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Extinction Has Its... Perks?

Set after nuclear apocalypse, Angie discovers why she's always hated falling.
Extinction has it's … Perks?

Part one

She was fleeing from a group of lizard mutants. She was hopping across rooftops in a city, fast. She's lean, she looks hungry. Her piercing blue eyes spot the roof tops, mark her steps through her loose lanky brown hair. Wearing a pair of blue jean shorts that have seen better days, a tank top, ancient converse sneakers, she darts expertly. With a knife strapped to one leg, a bat strung across her back, she’s prepared for daily obstacles.

Hopping these rooftops, wind through hair, sweat plastering her shirt to her bare chest, she gets to an abandoned apartment complex. Thinking it looked pretty sturdy, she hopped off that roof to land on a house roof top. She lands, falls to her knees with her hands to keep her balance, shakes herself out, then stands up. As she reaches full height, the roof collapses, and she falls into the building.

Dust billowed, debris flew as she plummeted.

Dazed, she doesn't think she is unconscious. She lifts herself off the floor, groans, dusts her arms off, and looks around for a few minutes. She hears a strange chittering sound, but it doesn't seem to be near her. Surveying the area around her, she doesn’t sense any life. Must be just a bad bug infestation.

Bending over to tie a shoe, she notices movement in the corner, starts to slip the small knife out of her shoe.

'Don't!' a voice chittered out. 'No need for that, I mean you no harm.'

The voice sounded human, her heart leapt into her throat in the hopes that she had finally found another person!

It had been so long since she'd spoken, she was terrified she had forgotten how.

'H-h-h-he-llo?' she stuttered, peering into the darkness of the apartment. She didn't see anything, but she couldn’t really be sure.

'A human? A human woman?' the voice called out to her again. The chittering sound became louder and louder.

Getting anxious she started to crouch, her instincts taking over. Peering into the darkness, she didn't sense it come up behind her, picking her up with what felt like large claws. Screaming, kicking, it just laughed at her. It cradled her like a child for a few moments, then it spoke. 'It has been so long... since I've seen a human woman...

'You are the last of your kind. Or at least, in this area. I haven't a clue, but I can say, it has been so long since I've been human...' The mutant, sighed, almost as if it was reminiscing of old times. 'Six years to the day, since I've been human. Longer, since I've felt it...' The way it had her cradled, she couldn’t see its face. She could only see claws, dripping mandibles, and plated thorax.

‘It seems to me as if you’ve had a nasty fall…. You should be more careful. You’ve fallen into my home.’ She felt the creature stir, heard the spider-like legs skitter across the wood floor, through a doorway into a room that was dark. A hole in the roof allowed a single shaft of light through. The mutant took her here, holding her under the light. She had the impression that she needed to be illuminated.

She heard it inhale, but could not locate breathing holes. Searching, she couldn’t find anything but claws and thorax; the mutant seemed to be over eight feet tall, with the way it was crouching in the apartment. Holding her in what looked like bent claws, razor sharp talons underneath.

‘One would think… one would be much more… Cautious ? In times such… as these…‘ the Mutant said in rasps, his speech broken. ‘One would think, you would look … before you would leap, no?’

She could hear him tsking at her, felt her face redden. She had been careless. She wondered whether or not it was just going to eat her, and be done with it. Feeling slightly impatient, she started to anticipate her own death. She had no method of escape. She carried not a single weapon that would defend against such a creature. In all terms, she was fucked.

‘It seems as if you… are in a bad spot…. No escape…’

Raising her eyebrows, she sighed at it.

‘Let me… cut to the chase. Its been… So long… since I’ve had…’ the Mutant giggled at this.

Her mouth drops open. Is he suggesting…?

He lowers her a little, inhales sharply, bends its (or what could be considered) head down, running its feelers across her chest, feeling around her shoulders. The mutant let the feelers explore her face, trace her lips, flit across her cheeks to her ears, down her neck to her shoulders. She thought she felt it shudder as she felt a gust of heat hit her face, she looked up to see this giant pink appendage staring at her.

She double takes on size, width, and smell. Abnormally large, especially for her, it was a penis. A giant penis. She knew what to do with that, and giggled a little as she licked the tip of it’s head. She really has no choice, she thinks to herself. Might as well enjoy it a little?

Taking the mutant in both hands, she works the shaft with her hands as she uses her lips as a suction cup, applying pressure, alternating between sucking and licking. It tasted a little sweet, throbbed in her hands, pulsed when she hummed. She smiled wickedly, crossed her legs and sighed. She was getting kind of hot. She squirmed a little, realizing she was getting excited.

The mutant must have noticed as well.

Within a few minutes, it pulled her away from it so it could come on the floor. Rather large puddle; the first thought that occurred to her mind would have been that it would have drenched her tank top.

Giggling, she asked him to put her down.

'I ... I'm sorry. Its just... its been so long, since I've tasted flesh'

As she’s still cradled in his arms, he puts his penis away. He opens his maw to release three tongues. The tongues taste her face all over again, her neck, trace her jaw, trace her nipples through her shirt, trace her belly button.

She heard it shudder out, ‘You’re beautiful’ in rasps.

The tongues back up a little, all three spout small nails, sharp and double edged. One ripped her shirt in half from belly button to collar, on rips through her shorts on one leg, the other on the other leg simultaneously, meeting up to open her shorts completely. After each tear, the nails disappeared.

The mutant shudders a little, she gasps. Her nipples completely erect, she panics slightly. It uses two out of three of it’s tongue to silence her.

It wraps a tongue around each nipple, teasing, taunting, strumming and licking alternatively. One would wrap and squeeze, the other would strum. Sweet ecstasy was all she could think about. She would moan, softly at first, but then loudly as she first began to feel the unfamiliar warmth travel across her stomach into her loins, heat and electricity, a gushy wet escaping her. Finishing, almost screaming, she expects it to stop.

She starts to begin to moan louder, she is just so sensitive. It keeps the two tongues up, with the third trails down from her collar to her pubic hair, tasting the flesh and dirt on the way. Entering the hair, it parts her lips and starts to explore, tasting and feeling the way to her clitoris.

Lightly at first, it teases, just testing the water. She’s wet, ready, moaning, almost pleading. She’s already finished, she has become swollen.

It drags a tongue from her clitoris to her slit, peaks inside, darts out. Teasing her, it keeps this game up for a few seconds. It can feel, can hear and smell her excitement. It can taste her, so sweet, tangy and oh so strong.

Shuddering, he inserts the third tongue into her, swirling around, tasting her inside. She emits a small scream, realizing. It tickles her, rubbing its tongue up against her walls, slowly and with pressure. She can feel him inside her; it was driving her insane.

She thought she had forgotten how to speak; it had almost brought her to the point of screaming.

Almost at the breaking point, she finishes once more, screaming out, covering her face with her hands. Still, it doesn’t stopped.

Its almost as if it refuses to stop.

Out of the bottom of his thorax it releases two more penises, inserting one vaginally, cautiously and slowly, then the other anally, sending her over the edge. These two a little smaller than the first, but none the less, still rock hard. It’s pumping, licking and squeezing, all at once. Her head spins, vision blurs. Her juices power him more and more. It has longed for flesh for so long, and her screams are music to his ears. The mutant isn’t going to last much longer.

It lets her finish again, screaming and crying into his claws, then pulls out of her and comes again on the floor below her. Panting, she curls up in a small ball, whimpering, raw but satisfied.

Sweat plastering her hair to her face, she crosses her legs and hugs a claw closer to her chest. She almost doesn’t know what to do.

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