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Ghostly Feelings Part 1

My fear began to be something i was loving
This is an ongoing story that fills me with so much happiness. It took me too damn long to write this becuase I needed it to be perfect for you to read. This is love.

I had been alone for nearly 8 months when the issues started happening. Good old doctor put it down to stress, but that was an excuse to give me more drugs. I was struggling to sleep and everything got on top of me at work so I did the most sensible thing I could think of, I took 2 weeks off work and planned a week in the sun and a week of home decorating.

I had begun my packing and was going through the attic to dig out the old case. The attic always freaked me out, the house was old and cold, and the lights were temperamental at the best of times, Smash and grab tactics were the best way to handle this I told myself, a few deep breaths then I pulled the attic open.

I ran up the ladder and began flashing the torch around like a disco ball, the light showed weird shapes and shadows each made me jump out of my skin, and then I saw it. My red leather old style case, I began running across the boards and I hadn’t watched where I was going and tripped over something and the light rolled away from me.

I lay there, frozen in the dark for a few seconds; I scanned the room trying to spot the light source so I could retrieve it and get the hell out of there. I stretched out my right arm and grabbed the suitcase corner and began dragging it towards myself, but it got caught so I stood up and grabbed it but it wouldn’t move, I leaned over the case to see what was caught on it.

As I pulled at the strap caught under the leg of some wooden furniture piece I screamed in frustration, just then my body felt warm. I stopped pulling and stood still, I couldn’t see where the heat came from, and it felt odd but not bad. I just shrugged it off and carried on pulling on the strap and it free. I fetched the light and turned towards the light of the hallway light, and once again I stumbled but this time I was caught.

I can’t explain it but I didn’t hit the ground, like something just appeared in the way stopping me falling to the floor. But I looked for the support but there wasn’t anything there, I shuddered but quickly left the attic pushing the latch hard. I tried reasoning with myself and I must have just managed to stop myself that all nothing weird, just get the packing done and get a drink.

I liked my own advice, it only took one hour to pack, repack and pack again before I was satisfied with the holiday wardrobe. Large vodka was going down smooth, everything was packed. I leaned over to the shelf and retrieved my passport and tickets and there was an extra piece of paper in the pile. I don’t remember this, I opened it and it was a letter. Silly cow at the travel agents must have given it to me by mistake. I didn’t want to read it but I couldn’t resist. It said:

“My darling,

I can’t believe here we have both been here for so long, but now I am just seeing you. I’m sorry if I startled you earlier, I just wanted to touch you so badly. Your smell is so beautiful, and I want to see you all the time. I will make more of an effort now. I feel so close to you. I’m crazy for saying this but I want you to see me so soon. Please try to see me.


What a horrible girl, not even looking at her work colleague, I didn’t want him to waste his time on her. She wore too much make-up on anyway, and then I noticed the note had a small picture attached to it. I realised Caleb wasn’t someone who worked with the travel tart; this was someone from years ago. The picture was at least early 1900’s, he was a forces man, dark manly looking but his eyes were blue. It was like the blue had been added later. But they didn’t do that then. He was stunning beautiful man. But the letter was attached to this picture, but I didn’t have the letter anymore. It had gone from my hand, I was getting nervous now. Pour another drink, I told myself and head off to bed. The doctor was right lack of sleep and stress at work was causing my mind to play tricks on me.

I took the vodka out the freezer and poured it into the glass. I returned the bottle to the freezer and gasped at what I saw. The glass had a hand print and lip marks on it, they were not mine. My heart thumped loudly, struggling to breathe, and then the warmth over me. I slowed my breathing down; I knew this warmth wasn’t a blast of hot air. I slowed my breathing again.

“Is there someone here? If so please say hello.” I would never make it as a ghost whisperer; it was all I could think of asking. I was so terrified of what would happen. Then the warm feeling left. Nothing happened so I took my glass and headed back to the lounge. The last thing I remembered of that night was, seeing the picture of Caleb have the word hello written on it.

I woke a few hours later, the lights were off and the room was filled with early morning light. The picture of Caleb, had no writing on it anymore, I must have been drunk well my head is telling me I was. I took the picture of Caleb, and headed to bed. I now knew that there was a presence in my house called Caleb, but I didn’t feel scared at all I felt safe with him. And seeing his picture was a lot more comforting, he was attractive tall and well built. I imagined he would be strong and take me in his arms and lay me on the bed and touch me softly but with passion. I was having a sexual fantasy about a man in a picture this was mad. I put Caleb's picture on the night stand facing me. His eyes seemed to glow in the low light; I then took his picture again and kissed it.

I smiled to myself and whispered, “Night Caleb.” I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep. My dreams involved Caleb, his voice, his smell, his kiss. I felt him all over it was so intense then I heard a distant alarm, getting slowly louder bringing me back to my bed alone.

I rolled over to see Caleb, but his picture had gone, I panicked searching around, my relief found it on the pillow next to me. I wondered for a few minutes whether I had moved it or he had, but smiled and made my way to the bathroom, I had to shower my taxi wasn’t going to be long.

I removed my knickers and dropped them in the basket and pulled my vest off. After dropping that in the basket, I looked in the mirror, Caleb was standing behind me. The mirror was steamed from the shower, but it was him. He was more attractive then my dreams.

“Caleb, are you going to watch me shower?” I turned but saw nothing, so turned back to the mirror and he was still there. He body was tight and toned and saw he wore black shorts and he had strong rugby player legs. I knew I wanted him; I was so turned on at the thought of him watching me and my earlier dreams. I slipped into the shower and felt the warm water all over my body, rubbing up and down my curves, then the feeling changed and Caleb now stood close to me, he was touching me. His hands were round my waist, he slid them up my ribs till they were just touching my breasts, following the curve.

“It's okay.” I whispered to him, my eyes were closed and I could feel him now just cupping softly squeezing and now round my nipple, he made delicate circles making my nipples harden. I was so turned on, I put my hand on my shoulder and my other hand was making my way down my stomach but he stopped me.

“Wait.” I hadn’t heard him speak before, he was American and his voice was so deep. I did as he instructed and my hand was loose at my side, his hand was now in mine, I could feel his strong hand holding mine, intertwined fingers and squeezing hard. I then turned to see him, but I saw nothing just felt my hand still being held.

“Close your eyes.” I leaned against the wall and closed my eyes, the tiles were ice cold but I didn’t care, I didn’t know what was going to happen or what to expect, all I knew was I being touched perfectly by a perfect man.

The water ran down over my face and I opened my mouth slightly, he began kissing me. I could feel his tongue curling around mine; I breathed him in feeling cold air rush into my lungs. Then the kissing became more passionate just on my lips though and in my mouth. The pressure was strong but felt cold. I wanted to see him so badly, I opened my eyes and he stopped kissing.

I saw water dropping on an invisible surface; I could just see his face.

“Kiss me again please.” I gasped hard as he then again kissed me and I was pushed now against the wall, he held my breasts now squeezing tighter, rolling my hardened nipples between his fingers. My body felt his cool touch all over; he was pressed up against me, every inch of his cool form was right on me. I was in an amazing sensation over load, my body was hot for him and I could feel him lower his lips down my neck to my collar bone. Each one of his cool kisses made my skin tingle and felt like electricity. I now opened my eyes; I watched the imprint of his lips on my skin, lower down on to my left nipple, and his cool tongue running circles around my swollen skin. Sucking it, watching him gently pull my nipple away from me and then he pushed back on to my breast. I was now breathing harder, watching myself in the mirror; he was there in full form, not just a shadow or feeling. I saw his tanned skin wet from the shower, he looked to the mirror and smiled at me and continued to lower himself on to his knees. I looked down and saw his face inches from my shaven pussy.

The mirror showed me what I wanted to see, his strong hands holding my thighs tight, feeling him gently part my legs till they were wide open, the cool touch moved round my thigh to my inner thigh, I knew I wanted him touch so badly.

“Touch me please.” I moaned softly he responded by pushing his cool face too my heated pussy, feeling the cold on my clit filled me with ecstasy. I wanted to make love, but it wasn’t to happen.

“Hello Taxi!” The intercom went, the cool touch of my lover disappeared, I span to the mirror, and he had gone. I leapt out of the shower and dressed at lightning speed. I looked around the room for the photo, but I couldn’t find Caleb. I hunted as much as I could in the minutes I had free, but I knew I had to leave.

“I am home in a week.” I blew a kiss to the bathroom, where I hoped he would still be, it all felt so strange now. I had been touched by a ghost or had I snapped under stress?

I got to the airport and was soon on the flight with a large wine in my hand, trying to work out what was happening. I have got a week, must enjoy what happens now.

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