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Consider me a-Mused

Writer with writer's block gets a visit form a muse.

Standing about 5 foot 10 inches, and a bit husky, Daniel was ruggedly handsome with or with out his glasses and he had a hell of a winning smile and brown hair. Daniel sat at his desk in a dark office illuminated by the light of a screen, wracking his mind for ideas. He hadn't posted a single lusty word to the Lush Stories site in weeks. There was no way he wanted to quit but he was drawing a blank on the next step of his titillating reunion opus. For the longest time he had had this problem, not being able to concentrate on any one story for longer than a chapter or two. His story had touched (or should I say inspired touching in) thousands of people on the site, far more than he had expected to ever read anything by him. So there he was one late Friday night just staring at the blinking icon before him with one plea burning in him.

"Please! Please! Ideas, come to me! Please! I need some fucking inspiration!"

Little did he know that he was being watched by one of the great muses. Erato, as was her name, was the Greek muse of erotic poetry and as such had inspired many of the authors of Lush. Very rarely did she have the ability to make herself corporeal to actually interact with the creative persons in question because of the weak state of all the Olympians and the rest of their kind. Only the fates seemed to be doing well in these hard times where few believed in them, but that's neither here nor there. Daniel was a believer and had been for some time. So as Erato watched him from her portal in her home on Mount Helicon in far off Greece, she felt a vigor that she hadn't felt for some time.

"Something tells me I ought to pay this young man a visit," she said as she stood to her feet.

She stood there naked, casting her gaze about her room looking for something delectably tantalizing to wear on her visit to inspire this young man. He may not have been terribly sexy in the physical form, but his soul and mind had a form which she could see that was a practical Adonis and she wanted to make this bard's quill stand on end for her. And the fact that he believed meant that she might be able to take it a bit farther. The smile on her face was so large, she couldn't contain it as she materialized selections of wardrobe that she was given by Aphrodite and picked out a single shoulder strap ankle length emerald-green gown and a pair of black low heels. As the outfit melted onto her like water pours into a glass she looked into the portal again with a little smirk.

"Oh, Danny boy! I think you will be some fun!" The erotic muse chuckled to herself before dematerializing herself with the sound of a low moan.

Sitting in a sheet covered desk chair at about 3:30 in the morning, Daniel focused on the page which still lay blank before him. He clutched at the pendent that hung from his neck hoping for another stunning chapter in his series to simply appear on his screen. When it didn't he leant his bare back against the cushioned back of the chair and lay his hands on his towel covered lap, hoping to remember what it was that made him run from the shower to his study to jot down.

"Maybe if I get back into the shower it will come back to me." He said, not sounding very convincing to himself.

Unseen by him, the muse sat on the edge of the desk smiling and eyeing him over. She leaned over and began whispering into Daniel's ear. He lowered his gaze back to the computer screen with a smirk and he began to type away at the story. It wasn't his intended story, but it would be good all the same. With every key stroke, the muse spoke less, but something in him shone more brightly. There was a sparkle in his eye as he leaned forward hammering out scenes of sex so hot that he was sure his computer would melt into a pile of liquid plastic and metal. 

Eventually the muse stopped speaking and simply watched as the story came to an end and Daniel slumped back in his chair, sweating and breathing heavily from the excitement. Somewhere along the way the towel had vanished and his member was on proud display.

"Well, I'd say that's the sign of a truly awesome story," he remarked looking down at his rigid rod.

He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the chair, his face raised to the sky and thanked who ever it was who sent him these ideas. This was Erato's cue to get slightly more involved. Daniel opened his eyes after a moment or two expecting to be looking at the ceiling again with a slightly silly smile, but what he was greeted with was an image of blond beauty with miraculous eyes gazing back at him from above and behind his chair. Erato smiled seductively at Daniel as she rested her elbow on the back of the chair and her cheek in the palm of her hand.

"You are very welcome," she said and winked.

"HOLY SHIT!" Daniel exclaimed, launching himself from his chair and across the desk with a bit of speed that surprised him. He had entirely forgotten that he was in the buff. "W-who are you? How the fuck did you get in here?!" He demanded.

"Now, now, now! Danny boy, that is no way to talk to a lady. Hasn't anyone ever told you you'll attract more flies with ambrosia?" Erato said and walked slowly around the office chair, wiggling her hips side to side in the skin-tight gown, trailing her finger down the side of the chair as she moved in front of it and gracefully took a seat. "I, dear bard, am the muse of erotic poems, songs, odes, and epics throughout the ages, the muse of passion, lust, and desire. I am the muse Erato and you are quite an interest to me. By no means the best that Lush has to offer, but interesting." She tucked her legs under the chair and pushed out her size C breast forward straining against the dress. "And to simply put, I go where I please or where I'm needed, like here for example. You asked for inspiration and I fit the bill. Once again you're very welcome."

Daniel was unsure if she was crazy or if he was heading that way, so he started to back toward the door. Erato's eyes followed him from the chair as he hastily left the room. Daniel headed for the living room for the phone, but as he turned into the room he saw Erato sitting in his lazy-boy this made him stop in his tracks.

"I'm not here to hurt you, Daniel." She began. "I merely want to inspire you to write such enchanting stories." She waved her hand lazily and a section of the wall next to the recliner morphed into a fireplace and lit itself. "Its a little chilly in here don't you think?"

Daniel just stood there in the doorway, stunned and speechless. For a minute or so the only thing that moved between them was the seven inches of his cock which pulsed and throbbed. The smile on Erato's face grew slightly at his members acknowledgment of her. After a time, he stepped into the room and sat at the far end of the couch, his hand absent-mindedly clutching at the Omega pendent he always wore. There were a number of thoughts running through his mind, and after witnessing the apparent teleportation from a room with only one exit and the morphing of a wall into a lit fireplace. Much of it were along the lines of "Oh shit! Oh fuck! Oh shit!" or "By the gods! She must be who she says she is, she's so fucking sexy." All of which, Erato could sense and she blushed slightly. Daniel was about to speak, but she spoke first.

"I know how much you're drawn to your little reunion story but you need to take a break from that. What one were you on, number three out of ten? Lets get you pumping out another kind of erotica." She had moved instantly with a slight shimmer of light to the empty seat beside Daniel. "Perhaps a little bisexual action, or some interracial." with a laugh she continued, "I know how much you like Mocha women. Or perhaps you would like to turn your thoughts to something kinky, taboo, or even supernatural." She reached out and lightly traced her finger tips down his chest to the base of his hard shaft, where she lingered just for a moment before slowly retracting her hand.

Daniel who has been at a loss for words finally gets a word in. "You came here to help me write a new erotic story?" He said with a look of disbelief. "Why me, of all the adult story creators in the world?"

With a sigh she sat up straight, slightly unable to belief that he was this thick. "Because, Daniel. You asked for ideas, things that it is my job to inspire. I chose to come to you because you're a believer in the old ways. When I am with you here, I can make myself visible, hearable, and solid to the touch of mortals. As often as I inspire most other writers out there, it's rare to be able to touch them or hold a conversation with them." She slumped back against the couch. "Now I know that your smart. I have read your other works, even that crappy poem you posted in the poets corner, so please don't be so stupid with me."

"Oh Kay, so I should go back to my laptop and try to keep writing than?" Daniel asked, realizing he left his towel in the other room and that he had his own set of boobs on display as well as a hard on that would not go down.

Erato winked and said "Why move when your already back at your desk?"

Sure enough, when Daniel looked away from her he was back in his study in his chair. Before him was his computer with a new blank document open and waiting for him to start typing away. Erato sat on the corner of the desk to the right of him, leaning toward him slightly with a sultry smile. "Are you ready to help a few thousand people get off, Danny boy?" She asked.

"Yeah, I think so. And I think I have just the story to do it with." With that, he began to type away.

She whispered to him now and again, and that glow in his eyes began to show to her more brightly. It was for her, a very erotic sensation to bask in that glow. Daniel wrote about a fling a fictional character from a TV show-come-real had with a married woman in Michigan. Erato could see more to this young man then his exterior, she could see the Adonis figure of his brilliant creative soul. Which was what that glow was and it was moving. As horny as she could be, she began to rub her right breast then her left. At the force of her will, her dress melted of her body in green drips down her back and legs and reforming as a dress piled on the floor, allowing access to her vagina . She kept talking to him as he typed at a fever pitch. The glow was moving forward from Daniel's body now as it stood. In its face it was Daniel, but much more visibly muscular. As Daniel kept writing, leaning over his keyboard, the figure moved closer to Erato. His shaft, like Daniel's was hard and thick and long. She sat there viciously rubbing her pussy, getting wetter and wetter as he approached until they collided. He was instantly buried deep with in her, and she placed her hands on the desk behind her for support. He grabbed her legs and pulled her closer driving deeper still. There they fucked on the desk as beside them, Daniel was in a frenzy of words.

She reached up to this form and gripped him by his shoulders and pulled herself up against his chest and rod his cock while he stood. He held her as she rode and kissed her deeply. While she was soon rocked with an orgasm and dug her nails into his back. After a time, she stopped riding him and got down on her knees on the floor and took the figure's rod into her hand and gently stroked it as she licked the rim of the head lightly. He looked down at her with immense pleasure in his eyes. He reached out and took her by the back of her head and slowly pulled her forward, down on his shaft. She began to run her tongue all around the shaft in her mouth making it feel like a thousand of them were bathing his cock all at one time. She took him into her throat as she bobbed and took his balls into her hand as she milked his cock. He took her by her hair and began to fuck her mouth with haste.

The Writing Daniel wrote about the woman blowing her favorite character against the kitchen counter after some wild positions were used throughout the house. As life often imitates art, the built Daniel pulled his cock out of Erato's mouth and shot a load on to her face and tits before being drawn back into the sitting form at the desk. Daniel once again slumped back in the chair. Erato wasted no time in turning his chair to her and taking the real dick into her mouth and sucking on him as though it produced ambrosia. She looked up at him as she did so and moaned. This was definitely against the rules of the muses, having physical sex with a mortal, but she really didn't care at that moment.

Moments later, she launched herself off of her knees and bent over the desk. Daniel immediately stood behind her and slid home. He was sure the moans they simultaneously released could have been heard on Alpha Centauri. Grabbing the muse by her hips, he began to fuck her slow at first but as deeply as he could. After being rammed by the light Adonis version of Daniel, Erato needed to be made to cum by a real cock and hoped this slightly flabby mortal could do the job. He slowly picked up speed on his thrusts until, with each thrust knocked the heavy desk a number of inches across the room. He then pulled her back against his chest where he held he as he pounded her from behind, and he leaned his head forward and gently bit her neck as he reached forward in in front of her and began rubbing her clit and playing with her left tit.

What he did next she really didn't expect, which was that he pulled out of her pussy and lifted her into the air almost effortlessly and held her in a standing sixty-nine position as he began to lick her pussy and clit. She took his cock back into her mouth, now covered in her juices and began to bob her head fast. Soon, he had his tongue deep inside her pussy and his chin rubbing back and forth on her clit. They say never under-estimate a fat man's ability to please a woman because they will eat that pussy like their starving, and by the gods Daniel was proving that fact.Surprised that he had indeed been able to make her do so, Erato began to squirt like a fire hydrant around Daniel as she came again and in turn, he came. Shooting a large load into the mouth of a muse was for Daniel (as it would be for any mortal) an incredible experience. She vanished from the position and reappeared sitting on the desk, in her emerald dress again with another sultry smile. Daniel sat back down in the chair, breathing heavily.

"Mmm. That was some fun! And I see you have finished not only one but two stories this evening, I'd say you have been quite inspired." She chuckled for a moment. "Well, I had better be getting back, but I'll be watching you. Danny boy. And I think you can consider me amused." She winked and without letting him say a word, vanished with the sound of a low moan. .

"Holy shit..." Is all he could say as he sat in his chair and rubbed the backs of his shoulders where finger marks were left by the muse of Lush Stories. "I think you could consider ME a-mused."


Auther's Note: This story had to be revised a number of times to be able to present to the people of lush. I thank all the Moderators who help us writers produce nothing but the best for this site and I apologize for any headaches I might cause in the posting process. I do my best to make sure few if any are affected by me.

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