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Part 1
I have always floated through my life with little purpose, and even less motivation to be what others would call successful. I own a small used book shop, and live alone with only my thoughts for company. You may figure that I’m unattractive or maybe a bit fucked-up, but I assure you that you couldn’t be more wrong.

I often have females and males alike proposition me for companionship or, as is mainly the case, straight up fucking. I’m flattered by their advances but none of them have ever tempted me enough for me to accept. Furthermore, I had a perfectly normal childhood filled with what would be happy moments, and a family who accepted my awkwardness whole heartedly. However, it was never enough to make me feel normal, to make me no longer numb.

I believe that’s why she chose me. Because of the stupefied state of being of which I dwelled, or perhaps she could feel the longing inside of me for something more. I saw her for the first time just outside of my bookstore. The gentle curve of her hip was lightly resting on the brick of the building across the street. The fact that I could even see her through the shroud of darkness startled me, followed by the twinge of panic when I was unable to look away from her lovely face. You must know that I have never been drawn to another human being in a sexual manner. I had yet to feel the heat of lust push through my veins and head straight to my cock.

When she finally let me go from her hungry gaze I stood dumbfounded. The full length of my cock was pushing mercilessly against the zipper of my worn jeans. I headed for the restroom needing desperately to be alone to sort out what I had just felt. I knew what this was of course, although it had never happened to me specifically. I am a reader by nature and was fully aware that my…condition was not the norm.

When I had first discovered the unusual state I was in I purchased countless erotic movies and magazines, hoping for some reaction and an end to my dilemma. Needless to say I never found what I was searching for in those movies. I did however learn the remedy that would soothe my current situation.

Locking the men’s room door and turning the fan above on high, I pushed away the unbearable restraint of my jeans letting my painfully swollen rod go free. The air hit my searing flesh, immediately sending a chill of pleasure down the length of my spine. I tentatively grasped the solid thickness that had never been much more to me than a necessary tool. As I began to gently stroke my engorged shaft I realized that my relationship with this previous tool of necessity would never be the same.

The pleasure that this one organ could cause in me was staggering. Warmth covered my body as my hand pumped rapidly between my tight aching balls and the tip of my overflowing cock. Feeling my knees start to buckle, I swiftly took hold of the counter top just as the most exquisite pleasure rolled over me. The feeling is indescribable, but I don’t doubt you’ve felt the sheer bliss of that delicious moment.

For a short period of time I stood there resting my head on my arms and letting the sink support the weight of my nearly limp body. I felt lightheaded as I lifted myself from the sink, which was now blanketed in a considerable amount of my milky juices. After the sink was wiped clean of the mass of goo I had deposited, I rinsed my hands and moved towards the front of the shop to start closing up for the night. I ushered what was left of my customers out the door and let my employees leave early. Enjoying the quiet peace of the empty shop, I closed out the register and trudged upstairs to the tiny one bedroom apartment that had been my sanctuary for so long.

I was utterly exhausted from the intensity of my first orgasm and the knowledge that I was capable of such desire. All I could do was sink deep into the plush cushions of my sofa and let my mind wonder back to the vision of her face. It wasn’t just that she was beautiful, or that her eyes had held my soul for those brief moments.

What haunted me was the hunger, the need for me. Whether she wanted to impale me with a thousand daggers or slowly lick her way around the terrain of my body, I can’t be sure. I can however be quite sure of what I wanted to do to with the creamy breasts that sat high and ripe within the confines of a velvety midnight blue corset.

I could feel myself growing hard again as the memory of her long smooth legs burned within my mind like a wildfire. How was it that this sensual woman could invoke such willing desire from me when no one else had ever come close?

The strain of my steely rod against the rough material of my jeans told me that I would be needing release again soon. The rasp of my zipper was deafening in the silence of the living room. My palms tingled in anticipation of the climax to come. As I reached for the rigid mass in my lap I heard movement behind me. The sound was light but I could feel a vibrant presence here with me. Before I had time to turn around to face my intruder she came into view.

I sat stunned with a massive erection still saluting in my hand. She was so close that her scent wrapped around me, making my cock twitched with longing. Her scent was not a perfume or shampoo as most women’s are, but hers was the sweet spice of arousal. The smile that played on her lips was comforting yet cruel at the same time. Moving forward slowly she ran her soft feminine hand up the length of my trembling leg.

“Who…who are you?” I said with apprehension and to be honest a bit of excitement. My breath caught deep in my throat as her slim fingers wrapped around my thickness.

“Hello love,” she said as a vicious smile played on her face. Grasping my jutting cock, she said, “I’m going to fuck this now, and then we can play catch up.”

I tried to think, to clear my head enough to make sense of her words, but her moist full lips had already encircled the oozing head of my tool. I shivered in ecstasy as her deft tongue licked its way around the whole of my ever growing length. When she filled her mouth with every inch of my throbbing cock the little reserve that I had had was destroyed.

My fingers tangled into her silky hair has I pushed gently on the back of her head. With the full length of my rod still impaling her throat, her skilled tongue snaked out with ease to lap at my tight needy balls. I could feel her wet mouth capturing every area of my sex as my hips bucked with wild abandon. Before the final thrust could push me over the edge, she slowly slid my cock from her throat and, planted a loving kiss at the swollen tip.

The loss of her mouth was torture for me. She had given me so much pleasure only to be left with cool air to caress my immense protrusion. “Don’t you worry, love. I have plenty more in store for you.” Her eyes gleamed like rare pearls, but there was something callous hidden in those lovely eyes as well. “Lie back for me, darling. I’ll treat you to a taste of what many have killed for.”

Her words still evaded my understanding but I couldn’t find the strength to question her. I was too busy reveling in the sight of her lush form as she rolled a pair of black satin panties from underneath her tiny skirt. The panties slid down her toned alabaster legs, and were tossed on the living room floor next to the black patent leather heels she had worn.

Her scent grew increasingly stronger as she moved to straddle my broad chest. My face was mere inches from her smooth fragrant cunt. I had never been this close to a woman before, but I knew what she had meant by tasting her, and I was happy to oblige. My eagerness to satisfy her only increased my bravado. Grabbing the cheeks of her luscious bare ass, I pulled her fully on top of my face.

Letting my instincts take over, I slowly kissed the pouty lips of her smooth pussy, and let my tongue roam the juicy folds. Her curvaceous hips and enthusiastic moans let me know exactly where she needed me to be. There was a small bud that seemed to be a delicious sweet spot for her. Putting my full concentration on that lovely little bud, I teased her with long slow licks and then quick twirls of my tongue. It wasn’t long before I found the passage to her very core. Letting my lips graze down her folds to that hot drooling hole, I slid my tongue into her slick passage. She had been right; I would have killed just to taste of her.

Her juices ran down the side of my face as my lengthy assault continued. I swallowed every bit of her delectable juices that I could get. I could feel her lush hips jerk when my tongue delved deeper into her soaked cunt. My tongue massaged the hot depth of her as she rode my sticky wet face.

“Yes…yes, love! I knew you would remember. Use that long naughty tongue of yours. Oh…darling...oh.” Her hips pushed against my face threatening to drown me in her silky nectar. She shuddered against my nimble lips as her body grew limp with sweet release.

On wobbling legs she lifted herself from my hard muscled chest, and sauntered to the out-of-date kitchen to retrieve a towel for my used dripping mouth. When I was clean of her juices, she moved to straddle my narrow hips. She loosened the clasps on her velvet corset releasing the most enticingly round breasts I had ever seen. Her nipples puckered sweetly from the center of their pink puffy hiding place. She leaned in to let me lap at the tight buds. Moaning her approval, as she leaned back I could see her full lips pull over her teeth into a wicked grin.

“Now it’s my turn to taste you,” she said as she impaled herself on my thick waiting cock. There was a unified gasp as skin met hot, dewy skin. She brought her hips high off of my massive organ only to drive herself back down onto me fully. I moved my hips with hers grasping for the climax that would send us both into oblivion.

I could feel her massaging my near bursting cock with her tight skilled pussy. I was so near release that I barely heard her when she whispered, “I promise this won’t hurt.” I didn’t have time to contemplate her words. Her sharp teeth had driven deep into the large throbbing vein at my throat.

She was right again; there was no pain, only what felt like repetitive mind numbing orgasms. I could see nothing, hear nothing. I could only feel the ecstasy rushing over my body in millions of delicious waves. The pleasure was too much for my weakened state. I lay paralyzed with pleasure but, for the first time I could remember I was no longer numb.

I woke in a stupor, barely aware of my surroundings. I finally came to because of a dull pain emanating for the side of my neck. Slowly my memory became less fuzzy and I remembered the love bite that had caused my pleasure coma. I searched the whole of my apartment for my dark mistress, only to find her gone.

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