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Darkness Within (Chapter 4: Vampyric Sleep)

Tags: angel, vampire
A forbidden love story between an angel and a vampire within a Master/slave relationship.
It wasn’t until he was becoming aware of the time, cursing under his breath a moment. I looked up at his face weakly, already beginning to feel the effects of the sunrise rise in me. His gaze instantly went to me, pulling me into his arms; he kneeled down a moment to pick me up bridal style.

“Rest your head against my chest, little one,” he whispered softly. I closed my eyes, and laid my head against his chest, almost instantly falling into that deep sleep once again. He would look up to the sky and take off towards the house, there was very little I knew about him. But that only made me wish to know more about him.

It had only taken him a few minutes to get me back into the house, and I was thankful for him, as he had just barely been able to miss the rays of sunlight that raced across the sky. I had already falling into my laden sleep, so he placed me in my room, laying me down gently. Brushing his hand against my cheek softly, placing a kiss to my forehead.

“Sleep, little one, and then rise this coming night,” he whispered softly before moving out of the room.

I heard his footsteps leading out the door of my room once again, but yet I knew I was safe, as he would never go far and always be watching over my deep sleep. As I was falling into my deep sleep once again, but though a vampyric sleep does not obtain dreams, I found myself thinking of him. But one thing stuck out, one of the first words he had even spoken to me, the memory played out in my mind.


I had been wandering around this forsaken forest for days now, so hungry, so thirsty… I had almost made up my mind of taking from some poor animal that I could probably catch. But I was almost to weak to hunt from the lack of blood for four days. My mind was jumbled, and my thoughts unclear to me. What was to happen to me, starve and die? What a horrible way to go. I stumbled along until I could see my vision slowly failing me, groaning softly as I grabbed ahold of a tree and slumped down to the ground against it. “Please… if I am to die like this, let it be quickly,” I would whisper to the wind, hoping it would take it to my death and he would grant me my wish quickly. But it never happened, my vision blackened quickly and I fell back against the cold ground.

It felt like hours, the pain throbbed in my body, as if god himself were cursing me and damning me to the life that I was in. But then something warm covered my cold body, and then I felt myself being moved against something strong, something warm. Unknowing of what had taken up my body, silently hoping it had been some wild animal that was going to finish me off. But before I could even make a noise, I felt a wetness against my lips, as if it were forcing my mouth open, and then a crimson liquid being forced down my throat. It didn’t take long before my hunger took over my body and forced me to drink from whatever was trying to help me.

Minutes ticked by, and my strength was gaining quickly. As I could feel the warm liquid rushing threw my body, my eyes snapped opened to see what had ahold of me. A loud hiss left my lips as I seen something that I had never expected to see, jumping back from the man a good distance. He just sat there, staring at me, but not speaking a word. My eyes jumped to his wings instantly, fear seeped into my eyes.

“Oh lord… no…” I whispered to myself. This had not been what I wanted, I didn’t wish for an angel to come to my aid. I stilled at his hand as he lifted it as if to quiet me instantly. I stood there, staring at him, my body shaking as if I were being announced completely damned for life.

It was as if he could read my mind, But his voice, I had not expected it to be as soft and angelic like.

“Be still little one, You are not as damned as you proclaim yourself to be,” he whispered softly. My ears of course had caught his words without difficulty. Then my thoughts changed instantly, but how… how did he know what I was? I snapped out of my thoughts as I seen him move to get up, and then watched as he took a step closer to me. I instantly took a step back from him, as I did he seen it and stopped.

“Little one, you do not have to fear me,” he whispered softly. Even though I heard his words, my mind wouldn’t let me believe him. I shook my head after a moment. He sighed softly.

“Little one, please, I am only trying to help you, come to me,” he whispered softly once again.

I shook my head and took another step back, but stopped seeing a frown etched into his face. Something snapped in me, not being able to deny him what he wanted. Though I fought against the feeling, I was losing that battle. He had seen what had happened in me, he knew his blood in my body was clouding my mind and judgment. As an angel's blood may be very intoxication to a vampire, it also makes a bond between the two. Making the two into one. He took the chance and moved quickly to me, wrapping his arms tightly around me, I struggled against him trying to get free from his grasp, but it did me no good.

“Be still little one, my blood is clouding your mind, we are becoming one, as you will become mine, as I will become yours as well,” he whispered into my ear. I choked not being able to find my voice at those words.

“You are mine now, my little one,” he whispered softly once again.

~end Flashback~

The sun was quickly rising as the memory started fading away into my mind once again. Feeling the last rays of sunlight disappear, my eyes fluttered open to the darkness once again, but I felt uneasy. Something wasn’t right, or was it the feeling that something was going to happen. I sat up, and looked around, my eyes snapping to the glittering pair of eyes staring from the corner. Fear rose into my eyes as the memories had frightened me to a point. But it was only when the brightness of his smile appeared, and his voice spoke, that I settled down.

“It is only me, my little one, fear not as I have been watching over you as is my place, because you are mine, and belong only to me, but it is time for you to wake and feed,” he whispered softly. Though once again my ears caught every word. But at the word feed, I instantly put a hand up stopping him, once again cursing myself for what I was.

A sigh reached my ears but not of my own, watching as he moved to me once more. “Little one, you must stop starving yourself,” he said, a little bite to his voice, making me want to back away from him, but seeing that look in his eyes, I knew better than that. He moved behind me, as if to keep me from trying to escape him and what was about to happen. I never wished to feed from him, more afraid that if I kept doing so, it would change him. He paused at that thought, grabbing my shoulder a little tightly.
“Little one, you cannot change an angel, there is no possible way,” he whispered, letting my shoulder go and holding his wrist out for me to feed.

“Now… feed little one, I wish to not see you hungry.” I bit my lower lip hearing him, groaning softly as the waves of hunger hit me roughly. His blood was intoxicating, and I did crave it. I just wished I didn’t feel so bad about it.

“Don’t make me make you feed, little one,” he whispered softly. I groaned at his voice once again, moving to bite down as gently as possible for a vampire, slowly feeding from his wrist. I closed my eyes, shutting my mind out as I fed, not wishing for anything to interrupt this.

It had only been a few minutes, before I let go of him, sliding my tongue over the pinpricks once again, closing them. But something felt different, it wasn’t until then that I felt something around my neck. Before I noticed a mirror was placed in front of my face.

“Do you like it my little one?” he whispered in my ear. A black collar, with a small bit of chain around the front, locked together with a black heart lock, and two angels dangled from the ends of the chains. I choked a moment seeing it, not being able to find my voice at first. He smiled, I seen it in the mirror.

“I take that as a yes,” he chuckled softly, putting the mirror away.
“Little one, do you take this collar, as to taking me as your Master?” he whispered softly. “As I will take into your keeping, and making sure your happiness is placed above my own, I will see to your well being, and ensure that your life will be the best that I am capable of making it for you,” he whispered softly, placing a finger under my chin and pulling my face to his as he asked.

I sat there, staring at his flawless face, reaching up to touch his cheek gently. “Yes,” I whispered softly.

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