Howl Of The Full Moon - Part 3

By bronte27

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Wolfie's strong arms held me tightly to his chest, as I sobbed and his dick grew beneath me.
All day, I had the feeling that someone undead was following me, but I thought I was just being paranoid, because of what had happened when I first met Wolfie. Just thinking about him made me smile and made my heart flutter.

I turned around, as I neared the cemetry to visit my Mother, who had died a year ago, from lung cancer. I came to visit her grave every other month. I couldn't see anyone as daylight was beginning to turn to night. Even though I couldn't see anyone or anything just vehicles driving past on the road, I sensed a presence around me.

"Oh, Wolfie, I wish you were here," I said quietly, as my heart pounded.

I turned and hurried into the graveyard and quickly found my Mother's gravestone covered with flowers.

Sylvia Jones

1960 - 2011

Beloved wife and mother.

I knelt down and planted a red rose amongst the other flowers. I stared down at her grave. My bottom lip began to quiver, as my eyes filled up with tears and then they flowed down my cheeks. I heard a twig snap from behind and my head snapped round.

But there was no one there.

I quickly got to my feet and scanned frantically around at the spooky gravestones; willow trees, brown and orange leaves on the ground that had fallen from the other trees. My heart pounded in my chest.

Suddenly, someone appeared from behind a tree. A man. A tall, thin, pale young man, with a gaunt handsome face. His hair was blonde and slicked back from his face.

"Hello, my pretty," he said, smiling.

I walked backwards as he started walking towards me. I jumped in terror, as he appeared at my side and his long, bony, cold fingers touched my shoulders.

"Please! Leave me alone!" I cried.

He chuckled and grinned at me and my eyes widened in horror as I saw his vampire fangs grow.

"I have to say, my pretty, you have a lovely neck," he said, stroking the side of my neck and I felt how cold he was.

My body trembled with fright as the vampire was about to bite into my neck.

"Let her go!" roared a deep, masculine voice.

Both the vampire and I looked up and my heart fluttered with happiness.

"Wolfie!" I cried with relief.

"It's OK now, Jasmine. I'm here now," Wolfie said.

His eyes shone with warmth towards me and then they turned yellow and hard, towards the vampire. "Let her go now, you two hundred year-old leech, before I tear you apart!"

The vampire dropped me to the ground and got to his feet.

I clambered to my feet and leaned back against the trunk of the willow. I stared wide-eyed, terrified for Wolfie, "Be careful, my love."

Wolfie blew me a kiss and then turned angrily to the vampire, snarling. His eyes turned yellow, as he jumped up into the air and landed back down on four legs, in beautiful, black wolf form. 

I sucked in my breath, at the sheer beauty of him.

The black wolf snarled ferociously at the vampire, his hackles were up and his ears were back. 

The vampire bared his fangs too and crouched, also in a threatening position. 

They circled each other, then the black wolf stepped a few steps back and jumped up and bit right into the vampire's neck. His teeth dug right through to the bone and snapped it.

The vampire's body lay, limp in his jaws within a few moments of dying.

Wolfie shook the body like a rag doll and then dropped the vampire's carcass to the ground. He turned to me, with vampire blood smeared over his muzzle. 

I rushed over to him, threw my arms around him and nestled my head in his fur as he licked me, tail wagging.

Soon, Wolfie was back in his human form and we stood looking at each other. I sobbed onto his bare chest and his strong arms held me tightly against him. I was aware of his dick, growing beneath me.

"Why are you crying, my love?" he asked, in a concerned, gentle tone.

"Because I feared for your life!" I cried, 

"Oh, my love! Nothing is going to happen to me," he made me look up into his eyes and held my face in his hands, kissing me passionately. 

I kissed him back and before long, we were rolling on the ground, stripping off my clothes and were now making love. 

I was on his lap riding him in the cowgirl position. I stroked down his chest with my hands and then kissed him. I leaned back and threw my head back, as our bodies rose and fell, in rhymn with one another. 

Wolfie rolled me over and he thrust hard and faster into me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and had my hands on his smooth bare butt. His body suddenly became rigid and then suddenly spasmed, as he orgasmed inside me, spilling his hot juices.

I orgasmed a few moments after and I cried out into the night.

Wolfie looked down at me and his lips turned into a wolfish grin and I grinned back. 

Within moments his eyes turned animal like. Wolf eyes.