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He was from my dreams and now he is real
Laying here in my bed I close my eyes and he comes to me. Ever since I was 16 I would dream of the devil, every night he would arrive. Always the same tall, muscled, long black hair, and piercing green eyes, and tattoo always on his right pectoral muscle. There were two snakes wrapped around a sword and a red ruby in the middle. He would slip into my bed and spread my thighs apart, slipping himself between them as his lips captured mine, nibbling softly on my lips as I would bite his lower lip. He loves the aggressiveness in me. He is already hard and I can feel his hard cock on my stomach. His mouth trails kisses down my body as my nails scratch up his back, marking him as mine. His mouth nibbles my neck as his teeth bit my collar bone. Dragging his hands to my thighs he grips intently as his mouth captures my nether lips, teasing my bud.

"Oh ....don't stop."

A grand smile always across his face, he tortures me more till I am sensitive and begging for his cock.

"Please... please stick it in me."

“You want my hard cock?”

Teasing me to the point of ravenous he laughs, holding my hands by my head pinning them so I cannot touch him he thrusts plunging home. A rush of orgasms rushes through me, my pussy walls milking his cock. Filling me completely I bite his wrists, faster and harder he thrusts grabbing my wrists again, nibbling my ear lobe.

"Grab onto me."

Wrapping my arms around his neck he lifts me up gripping my ass. The deeper he goes the higher the sensation sends me into overdrive. Feeling him deep inside, deep into my womb I bite his neck digging my claws into his skin marking him mine. He goes faster as his moans intensify. Pinning me on the bed he thrusts. Harder he bites my neck as he cums, filling my womb of his seed. Panting I catch my breath laying there as he holds me. His hand travels over my abdomen.

"Here our children will be our twins."

His hand travels across my heart.

"I will always be here."

Capturing my lips I close my eyes and sleep.

Leaving the bed I get ready for work another day at the office. I still wonder why I have these dreams ever since living in a house with negative energy where my parents always argued, to living by a graveyard there was a lot of action. Spirit action always happens around me, ever since I was little. I would play bar with vampires, witches, and demons, to having my little dragon statue thrown at my head, when my bedroom door was locked. Things always happened, even when my family and I lived by a graveyard orbs always in my bedroom. No animals would sleep in my room with me, to seeing a male presence standing in my doorway. He appeared more to me when I lived by the graveyard. There is not a day goes by where I cannot remember everything he says, or how he touches me. He is the inspiration to my stories. Stopping by my favorite coffee place I grab my coffee and head over. Opening the doors my boss is already there in his office with the blinds closed.

Sitting down in my desk I load my computer logging on and reviewing the messages. The sun shining through the windows and the other people arriving, soon the bustling of typing and phone calls will rush in. How I enjoy the silence in this moment.

"Elena, can you come here please?"

My boss calling me, grabbing my notepad I head into the office.


"Close the door."

Closing the door I sit down. His blinds are always closed he enjoys his privacy. Standing up he heads for the door and the sound of light clicking of a lock happens.

"Sir… why did you lock the door?"

Sitting back down, he faces me peering into my soul. He was off today.

"I wanted this to be private."

Clearing my throat and calming my nerves.

"What can I do for you sir? I should be getting back to work if you do not need me."

As I stand up and head for the door I feel him behind me. Turning around I am backed against the door.

"Sir you are scaring me."

His hand reaches for my hair releasing it from the clip letting it fall.

"I love your hair down.”

Leaning in he softly he touches my neck.

"You smell... so divine."


Breathless I cannot move or speak. His eyes captivate me. I was never attracted to my boss he was always in his office working. I am a receptionist slash assistant. No experience at all, but he gave me the job straight away. It was terrific I was extremely excited.

Suddenly staring into those eyes something clicked. His hand brushed up my shirt pinching my nipples. Capturing my lips he nibbled softly. Felt so real like from my dream but couldn't be. Dropping the notepad I grab his shirt ripping it open. He grabs my hands pinning them above my head exposing my breasts with his other hand.

"You are wet."

I couldn’t speak. He released my hands only for a quick sec to remove his shirt. There in front of my eyes was the tattoo from my dream. My mind swirling it wasn't possible. Couldn't be him. Lifting my head up staring into those piercing green eyes I did not know how to feel.

"You recognize me?"


That perfect smile came across his face.

"You do. Are you ready for me?"

Undoing my pants he slips his hand in leaning against me pressing his chest against mine.

"Oh you are so wet."

His fingers tease me moving my panties aside placing his fingers inside. A moan escapes my mouth.

"Sh… you don't want others hearing do you?"

Biting his lips he releases my hands, scratching down his chest. I cannot believe this is real. Removing my pants as his hands slide down, removing my underwear, capturing my lips. I look down and his cock already ready, pointing straight up, engorged with blood, and huge. Grabbing my buttocks he lifts me and impales inside me the sensation of thickness and fullness overwhelming. Before a moan could escape my mouth, our tongues entwine, tasting each other. The sensations overwhelming I grab and claw and bit. My moans are silenced by his mouth, as his tongue dances with mine devouring me. Dragging my nails up his back along his shoulders, I cum. His mouth bites down my chin to my collar bone, biting softly and hard, sending me over edge. Dropping to the floor, he continues to thrusts he mouth tasting my nipples, pinching and biting, and twirling his tongue.

"Don‘t stop...”

Nibbling my neck and pinning my hands by my head he tensions. I can feel him get close. Fighting his grip on my wrists I bite which excites him. Staring into those eyes, I bite his wrists. The pleasure written all over his face, he cums, filling me completely, we stare. Releasing my hands he rolls over and leans against the desk with him still inside me, remarkable how he maneuvered that.

"How is this possible? You are a dream."

His arms still around me holding me tightly

"Not a dream love. I finally have you and you are mine."

"I... I have a boyfriend."

A deep possessive growl came from him. Trying to get up he kept his hold capturing my lips sending sensations throughout my body. Something inside wants me to be his.

"You are mine and no one else’s."


His finger pressed against my lips.


Then he does the same thing as in my dream placing his hand over my abdomen grabbing mine placing it under his. I say it with him.

"Our children here..."

As our palms lay across my breast over my heart,

"I am here always."

He smiles and captures my lips.

"You remember."

Touching his face and tracing the tattoo on his right pectoral muscle.

"How could I not. You haunt me every night."

Releasing me we both stand up grabbing tissue I clean myself. He grabs my underwear.

"I'll keep these."

Placing my pants back on and fixing my hair. He came up behind me nibbling my neck. I lean back enthralled. Feeling his strong muscled body behind me holding me his strength emanates from him. So powerful and so dangerous,

"Please do not hurt him.”

He laughs.

"What can you do? You are mine and you will move in with me."

"I can't. I cannot just say honey I am breaking up with you because the devil from my dreams is my boss and wants me."

Moving away he holds me firmly against his chest.

"Oh god the people my colleagues heard us."

"Look at your hand."

Lifting my hand I see the most amazing ring. Two rubies on a white gold band and between the two rubies, the darkest blood red stone I have ever seen.


"Speechless I know. You are going to be considered my fiancée no one will gossip about you here. "

"You know I do not like being told what to do."

Pinning my hair back up and unlocking the door, he turns me around to face him and captures my lips.

"That is what I love about you. Now get back to work my love."

Catching my breath I can feel his cum slide out of me. Walking out I feel everyone’s eyes on me. Yet they say nothing, walking to my desk I sit down. The phone ringing catches my attention.


"Hi love smile you are beautiful."

"Hey baby I can't talk how is your day off going?"

"Good I miss you when are you going to be home?"

"After five you know that. Love you have a good day."

"Love you to babe."

Hanging up the phone I felt so confused. How now of all times would the man from my dreams come, and be my boss, no wonder I got it so easy. Why didn't I notice right away? All these questions ran through my head.

The time ticked by till it was lunch. For the first time ever the boss walked out of his office, everyone was shocked, could not believe he came out. He headed straight for me. Grabbing my hand and placing a kiss upon it.

"Come to lunch with me."

"I can't... I have to work."

He laughed it was the most hypnotic laugh ever.

"No you don't join me."

Pulling me from my chair I grab my purse and walk out. My arm in his, upon walking out the most beautiful car showed up the boss never parked his car always had a driver bring it to him. It was black and a Ferrari. I was stunned. Opening the door the sound of hard rock played. Climbing in, the leather seats were hot from the sun burning my leg. He chuckled placing a blanket underneath me.

Leaning back and placing my seat belt on, we drove. I did not recognize where we were headed. I do not say anything I am stunned and shocked. Upon coming toward a big black gate I was astonished, until a huge mansion came into my view. There upon my view was a graveled road, a fountain in front of the house, and stone steps. Pillars held up a deck, and windows covered every inch of space, while planters covered the stairs, filled with beautiful flowers.

Climbing out and grabbing his hand we walked into the house, the most magnificent floors all wood and a grand staircase ahead, doors and halls everywhere were in my view.


I turned towards him.

"Where is the bathroom?"

He called for the butler.

"This is fritz he will lead you. Take your time."

Following the old man we headed up stairs.

"How long have you been here?"

"Mistress I have been taking care of this household for a short while, but serving him much longer."

The halls were filled with statues and paintings finally we stopped in front of the door.

"Here we are take your time."

Opening the door I was flabbergasted, a beautiful four post wooden bed and a walk in bathroom, and walk in closet, and a beautiful attached porch with French doors surrounded me. Walking to the bathroom marble floors, and granite countertops, a beautiful stand up shower with a bench inside all tiled, and a claw tub with a ledge looking out to the forest and beautiful mountains were in my view. I was astonished and a little scared.

After all my business was over I walked out and there he was black tied pants, and a black opened shirt holding two glasses of wine. Just like in one of my dreams. I still could not believe it was him.

"What happened to lunch?"

"That will come later." Placing my purse on the floor, and grabbing the wine, I take a deep breath, candles lit I notice the sheets are red satin I have always fantasized about them. Looking back at him he knew my every desire.

"Why are we actually here?"

His beautiful body leaning against the post, a smirk came across his face.

"We are not going back to work are we?"

"Now you are thinking."

Frustrated I head towards the door but being stopped holding me hands by my head he kisses me and I bite him.

"You should let me go."

He laughed.


Frustrated I try biting again. Releasing my hands and making sure I do not spill my wine he leads me toward the couch as the fire is lit. Sitting there I bring my legs up holding my knees as he watches me.

"You have nothing to be frustrated about."

"Really? I'm locked in here and what not allowed out."

"My dear you are allowed anywhere you want."

"Fine let me go home."

"That is not allowed you will be here this is your home now."

Throwing my wine I run towards the door. Grabbing me he pins me to the bed.

"I can feel your passion and your desire.”

"My desire is to hurt you."

He laughs such a deep powerful laugh and a deep rumbling in his chest as he lay on top. The anger building within me yet I feel a sexual stirring. He knows me to well. I captured his lips with mine entwining my tongue with his. His taste divine clawing at his shirt I want him. Releasing me he rips my shirt off and pants, I reach for his pants how easily they come off. His cock is already hard spreading my legs he head south capturing my lips getting me drunk on ecstasy.

So sensitive I want him.

"Fuck me."

Biting his wrist he penetrates. His thick full cock fills me completely. Rolling over I sit on top gripping his pecs, digging my nails in. Here I can make noise here he does not muffle my moans. Making myself cum as his finger twirls around my bud. Gripping him harder as the pressure builds more and more till I feel I am going to explode. Rolling us over, he thrusts harder.

"Yes....keep....going....don't .....stop."

The rush of ecstasy rushes through me. Scratching his shoulders I can feel him close.

"Cum for me."

Capturing his lips he cums filling me with his seed. Panting he rolls us over still inside me. Lying on top I nibble his nipples, biting his chest tracing the tattoo with my tongue. Climbing off I head south nibbling and biting as I taste myself and him. The taste of honey soaks my mouth as I suck and twirl my tongue around his head, licking from bottom to top tasting every inch of him. I moan with how good he tasted. Reaching for me I stop him, pushing him back I continue my assault biting my way back down tasting every supple muscle. His muscles tightening quickly he grabs me and places me on all fours he enters me, thrusting faster and harder. I meet him with every thrust. Deeper and harder he thrusts. As he thrusts he rubs my clit sending me over edge. Moans and growls fill the room, the candles flames burst higher as he grabs my neck.


Cumming inside me I scream. Without leaving me we lay there, his arms wrapped around me, kissing my neck, trying to catch my breath. Power surges through the room and the candles subside back to normal. How will all of this happen? I cannot just vanish from the world, how can I fight him? Closing my eyes I forget the world.

My phone ringing loudly woke me up. Reaching for it the phone was not there. There he was talking on my phone. Rolling over I could not tell what time it was or what day. I felt like I had slept for hours. My whole body aching. Climbing out of bed I head towards the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror I cannot recognize myself. I am glowing, my lips red, bite marks and scratch marks across me body, and the smell of sex cover my body. Taking a deep breath I open the door and head out. There he was sitting on the couch with a buffet of food sitting in front of him. There on the platter was fruit, meat, chesses. My stomach grumbled with starvation.

"Come on love you need to eat."

"Who was that on the phone? And what day is it?"

Sitting down I reach for the food.

"It is only Saturday. You slept for a day and a half. You were tired."

Leaning back against his chest I continue to eat.

"Who was on the phone?"

"No one important."

"Yeah uh huh."

He laughed. Turning around I straddle him, bringing a strawberry to his mouth.

"Take a bite I promise it will taste good."

His lips grab the strawberry, the juices sliding down his lips. I lick the juices up and nibble his lips.

"Mm... I was right tastes delicious."

Wrapping his arms around me,

"So are you."

Capturing his lips we make love.

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