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For the Love of Kaylee

I watched in horror as the two wolves tore the young deer in half and was surprised I was turned on.
My name was Kaylee Jeffery, an average nineteen year old student from Boston studying Drama in Southern California. The weather here was a lot warmer than it was back home. I mean it was mid January and I was able to go out in a thin jacket.

One bright sunny day with a chill in the air, I took a walk into the woods and gazed in awe at the tall, towering leafless trees. A twig snapped in half as I walked over the ground. I stood in my jeans and blue puffa jacket. Suddenly, sun rays shone through the woods making a spectacular viewing. I took out my camera from my pocket and took a few pictures.

"Quite a view, isn't it?" said a male voice from behind me making me jump.

I turned around and my heart leapt up into my chest and a feeling of butterflies came at the pit of my stomach as I gazed up into a pair of beautiful brown eyes belonging to a beautiful naked man. I gulped as my eyes gazed down and noticed his manhood. My cheeks reddened.

"I... er... yes it is," I replied.

The young man had short black hair, olive skin, toned body. He smiled at me. "I'm Caleb, and you are?" he said.

"Kaylee," I replied, shaking his hand.

"What's a beautiful maiden like you doing with a dangerous guy like Caleb for?" asked a cocky looking dark haired young man with hair down to his shoulders with brown eyes; and he too was naked who came up behind me and sniffed around my neck breathing in my scent like an animal.

"Leave her alone, Tyler," Caleb told him darkly.

I stepped away from the other guy and closer to Caleb.

"What are you going to do about it, Caleb, if I don't?" the other guy named Tyler said stepping up to him.

"You know what I can do," he threatened.

Tyler grinned wickedly and his eyes turned animal - like golden. "Come on, then, Caleb, show us what you got. I'm sure little miss perfect here would love you in your true self."

"I'm not getting involved in whatever you two are getting into a fight over," I said, beginning to walk away from them but Tyler moved so fast and stood in front of me.

"Oh, but you are the reason why we're fighting," he said.

I shook my head and tresses of long strawberry blonde hair fell over my shoulders. "I don't want to be," I said. I looked at Caleb and smiled and he smiled back.

"Leave her be, Tyler!" Caleb jumped on top of Tyler and punched him to the ground. He then grabbed my right hand in his and we began to run through the trees.

"Caleb, what's going on?" I asked. My body began to ache underneath my ribcage.

He stopped suddenly making me bump into him.

"There's something you should know about me and Tyler," he said. His eyes turned golden when a young deer ran past. "Trust me." Caleb looked at the sky and saw a full yellow moon rising up over the horizon.

Tyler caught up with us but didn't stop as he ran after the deer. He jumped up into the air and landed back down on the ground on four legs as a black wolf.

Caleb kissed me quickly on the lips then jumped up into the air and he too turned into a beautiful grey wolf and ran after the black wolf and the deer.

I didn't know what to think. The man of my dreams was a wolf? But I knew what I had to do - I needed to get my man. Beast or no beast. I ran after them through the trees.

By the time I had caught up with Caleb and Tyler as black and grey alpha wolves, I saw with horror as they tore the young deer in half its blood flowing out from its defenseless body. To my surprise, I was turned on.

Once they finished the deer, the wolves turned to me then turned to each other snarling with their ears back with their hackles up. They began to circle around each other then rose up onto their hind legs and began snapping at each other with their razor sharp teeth. The grey bit hard into the side of the black wolf's neck making it yelp hard. The grey let go. They turned back into Caleb and Tyler.

I stared back in utter shock.

Tyler breathed heavily as he stared at Caleb. He glanced over at me. "Take care, sugar, the best man won, for now," he said, smirking. He looked back at Caleb and touched the wound on his neck that was healing ever so quickly. "See you, brother." Tyler turned and walked away.

Caleb turned to me and stepped up beside me. He smiled. "So you see the real me," he said.

I smiled back. "I wouldn't have you any other way," I replied. The sexual chemistry between us ran through our bodies. I took off my jacket and threw it to the ground as I stared into his eyes. I kissed him suddenly. Caleb kissed me passionately back.

We had our arms tightly around each other. Caleb pushed me up against the tree trunk and tore away at my top and helped me out of my jeans and panties. He rubbed himself against me and kissed me tenderly down my neck with my eyes closed. I wrapped my legs around his waist as his hard dick entered deep inside me making me gasp with pleasure.

Caleb kissed me down my neck, shoulders, breasts tenderly and gently as we made love. The pace of our lovemaking was gentle then it grew with intensity as we got more and more turned on. He grabbed hold of my bare buttocks in his hands and turned me away from the tree trunk and laid me down on the ground and got in between my legs and we fucked faster and harder. Caleb turned me over so I was on all fours and took me from behind. His hands gripped my hips.

"Who's my bitch?" he asked lustfully.

"I am," I replied and moaned pleasurably.

Caleb slapped my left buttock as he rode me harder and faster. He grunted and moaned pleasurably.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" I cried out, as my body went into spasms.

Caleb's hot, sweaty body too went into spasms as he orgasmed deep inside me with his head raised up to the sky and let out a victory howl piercing the silence of the night.

Another howl could be heard in the distance from another wolf.

I'd rolled over onto my back and Caleb and I looked into each other's eyes smiling.

"Caleb, can I ask you something?"

"Yes," he said.

"Can we go again?" I asked, giggling when he had a shocked expression on his handsome face.

Caleb grinned and started to pant excitedly. He was surprised when I climbed on top of him.

"It's my turn now to be the dominant animal," I said, grinning. I started to howl out loud and stopped when I heard another howl of a wolf in the distance.

Caleb grinned and began howling, his eyes turned golden as we went onto round two howling away.

Soon there was a whole chorus of howls from a pack of wolves all around us. When we finished making love, a big pack of wolves circled around us howling. Caleb and I joined in.

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