened just enough for an arm to snake out, and grab her upper arm. Elaine felt herself being pulled into Charlene’s house. The door slammed behind her, and dropping the duffel, she felt both her wrists pinned to the wall over her head. Charlene was kissing her wildly, all over her face, and pressing a dick into her tummy. A dick? What the fuck?

Elaine jerked free, and stepped back into the center of the room. She stared at Charlene, and her eyes widened as she saw Charlene was definitely sporting a very realistic strap-on cock. She stepped into her then, and wrapped Charlene in a hug. Elaine spread her legs as she moved to Charlene, and she felt the strap on slide between her thighs. It was so hard, yet soft, and felt so warm. Warm? Wait a minute! Since when is a strap on warm? She spoke then, her voice coming out a little more shrilly than she expected.

“Charlene, what the fuck? Where did you get …?”

“It just grew last night. I got up to pee this morning, and there it was, sticking straight out, just like this. And God, Lainie, I want you. I need to feel you take me in.” She took Elaine back into her arms, and started kissing her neck.

Elaine could feel herself becoming aroused, in spite of her mind racing. She was thinking How can this be? Does she still have a pussy? Is she taking some kind of weird hormones? That cock would feel good. I love you, Charl. She put her hand down there, between them, and could feel Charlene’s cock twitch, as she grasped it in her hand. It felt so good. Charlene was still kissing her neck, more gently now, and Elaine could feel the electric shoots from her neck down across her pectoral muscle to her breast. She felt her nipple hardening, and her labia beginning to swell. Releasing the cock, she lowered her hand, and felt Charlene’s balls. The tip of her middle finger felt something else. It was soft and hard, and wet, and slippery. Oh my God! Elaine thought. She has a cock AND a pussy! Suddenly, she was totally aroused. She could feel her clitoris pulsing, and all she could think was Fuck me. Fuck me now. Her knees buckled, and she felt herself lying on her back on the rug.

She hadn’t released her arm from around Charlene’s waist, and Elaine pulled her down on top of herself. She opened her legs, and guided the head to her opening.

Charlene eased her hips forward, and her cock slid effortlessly into Elaine’s waiting warmth. It felt incredible. She had no idea that the inside of a pussy could feel so hot, and so smooth, and she could feel little humps and hollows that she had never felt before with her fingers. She felt an irresistible urge to move, to slide her cock in and out of that wonderful sheath. As she did, she could feel it just getting better and better,. She could feel Elaine tightening around her, and she could feel the head of her cock hitting the cervix. Thrusting more urgently, she felt her scrotum tighten, and her buttocks tensed up. She gave a final deep thrust, and felt herself spasm, and she could feel the semen shooting out through her urethra. She was still hard, and started moving again, and Elaine ‘s pussy got tighter and tighter.

All of a sudden Elaine grabbed her, and pulled her hips tightly against herself, and Charlene could feel Elaine’s vagina spasmodically tightening round her cock. They both cried out, as their orgasms overtook them.

They lay still then, both of them gasping for breath. Elaine was the first to speak.

“Charl, Honey, that was incredible! I haven’t been fucked like that since years ago, before I quit messing around with guys. I had forgotten what it felt like, to have a live cock inside. Wow. Oh, shit! You came in me! What if I get knocked up? What are we gonna do then? Oh fuck. Charlene, Honey, why didn’t you think of that?”

“ Oh shit, Elaine. I’m on the pill, and I forgot that you aren’t, too.”

“Now Charlie, why would a confirmed lesbian like me take birth control pills? Silly.”

“Well – maybe I’m sterile. This thing is brand new. I don’t even know how it works.”

“So – what does it feel like? Having one, I mean. What did it feel like when you came?”

“I don’t know what it feels like all the time – I guess it’s like a pussy – you don’t exactly feel anything, unless you are aroused. But when I came , it was like, I can’t describe it exactly. Sort of like a clitoral orgasm, except my tummy didn’t tighten up the same, and I could feel it shooting out through the urethra. Sort of a pressure from deep inside, and then a sensation almost like peeing, but in short hard bursts.”

“How did it happen? Have you been taking hormones? Buying those things online from Canada is dangerous. Why do it anyway – do you want to be a male? “

“NO! No, nothing like that. It was this new dick I got…”

“Yes, I SEE it,” Elaine interrupted.

“No not that, silly. A phallus. A dildoe. I got the letter that I passed and was….”

“WHAT! YOU PASSED? Why didn’t you tell me? Oh, Charls, that is just so great! I am so happy for you!”

“Yeah, well, I was gonna call you, but after I put the champagne in the fridge, I thought I’d go check out that new boutique while it was cooling, and then …”

“What new boutique? You mean that one that was around the corner? It closed down and went out of business two weeks ago. The guy who was running it didn’t have a green card, and he got arrested. They boarded the place up right after.”

Charlie looked at Elaine and opened her mouth to say something. Then she closed it again. She did that twice more, and Elaine gave her a little shake. “Hey, Baby. Stop that. You look like a fish out of water. OOPS! I think I just shook you out.” Elaine giggled.

Charlie stood up then, and putting her hand down to Elaine, said, “Get up. Come with me. I have to show you this dildoe.” Still grasping her hand, she led her down the hallway to the bedroom.

The phallus lay on the bed, glistening, where Charlene had left it, the night before. She walked to the bed and picked it up. It was hard, like ivory, cool to the touch, and heavy. She hefted it in her hand for a moment, thinking. Then her gaze shot over to the vial of oil on the nightstand. It was still tightly corked, standing there, but it was empty.

“Holy fuck,” she said softly. “Holy fuck.” Turning to Elaine, she said, “Last night, this vial was three quarters full when I set it here. And this… this phallus was soft, and warm, and… and … and real! I masturbated with it, and had the most intense, incredible orgasm I have ever had in my life. And this morning, when I woke up I had… I had… this THING sticking out in front of me.” She grasped her now flaccid cock and shook it at Elaine in emphasis. “Lainie, now I’m scared. I don’t know what is going on, but it isn’t right. And here’s the crazy part. All I want to do right now is get this thing hard again and fuck you silly with it.”

Elaine had been standing next to Charlene, taking it all in. Her mind was going like a trip hammer, and all she could think was, magic. There is magic going on, Not mirrors, and not sleight of hand, but real magic. Her clitoris was throbbing, and itched, and she put her hand to her crotch to relieve it a little. Stunned, she snatched her hand up so quickly, it grazed Charlene’s cheekbone.

“Oh, I’m sorry, she said quickly. I didn’t mean to hit you. Are you OK? “

There was genuine concern in her voice, and Charlie turned and looked at her, and said, “I’m fine.”

Then she looked down at Elaine’s crotch. It looked as if Elaine was so turned on that her clitoris was protruding a full inch from between her lips. Even as she watched it was visibly becoming larger.

Elaine could feel it too. She felt a strange pressure, and she could feel herself growing larger and harder. She looked down at herself.


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