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Goddess Beauty

Vivian saddled on top of my bare chest and began kissing me softly moving down to my erected dick
I stepped out of the car and stared with a look of 'what the hell' on my face as Dad had stopped our four wheel RV into the drive way of our summer house over looking the sea. And a light house over across the way.

Not that I was disappointed I was spending my school holidays with my parents and my baby brother, Nathan, its just my best friend had asked me to go with him to California with his parents. But Dad said I couldnt because he wanted quality family time with his family. So there I was standing in front of a two hundred year old white summer house with blossoms blooming, and plants with ivy growing up the side of it. I felt Dad put his arm around my shoulders.

"Looks great, doesn't it, son?" Dad asked cheerfully.

"Honey, it looks wonderful!" gushed Mum, holding baby Nathan in her arms.

"Sure, Dad, looks great," I answered with less enthusiasm than my Mum did.

I watched as Dad put the key in the lock and the front door creaked open.

"Come on, guys, looks great," said Dad excitedly.

Mum put her free slim arm around my waist, "Luke, honey, I know you're bombed about not going to California with your mate but your Dad wants to spend time with you and so do I and so does Nathan, don't you Nathan?" she said softly, turning to my baby brother in her arms who just smiled and did a baby gurgle.

I sighed heavily, "Sure, Mum," I finally agreed.

 She kissed me on the cheek and then went into the summer house.

I, myself, was about to go in when all of a sudden a cloud of thick mist swept across the sea towards me. All I could see all around me was thick mist. I couldn't see the house, the car, nothing. My heart was pounding like a set of African drums against my chest as I was starting to feel a bit scared. I know I shouldn't because I was a man. A seventeen year old man.

Suddenly, I could hear gentle footsteps coming towards me. Louder and louder as they came closer. I gulped nervously, heart thumping. Thump. Thump. Thump. I wanted to shout out 'WHO'S THERE?', but not a single word didn't even dare to utter from my lips. I moved my head to the side as I could see a figure of a woman coming towards me in the mist.

A young woman with a vision of beauty came forward taking my breath away literally with her long gorgeous black hair, bronzed skin, high cheekbones, and a fabulous body as a gust of wind came our way and exposed her big bare breasts in front of me. Her hair swirled around her angelic face, she was literally a goddess beauty.

I was in love. Well, she certainly awakened the sexual side of me as sexual arousal started stirring in my groin as my eyes surveyed along and over her body. How much I would love to kiss her from head to toe.To kiss her sweet, pink lips of her vagina and taste her juices.

The young woman walked up to me and our eyes met. She smiled seductively and then kissed me passionately on the lips taking me by surprise.

"What's your name?" I managed to ask when I caught my breath.

"Vivian," she said. Her voice was soft like silk. "Come with me," she tugged on my right hand.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see, come," I let her lead me deeper into the thick mist still feeling her soft skin of her hand against mine.

Within five minutes we had walked up to the light house. Which would've of taken an hour normally.

The sea crashed up against the big black rocks against the light house.

"You live around here, Vivian?" I asked.

"Yes," she said. And led me inside the light house and up the steel spiral staircase to the top.

It was dark and damp with a musty smell in the air.

Once we were out of the mist and in a safe place, Vivian turned to me and took off my t shirt and threw it and then kissed me hungrily.

She pushed me to the floor which was cold against my back but I didn't care as I was very hot as I had a hot girl on me and I was getting very horny.

My dick grew and strained against my jeans.

Vivian unbuttoned them and pulled them off quickly revealing my erected dick to the world. She saddled on top of my bare chest and began kissing me softly moving down to my dick and took it in her mouth. I took in a deep gasp. I was in heaven.

A hot girl going down on me, it was every late teenage boy's dream and I was living it.

After a few minutes I felt as though I was about to ejaculate as my breathing came really heavy so I flipped her over and began stripping off the white dress from her gorgeous body.

I kissed her lips, neck, collarbone, shoulder, the valley between my breasts, sucking each of her nipples deeply, makig her moan loudly with pleasure.

"Please, Luke, come into me, come inside me, fuck me, before I explode," she said, moaning really.

I was still very much erected so I gently thrusted inside her dripping wet pussy and began to thrust back and forth gently.

"Harder!" Vivian cried, grabbing my shoulders. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I thrusted harder and harder. She moaned and I moaned pleasurely.

I was in heaven.

"OO, Luke," she said, calling out my name.

"Yes," I said.

"Luke, Luke."

I realised then that she was crying out my name because I was hitting all the right spots. I smiled smugly and thrusted harder making her cry out even harder. My breathing grew heavier, sweat dripped down the sides of my face as she commanded me to go even faster and harder until my body eventually gave in and spasmed in ectasy as I ejaculated my sperm deep inside her.

Vivian shuddered underneath me and she cried out as she came.

We both lay there for a few moments to catch our breath.

I felt her arms around me cradling me like a baby to her bosoms. Oh, how much I wanted to stay there like that forever.

"That was amazing," I said.

"It was, very much so," Vivian agreed happily.

I jumped to my feet "I better get going," I said putting my jeans and t shirt back on.

She looked disappointed. "Don't be long coming back to see me, Luke," she said softly. Her eyes that were once a moment ago lively were now sad.

I bent down and gave her the most passionate kiss of all kisses I could muster. "I won't I promise. I shall come later tonight. You'll be here?"

Vivian grinned and I kissed her again.

"What's the easiest way to get back to the house?"

"Just straight ahead."

"But the mist?"

"It is gone. Look out the port window."

I looked out the window and saw it was clear. I went to the staircase and waved good bye and she waved back blowing me a kiss and I caught it with my hand and touched my chest. I blew her a kiss and she did the same. We grinned. And then I went down the steps. I wanted to see again so I ran back up the steps and there was no one there.

"Vivian? Vivian?" I called.

No answer.

I walked out of the light house and looked back and saw Vivian at the window smiling.

Suddenly, my heart started pounding against my chest as the realisation came that Vivian wasn't real. She was a ghost. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I smiled back and blew her a kiss. I didn't care if she was a ghost or not because I had had the most fantastic sex ever.
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