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Charlie-Charlene Part 3

Elaine continues to grow, and Charlene tells her about the dildoe
Charlie-Charlene Part 3

Elaine stood transfixed by the sight of her rapidly growing member. Again, her mind was racing, and she finally found her voice, “Charls, Honey, please tell me I’m not dreaming, ‘cause with this thing, I can have any woman.”

“Let’s go in the kitchen and have a beer, while I tell you all about yesterday. Lainie, this is a TRIP!”

“Beer? It’s only ten o’clock in the morning! Isn’t that a little early, even for you?”

“Oh, okay. OH, hey, Elaine! I have some champagne left over from last night. That capper won’t hold the fizz in much longer, and I think there’s enough OJ to make us a couple of mimosas. That’s acceptable for brunch. Besides, it’s Saturday – I’m sure it must be five o’clock somewhere.”

Elaine laughed at the old line, and said, “Oh, all right, you convinced me. But, seriously, you have to tell me just what the Hell is going on here. This…this …THING, is still growing.” She looked back down at her crotch, and her still-growing member.

They went into the kitchen, and Elaine snagged one of the bar stools, and sat at the island.

Charlene got a pair of flutes from the kitchen cabinet and set them on the counter. As she bent down to get the orange juice out of the refrigerator, she could feel her new testicles swinging between her parted legs. It was a new sensation, and she stood there with the refrigerator door open, legs straight and slightly akimbo, bent from the waist swaying back and forth slightly, feeling them swing.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Elaine cried out. “From here it looks like you’re trying to screw the refrigerator, and, trust me, it looks damned silly.”

Charlie stood up, closed the door, and said, “Oh, sorry. It’s just that they were swinging, and I was kinda testing, to see how it felt.”


“I don’t know, just sort of… interesting.” She looked at Elaine’s crotch then, and went on, “You’ll find out soon enough, I’m thinking.”

Elaine looked down at her lap, and yes, her penis was still growing,. It was about four inches long, and there was a definite beginning of a scrotum just behind it. She put her left hand down, placed her thumb at the base, and tentatively felt behind the base of her new penis with her fingers. Sure enough, she could feel a small, but distinct pair of testicles. I wonder if I can have these surgically removed, she thought, as she palpitated them.

“God, Elaine, you’re such a slut,” Charlene said. “”You’re not even, as they say,‘full-growed yit’ and already you’re playing with them like a major league third baseman.”

“Who is ‘they’?”

“Smart ass. Here, bite on this.” Charlene handed her the mimosa.

Elaine started to take a sip, but just as the glass reached her lips, she stopped. “A toast,” she said, raising her glass high. “Here’s to the brand spanking new free-swinging engineer. Two weeks ago, I bet you couldn’t even spell it.”

Charlene laughed, and said, “Thank you.” She took a sip of her mimosa, and went on, ”You’re the first to know….no… that’s not quite right. Lemme tell you about what happened before I sprouted this … thing.” She still hadn’t gotten used to the idea of having one, and couldn’t bring herself to call it a penis. Pulling a bar stool up to the island, she started to sit, then got up again. “Wait a minute. Be right back.” She said over her shoulder as she headed toward the bedroom.

Presently, she reappeared, carrying the phallus and the little vial. She set them down on the counter with a click, and climbed up onto her stool. Taking another sip of her mimosa, she started telling Elaine all about her evening, starting with opening the envelope, and feeling so elated.

Elaine sat and listened, slowly sipping her drink, as Charlie told her about the little man, and how he had somehow known about the exam. When Charlene started telling Elaine about masturbating, Elaine could not resist picking up the phallus and feeling it in her hands. She held it in her right hand, and slowly slid the palm of her left across the head. Then, using just her finger tips, she slid her hand down, and felt the ridge of the glans, and all the veins below it. Other than the high-end expensive ones she had seen in the toy stores, it was the most realistic dildoe she had ever seen.

“ … so when I saw you standing at the door, I just couldn’t help jumping your bones,” Charlene was saying.

They both fell silent for a moment. Elaine broke the silence, saying, “But I didn’t play with it, and here I am, growing a penis, too.” Elaine never was one to mince words, and even though it was brand new, she had no qualms about calling what it was. She picked up her mimosa, and downed it in one gulp. Setting her glass down, she said, ”Okay, gimme one of those beers you offered earlier. After that story, I have a sudden thirst for alcohol.”

“Lainie Dear, don’t get hammered. You know what that does to guys. I bet it works the same way for us., and when it stops growing, you’re gonna want to try it out. And I’m gonna WANT you to try it out, too.” She clamped her legs together as she said the last, and could feel her labia rubbing together. Her scrotum moved, and her testicles rose above her thighs. She could feel the scrotum moving away from her clitoris, and she opened her legs and closed them again, just to be certain she had not been imagining things.

“Lainie,” she said excitedly, “Just wait ‘til your grows out all the way! While I am sitting, my nuts rub my clitoris when I open my legs! Damn! This is incredible.” She had a sudden thought then, and asked, “UH-oh. How are we going to be able to go to work Monday? Now I think I need some beer, too.”

Elaine had a sudden thought. “Hey – if we drink beer, you know we are going to have to pee. Where does it come out, I wonder.”

Charlene laughed and said, “Well, Honey, if this morning was any example, you won’t have to sit.“

“Well, the booze hasn’t affected it yet,” Elaine said. “ In fact, it’s hard as rock right now, and I am so wet. All I want to do, Charls, is throw you down and fuck you silly. Will you come to bed with me, Honey?”

Charlene was sitting across the island from Elaine, so what Elaine couldn’t have known was that Charlene had been quietly opening and closing her legs. Her penis was totally engorged, and sticking straight up from her lap, and her pussy was soaked. She stood up, and felt her juice beginning to run down her inner thigh. “I thought you’d never ask,” was all she said. She walked around the island then, and Elaine looked down at Charlene’s erection. She looked down at herself, and looked back at Charlene. Then she looked at herself again. Raising her eyes to Charlene’s she said, “I hope mine is not finished growing. Yours is bigger.”

“Oh, I guess it probably isn’t done yet. Remember, mine was growing all night long, while I was asleep. Besides, ” she added quickly,” it looks plenty big enough to suit me.”

It occurred to her then, how strange a quirk of fate it would be if she, the bi-sexual one, might have a larger cock than her friend, the confirmed lesbian. It figures, she thought to herself. I want to do men, and I get the big cock; and Elaine wants to do women, and gets the little one. Just one more brick in my fucked-up wall of a life. Well – maybe she really isn’t finished growing. But in her heart, she knew she was just kidding herself. She had a sudden realization that she had not gotten an erection until her own had stopped growing. She started to tell Elaine that, but something stopped her. Instead, she took Elaine’s hand, and said, “Let’s go to bed. I want to feel you in me.”


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