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Encounter with an Enkantada (Part 1)

Juliana a young Enkantada (Asian version of Fairy) born from a bud rose.

Juliana is a young Enkantada, born from a bud rose. She has long flowing hair, vibrant blue eyes, luscious lips, full breasts and skin white as snow.


I met her in a forest when I decided to hunt for a wild boar. I laid my eyes on her while she was taking a bath in a small pond. She was wearing a white camisole, with nothing underneath. It hugged her body perfectly, emphasizing her curves, full rounded breasts, a tiny waist, and wide hips.

My manhood begun to harden as I watched splashes and play around. Slowly, I hid behind the bushes and enjoyed the view from afar. From her movements I could tell she knew I was there.

She moved with grace, slowly pouring water on her head, and then just letting it drip down to her body. I slowly started to unbuckle my belt, and pulled my pants down, then I saw her smile.

"Does she even know what I'm gonna do?" I thought to myself.

With a snap of a finger she was gone. I turned around and looked for her, but she was nowhere in sight. So I walked to check where she went, when I stumbled. I forgot to pull up my pants before I stood up.

I heard someone laugh behind those trees.

"It is definitely her," I thought.

"Who's there?" I asked.

She appeared before me then slowly comes out from hiding. She’s still wearing her soaked camisole, now I got a closer view of her full and sexy body.

"Wow!" I gasped.

She started to move towards me with a seductive smile on her face.

I reached for her extended hand and stood up. Her hands were soft and silky; I never touched anything like this in my entire life.

Finally, I stood up. I was going to buckle up my belt when she stopped me. She guided me towards the waters instead.

"Do you want me to bathe with you?"

I thought that was a foolish question, but I still asked anyway.

She helped me undress, pulled up my shirt slowly. There’s this tingling sensation as she brushes her skin to my bare chest.

I pulled down my pants once again, and removed my shoes and socks immediately after.

When I was done I can see how hard my manhood is. Bulging underneath my boxers with the head almost peeking through the garter.

I swear. I saw her look at my crotch before she took a dip into the waters.

I swam and followed her; the water is chilly even in a bright summer afternoon, the coldness made my manhood even stiffer. She pulled out her hand and asked me to come closer. Her hands are rested in front of me, she started to play circles with her fingers on my chest. The sensation was indefinable, I couldn't help myself to touch her, and I ran my hands over her soft silky skin.

I gently stroked her shoulders and arms, giving a little squeeze, then stroking back again. She’s driving me mad, so I made a move to kiss her luscious lips. I leaned closer, touched her lips with mine. Her lips were soft as rose petals and tasted as sweet as honey.

Suddenly she moved away from me, and stared back as if asking me ‘What was that?’.

"Sorry. I just can't help myself." I was so ashamed that I started to pull away. What came after that shocked me, she cupped my face with both hands and started to kiss me.

It was soft gentle kiss at first, and then slowly progressed to a passionate sensual one. I licked her lips, I can actually taste her, and then I gently bit her lower lip and begun to suck them. Her lips parted as I slipped my tongue inside. She quickly returned the kiss, and I felt her hands wrapping around my heck. Her hand rested on my nape and she started caressing it.

Our bodies pulled closer to each other, I can feel her soft breast rub against my bare chest. I cupped her right bosom with my left hand, and teased her nipple with my thumb through her soaking camisole.

Her head fell back and she moaned with the sweet sensation. I kissed her neck and collarbone, and then appeased her with my tongue. I indulged myself by licking and tasting every inch of her soft skin.

I made a move to remove the remaining barrier between us, her camisole. I pulled it up over her head, and now her full rounded breasts totally exposed. I managed to kiss her neck then coming to rest at her breast.

My mouth found her diamond hard nipple, and teased it mercilessly. My tongue, circled around her swollen areola. Her nipple is not trap between my teeth and I tugged it gently. I sucked her pink perfect nipples alternately causing her to moan softly.

My hands started to wander off, finding its way downwards to her slit. She parted her legs for me as I reached down. I traced her pussy with middle finger, seeking for her clit, once found I rubbed it gently then firmly. Her moans grew louder and louder as I continually play down there. The sound of her deep breathing and moan made me want her more and more.

She was able to reach down to my boxers with all that ecstasy. She slipped her fingers inside my waistband and rubbed my cock with her warm hand. Her hand brought a different kind of sensation to my spine that made me gasp and moan. Slowly she pulled down my boxers up to my knees, I wiggled it further down and stepped out.

"Please let me have you," I managed to whisper in her ear as I can feel my manhood was finally bared and freed.

With her eyes closed, she licked and bit her bottom lip then nodded. I can see that she’s enjoying the feeling, the excitement and the sensation brought by my finger in her slit.

I lifted her to the nearby bank and asked her to sit in front of me. She lifted her legs on the bank and spreading them wide open. Finally I have a view of her pussy. It was a sight to die for, her pinkish slightly hairy wet cunt enticing me to come nearer, begging me to lick and to eat her all up. I ran my hands along her thighs. I could smell and touch her juice dripping, warm and sticky.

I blew on her pretty wet pussy, this made her giggle, her laugh aroused me, I then I started tracing her outline with my tongue, alternately kissing her labia and licking her clit. I concentrated more on her swollen pink clit, sucking it, her moans grew louder, and begun to move her hips, following the rhythm of my tongue.

She grabbed handful of my hair the pushed my head towards her pussy, I slipped a finger inside her tight wet hole, while licking, lapping and sucking her clit. Her fluid started to drip from her hole as I thrust my finger faster. I licked the nectar that came out of her, my tongue soon replaced the finger in her hole.

She cried and moaned with excitement as I pushed my tongue deeper inside her. I felt her hole tense as I moved deeper and faster, indicating that she’s almost there. I did not dare remove my tongue, instead I vigorously rubbed her clit, and this made her cum. Her sweet over-flowing juice now covers me.

I lifted my head to see her. Her eyes were closed and she was panting heavily, sweat ran down her body, from neck down to her stomach. As I reached for her swollen breast she shivered with just mere brush of our skin. I continued to lick the remaining nectar from her pussy and inner thighs, while massaging her breasts.

Her shaking hands stroked my hair then gently cupped my face; I met her blue sparkling eyes.

Without a word I understood what she wanted to say, I pulled myself out of the waters and climbed on top of her.

(to be continued)

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