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Goddess island: part one - the woman at the beach.

David awakes on a paradise like island and encounters the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.
I could hear the sound of tropical birds chirping and waves crashing. This was very strange. I usually awoke to the brutal sound of my alarm clock, its constant ringing ensuring I get up and head for my morning lecture. But the beeping noises had been replaced with peaceful sounds, as If someone was playing one of those relaxation CDs.

This was not the only difference, the comfort of my bed was missing and instead I could feel the soft touch of sand beneath me. Confused, I opened my eyes. I was on my back looking up at a cloudless blue sky. How did I get outside? I don't sleepwalk. I'm sure of it.

I felt a cool breeze as I sat up to examine my surroundings. I was astonished to discover I was sitting on a luxurious beach of a paradise like island. I was facing a calm blue sea, it went on forever, no sign of boats or other islands in sight. Behind me was the start of a tropical jungle. It was full of tall green flourishing trees.

I was now becoming increasingly more worried and confused. My mind was filled with questions. Where am I? How did I get here? Will I ever get home? Was there anyone else here? Was I alone? Stranded? And also... Why was I now wearing nothing but a thin white cloth around my lower region?

I stood up and started to wander the wide beach of the island, hoping to find some sign of civilisation, a source of help. But to no such luck. As I walked down the beach I rattled my brain trying to recall the last moments before I arrived on this island. But there was nothing I could think of that could explain how I found myself here. I decided I needed to consider venturing into the jungle. I turned to face the trees and then that was when I saw her...

A magnificent beauty was walking out of the trees towards me. Her long, luscious, brown hair flowed behind her as she walked. She was wearing a bright white toga. It was quite revealing, allowing her impressive cleavage to be on full display. her breasts were very large despite her slim figure. Her skin was flawless and smooth. The toga ended quite high up her thigh revealing her long luscious legs, she was barefoot making footprints in the sand. Her face was just as perfect as the rest of her body. Her red lips held a seductive smile which displayed her white glistening teeth. She had deep blue eyes that were locked with mine. I was entranced by her beauty, my jaw dropped, unable to move or look away. She was the most stunning woman I had ever laid eyes on.

I watched in amazement as she finally reached me. She stood right in front of me, silent. She still had her wonderful smile and was just looking at me. I had always struggled to talk to women, being a very shy individual, but I knew I had to say something. I broke out of the trance, and tried to stop the blatant ogling of her body. It was difficult.

Every aspect of her was perfect, and instantly I could feel my penis becoming harder and harder. I tried to make myself focus on her beautiful eyes. Although her beauty was intimidating for a shy guy like me, her friendly smile seemed to almost put me at ease. I said almost because I then proceeded to stammer out my first words to her quite quickly barely stopping for breath.

"H...h..hello. I'm David I just woke up and found myself here I don't know where I am and I'm lost scared can you please help me? you are the first person I have seen and I..."

She placed her soft finger on my lips to silence me. "Shhh," she instructed. "Come with me." Even her voice was seductive, her soft relaxed tone. She removed her finger from my lips and instantly I was missing her touch. I just nodded in response. I had only just met this woman, but I felt that she was my only hope in finding out how I got here and how I could get home, so I decided it was best to do what she tells me.

She started to step backwards slowly whilst gesturing with her hand for me to follow her. She then spun around and started to lead me into the depths of the jungle. I followed cautiously. Who was this mysterious woman? As she walked her hips swayed side to side. I was captivated by her, unable to focus on my surroundings, instead my eyes were glued to her amazing rear, the shape of her cheeks visible through the tight thin fabric of her outfit. I had no idea where we were heading as we walked deeper and deeper into the jungle.

"Where are we going?" I asked nervously. She didn't look back at me, not stopping.

"You will find out soon enough," she replied.

I asked more questions: "What is your name? Do you live here? Can you help me get home?" But she would no longer respond.

After a little longer of walking we arrived at a small structure. It was made of stone and looked like a small hut. It was now quite dark, the only light source coming from two torches that were propped each side of the door to the building. The woman stopped abruptly and I almost stumbled into her. She spun around to face me once more.

"We shall stay here the night and in the morning I will take you to the others," she explained.

"Others?" I asked. I was confused about everything that had been going on. She seemed to be acting as if I was aware of whatever she was talking about. But I had not received any answers to any if my questions.

She took my hand and led me into the stone structure. It was a single room, with nothing but a large double bed. It was quite exquisite with golden frames and a spotless white quilt. She lead me to the side of the bed and let go of my hand. I sat down on the edge of the bed. It was then that I remembered my stiff cock that was forming a bulge in my only item of clothing.

Embarrassed I tried to conceal it, folding my arms over my lap. I looked up and saw her holding a glass of water. she handed it to me and then sat opposite me on a chair that I could have sworn was not in the room a moment ago. She now had a look of curiosity. I waited nervously for her to speak, sipping the refreshing beverage.

"Do you find me attractive, David?" She suddenly asked. I nearly chocked on my water from the unexpected question.

" Yes I do" I replied.

She stood up and placed her hands on my arm. "Then why do you insist on hiding this?" she asked, pulling away my arm to reveal the tent that had formed in the cloth I was wearing.

"I...I thought you might get mad if you saw-" I tried to explain, but she interrupted me, she seemed quite stern and I was certain she was going to kick me out, and then what would I do? But no. What she next told me was not what I was expecting one bit!

"Let me just make one thing clear! I brought you here for only one reason. and in the morning, I'm going to have to share that reason with everyone else. But I was the one that found you, I believe I should get first go. Is that not to much to ask?"

"I..don't understand," I replied. "Can you please explain what is going on. I'm lost, confused and-"

She pressed her lips against mine, and pushed me so I was lying down on the bed. I let go of the glass letting it smash on the floor. I was unsure what to do with my arms. She was resting on top of me. Her juicy breasts pressing against my chest, as she kissed me passionately. I didn't know what to do, but I knew for sure I didn't want her to stop. I felt her soft hand slide down my chest and find its way to the cloth I was wearing. In one quick motion she tore it off revealing my throbbing cock.

She took her lips from mine. I arched my neck trying to continue the kiss but she was now sitting upright, straddling my chest. She clicked her fingers and to my amazement, her outfit just vanished. I was too turned on from the sight of her naked body to question what happened. My eyes were wide watching her breasts jiggle around, as she started doing a thrusting motion on my chest. Her glistening pussy rubbing against me. Behind her, my cock was out of control just begging to be relieved.

The woman started to squeeze and fondle her breasts, one finger circling her hard nipples. She raised one breast, arching her neck and engulfing the nipple in her mouth and sucking. She would then do the same with the other breast. I wanted to feel those breasts so badly and she knew it. She took both my hands and placed one on each tit. I lightly squeezed them and circled my thumbs around each nipple. She started to let out some moans of pleasure.

Suddenly I felt her hand grip tightly on my cock, she started to rub it, slowly at first but picking up the pace. It did not take very long at tall for my cock to erupt, firing steams of spunk. It covered her hand and some managed to land on her back as well. She brought her hand to her mouth and started to suck each finger one by one, until every last drop was gone.

"Mmm, I certainly want more of that," she demanded And I suddenly felt my cock spring back to life, rock hard once again. She stood up, meaning I lost access to her breasts, and turned around. We were now in the 69 position. Her soaking pussy dripping its sweet juices just above my head. She brought it down, and I stuck my tongue out, trying to get it in as deep as I could reach.

Meanwhile down below, she was lightly fondling with my balls, whilst she made long licking motions, starting from my pubes and going up to the tip of my cock. She then started to circle around the head. The sensation felt fantastic but this was instantly topped when she submerged my cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down getting faster and faster, in each thrust she would engulf the entire length of my cock.

I was being soaked by her juices that flooded out of her, she tasted just as good as she looked. I could hear her make muffled moans of pleasure whilst she kept my hard penis in her mouth at all times.

My cock exploded once again,this time spewing directly into her mouth. She was swallowing every gulp. I couldn't understand how I was able to cum so quickly after the last, but that confusion was then replaced with another. I had yet to stop! More and more spunk was shooting out, and she was taking it all. The feeling was intense and brilliant, but it just kept going. After what seemed like bucket loads of cum, I was exhausted, I closed my eyes and blacked out.

I opened my eyes, looking up at the ceiling. I thought for a moment that it had all been a dream, a very intense wet dream. But then I felt her, the goddess like woman snuggled up to me, her breasts pressed up against me, her legs wrapped around mine. She was just watching me, with her smile. I turned to her and she spoke.

"Sorry about before, I guess I got a bit carried away."

"It's alright," I reassured her. I was not about to complain about the experience, no way. She lent forward and gave me a kiss.

"Great, well let's carry on now."

She clicked her fingers and my cock was standing ready for duty. I spluttered, she was not going to stop was she? She lay at the end of the bed, her leg spread wide, she was gently rubbing her clit.

"Now come on, slide that monster in here. It's not long until we leave to meet the others," she commanded. I was hesitant. Although I was desperate to fuck this beautiful creature, I was still very shy.

"Don't be nervous, look I'll help you," she said in a reassuring voice. She reached forward and lightly pulled me by my cock towards her. She guided it into her wet slit, I took it from there. Making thrusts with my hips, bringing my cock in and out. I started slow, easing my way in.

"Harder!" She demanded. I kept thrusting, more and more.

"Harder!" She screamed again. I continued going as fast as I could. The feeling was pure ecstasy. But she still wasn't satisfied.

"HARDER!" She commanded. I felt a sudden burst of energy. I grasped her rear tightly and stood up, bringing her up with me. I was unsure where this sudden strength came from, but I kept going, she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me closer. I kept pumping my cock into her dripping pussy. We were both screaming and moaning. I was unsure how much more I could handle.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself close, we started to kiss, I felt her tongue enter my mouth. She ended I kiss and pushed my head down so I was resting on her massive breasts. I kept sucking and licking them. We went on for quite a while. Until we ha both climaxed several times, each time I did my cock would never become numb. It was not until the very last time, when we collapsed back onto the bed.

I fell on top of her, gasping for breath. She spun us around so as was on top. She took her hand down to her pussy and took out some of my cum. She brought it back up and sucked on her fingers. We laid there for a few moments, hair enjoying each others company in silence. I did not want that moment to end. But I guess it had to....

She got up from the bed and instantly had her toga back on.

"What about my clothes?" I asked.

She turned to me and giggled. "I don't permit you to wear anything," she said bending down to give my penis a brief stroke. "I don't want this thing covered up."

I got off the bed, no longer feeling awkward around her with my cock out. She led me out the door.

"Come on now, David. The others will be most pleased to meet you..."

I took a gulp and followed her out the door. I had a feeling I would not be going home any time soon...

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