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Desire In The Desert

Desire In The Desert

He discovers the treasure of a lifetime!
The year is 1976 and Dr. Phillip Cooper was embarking on an archeological dig in a remote part of Egypt. He was to explore a newly discovered tomb in the Valley of the Kings, a few miles NNW of the city of Luxor. His trip had been funded by a major university as a research grant and he was to learn what he could from this newly discovered tomb. A tomb like this hadn't been found in many years, and because this one was in such pristine condition, it was all the more valuable to the archeological community.

His plane landed in Luxor and he got a shuttle to his hotel. He had to transfer to a boat to cross the Nile river and get to his hotel since the Nile river has no bridges across it. Once on the West Bank, he picked up another shuttle to get to his hotel. He finally arrived at his hotel and found his room was ready and waiting for him - a pleasant surprise and a great way to start out his work here! He went up to his room and took a look around. It was a nice room - not a four star hotel by American standards but better than some of the places he had stayed in to be sure! This would be a good place to come back to after a hard day in the desert sun! He took a shower to wash the travel dust off and get cleaned up for dinner, after that he went to bed, worn out from the thirteen and a half hour-long plane ride.

He woke up the next day to a knock on his door. He quickly got dressed and opened the door to find the bell boy who had brought his luggage up the day before.

"Sir, a message for you," he said in broken English. He handed the Dr. the note and he read it:
Dr. Cooper,
My name is Ausar
 el-Chedid, and I would like to meet with you and discuss your work on the new site. Please meet me in the hotel lobby at 10:00 am this morning. This would allow you to still go out to the site and take a look around and see what else you may need. I have taken the liberty of making sure all your equipment is at the site and ready for your use.

He thanked the bell boy and then got ready to meet the man from the note. Going downstairs, he went into the hotel lobby and up to the front desk. He asked if anyone had been looking for him and the desk clerk pointed to a short man sitting at a small table in the corner.

"Are you Ausar el-Chedid?" he asked.

"Yes, I am. Please sit," he said waving to the chair opposite him.

The two men talked about the project and what they might find. It was a fairly brief meeting where Dr. Cooper was assured all his equipment was set up and in perfect working order just as the university had requested. "You must have some very powerful backers" Mr. Chedid commented.

"Yes, but with very determined goals. I am under a lot of pressure to get started on this. My backers only pay for results!"

After the meeting ended Dr. Cooper rented a car to go out to the dig site. Arriving a short while later his first task was to set up his "office" there. His office was not much more than a white tent with a laptop computer and a satellite linked telephone hook up. A small generator powered his equipment and small hotel-type refrigerator kept his water bottles cool.

Once his office was set up and working properly, Dr. Cooper decided to go down to the dig itself. He wanted to see first-hand how this project was coming along since it would be his head if it didn't go well. He stood on the small rise overlooking the scene below.
He was pleasantly surprised to see everyone hard a work, the excavation coming along and no one seemed to be slacking.

"Good." he thought to himself as he watched the efforts being put forth. "At least I can report that things are coming along nicely."

After watching the dig for about a half hour, he returned to his hotel room. The meeting and other things he had to do that day didn't give him a lot of time at the site itself so he planned on getting an early start tomorrow and spend the whole day there. The next morning would start off even earlier than he had planned.

RINGGGG!! the telephone sounded. Dr. Copper looked at the alarm clock. It read 4:30 a.m. He picked up the telephone.

"Hello?" his voice croaked.

"Dr. Cooper! You need to come down to the site right now! We had found something! Something amazing!" the excited voice on the other end of the line said.

"What is it?" he said sitting up in bed now.

"Just get down here immediately, Sir. You are going to want to see this!" the voice said and hung up.

Dr. Cooper jumped out of bed and splashed some cold water on his face to wake up. He jumped into his clothes from yesterday and ran down to the elevator. He sprinted out of the hotel lobby to his rental car. He sped to the site as quickly as he dared pushing the local traffic laws to the edge. Arriving at the dig, he got out of the car before the dust he had created settled, Choking and coughing he went up to the night supervisor.

"Ok what's this all about?" he said.

"Come with me, Sir!" the man said and took him to a spot where a number of the men were standing around.

"What is it?" he said to the group and they parted to reveal a rectangular hole in the ground. A rectangular stone sat next to it, a stone obviously handhewned and decorated with strange symbols.

"THAT'S IT!" He shouted grabbing the night supervisor in a great bear hug, "We've found it! We've found the Tomb of the Unknown King!" Everyone applauded and patted each other on the back in celebration.

"Quick! Someone give me a lantern I want to go inside!" he said. One of the men handed him a battery-powered lantern and he crawled through the small opening and over some rubble at the entrance until he could stand up inside the passageway. Followed by a few of the braver men in the group, he made his way down the passageway. Not all of the men wanted to go inside - many were superstitious and afraid. As they went down into the depths of the tomb, it branched out into many side rooms and passageways. But Dr. Cooper knew where he was going. He had studied other tombs for many years and had a pretty good idea of the "floor plan" used in this one as well. He bypassed many of the side passages until he got deep within the tomb to a room at the end of the main passage.

The room was sealed by a large stone door so he sent one of the men back up the passageway to bring some tools back down. While he was gone, Dr. Cooper looked over some of the writing on the walls. It wasn't exactly writing, it was actually hieroglyphics - picture writing used in early Egyptian tombs. He could read most of the hieroglyphics and was able to decipher what they said. He found some storage rooms and made notes to explore their contents later as well. But he wanted into the sealed room to see if there was anything in it.

The man returned with crowbars, a small sledgehammer and a couple more lanterns. Dr. Cooper returned to the sealed room and with some effort, was able to open it enough to peer inside.

"Oh My God! It's here! The crypt is here!" he said excitedly. He pried the door open a bit further "Everyone go back to the entrance. I don't want anyone in here except for me. I don't know what is going to happen and I don't want anyone else hurt." he said, ordering the rest of the men outside. As the men left he entered the room and walked up to the crypt. Dust covered, the stone crypt was shorter than he was - this must have been a small man! He wiped the dust of thousands of years away and placing the crowbar into the crack of the top edge, he pried off the top of the crypt.

Inside there was indeed a mummy, small and thin, it was the mummy of...a woman! Dr. Cooper was shocked. He did not expect a woman mummy! The mummy held a stone tablet with hieroglyphics on it. He read it translating it into English as he did.

"Whoever finds this tomb and reads this inscription aloud will bring me back to life. In return, I will grant them their deepest desires."

Upon finishing reading the inscription, the mummy crumbled to dust, and then the dust started spinning like a small tornado and moved to the center of the room. There, before the Dr.'s astonished eyes, the dust transformed into a beautiful Egyptian woman!

"Greetings Sir, My name is Shadiya. Thank you for returning me to this world. I am your servant. Ask me what you will," she said, kneeling front on him and bowing with her face to the floor and her arms outstretched out in front of her.

Shadiya was a beautiful young woman, looking about 24 years old (even though she was, in reality, about 9,000 years old!) with soft olive skin and long straight black hair with the typical straight bangs in front, framing her sparkling blue eyes, and a very appealing 34D-25-35 figure stacked into a 5' 6" frame. She had a lovely face with a warm shining smile that mesmerized the Dr. as she spoke.

"What do you desire of me, Sir?" she asked again.

"I, I don't know," the Dr. said, still reeling for the experience.

"Well then I must stay with you until I can repay you for bringing me back from the dead and freeing me," she said. Looking at the young girl who had magically appeared before him, he was not going to argue. Shadiya wore a thick gold collar encrusted with multicolored jewels, under which was a pink silk halter top tied around her back with a silk ribbon tie and with a large opening that exposed to the doctor's view her lovely ripe tits. The top was cut high, just barely covering the bottom of her soft orbs, leaving her stomach bare except for the navel jewel in her belly button. Her lower body was covered by a ornately embroidered panty with two long flowing silk panels the reached down just above her ankles in front and back. The panty rode low on her hips and was just barely big enough to cover her sex, leaving her hips bare and suggesting the delights to be found underneath. She was a vision out of every man's Arabian nights fantasy and she stood in front of him offering herself to him completely.

He took her hand and they left the tomb that had been her home for the past millennia and walked up to the fresh air of the outside world. As she exited through the hole that the doctor had come in through, the men surrounding it waiting for him to come back out suddenly gasped and backed away. A hushed murmur went through the crowd of men as they parted the way for the doctor and his companion to get to the car. As she reached the car, Shadiya stopped astounded.

"What manner of creation is this?" she asked as she looked at the metal monster in front of her.

"This is my car...a sort of horseless chariot," he said explaining it in terms she would understand better.

"Truly a wonder from the gods!" she said. He opened the door and helped her get seated, then he walked around a got in himself. When he started the car, she got apprehensive grabbing the seat and armrest.

"It's all right," he said trying to calm her down. He hadn't thought about it up to this point but somehow she spoke perfect English and he could converse with her without any interpretation at all. Seeing how calm and casual he was about this noisy contraption made her feel better and she relaxed. They started back to the hotel and she marveled at how fast they were traveling.

"Surely the Pharaoh would have loved to have one of these metal chariots!" she said as she watched her modern-day countryside speed by. As they approached the hotel that the doctor was staying in the city began appearing before her. While the city of Luxor is split in two by the Nile river and he was on the smaller side, it was still an incredible sight for a young woman whose last views of the area were of a few tiny mud brick dwellings!

As they walked through the hotel lobby she marveled at the size of the building. From the good doctors viewpoint, it was a rather small and nondescript. But for Shadiya, it was the most remarkable thing she had seen on this remarkable day.

"How many people live in this...hotel house?" she asked him. Dr. Cooper had to smile and then explained it wasn't one family's house but rather a place where many people lived together like a small city.

As they walked through the hotel lobby, the same murmurings and shocked expressions that the men at the tomb had come also from the hotel staff. They made their way up to the hotel room and finally inside.

"Is this your house?" she asked?

"Well while I am here in Luxor I suppose it is," he said.

"It is very nice," she said as she looked around. She sat on the bed and tried out the lounge chair. She opened up a cabinet to reveal a television. She looked at the box with a glass front puzzled.

"It is a television. A TV," he said.

"A TV," she repeated. He turned it on and the screen flickered to life. Shadiya jumped back and screamed as she saw the magic of little people in the box. "What kind of magic is this!" she said when she finally found her voice again.

"It's ok Shadiya. He tried to figure out a way to describe a 20th century invention to a woman whose last memories were of the newly crowned King Tut. "It's like a play," he said. "Only in this box." was all he could come up with. She looked behind the TV and couldn't for the life of her figure out how he got those little people into that box. He had to explain that they weren't really people, but pictures of people. She still didn't understand but if he wasn't worried about those little people, she wouldn't either.

"How thoughtless of me!" he exclaimed, "you must be starving!" He ordered some food from the hotel restaurant and a few minutes later the hotel bellboy brought up a huge platter full of food. There were breads and meats and cheeses as well as sweets and fruits. The doctor took the platter from the bellboy, tipping him and then shut to door. He put the food on the small table in the room and invited Shadiya to come eat.

Shadiya sat down and looked up at him appreciatively. "Please join me, Sir. it would not be proper if I ate alone." she said. He sat down and she offered him a piece of fruit. Once he had taken it and taken the first bite, Shadiya began eating herself. She was indeed ravenous and as she ate he watched her smiling. She ate all of the fruit and some of the meats and breads. She finally finished sitting back in her chair.

"You must have been very hungry, Shadiya! I haven't seen anyone eat like that before!" he said with a huge grin.

Shadiya turned to him, blushing. "Sir, thank you for the meal and thank you for releasing me from the grip of Osiris, the god of the dead, but what would you have me to do for you?"

"What do you mean, Shadiya?"

"Sir, you returned me from the dead. Because of this I now belong to you. I am yours to command. You need only speak and I shall fulfill your every desire," she said.

"I don't understand, Shadiya. You mean like a genie?" he said.

"I do not know this genie you speak of, but I can grant you pleasures you only dreamt about." Shadiya said. She got up and took his hand, pulling him up. She took him over to the bed and laying him down, she stepped back a couple steps. She started swaying and dancing to the music in her head - music it had been thousands of years since she last heard. As she danced for him she began removing bits of her clothing. As she watched him watching her sensual, erotic dance, she smiled. His reaction was just what she was after, he was captivated by her flowing movements, her grace and charm as she danced for him. She moved closer as she finished her dance, now nude and ready for him.

Climbing up at the foot of the bed she crawled, cat-like and seductively towards him. She spread his legs wide and made her way to his now hard and throbbing cock. She kissed his inner legs as she slowly and teasingly made her way up his body. She reached his crotch and smiling at him she lowered her face to his cock, keeping her eyes on him the whole time. She paused only inches from him and then with a sly smile she went to work, licking him from balls to tip and covering his hardening cock with her warm, wet tongue. She moaned as she licked him, enjoying his taste. It had, after all been a long time since she last tasted a man!

Shadiya took him completely into her warm, wet mouth and down her throat until his pubic hair tickled her nose. She held him there though for as long as she could before pulling back, gasping in air before going back down on him. She began bobbing her head up and down on his stiff cock and Dr. Cooper laid back on the bed with his eyes closed, his head swimming in the delicious sensations she was giving him. Shadiya was a superb cocksucker too - she knew exactly what she was doing and she used all her tricks. She deep-throated him like a porn star, she hummed while sucking him, she licked and teased and she sucked like a vacuum cleaner. She knew how to get a man off and she also knew how to keep him from going off as well. Shadiya prolonged her oral pleasure bringing him right to the edge and keeping him there. She was enjoying herself just as much and did not want him to climax too quickly!

But as much fun as she was having giving him a world class blowjob, there were other parts of her that were also screaming for attention. Her pussy had also not seen a cock in a very long time and as she sucked and licked him, her pussy began crying out to be filled as well. She began feeling an old itch between her legs and rubbing her legs together wasn't scratching it. So after a lengthy blow job, she raised her head up off him and crawled further up he supine body.

Sir, if it pleases you," she said as she straddled his thighs. She reached between her legs and rubbed her neatly trimmed pussy, her throbbing clit sending jolts of electric pleasure through her body. She spread her pussy lips and showed him how wet and ready she was. He reached down and toyed with her clit, pinching it lightly and rubbing it between his fingers and she shuddered in anticipation.

Ohhhh, Sirrr," Shadiya whined, "please! Please, it's been so long!"

He removed his hand from her pussy and with both hands he gripped her waist. She held her pussy open with two fingers of one hand and gripped his cock from behind with the other. She rubbed his cockhead between her wet pussy lips then placed it right at the opening to her vagina. Looking at him once again she asked "Sir?"

His slight nod was all the permission she needed. She slowly lowered herself onto his hard thick cock. She moaned loudly as she felt him begin to part her pussy opening and her eye widened and mouth fell open as she slid further down. She felt him burrowing deeper into her warm tunnel as she continued down. He also felt her pussy's warm embrace and his hands found their way up to her soft supple tits he took hold of them curling his fingers into her soft flesh.

Shadiya finally settled on his legs, the good doctors cock buried fully in her belly. She began rolling her hips, teasing his cock and enjoying the feeling of him sliding around inside her. She ground her throbbing clit down on his pelvis and reached down to rub it vigorously with her fingertips.

He could feel her hard nipples poking at the palms of his hands as he mauled her sweet tits. He took advantage of those nips, pinching and tugging at them gently and playfully. But when her moans grew still louder at his nipple play, he was harder and more aggressive. She loved it, her pussy clamping down harder on him in encouragement and her moaning and pleading asking for still more. He grabbed her arms and pulled her down to him, Putting a hand to the back of her head and bringing her lips to his, he crushed his mouth on hers as she opened to accept his probing tongue. She sucked his tongue as if it were a small cock as she began bouncing up and down on his cock, the shaft rubbing her clit as she felt the mushroom head scraping her walls.

Holding her tightly against him, he rolled them both over until he was on top now. He rose to his knees and took Shadiya's legs and put them up over her shoulders, spreading them wide. Now open and accessible, He began thrusting in and out of her hard, shoving his cock as deep as it would go and then pulling out of her completely before thrusting into her again. Every time he plowed into her he made her tits bounce and made her gasp for breath.

"OHHHH, SIR!" Shadiya said as she neared her crest. Dr. Cooper was also getting close. He plowed into her a few more times and as she began to tip over the cliff, she let out one long loud moan gripping she bed sheet as she arched her back. He shoved one last time into her and feeling her pussy clench him, he released his own orgasm. The two of them exploded in a earth-shattering mutual orgasm, locked together as the room began spinning and the lights flashed She cried out as she felt his white heat splashing against her cervix and pussy walls. He groaned loudly feeling his release as well as her tight grip on his cock, milking him dry of every precious drop.

Both of them came long and hard. Dr. Cooper had been a long time without sex as well, and so both of them came like it was their first time. Finally completely spent, he collapsed on top of Shadiya and rolled off to lay beside her, both drenched in sweat and panting for breath like they had just run a marathon.

"That was...incredible!" he said as soon as he could form words again. She struggled to prop herself up on one elbow and looked at him Her body was a sheen of sweat and her long black hair was disheveled and matted with sweat. But to Dr. Cooper she was the most beautiful thing on earth.

"Thank you, Sir," she said smiling as she stroked his chest. "I'm glad you like me."

"Like you? Shadiya, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! But what happens now? Where will you go? Everything you knew has passed away many centuries ago. How will you get by?"

"Sir, you brought me back to life when you recited the inscription on the tablet I held. Because of this, I now belong to you for as long as you will have me. I am now yours to do with as you wish," she said looking into his eyes for a reaction. "But I do hope that you will keep me, Sir, because I find you most pleasurable as well. I will do my best to be as pleasing as I can to you and serve you in any way I can."

Dr. Cooper thought about it for several moments while he held his Egyptian beauty in his arms. He knew that there would be difficulties in her adjusting to this 20th century world. Everything around her was completely foreign and it would be hard for her to learn to adjust to this modern life. And then there is the problem of trying to explain her to the people back home. I mean it's one thing to bring someone you met over here back to America, but it's a whole other matter if that person used to be dead! There will be papers to get and how do you get identification papers on a person who hasn't existed in 9,000 years!

Still, he looked over at her, laying there looking so very beautiful. He could never live with himself if he left her here, much less left her to try and survive under the conditions she was now in.

"Shadiya, I cannot in good conscience, leave you here to fend for yourself knowing that everything around you is so alien and strange to you. You have no one here to help you adjust, to teach you how to adapt to today's world, or even show you around. You have no one to protect you from the dangers we have today or look out for you. So yes I will keep you and I will bring you back with me when I return to the States again."

"The States, Sir? What is this States you speak of?"

He chuckled, "Oh Shadiya, my sweet beautiful girl, you have a lot to learn!" he said, pulling her close to him.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events in it are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
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