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Ghostly Encounter

Tags: erotic, ghost, sex
Jenny is visited by a supernatural lover.
It was 3:00 a.m. The wind was howling and the shutters were banging on the windows. Jenny found herself tossing and turning all through the night. Just as she would start to drift off to sleep there would be a loud bang and she would be wide-awake again. Though she would never admit it to anyone, she was a little scared at all the commotion going on outside. The leaves blowing, shutters banging, and dogs barking. It being Halloween and the marathon of slasher movies did not help matters either. Finally, out of sheer exhaustion, she fell asleep.

Several minutes later, she was awakened by the feeling of the sheets being pulled away from her naked body. She was in that state between sleep and awake, so things were very fuzzy in her head. She saw no one, yet the sheets lay just over her feet in an even lump exactly as if someone had indeed pulled them down. She started to sit up and pull the sheets back up, looking around and listening for someone in the house. The wind had died down at this point and she heard nothing, so thinking it was all just in her head, she began sitting up further but was unable to. It was as if someone was restraining her, yet there was no one there.

Now she was more freaked out than ever. Suddenly she felt cold air around her neck and her hair brushed back. Then the cold began slowly moving up and down her neck as if someone was kissing it. Then it moved to her lips. She felt pressure against her lips and then slight prying of her lips, moving them apart. The cold then wrapped around her tongue. Now fear was not the only emotion she was beginning to feel. A feeling of passion started to fill her body. At this moment she felt a little tug on her left breast and nipple. The coldness from her neck and mouth moved down her body to her round, perky breasts and nipples. As she looked down she could actually see impressions on both her breasts as if someone was squeezing them. As freaky as this was, fear was slowly being replaced by arousal. It began to matter less to her that she could not see the stranger that was exploring her body.

The coldness moved further down her body, making a stop at her bellybutton. It hovered there for a few seconds, then continued heading south. She felt her legs being pushed apart, and did not resist. She felt the cold hover over her pussy and her clit slowly being rubbed. This felt so good to Jenny. Her clit began hardening as her pussy began getting wet. Just then as her hardening clit was still being rubbed, she felt the coldness move up and down her pussy lips and slip inside her. She felt her clit being flicked up and down, and then being traced counter-clockwise just around the outer edge. The coldness was moving faster in and out from between her pussy lips. Suddenly Jenny felt herself being pushed back onto the bed. Suddenly she felt the cold hovering over her torso and between her legs.

Then it happened, something rather large slipped slowly into her pussy. She realized her unseen lover was now penetrating her. It was unlike any other sexual experience she had ever had. She felt him begin to thrust inside her, yet there still was no one there. Her body was betraying what her eyes were telling her. The thrusts began to get more intense and the coldness was back on her neck and moved once again to her lips. Her body began to shiver slightly. Not from the coldness surrounding her, but rather from the pleasure that coldness was providing her. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as the thrusts came harder and harder. She arched her back a bit to allow the stranger to enter her deeper than he had up to this point. She let out moans of ecstasy as he hit a spot inside her not reached before. 

After a few more minutes of the hard and deep fucking, she was lifted off the bed and turned around. She was put on all fours and her head was pushed down to the bed. She moved her head to the side so she could breath, as her hips were pulled up a bit so her ass was fully exposed and pointing up in the air. She felt the coldness behind her. She then felt her juicy pussy lips once again being spread apart. She felt herself being penetrated from behind and let out a sigh. The spirit then began thrusting hard once again. Jenny was moaning heavily as her body was being pushed back and forth, her large breasts moving with the rhythm. As her pussy was being fucked harder and harder she felt the coldness again on her clit, rubbing it vigorously. She also felt her left ass cheek being squeezed while she was still being rammed from behind. The pace of the thrusts slowed down for a minute or so, then began again, more intense than ever. Her pussy juices were now flowing like a raging river. Her body was now shaking more and more. It was beginning to be more than Jenny could handle. The pleasure was building and building. The muscles of her pussy were so tight. In fact, all the muscles of her body were as tight as they could be.

Finally, it was time. Jenny could handle it no more. Her whole body was quivering uncontrollably, almost to the point of convulsion. She let out a loud moan and came so hard that the juices gushed from her pussy and made a puddle on the bed. At this moment she felt an intense burst inside her pussy and the thrusting stopped. She collapsed on the bed and felt the coldness fall heavily on top of her. She then felt the coldness move off of her and lay at her side. After a few minutes she fell into a deep sleep. When she woke up the sun was shining through her window and the sheets were pulled up over her.

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