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Erotic City: The Path to No Man's Land

After the destruction of the Earth, an all female community thrives underground.
Over five hundred years ago, the Andromeda galaxy collided with the Milky Way, causing the near destruction of the human race. A series of tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornados ripped the Earth to pieces. Those who were unable to get to the shelters perished in the cataclysmic natural disasters. The small number of humans who managed to seek refuge underground struggled to exist in the dark caverns miles below the irradiated surface. In order to adapt, several genetic mutations occurred, allowing the small group to survive in the dim underground tunnels, but the mutations came with a high price.

Within ten years, the male race had died out, leaving a community of women. Their eyes grew three times larger, adjusting to the dark, while their hearing sharpened. The limited variety of food dulled the women’s taste buds, until eating was no longer a pleasure, just a necessity. Their sense of smell virtually disappeared, allowing them to only discern a new scent, signaling new territory. Luckily, sensation and touch were unaffected.

As with any society, a caste system was formed that started with the leaders. Those who did not make it to that status were made into guards, while the weakest, or some would say the strongest, were forced to be slaves. Eventually, the leader caste was shaved down to several scientists, doctors, and inventors, leaving just one perfect woman to be their queen.

Being underground for so long had turned the women’s skin a pearly pinkish white that shimmered under the opalescent glow of the crystal formations. Their hair lost all pigmentation, until everyone had a head of white blonde hair, which complemented their pale bluish white eyes. A city of angels formed in the shimmering darkness.

Only one woman stood out. Queen Sephora was the one woman different from the rest. Her skin was a creamy caramel, speckled with gold spots, giving her the appearance of a leopard. Her long hair was straight and a rich, dark brown. She had the same overlarge eyes that all the other women had, but where theirs were pale, hers were dark brown. Thin, pink lips sat under a virtually non-existent nose. Tall and willowy, she was the exotic rose in midst of all the moonflowers, and this rose came with poisonous thorns.

Sephora’s willingness to do anything allowed her to rise to the status of queen. She was cruel, cold, and had no problem getting rid of any competition by any means available to her. This and her beauty put her in danger daily, causing her to force the strongest of her guards to personally protect her. Auri, her captain and body guard, was the moonflower recruited. She did her job, as told, but only because Sephora was in possession of something most valuable to her. Auri vowed that she would remain loyal, until she recovered her treasure.

After several years of hard work by the slaves, miles of passages connected the original dark caverns to the various crystal caves together, and all paths led to a massive crystal tower, where the queen resided. The inventors and scientists rediscovered the technology from the old world, bringing the dim world into light, and for the first time in their lives, the women saw in color. The introduction of light drove many mad, giving the doctors a purpose. Light was cut from the original district, and the insane ones were housed back in the dark, but the damage had already been done.

When their population began to decline, the scientists and doctors collaborated, coming up with a way to procreate. Using DNA packets collected from the males before their extinction, they were able to grow new humanoids from petri dishes. As before, the female specimens survived, while the male ones perished, and thus the city of angels grew larger. Masturbation was the main source of intimacy within the higher classes, until the women eventually rediscovered the pleasures of being with another. They had everything they needed to survive and were content, until the day that a man and his female assistant discovered the entrance to their world.

While the community of women flourished underground, the new world above had reformed, much like the old one. The massive collision of galaxies reset earth’s environment, giving the human race a second chance. Universities sprung up everywhere, and archeology was the new fad. Everyone wanted to know about the humans of the past; the ones before the collision. Various archeological digs were found on every continent, with the exception of one area. Close to the boarder of a place that was once known as Mexico was an area of land considered taboo by all that lived near it. The radiation around the hole in the ground was higher there than anywhere else, and the locals often thought they heard feminine voices deep within the black hole. Scared of the ghosts of the old world, the village elders proclaimed this place haunted, making it forbidden.

Professor Byron Jones was the type of man who disregarded the local myths. He thought the locals were “just being silly” and often jumped into situations without thinking first. His assistant, Harmony Graves, was always pulling his butt out of political situations, keeping him out of jail. Against Harmony’s better judgment and the wishes of the village elders, Prof Jones and Harmony, suited in heavy radiation suits, ventured into the land where the mysterious and unexplored black hole resided. After many days of travel, they discovered the entrance.

“Miss Graves, what are the radiation levels here?” Prof Jones asked, pointing to the entrance.

Checking her meter, she said, “Believe it or not, Prof, the levels have dropped to 5 Rads/min.”

“Are you certain?” he inquired, excitedly.

“Yes, sir. Absolutely!” she answered.

Prof Jones reached behind his neck, released the latch, and pulled off his helmet. For the first time in days, he was able to inhale fresh air, which had a certain metallic smell to it. He adjusted his wire rim glasses, while looking around the area. Lush green plants grew in abundance, partially concealing the entrance to the cavern. Pulling the gloves off his large hands, he reached into his bag and pulled out several plastic bags. Harmony watched him harvest a variety of plants. After storing his specimens in the bags, he returned them to his bag. Harmony shook her head. Her boss was so easily distracted at times.

“Prof?”she said.

Prof Jones never heard her.

“Prof Jones?” she said, louder.

Again, no reaction.

“PROF JONES!” she hollered.

“What? Oh…Miss Graves, I apologize,” he said, hurrying over to her.

The radiation meter strapped to her back made it impossible for her to remove her helmet. The professor pulled the bulky pack from her back and unlatched her helmet. Wanting to make up for his earlier mistake, he dropped her helmet to the ground and slowly unzipped the back of her suit, and although he was easily distracted, there was no mistaking the fact that she was naked underneath her suit. His hands shook slightly, as the creamy skin of her back came into view, followed by the plump cheeks of her tight ass. He stepped back quickly, and then turned around to give her privacy.

“Uh…um…I’m sorry!” he said, blushing.

“Gee, Prof Jones, you act like you’ve never seen a naked back before,” Harmony retorted.

“NO…I mean yes…uh…you should’ve warned me!” he stammered, “Why aren’t you wearing anything under your suit?”

“Because, it’s hot,” she said, simply.

Byron, glad that his back was to her, tried to secretly adjust his hardening cock. When he had first hired Harmony, she was a young woman fresh out of college. They had been together for ten years now. She was now a fully mature woman in her early thirties, only about 5 years younger than him. She often wore baggy clothes that were comfortable while on digs, but he had seen her in outfits that complemented her curvy, petite form. Flame red hair and bright blue eyes gave her the look of a fiery innocent, but her razor sharp tongue and hot temper quickly negated that. He wasn’t sure what, but something here recently had happened, making him think ungentlemanly things about her. More often than not, he shot off many loads of cum, while fantasizing about what he would do with her body.

Harmony looked over her shoulder at her shy boss and chuckled softly. It was so easy to make him blush. She’d seen how the good professor looked at her when he thought she wasn’t watching and often wondered how much pushing it would take to get him to let down his barrier and fuck her. Byron had a well-muscled body under his khakis and tan shirt, not to mention those vivid green eyes. Although she could and have had any man she wanted, it was the brown haired, average professor of archeology that she wanted.

Harmony stepped out of her suit, fully naked. Flame red curls lightly covered her pink mound. Her outer labia were small, but her puffy, dark pink inner pussy lips pooched out. She had been blessed with a huge clit that when erect stood out almost an inch, making it stupidly simple for her to cum multiple times in a single session. Her hour glass figure was topped with a pair of perky breasts, capped with dark pink nipples that were as big as thumbs and permanently erect. With her goddess body, she sauntered over to her boss and stood very close to his back.

Byron tensed. There was only so much he could take. Her hard nipples tickled his back. Even fully dressed, he could feel the heat of her body. His cock hardened even more, making it painful to breathe. Sweat beaded up on his forehead and trickled down his face; burning his eyes. A flurry of butterflies chased each other in his tight stomach, when her small hands gripped his hips. As her hands slid forward slowly, he clenched his fists tightly, trying to contain the white hot need that was burning a path through his body.

“Breathe, Byron,” she whispered, seductively in his ear.

Realizing that the pain in his chest stemmed from a lack of oxygen, his pent of breath left his lungs with a whoosh, and he went from holding it to hyperventilating. She managed to unfasten his pants, and then unzipping them. Reaching inside, she pulled his impressive secret weapon free from his boxers. Harmony wrapped her hand around his rock hard, thick shaft and painstakingly began to stroke up and down. His nails left deep red furrows in the palm of his hand, as electric chills raced up and down his cock, making his balls contract tightly. All logical thought left his brain, as all the body in his body raced to his throbbing dick. Keeping the upper hand, she cupped his heavy sac in her other hand and gently pulled down on them, knowing that the soft tugging would help move the skin surrounding his mushroom shaped glans.

Byron, now lost in a foggy lust, pumped his hips against her hand, as if he was fucking her pussy. He thrust faster, trying to reach the peak that was just out of his grasp. Harmony squeezed hands, mimicking the rippling of a pussy about to cum and sent him over the edge. A hot rush of cum raced up his shaft, from his aching nuts, and erupted out his slit. Harmony never stopped squeezing and pumping Byron’s bobbing cock, until every drop coated her hand. When she dropped his still dripping shaft, he turned to face her and was about to scold her, until he saw her lick his juices from her fingers. All the control he had regained left and he grabbed her arms and pushed her back against a nearby tree.

The rough bark of the tree abraded the soft skin of her back. She watched him drop to his knees and lift her right leg up. Bracing her tiny foot on his broad shoulder, she felt his sharp intake of air, when he saw her erect clit poking out from its hood. Byron looked up at her. Her body was flushed with a sexy red blush; her nipples rock hard. There was a sheen of sparkling sweat that covered her entire body. His gaze dropped back to her pussy, which had become dark red and swollen. If possible, her clit had grown thicker.

She could feel his hot breath on her slit, as he leaned closer. Rapid shivers went down her spine, when he slid his tongue between her fat inner lips. He wrapped his arms around her hips, grabbing her bubble ass, so that he was the one to control how she moved against his tongue. Harmony nearly swooned, when he lightly sucked her clit directly into his mouth and twirled his tongue around the heat of her bud. She tangled her fingers into his thick, brown hair and held on, while he held her hips firmly and fucked her clit fast and hard with his tongue. Within minutes, her muscles lost control and began rhythmically contracting. Harmony’s body was tense, as her pussy rippled, becoming soaking wet. He held onto her body tightly, not letting her fall, as she came. When her breathing stabilized, he pulled back slightly. She was never more beautiful to him than right then, with her red flush dulling to a pretty pink and her breasts heaving.

He untangled his body from hers and with a shaky smile, stood up. Even though he had just came, his cock was hard and wanting again. Byron looked back at her. She was quietly dressing in her usual baggy outfit. He refastened his pants. Without a word and in an awkward silence, they readied themselves to explore the cave looming in the background. Once again respectable, the professor and his sexy assistant ventured into places unknown.

After about an hour of walking in the near darkness, Harmony said, “Prof, I think we may be lost.”

“You may be right,” he agreed.

They walked further; the air pregnant with unanswered questions.

“Byron, stop,” Harmony said.

This was only the second time she had ever said his first name, and both had happened this very day. He faced the sultry redhead.

“About what happened out there…,” she began.

“No…no need to say anything. I understand,” he said, curtly.

“You understand what exactly?” she said, in an acidic tone; temper flaring.

“I know…it was an accident and cannot happen again,” he answered, dully.

Still confused about what had happened, he understood that a woman as hot as she was could have any man she wanted. He had seen the men she dated; rich, handsome, and popular. Why would she want him? He had failed to see the hurt in her eyes.

Harmony, with a sheen of tears in her eyes, turned away quickly. She felt stupid. Cussing softly under her breath, she stomped away from him and yanked off her pack and threw it against the wall. His moment of self-pity and her moment of anger were interrupted, as the wall shifted and a new glittery path emerged. Open mouthed, they stepped out of the glum darkness and into a dimly opalescent crystal path. Earlier hurt disappeared, as the path gave way to a hauntingly beautiful, small town that appeared to be deserted.

“Where are we?” Harmony breathed.

The village was filled with several small crystal hamlets. It seemed that everywhere they looked there was something made of the glass like rock. Both Harmony and the Professor were so busy admiring the stark beauty that neither one saw the white haired angels appear out of nowhere. Neither one realized that they had just stumbled into the “mad” district of Sephora’s Erotic City.

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