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Ethereal Cupid

If you could travel anywhere in an instant, who would you visit?
I pulled open a door in the ether and stepped out onto Lakeside road. Well, stepped out and down and landed in a crumpled heap on the asphalt; always a risk over such a long distance. To be honest, opening an ethereal doorway, three feet above the ground, smack in the middle of the road you were aiming for, from over three thousand miles away, was pretty damn close.

I picked myself up and dusted off my clothes. Habit. I couldn’t get dust on me in my ethereal form. As I stood in the road a light approached from behind. I cast no shadow. Suddenly a red pickup truck drove right through me. Okay, so it didn’t hurt or anything but you try it and see how you like it!

“Thanks Steve. Nice timing,” I muttered, as the pickup turned off the road a few yards up, into a long driveway. Behind me another doorway opened up and Mitch jumped down beside me, collapsing to his knees with the unexpected drop.

“Nice trip?” I asked.

He rolled his eyes. “I bet you didn’t keep your feet either.”

I ignored that statement and instead started towards the driveway.

“So is this where you come when you’re having alone time?” Mitch asked, enclosing the last two words in air quotes.


“I’m going to imagine you just come here to sit by the lake and think pure thoughts.”

I grinned to myself. “Yeah, you keep thinking that.”

We made our way up the long driveway. A few traces of snow still lingered to the side. I’d watched Steve shovel it off the drive a week or so ago. I would have lent a hand, only I didn’t technically have hands here. I could affect small things, with effort. So I just amused myself watching him work up a sweat and occasionally dripped little bits of melted snow down his neck. He thought it was dripping off the trees.

Steve and his wife Linda had already parked the truck and gone inside when we arrived.

“What are we doing here again?” Mitch asked.

“Playing cupid,” I said and stuck my head through the closed door. I didn’t know why I was being sneaky; it wasn’t as if Steve could see me. Although…

Sometimes, when he stroked himself while reading my messages from halfway round the world, I focused my will into making him feel my mouth around his cock head. One time I could have sworn he looked right into my eyes. I think sometimes he knew I was there, even if he didn’t understand what he was sensing.

Mitch pushed past me and strode through the door. Yes, he could touch me, since he was on the same plane as me. Hmm, the places we’d touched in the ether. Since no one could see us and we could travel anywhere in the world in an instant, there was no restriction. So we’d done it on a supermarket conveyor belt, while the shopping passed through us. Another time in the Trevi fountain in Rome. Of course, nothing topped me riding him cowgirl style in the middle of the football stadium during the Super Bowl. To be fair, we’d just gone to watch the game, sort of a cultural adventure, but, being British, we got bored and… well, you know.

I walked through after him and paused in the hall. I knew this place almost as well as I knew my own home. I chatted to Steve over the internet and, every time he logged off, I slipped through the ether to visit. If he was pleasuring himself after one of our chats I liked to watch and touch him in the subtle ways that I could in this form. Otherwise I just liked to curl up with him in his recliner, or sit on the end of the bed and watch him sleeping next to Linda. Did that make me a creepy stalker? Probably.

Mitch walked through to the living room. I let him explore while I went to Steve’s study, beside the bathroom, where he sat at his computer reading the message I’d left him earlier.

“I won’t be online sweetie,” I whispered by his ear, “because I’m right here.” He couldn’t hear me of course, but he shivered and the hairs on his neck stood up. I leaned in, focused my will, and blew on the patch of skin behind his ear. He gasped, rubbed his neck and looked round, straight through me.

He shook his head and turned back to the screen. I watched over his shoulder as he read my steamy little story. His breath quickened and he gave himself a gentle rub between the legs.

“Hmm, wish I could feel you sweetie,” I said as I tingled with heat. “Now hurry up and reply and get back in the other room.”

He typed a quick, cheeky response that made me giggle and tingle more, and then logged off. He sighed.

“Miss me sweetie?” I asked following him through to the other room.

He slumped down in his recliner and put his feet up. Sweetheart. Linda sat in the other chair, reading a magazine. I met Mitch in the middle of the room.

“That guy?” Mitch asked raising an eyebrow.

I winked at him. “What?”

He glanced back at Steve. “Each to their own I suppose.”

I could never really place what it was about Steve that turned me on so much. He thought I didn’t know what he looked like because he wouldn’t send me a picture, but I’d found him. I could find anyone I had an emotional connection with. I hadn’t been disappointed. He had soft, warm eyes that made me melt, even though he couldn’t see me, and a cheeky smile that gave me butterflies. But I could understand why Mitch would have trouble seeing past the fact that Steve was twice my age.

Linda tucked her feet up in her chair and brushed her blond hair back behind her ear. There was something girlish about her, despite her age, a wistful look in her blue eyes that said she wished her life were different.

“So what’s the plan?” Mitch asked.

“These two need to get it on, and we’re going to help.”

“We are?”

“Yes. They love each other and they want each other but they are both too stubborn to admit it. They haven’t had sex in fifteen months.”

“Ouch, no wonder he likes you.”

“Shut it. Now, we need a diversion. I’m thinking power cut.”

“Okay, how are we going to do that?”

“Cut the power silly.”

“Right, but how?”

“Watch and learn sweetie,” I said. I located the fuse box, an older one with actual fuses. I reached my fingers into the fuse, brought my will to bear and snapped the thin, soft wire. The lights went out.

We hurried back into the living room. Steve had gone to the kitchen to get a flashlight while Linda fished out some candles from a draw and lit them. She set them above the lit fire place and the room took on a lovely romantic warm glow.

When Steve returned he looked out through the curtains towards his neighbours house.

“Just us,” he said. “Probably the fuse.”

I followed close on his heels as he hunted through draws and cupboards for spares and finally came up with one.

“Oh you would, wouldn’t you,” I muttered. “You can fix it if you like, but I’m only going to break that one too.”

He fitted the new fuse, threw the breaker and got… nothing. I extracted my fingers from the now busted replacement and folded my arms across my chest.

“You sir, are having sex tonight whether you want it or not.”

“Crap,” he sighed. I giggled, imagining he was responding to me.

He wandered back through to Linda in the living room. She stood by the fireplace watching the candle flames while Mitch observed her from Steve’s armchair.

“Better move,” I said to Mitch as Steve walked past. Mitch scrambled up just in time to avoid Steve sitting in his lap.

“Sorry love,” Steve sighed. “Looks like we’re stuck like this till morning.”

“It’s not so bad,” Linda whispered.

I nudged Mitch in the ribs. “See? Come on, time to get them hot and horny. You take her, I’ll take him.”

“Yeah, not the first time you’ve “taken” him, huh?”


“Umm, yes.” He put his hand on my hip and pulled me into him, then turned me round and kissed me. “He can’t do that though, can he?”

“He could,” I teased.

“Go on then, get to work. I want to see you in action.”

With a blink and a thought I was naked. Steve could pick up my vibes from the ether. If I got myself turned on he’d feel it. I stood in front of him and watched his eyes, imagining he could see me. I ran my hands over my breasts and hips and he frowned, picking up on my lust and feeling it but unable to identify the cause.

“That’s it sweetie,” I whispered, climbing into his lap. It took a degree of concentration not to fall straight through the chair. My tingling pussy and thighs just overlapped him in space, almost as if he were inside me.

His gaze locked onto Linda and he smiled. My stomach turned a flip. I loved his smile.

I looked over my shoulder at Mitch. He stood naked behind Linda, gently stroking the back of her neck. Her eyelids fluttered. I looked Mitch in the eye, put the tip of my finger to my lips and gently bit it. He grinned at me and I noticed his cock stiffening. Such naughty games we play.

Linda sighed and Steve swallowed and pressed his lips together. I knew that look; that was him making a decision. He shifted forwards. I stayed where I was and let him get up through me. Something about his body passing through mine thrilled me.

He walked to Linda and slipped his arms around her waist. Behind them Mitch reached out his hand for me. I took it in my own and brought his fingers up to my lips. I kissed each one delicately and then gave his index finger a light nibble. His cock jumped and Linda let out a sigh.

Our excitement became their excitement; our pleasure their pleasure.

I moved round behind Steve. “Kiss her neck, go on, do it.” I rested my cheek on his shoulder, willing him to feel the slight pressure. He leaned forwards and kissed Linda’s neck. She tensed.

“Mitch,” I said, gesturing at Linda with my eyes. He moved round in front of her and leaned in to kiss her throat from the front as Steve continued kissing the back of her neck. She would feel it as soft pressure and think she imagined it.

She closed her eyes and started to relax. Mitch ran his hands over her breasts and stomach. In her mind she would be imagining her husband’s hands, before he even touched her.

I pressed my body against Steve’s back, willing him to feel my hard nipples through his shirt. He let out a soft moan against Linda’s neck and moved his hands to her sides.

His kisses on her neck grew deeper and he tugged her blouse from the waist band of her pants. Mitch kept up his attention in front of her, feeding her imagination. I ran my hands over Steve’s ass, barely able to feel it, but certainly able to fill in the blanks with my imagination. I blew on the back of his neck. I was starting to get really wet now, playing this naughty game.

“Make love to me,” Steve whispered in Linda’s ear.

“Smooth,” I said. “Come on Linda, he wants you.”

She nodded, a shallow, uncertain nod, but acceptance none the less.

Steve slipped his hand into Linda’s and reached out to lift down one of the candles. He led her through to the bedroom and Mitch and I followed, hand in hand.

Mitch and I made ourselves comfortable on the bed while Steve slowly and delicately undressed his wife. I bit my lip, imagining he was doing that to me. I wanted him so much. Mitch sat behind me and pulled me back against his chest.

“He really does it for you, doesn’t he?” He whispered.

“Yeah he does.”

“I can see why, he’s so tender.”

He slipped his hands between my thighs and stroked a finger along my moist slit.

“Well he may get you wet, but I get to play with you.”

I wiggled my ass against Mitch’s erection and he moaned gently. I watched Steve kiss his wife and gently stroke her sides, up round her back to unhook her bra. It dropped to the floor and he pulled her into him, massaging her breasts. Mitch kept one hand between my legs and flicked my nipples with the other. Was I jealous of Linda? Only a little bit.

Steve put his hands on her hips, steered her to towards the bed and pushed her down onto her back. Then he stood back to remove his clothes. Mitch and I moved aside to make room.

I watched Linda’s eyes as her gorgeous husband stripped off. If I were her, I’d have him every night and some mornings too. I ran my hand lightly down her body, feeling her tremble slightly.

“If you let him he’ll rock your world, you know it. Remember it. Everything you’ve shared with him, you can still have all of it.”

Steve dropped his shorts and stood there, hard and wanting and so very sexy. My eyelids fluttered just watching him.

Mitch kissed my neck. “Okay, now I’m jealous,” he murmured.

“It’s not the size, it’s how you use it,” I said, giggling.

“You know it, love.”

Steve climbed onto the bed between Linda’s legs and ran his hands up to her thighs. I watched her face.

“Touch him,” I whispered to Linda. “You know you want to.”

She bit her lip gently. Although I knew they couldn’t hear me, I liked to think they could both pick up my meaning, even if they thought it was their own thoughts. She sat up with Steve and reached for his hard shaft. As her fingers wrapped around him I reached behind me and did the same to Mitch.

“Wanna swap?” I whispered to Linda.

Mitch slapped my ass and I looked over my shoulder at him. “You deserved that,” he said.

I flashed him a rebellious smile. He knew I was his really.

Steve moaned; the sound travelled right through me. “Oh Linda, you do not know how lucky you are,” I whispered.

He pushed her hand away and spread her legs wide. I saw a shadow of apprehension cross her face.

“Oh woman!” I said. “Quit thinking about it so much and let your husband make you scream.”

Linda must have felt the force of my thoughts because she smiled and tipped her head back. Steve dropped his head between her thighs and drew his tongue over her. I let out a little moan just watching him pleasure her. I wanted that tongue between my legs so badly.

Mitch reached round and rubbed my clit as I watched my online lover with his wife. I watched Steve’s eyes and suddenly he looked straight at me. My stomach swooped and I gasped. There was no way he could see me, was there?

I held his gaze as he sucked on his wife’s clit. Oh God that was so sexy. I flooded with wetness that Mitch duly spread and played with.

Linda’s back arched just a little but she hardly made a sound.

“No one here to hear you,” I said to her, gasping as Mitch slipped a couple of fingers inside me. “Let him know how you feel, let him know what he’s doing to you.”

She moaned and Steve’s eyes widened. His pupils dilated, eyes fogging with Lust. The faint candle light glinted off them.

I wriggled closer to the couple and ran my invisible hands over Steve’s hair, then his shoulder, then down onto Linda’s stomach. I ran my hand up over her breast, the hard point of her nipple all I could really feel. Steve’s eyes strayed away from me as I moved, but I still had the feeling he knew I was there.

“Steve,” Linda moaned.

Steve lifted his head from between her legs and smiled at her, his mouth and chin glistening with her juices. “Are you ready my love?” he asked his wife.

Linda nodded and Steve moved up between her legs to enter her.

“What about you?” Mitch whispered in my ear from behind. I’d almost forgotten he was there.

He sat me up and then grabbed my thighs and pulled me onto my knees. He teased my pussy with the tip of his cock, kneading my ass with one hand and stroking my back with the other. I pressed back against him, trying to sink myself onto his shaft, but he gave my ass a slap.

“Uh uh,” he said. “You’ll get it when you’re given it.”

I shivered from the sound of his voice. I loved when he took control.

Steve ran his hands over Linda’s body, stroking and relaxing her while he lowered himself over her. Mitch pressed the tip of his cock to my opening and I realised what he was following the older couple, to share their experience with them.

Steve settled over his wife and kissed her softly. Mitch stroked my back and then moved his hands to my hips in readiness.

With a long, slow thrust, Steve penetrated his wife. Mitch was a little rougher, shoving himself into me hard and deep. I cried out with Linda, sharing our mutual ecstasy at having our bodies stretched and filled with hot, hard cock.

Mitch forced me forwards a little until my head was over Linda’s body with Steve just a little above and behind me as he slid in and out of her. I watched the space where their bodies joined for a moment, and Mitch matched Steve’s rhythm so I could feel what I was seeing. I moaned, long and low.

“My dirty little cupid,” Mitch laughed. “You might as well do your job while you’re there. Lick her tits, go on.”

I lowered my head a little more and opened my mouth over Linda’s breast, bouncing slightly from Steve’s firm but gentle thrusts. My mouth tingled where it met her flesh, although I couldn’t really touch her. Linda gasped as I ran my tongue over and through the skin of her nipple.

“Oh that is so hot,” Mitch moaned. His thrusts grew a little more frantic, losing his synchronisation with Steve to the lust he felt for me. I gasped with each one. He reached round and rubbed my clit while he pounded me.

“Touch her,” Mitch whispered. “Help him make her cum.”

Between gasps I managed a little laugh. “You sure you don’t just like watching me touch another woman.”

“Might be a factor,” Mitch chuckled. “You know I love playing with your boundaries.”

I shifted my weight onto one arm and reached between Steve and Linda. I focused every ounce of will I had into my two finger tips and caressed her swollen clit. The back of my hand disappeared into Steve’s body each time he mashed against her.

Mitch took his hand from my clit and teased my ass hole with his wet fingers. I gasped and tensed. He’d never done that before. He found my clit again with his other hand, while his wet fingers gently probed me.

I knew he wouldn’t go that far, not the first time, but his cock pounding my pussy, one hand rubbing my clit and the other teasing my ass, my own hand concentrating my sexual energy and feeding it to Linda while I watched Steve fuck her… fuck me I had never felt so alive and on fire. Waves of pleasure reverberated through me like ripples in a barrel, each source of pleasure feeding and rebounding it until it swirled together, gathering momentum and intensity. Welling up deep inside me.

Linda’s cried became ragged and gasping. I could feel the vibes of passion radiating off her as she and her husband drew closer to climax. I fed on their energy and fed my energy back to them.

“Steve, Mitch,” I moaned their names alternately.

Linda arched her back, grasping at Steve’s forearms.

Steve tensed, gripping Linda’s side tightly.

Mitch throbbed inside and let out a growl.

My eyes rolled back and the tide swept over me, drowning me in hot, wet pleasure. I screamed as my orgasm peaked, my limbs bucking.

Linda groaned as she came with me. My fingers on her clit tingled from her pleasure. Steve plunged into her a few more times and jolted as he emptied himself in her.

Powerful contractions in my pussy felt like a beating drum, the source of waves of pleasure radiating out through my whole body. Mitch slowed down, strained deep inside me and held himself there. With a long low moan he pulsed inside me.

My legs and arms turned to jelly and Mitch had to help me to roll onto my side. He gently disengaged and spooned against my back while I continued to shiver and shake. Steve stayed inside Linda, kissing her lips tenderly.

“I love you,” he whispered to Linda. His eyes flicked towards me for just a moment and my stomach turned a flip. Mitch nuzzled against my neck and shivered and smiled.

“What he said,” Mitch murmured.

Steve and Linda cuddled up together and Mitch stroked my hair. “Time to go?” he asked. “Or do you want to stay here with them?”

I watched them together for a moment and felt the warmth of Mitch’s body against my back.

“Yeah, let’s go home.”

Mitch opened a gateway beside the bed and slipped off to stand by it. “See you there,” he said and disappeared through the ether.

I leaned over Steve and Linda. She was already dosing.

“I love you, Steve,” I whispered and kissed his cheek.

He put his hand up to the spot I’d kissed and looked at me. His eyes finding mine again so well I thought he must be able to see me.

“Love you too, Jess,” he said.

I gasped and he nodded. How could he see me? No one could see me, but he could, or at least he could tell I was there.

“I have to go. I’ll talk to you later,” I said as I slid off the bed and opened my portal home.

I dropped out of the ether into my bedroom. Mitch was already awake, lying next to my sleeping body stroking my hair. I closed my eyes and let my body draw my spirit home. When I opened my eyes I was looking up at Mitch.

“You know the best part about ethereal sex?” Mitch asked. “No need to wait before round two.”

My body quickly caught up with the sexual state of my spirit and mind, and I rolled over into Mitch’s arms.


I opened my messages and clicked on the unread message from Steve.

We had a power cut last night, it blew the fuse twice. I had to get an electrician to look at it this morning, but he replaced the fuse again and it was fine. Oh well. But, on the bright side, Linda and I made love in the candle light. It was almost as if it was fate!

I thought about you as I fucked her. Imagining I was fucking you. I think it must have made me try harder or do it better because Linda came harder than she has in years. She said she’d not felt anything like it. Damn that made me feel good.

How was your night?


I quickly typed back.
You’re welcome my love.

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