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Give Me Life Pt. 2

Love can change a person in many ways than one.
"Want more don't ya, Luna?" Shadow asked.

"Yes, please, Shadow," I cried. "Please take my virginity."

I wanted him more than I'd ever wanted anything throughout my whole life, including to make the transition into a full-fledge vampire. That's what Shadow is, and I'm only a half-blood who is fragile, easily broken. Which is why I think Shadow hesitates.

"I said the words, I gave you permission," I say in a frustrated tone of voice. "So why the hesitation?"
Shadow just stares down at me, looking me dead in the eye, though I don't think he's even really looking. He doesn't answer only stares. His body is frozen and I notice he's also stopped breathing. The silence continued on as did my frustration. How long would he stay like this? I wondered, but impatience drove me into not finding out. Shoving against his chest, I demand, "Shadow, as my sole gaurdian I order you to answer me."

"Luna, I..." he starts to say but doesn't finish. He rolls back onto his knees still staring down at me. "You did give me permission. and I am sorry for letting things get to this point, but I can't."


He looked away. "No," I say again with more finality. "Tell me why you can't, and save me the sob story about this being about my mortality."

I remain frozen where I lay as I wait for him to answer. "It has nothing to do with your mortality, but everything to do with me," he admitted, his eyes still never leaving mine. Those gray eyes of his pleaded with me, begged me, of forgiveness, but there was something else hidden there. I wanted to know what his secret is and discover the truth of his retreat. From the looks of it I could tell he wasn't going to tell me, not that easily, but I desperately needed to know.

Getting on my knees to better level his eyes to mine, I take hold of his hand. He squeezes lightly looking down at our joined fingers. To me Shadow looked just as disgusted with himself as I'd ever seen him before. That had always been his thing since he became a part of my life. There were sides of him that he never let show or gave voice to unburdan. Part of me blamed myself for this while the other part of me said it wasn't. All of me just wanted to unleash whatever inner-prison he made for himself. But I never pressed Shadow for his own animostiy.

Until now.

Cupping his face in the palm of my hand, I gently say, "Tell me... Tell me what it is you hide from me, and I won't take no for an answer. You may be my gaurdian and are bound to protect me, but as long as we are bound you can't keep hiding from me. Confide in me as I do you. Because where you go I follow. So trust me... Please."

A breif flash of pain crossed over his face before the understanding did. Suddenly he pulled me into his chest, wrapping his arms around me. He held on tight to me like he were holding on for dear life. His sudden display of affection had my face burning so warm. "Your innocence," he whispered at my ear. "I won't take what is not mine."

"Shadow," I breathed. I could feel the dampness increase between my legs as I put to voice the intense, heart-felt words I would say next. "I am yours; will forever be yours until you no longer want me." After I said that I could feel his body shake with little laughter.

Shadow pulled back, a small on his face, so he could gaze into my eyes as he said, "Luna, I don't want you. I need and love you." Taking my chin between his index finger and thumb he brought my lips to his. Passionately we kissed, enjoying the taste of one another, drinking down each other's emotions. When the kiss deepened those notions were added onto.

Before falling back onto the pillow, Shadow felt along the hem of my gown and lifting the needless material over my head then tossing it aside. After that he was back to business kissing me, lowering me down on my back. I felt his fingers slip inside of me and moaned without the insecure feeling of embarrassment. This is what I wanted---Shadow is who I wanted. My want and need for him overcame the extinct to cover myself from him. He had just exposed his inner thoughts and feelings to me, so the least I could do is banish such nonsense. It didn't matter anymore, because the way he touched and kissed me I felt like the most beautiful thing in the world.

I felt like I was about to explode until Shadow pulled his fingers away. I was about to ask why but then he raised a finger to his lips and shhed me. He looked down at me with such love I could barely control myself. Dipping low onto the bed as he backed up, I watched him take the waistline of my panties between his teeth and easily slipping the soaked lingerie off in one swift move. My body lay bare for him to see; Shadow waisted no time licking every surface of me except for the one place that I wanted him to. Never did he lick my juices up, though. Instead he freed his manhood. My breath caught when he pulled it out; all I could think about was how he was going to fit that inside of me, or when is he going to be inside of me? In reaction to it, pussy juices oozed out of me.

Despite the darkness of the room I could both see and smell the deliscious pre-cum that dripped out of the tip. Shadow's dick was a rock-hard erected shaft of pleasure that stood to attention of what had to be nine inches in length, a little over two inches thick. I stared at it in wonder. I didn't even realize what I was doing until the next thing I know: my finger's are curled around Shadow's monstrous prick sliding my hand up and down the shaft. Shadow watches me while I jerk him off. Pleasure, love, and hunger show in his facial features. Knowing he's itching to be inside me more than I am, I place him at the entrance of my sex.

Without warning his gray eyes flash to the brilliant vampire-light blue, his fangs sinking instep. I gaze into those illuminated blue eyes, hypnotized. Curiousity took over me, making me tilt my head slightly to invite him to drink from me. But he didn't bite. With his vampire agility he penetrated my womanhood. And before I could cry out in pain, Shadow sunk his teeth in my neck and began drinking my life force.

to be continued...

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