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Genie Valentine

A family in need of healing discovers a genie, and a Valentine's miracle.

“I’m sorry, Baby.”

Brushing a few strands of her auburn hair out of the way, Lee kissed Lynn’s forehead and smiled. “It’s okay. I’m just going to the store, and he’s been pretty good about that lately. It’s a pain to get him dressed for such a short trip, but I’ll live.”

Her voice right on the edge of a sob, Lynn softly said, “I hate it. I can’t do anything to help. I just feel worthless.”

Trying to suppress a sigh, Lee held her hand for a moment, squeezing it. “You’re just having a rough time adjusting to the new medicine. I’ve got to get going. The store will be closing soon, and we have virtually nothing left in the house to eat.”

Lynn nodded and said, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Lee then turned to his son and picked him up. “Okay, Boogabear, time to get dressed and go to the store. We’re just going to the grocery store, and then coming right back, okay?”

Garion partially repeated the last word, “Kay,” chuckled, and then babbled something while gesturing incomprehensibly.

“If that was a sign, Kiddo, it’s one I don’t know. Cripes, you are entirely too heavy for seven. You know that?”

Lynn sat up in bed, patting her son on the bottom. “Bye bye, Garion. You be good for Daddy. I love you.”

“Laab Ooo,” Garion repeated. He then emphatically made the sign for please, saying the word as well.

“Okay, okay. Chill out. We’re going,” Lee laughed.


A short while later, Lee pushed Garion out of the store in a grocery cart. He could tell his son was getting tired, likely from not taking a nap that day. Being tired and being lazy went hand in hand with Garion, so Lee had decided not to argue and put him in the seat of the cart halfway through shopping. He was having enough trouble dealing with all the Valentine’s advertisements when he could only afford to buy a single box of chocolate covered cherries for the woman he loved.

Garion pulled his legs up, saying, “Please,” and rapidly making the sign as Lee pushed the cart through the foyer, toward the door.

“Stay in the cart, Garion.”

The gesturing continued, and Garion said, “Please,” several times in rapid succession.

Sighing, Lee asked, “Okay, what do you want, Kiddo?”

Pulling on Lee’s arm, and then pushing when he had to in order to direct his father, Garion indicated the little toy machines in the foyer.

“You want something out of there? When did you start noticing those?” Lee shook his head and chuckled. More bad influence from your cousins, I bet. Now I’ll never get out of the store without getting some cheap toy. Oh well, guess I better start carrying quarters. Frikkin’ fifty cents. Bloody absurd.

Again came the stream of Garion saying, “Please.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll get you something. Hang on,” Lee said, digging in his pocket for some change.

Dropping the quarters in the slot, he twisted the handle, and then lifted the metal door to retrieve the plastic bubble. Holding it up, he looked through the milky plastic at what was inside.

“Looks like you got a ring, Garion. That’s going to have to work, because I’m not playing the lottery with two more quarters that we don’t need to be spending.”

He handed the bubble to his son, who started happily rattling it without showing any interest at all in opening it.

Laughing, Lee said, “You’re a goober-head, Garion. Okay, let’s go home and make some dinner.”


Putting Garion in the bath when they got home served the dual purpose of keeping him out of the way while Lee put on stew and potatoes, and keeping the sleepy-eyed little boy awake a little longer.

Lynn wearily came out and ate, groggy from her nightly medicine. She nodded off while sitting up shortly after eating. Garion sat down and ate for once without getting up and running like a whirlwind through the house. It had been a while since Lee had made stew – once Garion’s favorite thing in the world – and apparently he was on that kick again.

Garion was in one of his moods where he wanted to play alone, so he went into the bedroom, carrying a pile of his papers from school. A few seconds later, Lee heard the papers flying through the air and a flurry of laughter. Shaking his head, he sat down at the computer to browse around the message boards.

Periodically checking on Garion, Lee knew he wasn’t going to stay awake much longer. After about an hour of laughing and spinning through a rain of his school papers, his son pulled the blankets up around him like a cocoon. Watching Muppet Treasure Island on the small bedroom TV, he was nearly asleep.

Lee answered a post on the Autism message board about Garion’s recent progress, and then decided he’d pretty much exhausted the possibilities of the internet for the night. Changing the Disney movie on the front room TV to Blazing Saddles, He sat down on the couch next to Lynn to watch it for the umpteenth time.

Pausing the movie shortly after the rendition of The Camp Town Ladies, he peeked in on Garion. Seeing his son sound asleep, he snuck in to turn down the TV in the bedroom and shut out the light.

“Night night, Kiddo.”

When he walked back in the front room, Lynn was slowly awakening. Before she could even say it, he picked up her glass and refilled it with fresh Coke.

“Thank you, Baby,” she said with a smile.

“You’re welcome, Babydoll.”

Looking around, she asked, “Where’s Garion?”

Lee answered, “In bed. He fell asleep a few minutes ago.”

Looking up at the clock, Lynn asked, “Isn’t it a little early? It’s only nine-thirty. Don’t you think he’ll get up in the middle of the night?”

Shrugging, Lee sat down next to her on the couch again. “He got up pretty early this morning, and he hasn’t had a nap. He’ll probably sleep through. I should probably go to bed soon, though. Otherwise, I’ll be tired and bitchy if he does get up early again.”

Seeing the DVD screen saver on the TV, Lynn asked, “What were you watching?”

“Blazing Saddles. You want me to start it over?” He hit the play button on the remote to show her where the movie was.

Shaking her head and sighing, she answered, “No, I probably won’t be able to stay awake anyway. I hate this. We’re not even going to have a Valentine’s Day again.” Her lip quivering, she ran her hand through Lee’s shoulder-length brown hair.

Wrapping his arm around her, he said, “The hours will go back up at work with this new business, and you’ll be better in a few days, once you adjust to the medicine.”

“It sucks,” she sighed, leaning against him and watching the movie.

“I know, Babydoll,” he said, hugging her tighter.

Lynn was asleep shortly thereafter, nestled up against him. When the movie ended, Lee helped her to bed, and then walked back into the front room.

Retrieving the chocolate covered cherries from where he’d hidden them, he smiled and thought, You’ll have a little bit of a Valentine’s Day. We can at least afford this. Putting the box on the table where Lynn was sure to see it the moment she walked into the front room, Lee went to bed.


Silent as a ghost, Garion got up from the bed, opened the door, and walked out into the front room. On went the TV, and in went Transformers the Movie. Still a little tired, he sat down on the couch and wrapped his Spider-Man blanket around him, grinning as the theme song of the movie kicked in. Between the low volume and the bedroom door he’d shut on the way out, Mom and Dad had not yet awakened to notice he was up.

As Prime rolled out for a final confrontation with Megatron, Garion got up from the couch and picked up the little plastic bubble he’d gotten from the grocery store machine.

Sitting back down and rattling it while watching the movie, he eventually realized that the top looked like it would come off. With an ingenuity for destruction, he quickly figured out how to pop the top, and pulled out the ring within. Holding up the glittering gold band with an amber stone to the light, he smiled. After a little while, he slid the ring onto his finger.

A few moments later, the Dinobots caught his attention, and he forgot the ring while two of his favorite things – dinosaurs and Transformers – were both on the screen at the same time.

Garion absently started to fidget with the ring while watching the movie, twisting the band back and forth on his finger. He smiled and chuckled when steadily thickening wisps of smoke appeared between him and the television.

“Oh, dear,” Laresa said when she saw her new little Master. It took only a moment’s concentration to understand that the boy was a special child, whose mind didn’t work the same as most children’s did.

Garion laughed and stood up, walking over to run his fingers over the silky cloth of Laresa’s pantaloons. He realized that here was a big person who could turn on his bubble machine for him. Grabbing Laresa’s petite hand, he tugged her toward where the machine was stored beneath the sink.

“Pwease – ba-buls,” he said, signing please at the same time.

Laresa could clearly see what he wanted in his thoughts. Smiling, she eliminated the need for a machine, summoning up streams of bubbles that drifted around the room.

Garion swatted at a bubble, and then took off toward another. He laughed and squealed as he delighted in catching and popping the never-ending bubbles.

In the bedroom, the sound of Garion’s loud laughter awakened Lee. Groaning, he tried to shake the sleep out of his head, and then realized his son wasn’t in the room.

“Dammit,” he muttered, climbing out of the bed carefully, so as not to awaken Lynn. A quick glance at the clock told him it was half past four in the morning.

Opening the bedroom door, he sleepily wandered into the front room, saying, “Garion, what are you doing up at four thirty?” Exiting the short hallway, his eyes popped wide open when he saw his son happily popping bubbles appearing from nowhere, and a scantily-clad, platinum blonde woman standing in front of the couch.

Garion ran over and Lee quickly snatched his son up in his arms.

“Who the hell are you? What are you doing in my house?” he demanded of the woman as he took a couple of steps back.

“My name is Laresa, and I am a genie. Garion summoned me from the ring he wears.”

“Yeah, okay. You look the part except you’re missing a ponytail and you’re showing a helluva lot more skin, but somehow I don’t believe it.”

Laresa smiled and said, “If I might suggest, you should probably take the ring from Garion. I’ll be forced to grant anything he wishes for – even if it’s a dinosaur.”

Looking over at his son, he saw that Garion was indeed wearing a ring. “Can I see this, Garion?” As he asked, he tugged at the ring. His son didn’t protest removing the ring, but he did protest when Laresa vanished, and the bubbles stopped appearing.

“Okay, this is fucking freaky,” Lee muttered as he put his son back down. Garion immediately ran to catch the last few drifting bubbles.

Shrugging his shoulders, he slid the ring onto his own finger. When nothing happened, he asked, “Okay, how did you make this thing work, Kiddo? Not that it really matters since this is obviously a whacked out dream. How do I get this Laresa back?”

As soon as he said her name, she once again appeared in a swirl of misty vapors. “You see, Master?”

It took him a couple of seconds to recover from what he'd just witnessed, but then he said, “Okay, but drop the Master thing. I feel like Major Nelson when you say that. So what are the rules then?”

Slipping into an imitation of Robin William’s voice, he continued, “All the addendums, and quid pro quos?” He chuckled when he finished.

Garion ran over and tugged at Laresa’s arm, saying and signing, “Please.”

“I think perhaps it might be a good idea to bring his bubbles back, Lee,” Laresa said with a smile.

“Yeah, you’re probably right – do that. How did you know my name? I never said it.”

Garion tugged on Laresa’s pantaloons, pulling them down just a little and revealing her hip. She smiled at him and summoned up bubbles for him with her power. “I can read your mind, in order to better grant your wishes.”

It took a moment for her words to sink in, because his son’s tug revealing more of Laresa’s skin had caught his eye. Now that he wasn’t scared for his son, he noticed how sexy the genie was. She had full, firm breasts, barely contained in the tight vest she wore, with ample amounts of the globes showing. Only thicker pleating in her translucent pantaloons hid her sex, and her white-blonde hair framed a breathtaking face.

As her words finally hit him, he realized he was standing in front of her dressed in only his underwear, his cock getting hard as he stared at her body.

“Uhm, if you can read my mind, then sorry for what I was just thinking,” he said as his cheeks warmed.

“It does not offend me that you find me attractive.” She smiled and quickly launched into another subject. “There are indeed rules. If you lie to me, then I will vanish forever. I cannot raise the dead, though I can heal any injury or sickness–”

He interrupted her, his heart leaping in his chest. “Any sickness?”

Seeing what he was thinking, the genie smiled and said, “Yes, I can help your son.”

“Do that. Please, don’t let this be a dream.”

Laresa summoned up her power, a wide smile decorating her face as she corrected the imbalances that held Garion back. “It is done.”

Lee noticed a slight change in Garion’s laughing tone, and that his son was no longer making the odd gestures he always made while at play. “Hey, Garion, are you having fun?”

Garion turned back to his father and nodded, saying, “Yes!”

Tears welled up in Lee’s eyes, and he walked quickly across the room to hug his son. Garion hugged him back, but then said, “Bubbles,” in a clearer tone than Lee had ever heard before.

“Okay, play with the bubbles, Kiddo.” Turning back to Laresa, he said, “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome, Lee. He will need some time to catch up, but he’s very smart. I think he’ll do fine,” Laresa responded.

Lee slapped himself in the forehead, “So, do I only have one wish left? I wasn’t even thinking with the bubbles.”

Laresa rolled her eyes. “You’ve watched Aladdin one too many times. Unless you break the rules, or lose the ring, your wishes are my command.”

He smiled and said, “Well then, the next one is easy. I want all of Lynn’s problems gone. Physical, emotional –everything. Put her back in shape, so she’ll feel good about herself again. She always loved her body, and she hates that she’s put on weight from not being able to exercise. It’s not helping anything else. Just give her back everything she had before all her problems started.”

Laresa’s smile widened, seeing in Lee’s mind that his greatest desire was to see his love whole again, as his son now was. Naturally, part of him was thinking about how much he’d like to have her feeling good and looking sexy again, but his main concern was for her. The benefits he was thinking of were just a side effect of returning her self-esteem and health.

Calling upon her power, Laresa granted his wish, and said, “Go see.”

Lee walked into the bedroom, and he could immediately see the difference, despite the fact that Lynn was almost completely covered by the sheets. Sitting down on the bed, wiping tears out of his eyes, he shook her awake.

Lynn roused, blinking and yawning. “What?”

“Come in the front room, Babydoll. I want you to meet someone,” he said, reaching under the sheets to clasp her hand.

She yawned again. “What time is it?”

He laughed. “Really early. Come on, Baby. Trust me.”

He pulled the sheet off her slowly, and she sat up. Lee’s breath caught in his throat, now that he could see the evidence of her magical rejuvenation. He started getting hard almost instantly.

Lynn swung her legs over the edge of the bed, and then stood up. She let out a yelp of surprise when the boxer shorts she wore immediately fell straight to the floor. Her panties slipped down off her hips as well. “What in the...”

“Come look in the mirror, Babydoll,” he said, tugging her in that direction.

Grabbing her panties to hold them up, she walked over to the mirror on the back of the door. Her eyes popped wide open and every tiny bit of sleep fog in her head burned away instantly. Reaching over, she flipped on the light and stared in wonder at her reflection. Pulling up her shirt, she grasped her large breasts, which were firmer, and riding higher than they had since she was eighteen.

“B-but, this is i-impossible,” she stammered, running her hand over her taut tummy with a whimsical expression.

“That’s what I thought too.” Turning into the front room, he said, “Hey, Garion, tell Mommy you love her.”

“Love Mama,” Garion rattled off, before returning to his bubbles.

Lynn naturally ran straight into the front room after that. She noticed the Djinn standing in the room, but had eyes – and ears – only for her son at that moment. She hugged Garion and talked to him until he got frustrated, then stood up to look at Laresa. “Who are you?”

“Her name is Laresa, and apparently she’s a genie. I think Garion, you, and the bubbles can attest to that. Pull up a chunk of couch, Laresa. You can tell me the rest of the rules.”

A radiant smile on her lips and tears in her eyes, Lynn said, “I need to go dig up some clothes that fit.”

“Or you could just go without,” Lee teased, something he’d not done very often for a long time. Despite the fact Lynn was still beautiful and sexy to him, she had felt hideous, and had not been able to accept the compliments very well.

Lynn purred – a good sign as far as Lee was concerned – and then walked back to the bedroom to rifle through the closet for some of her old clothes.

Laresa couldn’t help but smile and feel good, sensing the joy in her Master.

Shortly thereafter, Lee finished telling the story of what had happened to Lynn, and Laresa explained the rest of the rules. Garion crawled up on the couch and fell asleep once more, exhausted from lack of sleep and running around for a little over a half an hour.

Lynn picked up her son without trouble, experiencing none of the pain she was so used to, and took him to bed. As she walked back into the room, Lee couldn’t help but stare, and almost drool. She had chosen a top that was indecently tight – braless – and her big nipples were pressing hard against the thin material.

Laresa laughed as Lynn approached and Lee undressed her with his eyes. “Would you like me to return to my ring for a while, to give the two of you some private time?”

Lynn asked, “Are we that obvious?”

“Well, not really, but I can hear Lee’s thoughts, and they certainly point toward things usually done in private,” Laresa answered, twitching her eyebrows. She was having as much trouble keeping her eyes off Lynn as Lee was.

“Can you hear my thoughts?” Lynn asked, looking the genie over.

Laresa shuddered from the sensation of need coming from Lynn. “I can pick up certain impressions, but I can only see your thoughts in full if my Master orders me to.”

“Let her, Lee,” Lynn said in a soft, sultry voice.

“Okay, I wish for you to be able to read Lynn’s mind,” he said, not really catching on to the chemistry flowing between the two women.

Laresa gasped and threw her head back when the full force of Lynn’s desire slammed into her. Lynn immediately walked over to the Djinn, leaned in, and kissed her passionately.

“Oh my,” Lee laughed. “Looks like somebody’s getting a special Valentine’s present. Maybe you’d better make it so Garion can’t hear anything going on in here, and so we will know if he wakes up again.”

When she waved her hand and moaned something that sounded like an answer into the kiss, Lee assumed the genie had fulfilled his wish. Lynn pulled away from the kiss, and immediately reached over to tug on the waistband of Lee’s underwear. He moved closer, and Lynn wasted no time pulling them down away from his throbbing erection.

He kicked the briefs to the floor, and Lynn took Laresa’s hand, wrapping it around his cock. He let out a pleasure-filled groan as the genie’s soft hand stroked over his flesh. In the blink of an eye, the clothing Lynn and Laresa wore vanished, to appear in neatly folded stacks on an end table.

Lynn let out a sexy chuckle, and then bent to kiss the genie’s neck. Laresa shuddered, the pure sexual energy from the couple utterly intoxicating to her. She continued to stroke Lee with one hand, while exploring Lynn’s body with the other. The twin scent of womanly arousal soon mingled thick in the air as Lynn continued to kiss her way over Laresa’s tingling body.

Sliding a hand behind Lee’s neck, Lynn pulled him over to Laresa’s left breast. As his lips locked over the pale pink tip, Lynn did the same on Laresa’s right nipple. The genie moaned, her back arching, and her hands moving to the back of the couple’s heads.

As Lee suckled Laresa’s nipple, swirling his tongue over the stiff bud, he had to reach down to give his painfully throbbing cock a quick squeeze. It had been quite some time since he’d been with Lynn, because of her pain, and it had been far longer since they’d shared another woman between them. Just before he moved his hand to Laresa’s back, he felt the warm wetness of pre-cum on his finger. He had little doubt that the head of his cock would be completely slick with it before long.

Lynn released Laresa’s nipple with a final hard suck, smiling at the jiggle of the taut flesh, and the gasp the sensation drew from the genie. For the first time in so long, she wasn’t hurting, and her libido was in overdrive. On top of that, she was going to get a taste of another woman, something that stoked her fires to furnace levels.

Pulling Lee from Laresa’s nipple, she kissed him hard, reaching down to swirl her finger through the clear stream of pre-cum dribbling from him.

Laresa marveled at the perfectly even mixture of love and lust washing over her from the couple. Their desire to please each other – and her – was almost palpable in the air. The couple’s lips parted, and then Lynn moved to kiss Laresa again. Laresa let her tongue join in the intimate dance Lynn was leading, their breasts pressed tightly together. As soon as Lynn pulled away, her lips were replaced by Lee’s, and his kiss was no less passionate.

Lynn’s lips fell in a feather-light touch on the outside of Laresa’s right knee while Lee moved to kiss his way down the genie’s neck. Laresa’s breathing quickened as Lynn’s lips moved higher, tracing kisses and trailing her tongue tip over the Djinn’s skin. She was panting when Lynn kissed the soft crease where the genie’s leg met her hips. Lee pulled away when he saw where Lynn was going, getting out of the way so his love could part the genie’s legs.

Soaking wet and panting in anticipation, Laresa parted her thighs without a moment’s hesitation. Her hips rocked beneath Lynn as the redhead kissed ever closer to the white-blonde curls on the genie's mound. When a final kiss landed on Laresa’s pink folds, a loud, warbling gasp bubbled from between the Djinn’s lips. The redhead's tongue parted Laresa’s labia, slipping into her wet embrace, causing Laresa to first stiffen, and then quiver from the touch.

Lee watched with rapt attention as his love lapped Laresa. He stroked Lynn’s back and bottom with one hand, while lightly circling a finger over Laresa’s nipple with the other. Lynn was moaning in delight, and Laresa echoed the sounds with equally passionate gasps and groans.

“Does she taste good, Baby?” he asked.

Lynn’s reply was a long, drawn out, muffled, “Mmm hmm.” Her tongue flickered upward, making its first contact with Laresa’s throbbing clit, causing the genie to squeal and pinch the nipple Lee wasn’t teasing with his finger.

Lee leaned over and locked his lips around the nipple he had been caressing, nipping it softly with his teeth. Laresa gasped, and then growled sensually. The combination of the couple’s touches was rapidly building her toward a powerful explosion.

Lynn was lost in Laresa’s taste and scent, no longer remotely teasing, but simply devouring. Her tongue flicked over Laresa’s clit with ever-increasing frequency, and soon she sucked the bud between her lips, stroking it with quick flickers of her tongue. Laresa’s sounds of pleasure, and the flow of wetness soaking Lynn’s chin, signaled the Djinn’s nearness to climax.

Watching a flush of color build in Laresa’s cheeks and chest, Lee kissed the genie’s neck and then whispered in her ear, “Does that feel good? Are you going to come for her?”

Laresa’s mouth dropped wide open for a moment, and she hung in breathless ecstasy as she perched on the edge of orgasm. When she was able to suck in a breath of air, she answered both questions with a single, loud, “Oh, yes!”

As she uttered the words, her body arched, and she came.

Lynn kept lapping, moaning hungrily as she drank up Laresa’s flow of creamy juices. The genie quivered and writhed beneath her, continuing to gasp, squeal, and moan as her orgasm refused to let her go. Lynn didn’t want it to end, and so she kept on the pressure full force.

At last, the genie could endure no more, and pulled Lynn up into a kiss. Upon tasting her own juices on the redhead's lips, she moved to lap the sticky coating from Lynn's chin as well.

“We should really share,” Lynn whispered, and then tugged on Lee’s arm to pull him near.

Lee kissed them both, as two sets of hands reached down to caress his erection.

“Did you like watching me lick her pussy, Baby?” Lynn asked, again swirling her finger through the pre-cum on the head of his cock. She brought her finger to her mouth to taste him – moaning and shivering – before asking, “Would you like to see her make me come too?”

“Oh, yeah,” he answered.

“Do it for me, Laresa? Make me come?”

Laresa moaned and reached down to cup Lynn’s sex, slipping her middle finger between the slippery folds at the same time. The two women rapidly changed positions, and Laresa wasted no time getting her head between Lynn’s smooth thighs.

Lynn shuddered from the feeling of Laresa’s tongue, and the silvery hair tickling her at the same time. “Mmm, so good. Make me come.” Turning to Lee, she said, “Suck my nipples, Baby. You can almost make me come just doing that. Do it for me while she licks my pussy?”

He was more than willing to accommodate that request. Lynn came a few minutes later, screaming so loud that it set his ears to ringing.

It took the redhead a few minutes of panting and gasping before she could summon up the breath to say, “That felt so good. I came so hard. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Laresa and Lee both said in unison, and then chuckled. They sat on either side of her, each stroking a leg, watching her settle down from her powerful climax.

“Can you make it so my mouth doesn’t dry out, and my jaw doesn’t get tired? It’s so hard to get him off that way, and I want it so bad,” Lynn asked.

Laresa nodded, and then added, “I can help him recover – instantly – once you get a good taste of him too.”

Lynn shivered dramatically. “Oh my! Don’t worry – I’ll share with you. Would you like that?”

Laresa licked her lips, the thought of tasting Lee’s cum from Lynn’s lips bringing on a fresh rush of wetness through the genie’s sex. She nodded, summoned up her power, and gave Lynn the ability to keep Lee in her mouth for as long as she wanted without discomfort. Her own inspiration added a suppression of Lynn’s gag reflex as well.

Lynn slipped off the couch to the floor, gesturing for Lee to stand. “I know you like it like this, Baby. Me on my knees sucking your cock.”

Standing up with a growling chuckle, Lee said, “You know I do, Baby.”

Lynn reached out and pulled him close by the convenient handle of his engorged manhood, moistening his hard flesh with several swipes of her tongue. All the while, she looked up into his eyes with a stunningly sexy expression.

Lee threw his head back as her lips engulfed him, taking him far deeper than she usually did when going down on him. A moment later, he snapped his head back down when he felt another tongue washing over his smooth-shaven balls. Laresa tickled him with her tongue tip, looking up into his eyes with an expression no less sensual than Lynn’s.

Lynn moaned around her man’s cock as she bobbed her head over it, not feeling the slightest discomfort, even though she was taking the tip of him into her throat. The sight of Laresa lapping his balls turned her on as well, and she reached down to fondle her tingling folds as she labored over his cock.

Lee was in heaven, watching two beautiful women down on their knees working him over. “Damn, that feels so good. I’m not going to last long if you both keep that up.” The last word came out very sharp, and in a slightly higher pitch, as Laresa twisted her head to slide her tongue over the cord leading from his dangling orbs back to his ass.

Lynn released him for just a moment. “Do it, Baby. Come in my mouth. Fill it up.” She swallowed him again in a single smooth suck, from tip to root. Her nose came to rest in the kinky hairs above his shaft as he slipped into her throat. It was the first time she’d ever taken his entire length in her mouth, and it was proving to be no trouble at all.

Laresa could feel Lee’s balls tightening beneath her lapping tongue. She reached up a hand to gently roll the orbs, while continuing to wash her tongue over them in broad strokes. His hips were starting to thrust forward with each downward stroke of Lynn’s mouth, and the genie knew he would reach his point of no return before long. Reaching behind him, she added a finger pressing against the puckered iris of his ass to the sensations.

Gasping, his fingers curling into claws where they rested on the bare backs of the two women tantalizing him so well, Lee growled out, “Fuck yes. I’m almost there.”

Lynn moved even faster, taking him into her throat with each quick stroke. She knew a moment before it happened that he was about to come from the swelling of his cock in her mouth, and the long growl that emerged from him. She squealed in delight as he pulsed, filling her mouth with spurt after spurt of hot cream.

She swallowed only as much as she had to in order to keep from choking, doing her best to save plenty to share with Laresa. She released him just as a thick ooze of semen seeped from him, and gestured for Laresa to take him in her mouth. As the genie engulfed Lee’s cock, Lynn swirled his cream in her mouth, moaning in delight.

Lee pushed Laresa away from his over-sensitive cock and sat down hard on the couch to pant for breath. He moaned as he watched the two women turn toward each other, sharing his cum between them in a series of tongue wrangling kisses.

When they parted from the kiss, Laresa turned toward Lee with a mischievous grin. Reaching out, she summoned up her power while running her fingertip over Lee’s slowly softening organ. His cock reversed course, swelling back into hardness again.

Lynn kissed her love hard, and then said in a breathless whisper, “I want you. I want you deep inside me.” She turned and moved to the other end of the couch, getting up on her knees and putting her hands on the arm of the couch.

Flipping her hair and looking back over her shoulder, she continued to offer sexy encouragement, “Fuck me, Baby. Fuck me hard and fill me up.”

Lee rose up to his knees behind her, gripping her hips and pressing his purple helmet up against her folds. “I’m not going to last long like this, Babydoll.”

Laresa moved over next to him and rubbed his tip over Lynn’s nether lips. “You can last as long as you wish.”

Lee chuckled. “I guess I didn’t think of that. Let’s say... Three orgasms?”

“Four,” Lynn countered with a laugh.

“Four it is,” Laresa agreed with a smile.

“And multiples count as one,” Lynn added.

“I don’t know if the rest of me is going to survive that long, even if I don’t explode,” Lee said, shaking his head.

Laresa kissed his neck and said, “Yes, you will.”

Wiggling her full, sexy ass, Lynn said, “Do me baby!”

Lee easily slid into her saturated depths, her walls squeezing him tight all the way. Trusting in Laresa’s power, he started thrusting with quick, measured strokes.

Lynn groaned, thinking as always that he was made for her. The perfect fit to fill her up, without stretching her out. A moment later she gasped, as he was taking her far faster than usual. The hot friction combined with the long delay since they had last made love had Lynn’s fires raging within a few strokes.

Laresa moved over to kneel near Lynn, reaching down under the other woman to rub the redhead’s clit. Lynn let out a sharp, “Mmm hmm,” in response.

The genie smiled and shivered from the passionate sound of the outburst, speeding up the circling of her fingers. Laresa could feel Lynn’s passions rising as quickly as a rocket.

Lee pounded his cock home, abandoning all restraint as he became sure that he wasn’t going to come until Lynn had reached the bartered number of orgasms. The sexy Djinn rubbing his love’s clit and sometimes leaning down to tickle the redhead’s swinging nipples with her her tongue added to the always-incredible feeling of Lynn squeezing him tight.

“Oh, god, Baby – don’t stop!”

Lynn’s scream was quickly followed by a repeated – and ever-louder burst of her gasping, “Yes!” The last one was long, drawn out, and changed into an inarticulate squeal at the end as the bubble of pressure within her burst. Lynn came, screaming and thrusting her hips back at Lee’s thrusting cock.

Laresa moved her hand from Lynn’s folds to her own when the redhead’s heightened state of arousal made it unnecessary. Softly stroking her nether lips and throbbing clit, she watched Lee’s glistening shaft pounding home into Lynn’s wet heat.

Lynn just kept coming. Every orgasm was a multiple, rocking her body and causing her to break out into a sweat. Lee’s body shined with a coating of perspiration as well. He slowed down just enough to let Lynn spiral downward from one orgasm, and then assaulted her depths again to drive her to the next. To Lynn, it felt as though it were one long, unbelievably powerful climax.

As Lynn built toward her fourth orgasm, Laresa timed her release of power perfectly. Even as Lynn’s walls contracted around Lee, he growled and buried his cock inside her, filling her with a hot pool of his seed. Laresa’s now flashing fingers triggered her own orgasm at the exact same moment.

All three fought for breath – Lynn and Lee still joined by his throbbing shaft – drifting slowly down from their heights back to earth again. Lee pulled free of Lynn with a loud, guttural cry, and collapsed onto the couch. Lynn moved to lean up against him, and Laresa climbed up onto the couch on his other side. For several minutes, they could only lean against each other as they recovered, and basked in the afterglow.

“Oh, I need a towel or something,” Lynn suddenly blurted out, and squeezed her intimate muscles against the flow of Lee’s cream seeking escape.

A crooked smile crossed Laresa’s lips, and she moved to her knees on the floor.

As Laresa tugged on her legs, pulling Lynn closer to the edge of the couch, the redhead said, “Oh my. Mmm. You want to clean me up?”

Laresa nodded and parted Lynn’s legs, moving between them to lap up the cum welling from her, sending the redhead on yet another upward spiral. The taste of their mingled juices filled Laresa’s senses, and she swirled her tongue all over Lynn, not wanting to miss a drop.

Once again, Lynn came. This time she pushed Laresa away, and clamped her hand tight over her sex almost as soon as her orgasm gripped her. “Oh, god, can’t take... Can’t take any more,” she gasped.

After a few breathless moments, Lynn pulled the genie close for a long kiss. When they broke from the kiss, she said, “I want to see his cock inside you. I love watching him take another woman hard. Can he come inside you?”

Laresa enthusiastically nodded. “I cannot become pregnant, and I love the feeling. Thank you for sharing him with me, Lynn.”

“Four orgasms for you too,” Lynn said with a twitch of her eyebrows.

Laresa moaned in approval, and reached out to run her fingertip over Lee’s cock again. As before, his organ swelled with blood almost instantly from the touch of her finger and her power.

Lynn moved out of the way, guiding Laresa to lie down on her back on the couch. One of the Djinn’s legs dangled toward the floor, while the other angled upward along the back of the couch. As Lee knee-walked forward to get into position, Lynn gripped him just below the tip, guiding him up against Laresa’s pink folds.

“Do you want his cock inside you, Laresa?” Lynn asked in a sensual whisper.

“Oh, yes, I want his cock inside me.”

“Take her, Baby. Make her come,” Lynn told her man, and then guided his cock into the genie’s canal.

Laresa shuddered as Lee slid into her depths. As soon as he hit bottom, Lynn moved to snake out her tongue to the genie's engorged clitoris.

The words burst from Laresa’s lips as Lee’s cock began to piston into her, “So good!”

Lee growled in delight, watching his love’s tongue washing over Laresa’s clit and the genie’s breasts bouncing under his assault. Her nether lips clung to him with each withdrawal, appearing to be doing their best to keep him buried inside her. Grasping her up-thrust leg in a tight grip, he gave her all the strength and speed he could muster.

Laresa came once, then twice, then three times – feeling much the same as Lynn had that the orgasms never really ended, but just followed on each other’s tails without pause. As she was recovering from the third climax, Lee guided her up onto her hands and knees. As soon as she was in position, his cock pierced into her again, setting off another wave of orgasm.

Lee pumped into her slowly, giving her orgasm time to wind down, while at the same time drawing it out. When Laresa’s hips began to thrust back at him, he picked up the pace.

Lynn stroked the taut flesh of Laresa’s ass, watching Lee’s cock pound home at a rapid pace. With an aroused moan, she playfully swatted Laresa’s bottom.

Laresa gasped out, “Oh, yes!”

Encouraged by the exclamation, Lynn swatted the other cheek a little harder.

“Mmm! Yes, I like that,” Laresa moaned, feeling the pressure of her approaching climax swelling ever larger with each spank.

Lynn continued to spank Laresa’s shapely ass, drawing a rosy glow. Lee chuckled, continuing to thrust with all his speed and power, gripping the Djinn’s hips for leverage.

Laresa barely had the presence of mind to release her power as she came again. Her orgasm spiked to mind-numbing levels when Lee filled her, his reserves of semen restored just as his ability to perform had been.

“Mmm, I loved that,” Lynn said, softly stroking Laresa’s rosy bottom. The tinkling of bells startled her and Lee a moment later.

“G-garion is waking up,” Laresa gasped, the sound of her magical alarm pushing through the fog of pleasure in her mind.

Pulling free of Laresa with a groan that increased in volume with each inch of him that slipped from her, Lee said, “God, I can barely think. How am I going to watch our little destructo-boy?”

“I-it will b-be some time before he f-fully awakens. I could w-watch over him while the two of you rest – once I have caught my b-breath,” Laresa offered.

Lynn said, “We’ve made a mess of the couch. It’s going to smell like sex forever now.”

Closing her eyes, Laresa gathered up her power, erasing all the signs of their lovemaking from the couch, and their bodies. The effort caused her vision to swim for a moment, but she felt her strength returning with her next breath. Sitting up, she said, “Taken care of.”

Lynn grinned at her love. “I don’t think this Valentine’s Day turned out bad after all, Baby.”

Lee laughed and agreed, “I think it was a pretty good one, and the day’s just starting.” Sending a thought to Laresa, he heard her mental reply and put his hands behind him. When he felt his hands filled, he brought them back in front of him. In one hand, he held a dozen roses, in the other, a small box.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Lynn.”

After sniffing the roses, she put them down and opened the box. “Oh, it’s beautiful, Lee.” She slipped the diamond ring onto her finger and kissed him. Thinking for a moment, her eyes brightened and she sent a thought to Laresa.

Laresa smiled and nodded her head, fulfilling Lynn’s request as she had Lee’s wish. Three stacks of DVDs appeared on the entertainment center. Lee walked over, picked one of the top ones up, and smiled.

“Every MST3K ever taped, even the ones before they went nationwide. Happy Valentine’s Day, Lee.”

Lee turned to Laresa and said, “You’ve given us so many gifts today. I think you deserve one too, Laresa. What do you want for Valentine’s Day? Can we wish you free, like in the movies?”

Laresa shook her head, a bit sadly, “No, but you could offer me free will, as much as my bonds to the ring will allow. That is the greatest gift you can give me.” She paused for a moment and then added, “Along with sharing your love with me.”

“Done,” Lee said.

“On both counts,” Lynn said with a sultry expression.

Feeling the bonds restricting her fall away, Laresa said, “Thank you both. Now get some rest, I’m sure you’ll want to start helping Garion get caught up soon.”

Lynn slid over closer to Laresa, gesturing for Lee to approach. When he reached the couch, they both leaned in and hugged the genie.

Kissing her cheek, Lynn said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Laresa.”

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