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Give Me Life Pt. 1

When your heart stops you know you're in love...
I knew Shadow could feel the instant when my heart stopped beating; he all but broke the door off the frame to my room. Instantly he was on the bed reaching out to hold my body still. I clutched desperately at my chest where my heart was wishing it would start beating again. "Breathe," Shadow urged. Horror shown through his eyes but didn't touch his face.

Finally when my heart began to flutter back to life was I able to breathe like Shadow had instructed. I look up to meet his gaze. So many emotions shifted through those beautiful gray eyes that I could barely keep track. What I saw there in his eyes had me clawing at my chest again. Hard as I might, I knew he too could feel what I felt thanks to the bond we had to make in order for him to better protect me as a gaurdian. Since then Shadow has been breaking down doors everytime my mortal heart stops beating trying to transition into the immortal heart I would've had if only my mother had been a vampire like my father.

Shadow's face fell into a frown as he wiped matted strands of my raspberry-brown hair out of my face. "It'll get easier," he said like he always did whenever my heart stopped. "You need to feed, or else..." he trailed off.

"Or else I'll die." I finished for him. "I just need to feed. I'm getting closer and closer to becoming a vampire. Maybe if I drink more blood my heart will officially stop and---"

"Stop." Shadow cut me off. "Feeding won't solve anything, just make things worse." His gray eyes held mine, causing another wave of pain. But before I doubled over Shadow had his cheek pressed against my chest.

"Beautiful..." I swear I heard him say under his breath. His skin normally would have felt icy cold if I held onto more of my humanity instead of being more vampire. Instead his skin felt hot with a slight chill. Honestly, it felt nice and I found myself trying to tamper my emotions down from him. My heart betrayed be though: the damn thing hammered hard in my chest. "If I had my way, I'd keep you this way minus the heart transitions. You don't want to be this." Shadow hissed on the last word.

"I want..." to be apart of your world is what I wanted to say but the rest of the words wouldn't come out. I felt suffocated by his touch and words. "Shadow... My chest---"

Shadow shot up, embarrassed and alert. "Yeah, I know. Sorry." Leaning forward to my knees I bring his face to my chest. His retreat of touch nearly ended me then and there; that was the first time he'd been that close to me. In truth, I was an addict when it came to Shadow, but I doubted he could taste these strong, aching needs I had for him---our bond didn't say anything about those sorts of emotional attachments. Shadow never seemed to notice, so it was safe to assume he couldn't feel my emotional, as well as physical, desires unless of course my heart, stresses, and appetite are concerned. "Luna," he moaned/sighed. Down my body between my thighs I felt a flow of liquid and a tingle that made my breathing uneasy.

Not before long, Shadow layed me back against the pillow still keeping his face pressed to right above my heart. He lay on top of me, and for the first time I became aware of the fact I was braless in a thin white nightgown while Shadow only wore tight underwear. The realization caused more sensual sensations to course between my thighs, especially when Shadow's warm exhales of breath tickled the skin on my chest, through the thin fabric of my nightgown. The actions almost caused a moan to escape from the confines of my throat, but I managed to choke it back biting my lip.

For a while we lay there: Shadow listening to my heart beatwhile I watched the rise and fall of his back, trying to contain myself. To distract myself I began tracing the curves of Shadow's muscular back; up and down his spine, under each shoulderblade, feeling the groves of his rib cage. It wasn't until the tip of my finger barely grazed the skin below his rib cage that every muscle in Shadow's body tightened and a low, sensual if not sexual, growl sounded deep within his chest. His whole body lifted off of mine, back bowed, hands in fists gripping the sheets on either side of me. When he relaxed he pressed a little harder against my body, resting his head against my chest again. I could feel his breath coming out hotter than before lingering on the surfaces it touched. This time I couldn't contain the moan that freed itself from my lips. My eyes closed while the rest of me stiffened under him. More sweet juices flowed out of me and I feared that Shadow would be able to smell their aroma, but he never said a word otherwise. I found this whole situation overwhelming.

Another roll of Shadow's breath kissed my skin teasing the flesh of my right breast. I bit down hard on my bottom lip and choked the moan back again. But then I felt Shadow's index finger trace circles around my hard areola. When my breath quickened is when he pulled the tied lace ribbon that held my nightgown together loose, eased the fabric below my breast, and took the fleshy mound in his hand. He squeazed, pinched, and rolled the breast around driving me mad with excitement. "Please..." was all I could manage to say. My mind felt dizzy so all train of thought was lost except for that Shadow is caressing my bare, naked breast.

Shortly after exposing the first nipple he exposed the one resting under his face and took it in his mouth. One of his hands trailed from my breast, over my stomach, fingers stopping to tease the waistline of my panties before dipping under and finding an erect, wet clit for him. He began to rub gentle slow circlces with my clit. "Fuh---" I gasped, my body bowing underneath me. He continued to rub the little nub until he suddenly ended the need. Seductively, he bit down on my nipple while his fingers ran laps around my opening.

"Your pussy opening feels tight," Shadow commented. "Are you a virgin, Luna?" Without giving me that chance to answer, Shadow plunged one of his fingers deep within me. I moaned louder then. "Hmhmm... you are, aren't you. I can feel the tightness of your hymen."

"Stop," I managed to say.

"Ok." His finger disappeared as well as his body.

Frantic, I shot forward, shouting, "No!" Shadow hovered above me holding himself up with his arms resting next to both sides of my head. A seductive smile creeped over his lips; he chuckled deeply.

"Say it," he said looking me dead in the eye.

"P-please, Shadow," I blushed.

"Please, Shadow what?" he urged leaning in a little closer.

"Please pleasure me with your fingers again."

"Pleasure your what, Luna?" Shadow leaned into my neck, trailing kisses up my throat to my jaw and stopping right at my lips.

"Pleasure my pussy with your fingers!" I moaned. As soon as I said that Shadow crushed his lips hard on mine while he slipped two fingers inside my wet opening. Our lips parted, inviting each other in. His tongue danced and twirled on mine, his fingers slid in and out of me, and all I could do was moan and hold onto him for dear life.

Out of nowhere, a weight of pleasure formed in my stomach. I found myself moaning faster and louder at the same time Shadow pumped his fingers inside of me more. "Fuck, your about to cum from my fingers. Your pussy is tightening and sucking around my fingers. It feels good huh, Luna?" I didn't answer, I couldn't. My body lifted up off the bed and a moan got stuck in my throat as that weight slammed down on me .

"Want more don't ya, Luna?" Shadow asked.

"Yes, please, Shadow," I cried. "Please take my virginity."

to be continued...

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