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Embrace the Dark, My Beloved: Part One

Part One: She wants him to make her a vampire, but must prove her worth first
Embrace the Dark, My Beloved: Part One

by Brindle Chase

At last the annoying claxon ceased its shrieking blare. I assumed another nocturnal beast had tripped our perimeter alarm. It was a weekly occurrence I had become used to. That horrific noise definitely needed to be replaced with something less nerve grinding.

Across the vast complex, I heard the rear kitchen door open. Tuning my focus to the faint noises coming from there, I could make out the familiar clicking of Nicole’s stiletto heels. But there was more. She wasn’t alone and that set my blood afire. It surged through my veins, awakening my undead sentience.

Splashing noises told me Katya was upstairs bathing and the ruffle of old parchment pages being turned said Laurelynn was reading in the library. With all accounted for, whoever was with Nicole, had come from off the property. An intruder.

The clicking of her heels grew louder and the double doors to my study flew open. Nicole appeared, dressed in a satin dinner dress, split from her curvaceous hip down along her sleek pale leg and showed off the black lace hose she wore beneath. Her long auburn hair was cast off to one side in a feathered waterfall. Just as I had specified.

In tow, Nicole’s dainty fist was wrapped about a handful of honey colored blonde hair that belonged to a human woman who staggered to keep up. Dressed in jeans, a sleeveless shirt that women of this age fancied and a black jacket of leather, she was a slender little thing.

I took in her scent. Her aroma was a blissful mixture of fear and excitement. I found it quite strange for her to feel any arousal. It did not show on her face, but I could smell the moist desire between her legs. I found it to be a pleasant fragrance.

“This is what triggered the alarms, master.” Nicole smiled in triumph as she held the girl at her hip, keeping the human on its knees.


“She scaled the east wall.”

I looked to the girl. Her hair was a mess from Nicole man-handling her, but I could see her thin nose, plump lips and wide round eyes. Her athleticism was obvious not just in her lean and supple body, but in the fact she could scale the twenty foot stone and mortar barrier that surrounded the mansion grounds. She was remarkably beautiful. Her neck craned upward to watch me and I let my black eyes bore into her mind.

Not all vampires can read minds. In fact, none can, but elders such as I can pick through the emotions we detect and get a fair sense of what someone has on their mind. This girl’s excitement came from seeing me. It was plain to see, once you sifted through the fear coursing through her vibrant veins.

“That is a shame.”

“A shame, master?”

“Yes. For a beautiful creature such as she to have committed suicide.”

Nicole nodded in understanding. A human can never come to know of our existence. Any who do, were turned, or destroyed. The latter resolution was far more common. She had come here for a reason though and before I could dispose of her, I needed to know who sent her and what she thought she might find.

“Wha…what?” the girl stuttered. Her hands trembled, but she made no resistance to being held. It would be futile, but that she didn’t struggle made it easier for Nicole.

“Yes. Trespassers upon my domain do not live to see the light of day.” I emphasized the threat with an arched eyebrow and managed not to chuckle at my insider’s humor. There were only two options available. Slay her, or turn her. Either way, she would never feel the sun’s kiss on her soft smooth skin ever again.

“She said she came to see you.”

I looked to Nicole and there was no change to her expression. She had no idea what the human might want, but at least had the intelligence not to kill it before I could ascertain the meaning of this unexpected visit.

The doors behind me burst open. Katya and Laurelynn had arrived, but I flashed a hand back at them, waving them off. My gaze remained fixed on the girl and the doors swept shut behind me. They would stay close, for my security and their curiosity.

“Is this true?” I asked.

The girl nodded, her lower lip quivering. Her body language was all fear. Trembling, skin whitening, but her eyes betrayed that excitement which I could smell.

“I need to see you.”

“I am plainly here, right before your very eyes, my pet. What is it you seek?” I decided the fear was working without my assistance. Given her reaction to me, I knew I wouldn’t need to hurt her to get the information. In fact, this was bound to be quite amusing.

“Please. I came to meet you. I want to be like you.” The girl was pleading, looking up at me with saucer eyes and seemingly unaffected by Nicole keeping her rooted on her knees.

I glowered at the girl and her lower lip trembled, but she otherwise maintained some semblance of dignity. She was courageous. That much I would give her. But then, she had no idea just how fatal her adventure had become.

“Like me? Explain.”

“A vampire. I wish to be a vampire. Like you.”

I pushed into her mind, sorting her feelings to discern the truth of her words. I could sense no falsehood. She knew.

In a blur to the human eye, I launched myself cross the room and grabbed her by the throat. I lifted her off the floor and held her high enough that her feet dangled a foot off the ground. Nicole let go of the girl’s hair and stepped back one pace.

“And how is it you know I am vampire?”


I loosened my grip so she could speak. Her fingers curled around my wrist but it did little more than relieve the strain on her neck as it supported the entirety of her body’s weight.

“Tell me.”

“I saw you. I saw you feed.”

“How is this?”

“I saw you. In the alley by the Goth club downtown. I saw you with that girl.”

I set her down. Her fate had been sealed. The proverbial last nail in the coffin. But I had to be sure no others knew. She didn’t faint, she didn’t soil herself and she didn’t run. All credits to her bravery. Or stupidity.

“Did you now? And you wish to become as I?”


“Why?” I thought it strange, this trend -- this phenomenon that had arisen the last few decades. Humans found the vampire intriguing, albeit a myth. For all my centuries, humans had feared and were revolted by my kind. And they should be. But in these modern times, the notion of vampires had become romanticized.

“To live forever. To love forever.”

Her eyes were animated by a glow of excitement as she spoke. I could smell her arousal spike once more. She stepped to me, her slender fingers reaching to touch me. I crossed my arms. A blur flashed between us and Nicole intercepted the girl’s hand by snagging her wrist.

“You may not touch your master, unless he permisses it,” Nicole said with a hiss.

It was true. I did not allow others to touch me unless I desired them too. She blanched and nodded to Nicole. Her shoulders slumped in defeat and she turned her bright green eyes back to me.

“I do not think you understand what it is you ask.”

“But I do. I know it means I must die. And then I would rise as a vampire. I would have to drink blood. I understand.”

I turned my back to her and walked casually back to my leather cushioned divan. I sat at its center, arms draped languidly across the thick armrests and fixed her with a dark glare. She hadn’t a clue.

“Then you are a fool. You would banish yourself, never to see the sun again in your eternal life. To subsist off the blood of others like a pathetic leech. And to serve a master’s beck and call.”

“I would serve you. I would do anything. Anything.”

“Believe me, child, when I say, oh yes indeed, you would do anything. Anything I desired. As I served my master before she went into the sun, my brides serve my every desire.”

Her eyes widened and try as she might, she unsuccessfully checked the curl of her lips at the edges. Her body language was clear, but my sensory perception goes much deeper than a mortals. The blood racing through her arteries quickened and rushed to her cheeks, giving them a lovely pink tint.

“I would too. Please.”

“You have no idea of what you say.”

Her throat constricted and she swallowed. I locked my gaze on hers, daring her with just a look to direct her attention anywhere other than my stare. She didn’t, her sparkling green eyes glued to mine.

Without breaking eye contact, I unfolded my arms, letting one hand fall outward to Nicole and beckoned. “Show her what it means to serve me as master,” I said to my bride.

Nicole’s six inch heels clacked across the hardwood floor, and with no hesitance or objection, she knelt between my legs as I parted them for her. She deftly unfastened my belt and zipped down my slacks. The girl’s eyes shuddered within her lids, and I could hear her heart pound rapidly. She wanted to look down as Nicole pulled out my erection, but matched my stare defiantly.

Contrary to the legends of old, we are not as cold to the touch as we’ve been portrayed. We exert less than mortals, and thus build up less frictional heat, but we do move and the blood does flow within us, so we are warm to the touch. Nicole’s hand was delightfully so. She curled it about me and stroked me with feathery delicacy that she knew I enjoyed.

My gaze remained on the girl and though she fought valiantly to keep her eyes on mine, she glanced down to watch Nicole take me into her mouth. I hissed in pleasure at the moist heat of her sweet mouth. The girl’s gaze returned to mine hesitantly.

Nicole tightened her lips around me, sealing her suction most wonderfully. Her head bobbed up and down slowly, taking me in and out with delicious sensuality. She knew just how I liked it and always performed at the highest quality.

The girl lost her battle to maintain eye contact and let her gaze drop to watch Nicole suck my cock.

“Please. I…I would do that.” She took a step forward, but froze when Nicole paused long enough to shoot a withering glare at the girl.

“Yes. I know,” I answered. “But you see, that would not be a test of your loyalty --”

“I would be forever loyal to you --”

“Never interrupt me,” I snarled, angered by the girl’s insolence. Nicole slid her luscious pink tongue along my length and I relaxed once more. I confess, such things made me turn to jelly.

The girl dropped her chin, looking to the floor. Nicole slurped, taking my fullness back into her blissful mouth and I moaned. She had a heavenly touch, but I had a point to make, so divulging myself fully to my bride’s splendid tongue would have to wait, if it were possible.

“As I was saying. Pleasuring me would not test your loyalty. You already wish to delight me with your mouth, even without knowing if I will fulfill your wish to become as I.”

She looked away, one hand crossing under her breasts to clutch her other arm. I felt a simmer of anger in her veins. Excellent.

“I would do anything you asked.”

“Then watch.”

She turned back, the blush still glowing on her youthful cheeks. Nicole continued bobbing her head up and down, sucking my entire length into her magnificent mouth. Her soft lips grazed along my shaft and she flailed her tongue against my throbbing head.

The girl was embarrassed for having to watch and for desiring to do the same as Nicole did for me. Dominance is not about sex, but it is a powerful demonstration of one’s mastery over another. A rather enjoyable one.

Pleasure set a flame to the blood coursing through my veins. Ecstasy mounted and I raked my fingers through Nicole’s long auburn hair. Curling it, I wrapped it about my fist, holding it tight as my hips convulsed erotically. My bride doubled her efforts, sucking harder and taking me in and out rapidly. Her tender grasp held my scrotum tight, suspending my balls up against the base.

I failed to cut off a groan, my hips bucked, pumping my cock deeper into Nicole’s eager mouth. The muscles throughout the region between my legs clenched and flexed, pushing forth, even though there was not to push. It still felt the same -- just as blissful and I shuddered in rapture. My orgasm was quick, but intense. Glorious.

One of the niceties of being a vampire was also a curse. When we came, there was no issue. Our bodies have no need for sperm and thusly, do not produce it. But there were times -- times like this, where I would love to see it splashed across her face. If anything it would serve as indelible emphasis of my supremacy.

I slumped back into the davenport and reached down. With a finger, I lifted Nicole’s beautiful face up by the chin and she followed until our lips met. I kissed her feverishly, but with a kind sweetness. As master, it was important that she knew I truly appreciated her. And I did.

I rested a moment, and the girl’s breathing had grown tighter, her inhalations sharp and quick. Her arousal was a cloying fragrance in the air. I looked to her and stared. She blushed, fidgeting with her hands, but remained exactly where Nicole had left her.

“What is your name?”


“Thank you, Nicole.” I smiled at my bride, and then returned my gaze back to Jennifer. Nicole stood and took up a position to my right as I put myself away, aware that Jennifer watched the entire procedure with want.

“I have not yet decided your fate. But this night, I will know the strength of your loyalties. I require absolute devotion. You will die this night, I assure you. But it is for you to decide if you will rise or remain dead. Do you understand?”

She nodded. “I do. Yes.”

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Copyright © © 2010 Copyright by Brindle Chase, All Rights Reserved.

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