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Enslavement of my soul Part Two

A story about a man enslaved for many years by a Succubus

He awoke covered in sweat, knowing what he had to do. He got out of bed and began to dress. His heart beating hard and fast, his palms sweaty, his legs feeling unsteady. The cool crispness of the night air felt good against his skin, the trees almost barren, the ground wet from the fall dew. The moon covered by drifting clouds made the shadows of the night dance as the music lead him towards his destiny. His fear mixed with anticipation, what was his soul leading him to? Would she be waiting, when he thought about her in physical form his heart picked up its pace. Had his mind played a trick on him, teasing him with what he needed and wanted so badly. But as he looked through the rod iron fencing, he gazed upon her beauty, cloaked in a shimmering black dress he could see the outline of her body, swaying to the music that she called towards her. The scent overtook him, he could not move, yet he had to get to her, but all he could do was watch her. seconds seemed like hours, all he could do was long to be next to her. The music grew louder, he could hear nothing but the music, then she turned to him her eyes locked with his, her arm stretched out and her fingers summoned him to her. His body lifted from the spell he made his way to the creature who had possessed him for so many years. All he wanted was her, nothing in the world mattered, just to touch her to be close to her, to be intoxicated by her scent. Standing so close he could see her nakedness through the fabric. Her scent played upon his emotions, and he could feel the desire rising in him, he needed her, what ever she wanted from him he would give. He reached to touch her, to feel the softness of her skin. She grabbed his hand and stopped him. Her touch was warm and sent ripples of sparks through his whole body. He dropped to his knees and begged for her. Asking that she take him, take him to the place he had so longed for. Begging her to take away the torture from his soul, to give him life with her. Her hand stroked his head, the warmth of her touch consumed his entire being. She lifted his face up, and in her hand was the collar. It was blood red and embellished with silver C' s all around it, heavy and thick with a sliver ring attached to it. He knew what she wanted of him before she spoke.

The smell of the fine leather and the deep warmth of her touch as she slipped the collar around his neck brought a life to him that he had never felt before, electrical impulses surged through his body. He had never felt so alive, his thoughts so clear, his urges never so strong as they were at this very moment. She attached the lead to the ring and tugged on the lead for him to stand. He stood in front of her, hypnotized by the deep darkness of her eyes, her hands began to undress him, very slowly his clothes fell away from his body, and as each piece of fabric fell he felt a freedom he had never experienced in his life, a birth of the passion that had hidden in his very soul. Waiting for her to give life to it. Her scent tantalized his animal urges, stirring in him the need to throw her down and fuck her until his body could no longer move. But his body would not obey him. He watched her as she reached up and untied the ribbon that held the fabric of her dress together. Her naked body illuminated by the moon light, the perfection of her beauty as he gazed upon it compared to nothing he had ever seen. Even in his dreams her beauty was nothing as it was now. She pulled the lead towards her, the collar tugged at his neck forcing him next to her. Her nakedness pressed next to him, her breast warm against his skin, her hands so soft and tender, her nails lightly scratching down his shoulders. His cock stiff between their bodies. She drew his mouth to her, the kiss that he had longed for. Her lips like rose petals the sweet taste of honey that he had remembered and desired more of, now his! She kissed him softly, a mix of sensuality, eroticism and pure lust! As her lips lingered on his, her hand slid down his chest, he took a sharp breath as her hand reached his cock, she played it like a precision instrument, and he could feel the music grow within him. She stroked him with such a light touch and then tightened her hand commanding his cock to do her will. When he thought he could no longer stop his pleasure she pulled away from him and got down on her knees. With her soft lips she kissed the head of his cock, and as he looked down at her she took him in her mouth. He did not believe he could hold out much longer.

He wished to grab the back of her head, to force his entire cock in her mouth, to feel the head rub the back of her throat, but all he could do was watch her soft lips slide over his cock, watch her tongue lick at it, teasing him taunting him, her mouth working him, bringing him to the very edge and then pushing him back once more. She squeezed his balls playing with them, the pain at times causing him to pull away, only to have her pull him closer. Yet her mouth always staying focused on his cock! She was sucking his very essence from him and he allowed her to do so. He felt the he could no longer stop himself, she had control bringing him to a primal orgasm, the weakness in his body caused him to drop to his knees as she sucked the last of his seeds from his throbbing cock. She laid back her body a magical vessel, his eyes wanted nothing more than to drink all of her in, wanting to burn every inch of her in his mind. She spread her legs the juice from her glistened, not only was her pussy covered with the wetness but it was on her inner thighs as well. Her scent sent him into a frenzy of lust, the scent from so long ago that had played upon him so many times was now his to taste, was now his to devour! She allowed him to touch her, to spread her and gaze upon the gift he was about receive. Her lips silky and warmer than any he had ever touched, her wetness grew even more as his fingers explored her opening, he played with her as if he had never touched a women before, his eagerness to please her with his touch, to watch her body as he brought pleasure to her was the only thing that was in his mind. The inside of her brought about the electric waves that he had felt from her touch, her hips raised, eager for his deepest touch, he used his fingers in ways he had never thought of before, his whole body had become a stranger to him. Knowing that once he tasted her he could never be satisfied with the taste of another. Yet he was willing to give everything up for this creature. To live in whatever way she wanted, to be hers when ever she called for him. To ache for her touch, to be consumed by her will. He could not turn back, his soul was hers! His mouth touching the very place that he so desperately needed to fill his hunger.

The touch of his tongue seemed to bring about a wild beast in her, she pushed her body towards him. Holding herself open for him, displaying to him how much she wanted him to taste her. His tongue lapping at her juices, tasting the sweetness that filled his mouth. he could spend an eternity kissing, licking, nibbling at her pussy and he would still never have enough to satisfy the intense desire he felt surging through his body. Her body tensed, he felt a rush of liquid, her body bucked and twisted, grabbing at the earth beneath her, a sound arose from her, a mix between a howl of a wild dog and the scream of intense ecstasy. He lay between her legs watching her, except for the rising and falling of her chest her body lay limp. His cock hard, he wanted to mount her, to feel the heat that radiated from her pussy. To be one with her, her energy already pulsing through his blood. She tugged on the leash pulling him towards her, licking his lips so to taste herself. Looking in his eyes she spoke to him. "I need for you to fuck me, I need to feel your cock deep inside of me, I must feel the warmth of your cum as it mixes with my own!"

She turned her self over presenting her gift to him. His dream his nightmare all coming to life. He brought himself close to her, he could feel the warmth emitting from between her thighs before he entered her. He touched the head of his cock to her opening wanting only to immerse himself in her very being, to be joined with her, to feed from her when his deep desires took hold of his soul. She would allow this as long as he understood his place was to give her the inner nourishment that she had to have! His cock slipping into her depths, reaching a part of him that he had never wished to explore, but yet now he had to understand those dark inner place that his mind had kept hidden for so long. Never before had such an act felt so incredible, he had never felt so alive! The feeling as his cock playing inside of her, touching all her most sacred places, consuming him, driving him to fuck her as if she were a wild beast that could only be calmed through the intense savagery that he was allowed to bestow upon her. His climax started when he entered her, growing out of control as the head of his cock pounding into her. He exploded deep within her, he could feel the warm liquids mix, small electrical waves pulsed through his body. They were becoming one!

She pulled his body to hers. Her voice soft "I will now make you mine forever!" She pushed him back and stood before him, she snapped her fingers and pointed to the tomb, raising to his feet, she stopped him with the heel of her shoe. "Crawl" On his hands and knees he began to make his way towards the cold stone, the ground was damp from the night air, the chill making its way through his body as he lifted himself on to the old tomb. He could feel her close behind him, her hand rubbing his back, she hummed the music that had played on the tree tops and had burned it self into his soul. He understood what she wanted, his heart beating rapid within his chest. The fear rose in to his throat, but before he could get anything out she shoved something wet and cold in his mouth, a fabric with the heavy scent of her, and around his mouth she tied a silk rope. She left his sight, running her hands along his skin as she walked behind him. Her hands warmed his skin, but he could not control his body from shaking. He knew he wanted this more than anything, but yet he was fighting that fear that was growing. He understood this was the way it had to be, and nothing would or could stop what he was getting ready to experience. The coldness he felt as she made him ready for her made his body tense, his arms tightened, the muscles in his neck stiff. He could feel the pressure as something touched his ass. He moved forward, but the lead was short and she pulled back on it, he was now forced to open himself for her. His ass was to be raped by what ever means she saw fit, in which ever way pleased her! He felt the roundness pushed against him, he screamed through the fabric, his whole body shook as the object entered him. The pain ripped through his body, the lead tight and the collar choking at his neck. His fingers clawing at the cold stone as she pulled the object out and then entered him once more, He felt his body would give away as she drove deep into him, fucking his ass, thrusting herself deeper and deeper into him. He shook his head like a wild animal, lifting his face to the moon screaming with every part of his being! She had a hold of his hips pull him towards her making him fuck the object. He could feel her skin as she pulled him to her. The pain racked his body, but pleasure had taken over his soul! He was no longer one, he was forever embedded within her. She feel on top of him her on screams mixed with his. The object still in his ass as she laid over his body, rubbing herself over his back, soothing his body with her touch. He knew his soul was forever hers, and he smiled.

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