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Elven Flame

A young boy falls in love with a beautiful elf, beginning a short tale of forbidden love....
This story takes place in an alternate universe, medieval times, where elves are part of society. Also, if you're just looking for the sex part, then scroll down a ways. If not, then please enjoy what I have to offer....

There she is. I catch myself thinking of her again. Across the bar, serving ale to the men, is Leana. Her blonde hair falls down past her shoulders, glittering like only elf hair can. Her ears are pointed, cutting out of her hair and standing lean on her temple. Her blue eyes are tired but still vivid. Her slim face curves at the chin and smoothes out.
Her body is slim, as is with all elves. Her breasts stick out in a plump form, gathering as much attention as her face does. Her legs are slim and smooth, not an imperfection in sight. 

And her lips, dear God: her lips are plump, pink, and perfect.

"Seph! Stop standing around and get to work!" I turn around, nearly spilling the two pints in my hand, to look at Gash, my boss.

"Sorry, sir," I mumble, shrugging nervously. I bring the two drinks to their customers; two more hefty men. They nod their thanks, deep in conversation with one another.

Well, I'm not really one for introductions so I'll make this quick. My name is Seph Caley, I'm seventeen with dirty blonde hair, slim, and have a mild build. Mild as in, when you compare me to the knights surrounding me in the tavern, I'm just a loser bartender. Which currently, I am. My dream is to win a girl's heart and prove to myself that I can fight. Unfortunately, I'm in love with an elf. And elf-human relationships are forbidden here.

"Next two drinks Seph, don't stop now!" Gash yells at me. Irritated, I take the drinks off the bar counter and slide them across a table to the drinkers.

"Hey!" One of the men yells at me before I turn around for the next two, "what type of ale is this again?" The man has a rough red beard and thick arms. He must be from Scotland .

"Red Crown," I answer. "Pint favored by the king." At this, the man laughs merrily and drinks, chugging all of his pint in one gulp and smashing his glass back down on the table. He smiles, showing his grimy, yellow teeth. I turn away, half disgusted and half ready to continue my work.

We serve only four types of beer here at the Golden Badger; Red Crown, Dark Horse, Forte, and Perfectie (imported from Holland ). Two of them are made here in England. One of them, Forte, is a secret recipe that Gash claims he got from Italy , but won't tell me where he makes it. He says it has properties to it that make women horny, and as such it is the second most expensive, behind Perfectie. I didn't believe him at first, but I've seen many women follow him into the back closet. Even more so follow him upstairs to the rented rooms.

Once again, my mind returns to Leana. Her hair, her body, her lips. As I hand out pint after pint, I imagine myself in bed with her...

... Her breasts in my hands, her lips pressing hard against mine. I pinch her nipples and she breaks from me to gasp, and then grab my crotch. It's my turn to gasp, then slide my hand down her flat belly to her luscious lips. I circle my finger around her clit, then dig in to her hole. She gasps again, her hands feeling blindly for my cock.

She begins to stroke, each one bringing me closer to a climax. She lowers her head, taking my hands from her pussy and placing them on her breasts again. Her mouth opens, lowering down over my member...

"Seph, get your ass in gear!" Gash again. Fuck off, I think, and continue my work. I steal a look at Leana, serving the expensive beer to the rich customers. At least she sees class in her buyers; I have to look at rotten teeth, dirty beards, and expectant faces.

There's a reason that I, a young man, am the one serving the lower-class, and Leana, a woman, is the one serving the higher class: I will not be groped at and grabbed in the ass, where as Leana might. With the higher class, she has less of a chance. But tonight is different. Tonight something will happen. I know it.

The door bashes open, breaking my reverie. I look over to see who it is, and my jaw hits the ground. The Red Knights have just entered our tavern.

The Red Knights are the personal guard of the Italian King Lorenzo himself. Their armor is the thickest and heaviest in all of the known world. Although their armor is white, they are called the Red Knights because when they come back from a quest, they are almost always coated in red. They are known to be civilized, but also...bloody.

There are four of them; Lucas, Ezio, Christian, and (perhaps most famous of all) Dante. They are still wearing their armor, although it is still white. A gleaming white trimmed in gold. For now, no battles have been fought. Their helmets are under their arms, so their faces may be seen. However, the first thing that I see on them is their fearsome blades on their hips. That and the shorter daggers under their left arms.

Dante is the one who approaches me, and his voice is as clear as water. His black hair reaches only to the top of his forehead, and it is clear that he had shaved quite recently.

"My dear sir, what kinds of beer do you serve at this fine tavern?" He indicates with his hand in the air, turning his head as he does so.

To my surprise, my voice does not stutter. I am relieved: "Red Crown, Dark Horse, Forte, and Perfectie. Which will you have?" 

Dante thinks for only a moment, knowing the most expensive kinds by the names. "My men and I will have Perfectie, as we have tried it in Holland many a time."

"Very good sir," I say, then indicate them to follow. "Follow me to your seat." I turn around and lead them to the far side of the bar. They each take their seats on the wooden bar stools and thank me. One of them, Ezio, tips me three gold coins. By my pay, that's a shit load of money.


It's deep into night now, the bar is almost empty. The only ones left here are Leana, two other employees (this includes Gash), and the Red Knights. I'm surprised; they've been drinking for quite a while. A few hours at least. They've had stuff to eat, nothing like a good mutton to settle the stomach, but something is up.

With a broom in my hand I take the stealthy approach and simply walk past Leana, who's laughing quietly with the Knights. Stopping a few feet across from them, I begin to 'sweep'.

"--babe, where'd you come from? Your sexy accent tells me that you're not from around here," Lucas asks.

I hear Leana giggle, then reply, "Well, now that you ask, I must say that I'm from Germania . I came from a small farming family." 

"How'd you wind up here?" Ezio inquires. It's only now that I hear the thick Italian in their voices.

Leana sighs. "My family was taken up in the middle of a deal between two very rich merchants, and I was split up in a final payment." I can hear the sadness in her voice.

"Hehehe, sucks to be you," Cristiano says with a laugh. I turn around, anger flooding through me. At the last second though, Dante sticks out his hand and clips Cristiano on the back of the head. Hard.

"Hey, watch your mouth or you'll be drinking outside with the dogs." My anger is soothed almost instantly. I couldn't have said it better myself. I return to my sweeping, only this time I move a little closer.

"Thank you," Leana says, her voice low. "Sometimes it's hard to think of home." I imagine a tear rolling down her face, then wipe the image from my mind. I haven't gotten to know Leana as much as I'd like to, but I know that she is stronger than that.

"Well," Dante says, then looks out a window near him. I look the same way and see how high and bright the moon is. It’s late. "If you excuse me, my men and I have to leave. It's been a pleasure ma'am," Dante finishes. Out of the corner of my eye I see him nod respectfully.

"Please," Leana says. "The pleasure was truly mine." I see Lucas kiss Leana's hand, and a surge of jealously flood through me.

Calm down dumbass, when's the next time that she'll see these guys anyway?

To my surprise, I do calm down. As I finally finish my sweeping, I walk past the Red Knights, nodding a quiet farewell. They nod back, then Cristiano speaks out. "Let me finish my drink," he says, his voice slurred and drunk. But they've all been drinking, so the response I hear from Dante is expected.

"Alright, but make it quick." Then they leave. The bar is empty now, except for Leana, Cristiano, and myself. 

There is an awkward silence that passes between all of us. I place the broom back in the closet, then take a seat on a stool beside Cristiano.

"How much?" Cristiano suddenly asks. I can smell the ale on his breath from where I am.

Leana is confused. "How much? What are you talking about?" she asks. But I know. Anger begins to build up again, but I somehow control it. Contain it.

"Damn, are you stupid?" More drunken slurs. "How much to bed you?"
"Bed me?" Leana is taken aback. Good, I think. "Back off, I only sleep with sober men." I can sense a joke in her tone. She's still trying to be polite to this man. I can only sit and see if it'll work, angry as I am.

"Aww c'mon." Cristiano presses on, finishing his ale.

"No," Leana says, laughing still but putting a cold tone on the end of it. Cristiano doesn't look happy about it.

"I ain't asking you," he says, then reaches over and gives Leana a squeeze on her breast. She slaps it away and hisses in an angry tone.

"Back off, I said no!" Her tone is final, yet Cristiano presses on. He is angry, I can see it in his eyes. His motives are intent, and he wants to have the final word.

Finally, my anger is uncontrollable. I wrap my arms around his muscular chest and throw him off the stool. I guess I can thank all the drinks he consumed, because he falls quite easily. However, he is too angry himself to stay down.

"Hey, what the fuck are you doing?" he demands.

My angers boils. I respond, "She said no you son of a bitch. Now fuck off." My tone is violent, so much that I see a little fear in Cristiano. A little, but it's not enough.

"Too bad kid, you'll understand when you're older." He gets up and tries to push past me. I don't even recognize that in his daze he sees me as a minor.

Instead I stick my arm out and force him back. The anger fills my voice again. "Fuck off."

There are no words as a response, only a blind swing of his arm, probably his drunken version of a punch. I duck back and then lurch forward, swinging my own arm. This one connects with his chin. As he stumbles back I quickly snatch his dagger from the sheath from under his left arm. He hits his head off the wall, stumbles a little, and then regains his balance. I see him gather saliva in his mouth, and then spit out a glob of blood onto the floor.

Cristiano looks into my eyes and sees my anger. This time it's nearly enough, all I need is one little push...

Taking the dagger in my hand, I throw it expertly at Cristiano's head. A little trick I learned over the years, I think as it flies through the air. The dagger digs into the wooden wall beside Cristiano's right temple. He looks at it, fear filling the empty space in his eyes where lust and anger once lay.
"You little fucker," he mutters drunkenly through tears. He starts towards the door, just as his friends barge in.

"We heard something," Lucas starts. "What's going...?" He looks at Cristiano, then at the dagger in the wall. He looks at me. His expression is unreadable. "What happened here?" he asks. I hear no emotion. I think he knows what I am going to say.

"Your fuckheaded friend here tried to rape Leana!" I scream without intending to. The accusation hits Lucas like a wall. He takes a step back, then looks at Cristiano, who's a full foot shorter than him.

"Is this true?" he asks, then shakes his head. "Never mind, I guess it is." he turns to me, then flips a gold coin at me. I catch it subconsciously. "Take it for your troubles, and to you..." He looks at Leana, who I notice now is flooded with her own anger. "May I offer many more than I--"

"No." Leana cuts him off, putting up her friend to stop him. "Just take your jackass friend with you and go." Lucas stands there for a moment, stunned by Leana's words, and then leaves. When the doors closes behind them, I turn to Leana and approach her. Her angers turns to exhaustion.

"You alright?" I ask, my own anger gone. Leana nods.

"Yeah...yeah I'm fine." She looks into space, her hands on her hips. "God, I need a drink," she says, rubbing her forehead. 

At that moment, I look into my hand. A golden coin lay there. That plus three other in my pocket. Four gold. Enough for two Forte. And the secret recipe. I look up at her, trying my best to hide my discovery.

"Good, because I think I need one too."


We sit at the bar, Leana on one side and myself on the other. In her hand is a half drunken Forte. In mine is the same.

We flirt. We talk. We laugh.

"--a-and so," I say, trying to finish through laughing, "all I see is this guy taking off down the road, butt naked, with his 'loyal' dog running after him." I laugh too hard to finish completely, but Leana understands. Her giggles throughout the night finally turn into full blown hoots. She slaps the table and gains control of herself, covering her mouth and giggling again.

"Ooh, I think I--hic..." She starts to laugh harder now, and it's my turn to gain control of myself. "Damn you--hic, for what you--hic, you--hic--" Leana can't finish. Her hiccups finish her off, so much so that when she finally regains control, hiccups gone and all, I see something in her eyes.

"So, that's my best story. How 'bout yours?" I inquire. After what happened this evening, that and the drink, I am at the top of my game. I've never felt this good in my life.

"Oh, no, never mind me. My life is filled with twists and turns, but no funny stories. Unfortunately." Her giggles return to a smile. That smile cracks me open like an egg.

"Well, I'm sure that there's some happiness in your past." I say, leaning closer to her. And I'm sure that it's the drink talking, but Leana seals the deal.

"There can be in the future." She leans in too, and brushes her elven lips against mine. Her plump, perfect lips are heavenly. The kiss is more of a sister's kiss, but my nerves react. I blush and press forward a little. Leana however, has different plan.

She backs off as our lips part, her own cheeks rising in color. This time I know that it's the drink talking. It has to be. 

"Come on, after what you did for me tonight, I can show you more than that." She winks at me, then disappears behind the door next to the bar. The door that leads to the rooms.

I look quickly around the bar, as if to make sure that there's no one still here, and then quickly walk after her.

My heart races as I follow Leana down the dark hall, lit only by a torch. I see her slim, sexy elf shadow climb the round stairwell and I race after her. Without knowing how, I catch up to her and cover the back of her neck with kisses. The Forte is taking it's toll on both of us, as Leana takes my hand and slips it under her shirt. I feel her bare breast against my palm, and with my fingers I play with her nipple. I hear a soft moan come from her. There in the hall, I gently press her up against the wall and slip her tight tunic off. Even in the low light, her elven breasts amaze me.

"Seph, no not here--oh!" I bring a breast up to my mouth and begin to suck. Leana leans her head back in ecstasy and moans louder. With my other hand I play with her free breast, gently squeezing my hand open and closed.

"Th-the room--" Leana gasps, and I understand. Resisting the urge to continue my treatment, I take Leana up in my arms as if she'd been my wife. Without a sound (and kicking her tunic into the room with us), I take my beautiful elf through the nearest door into the rented room.

There is a bed and a table across from that. But the bed is what I'm looking for. I place Leana down on it, then press my lips to her slim neck and my hands to her elven chest. She moans louder this time. Luckily I hear the wooden door close behind me, and I press forward into the night.

"Leana, you don't know how long I've wanted this." I say, kissing her neck slowly. My wet lips shower her over until I reach hers. There our lips meet again, and the Forte pushes on.

Leana parts my lips with her perfect ones, then slips her tongue into my mouth. I feel it exploring me, finding every dark spot. I meet her tongue with my own. Dancing with her. Wrestling with her. We kiss until our lips are swollen, and then my hands do their trick.

I squeeze her large, elf breasts harder this time, moving my lips down her body until I reach the lower part of her skirt. Leana's breath is fast, and my heart is a gun in my chest. I kiss past her belly-button, and then move my hands down. Leana lifts her knees, revealing more of her legs than no human man has ever seen. I gently tug the skirt off, seeing that Leana is wearing no undergarments.

And she's wet. Very wet.

Without thinking twice, I dig my tongue into her. Leana gasps tightly, pushing her hips up and her pussy closer to me. I feel around with my tongue, drawing shapes and digging deeper. Leana moans and gasps, taunting me.

"Oh, baby don't stop. Lick my elf pussy, lick my--oh!" Her hips are raised higher as I stick a finger into her ass. I continue to lick, wanting to make her feel me more. Lust for me more. I taste her inner walls, smell her unique scent. I lose myself in her, showing her oral sex that no man has given her before. 

As I do this I gently move my finger in and out of her ass. Her moans and cries, begging me to stop, and then not stop over and over again. I lick her fiercer, then stick a second finger into her ass. This is it. Her gasps freeze for a moment, and I know what comes next.

"Oh babe I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm--oooohhh!" Her pussy lips vibrate and her hips shake. A flood of her beautiful climax washes over my lips and chin, and I have to drink greedily to capture most of it. Leana stays like this, hips lurching, belly straining, for almost a full ten seconds before she finishes. The Forte has done well so far. I'm going to push it even further.

I rise up over her, my chin dripping onto my neck, and pull my tunic off. Now, I don't have large, beast muscles, but I get by. Leana sees me, then lifts her hands to my chest. Feeling me.

Her cool elf fingers trace circles around my lean muscles as I kiss her again. She licks her sweet juices off my lips and my chin, then kisses down my body until she is tracing around my abdomen. I can sense her hesitation. She knows the law, but she is fighting inside over it. I intend to help sway her decision.

"Leana, you're beautiful." I manage to mutter as she continues to traces her nails along my spine. She responds, her voice as clear and pretty as ever.

"Baby, this thing I feel is strong. B-but the laws..."

"The laws mean nothing to me Leana. I've watched you from afar for too long. Seen you abused, called names, and looked at by only the lowest of men. I want to show you love like no other, please..." I beg, my eyes looking directly into hers.

At last, after what seems like an eternity, Leana leans down and cradles my balls in her hands. I feel her kiss the tip of my enclosed cock once, then twice.

"If you're going to love me, then I will love you back," she says, then pulls my pants down forcefully. My member springs up, and Leana gasps in surprise. I’m not giant man, but my six and three quarter inches gets me by. Leana smiles, wrapping her hand around me and pumping once, and then she engulfs my member. I almost lose all control then and there, but I somehow hold on. Leana moves down off the bed and onto the floor, her knees curved tenderly under her bare ass.

I weave my fingers in and out of her hair, feeling her every stroke. Her tongue wraps around my tip, and then she pushes forward, swallowing my precum. Her head moves back and forth, her tender, perfect lips encircling my cock. 

"God, Leana..." Is all I can say, moaning loudly and gasping. Leana continues, pumping me back and forth. I feel my cock pulse and the warmth of her mouth loving me. She uses her tongue all around, taking me to and back from the point of no return. I moan and gasp, and Leana doesn’t stop. Twice she swallows, and I feel her throat tighten. I want to feel her deeper, but she has other plans.

Leana pulls her head away. I look down at her pleading eyes, seeing the thin line of her saliva from the tip of my cock to her lips.

"This feels...good," she says, moving her mouth down the side of my shaft. Her tongue warmly follows her lips and I barely hold back another moan. I've slept with few women in my short life, but Leana has topped them all off already.

"Baby, don't stop please...” I beg, remembering what she said to me before. She doesn't. I feel her move down to my balls. She licks them softly, sucks on them and engulfs them. Drenched in saliva, Leana finishes with my balls with a kiss, and then moves back up the other side of my shaft. God, I'm so close to coming.

She must be able to feel the pulse in my cock, because she moves her head back to my tip and dips her head. I know what she's going to do, and I resist the urge to climax. Just a little longer.

Leana, noticing my struggle, smiles. I see her white teeth once, then they disappear behind her luscious lips. It's then that she pushes forward and swallows again, tightening her throat. I gasp quickly, a rush of cold air freezing my teeth. Leana pulls back, and then dips forward again. I feel my cock absorb the warmth of her mouth and her tongue moving, and have lasted this long, but her throat is just too much for me.

"Leana, babe I'm coming. I'm--ah!" I grasp her head, feeling the softness of her pointed ears. She remains as she is as I shoot load after load into her mouth. I feel her mouth swallow my human spunk, and I am turned on even more, releasing another huge jet of cum into her. I feel her moan, the vibrations in her mouth draining me of what I have to give her. 

Leana finishes it all, drinking as greedily as I did moments before. When she pulls back, gasping, I see her blushing. A thick stream of her saliva and my cum is between her lips and my tip again. She takes one finger and breaks the stream off, wraps it around her fingers, and sucks it clean. Then she stands. Her eyes are a mix of lust and love, but I can also see a fight going on inside her.

"Seph, I want this to stop..." She starts, but I place my hand on her cheek. She turns into my palm, blushing more now. "I've never made it with a human before, but it feels so right." Leana looks into my eyes, and I see how lustful she truly is. "I want this to stop, but at the same time I don't." 

"I've never wanted a woman more Leana, elf or not." I say, and that pushes her past her limits.

"Then take me." 

Leana falls back onto the bed, the moonlight flowing through the open window and turning her elven body a luscious cream color. I see her body in full now, elf her breasts, her elf clit. My cock springs up again, suddenly ready for round two.

I approach her, lining my cock up with her wanting pussy. Leana places her small hands on my shoulders, the signal for me to go. 

I thrust forward quickly, no time for second thoughts. I hear Leana gasp in ecstasy and pleasure.

"O-oh my...g-god--" she mutters, speechless. I thrust again, pleasure flowing through both of us now. Again, I do the same. It isn't long before I have a rhythm, pulling out slowly and thrusting in quickly.

"Leana, you're so tight." I manage to gasp. And she is. Her pussy walls are warm and wanting. I've never felt a woman like this before. I've never wanted a woman like this before. Her slim elf body makes up for what other woman lack. I feel her tightness around me, the warmth pulsing and lusting.

"Yes, baby, fuck my elf pussy. Fuck me hard." Leana moans, moving her hands from my shoulders to hold the sheets of the bed. As I thrust in, I see her squeeze the sheets tighter in her hands. Her knuckles turn white and I smile.

I begin to thrust faster, and Leana meets mine with her own. As I push in, she pushes forward as well. The slap of skin on skin is as satisfying as it is taunting. I see her skin start to turn red, but she only wants me more now.

"Baby, harder, harder please," she begs, and I do so. Fucking her harder, I hear Leana gasp and see her smile in pleasure. I feel my balls swaying ball and forth, slapping her ass. I feel her pussy moving, and Leana raises her hips so that I can penetrate her deeper.

"You're so deep Seph, deep in my elf pussy," she moans. I feel the lust pushing me farther, forgetting that the Forte had played such a big part. I kiss her strongly, her plump lips wanting me more and more. Then I move my hands to feel her soft belly, and bend my head down to lick her softly.

Leana moans louder now, the sound of flesh on flesh pushing me closer to the limit. I kiss her belly, then move up to her chest. She presses her hands against the back of my head, guiding me up to her breasts.

"Please," she begs, looking into my eyes with her blue, lustful ones. Without responding, I open my mouth and grab her breasts strongly. The limit is reached for her and she spasms, leaning her head back and crying out. I hold her breast in my mouth the entire time, my thrusts growing in speed as well as power.

"I-I'm coming--" She gasps as I push her from one climax into the next. Now it's my turn to overcome the limit.

"Baby, me too," I say, pushing myself up and holding both her breasts. As I pump forward her breasts bounce, and my palms squeeze anxiously. The moonlight shows her body more, and as I look on, I see her belly begin to twitch in anticipation for what's in store. Squeezing her breasts as much as I can, Leana moves her hands to squeeze them with me, crying out in ecstasy.

"Come," she says, her head still held back. She spasms again and her pussy walls clench. "C-come in me p-please!" She cries. I want to ask what if , but there's no time. No time to think. No time to turn back.

"Leana--" I gasp, and then I can do no more. I thrust my final lustful act, and feel my cock release my second load that night. Right up into Leana's warm, lustful, elf pussy. I feel my load stronger than the last, and jet after jet jump up into Leana. She comes as well, her climax washing all over my member. This is too much for the both of us, as we shutter in pleasure as we shake, our vibrations rocking each other to our core. I have never had sex this good, and I can tell that Leana hasn't either.

I fall onto Leana, her elven breasts welcome me warmly.

"God, baby...Seph..." Leana starts, but can't finish. I finish for her, somehow knowing what she was going to say.

"That was g-great--" I say, smiling and huffing deeply. I see that Leana is too, her chest heaving up and down fast. I move my hands and rub Leana's shoulders, then move down to her breasts. God, I can't get enough of them.

"N-no one can--" she tries, but again cannot finish.

"I know babe, just us. No one else will know, I promise," I say. Leana smiles, happy that I see things from her point of view.

I crawl over her and pull her up onto the bed and under the covers. She moans softly, then curls up against my chest. Still breathing heavily, I kiss her on the forehead. Deep down, I know what I have just gotten into. When sex is that good, it's nearly impossible to stay away. As I begin to fall asleep, I know that my relationship with Leana has just started, but from here on, the road is going to become much more dangerous.

But when sex is that good, it's damn well worth it.

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