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Howling on the Beach

Two friends become bonded for life, after a lie on the beach.
As the rain continued to pour, I rubbed my eyes while my fingers clutched my cup of European roasted coffee. Rain drops dotted the glass door as I took a sip.

"Hey, V," a soothing, masculine voice coaxed. "Looking into the night?"

I felt two soft hands gently grab onto my waist, massaging my skin with his fingers through my pajama pants.

"Hi, Blade," I cooed. "I'm waiting for the lightning to stop, babe."

My best friend, Blade, was simply amazing. He was 5'8, thin, but muscular and a healthy pale color. His hair was dark brown and sometimes curled. Meanwhile, Blade's eyes were a soft milk chocolate brown. We've known each other for almost three years from our sophomore year of high school. We met in the school’s memorial gymnasium where the students were forced to walk the lines of the interior basketball court. At first we had a strong love-hate relationship due to our contradicting beliefs and opinions over most things. However, our friendship was deeply embedded into us, infused with passion that would never break.

"Waiting for it?" Blade smirked, taking a gulp of his Coke, "Want to...have some fun in the dark?"

I turned to him, with a snicker on my face. We were on vacation, “alone” together. My mother brought us with her to Myrtle Beach, but we were alone some of the time.

"We'll go to the beach after this crap ends," I gazed at the puddles illuminated by the fence lights.

"Come," he invited me over to the couch, facing the TV. "Snuggle with me."

The central air in the condo began to give me chills. Blade stretched out on the long couch, spreading his legs. Through his shorts, Blade's “tent” rose.

"Someone's a little excited," I giggled, lying next to him. "What are you revved up for?"

Slowly, I slipped my hands down Blade's emerald shorts. Our brown eyes met as his breathing began to quicken. My fingers met the swollen, reddish head of his long cock. Pulling it out of hiding, I gently stroked his shaft. The random reality show on the TV continued to rage in the background.

"V," Blade managed to moan. "You're gonna make me blow..."

"Shush," I whispered. "My mom is asleep upstairs."

Before finishing with Blade’s need, I yearned to feel him inside of me. We were each other's firsts, which made our emotional and physical bond more special. Hindered from orgasm, Blade sat up, glaring at me like a hungry puppy. I slipped off all of my clothes and went down on all fours. Slapping my butt, I quietly called out his name. Before I could speak, a strong sensation overcame my body.

"OH!" I cried out, Blade put his hand over my mouth. "Your tongue feels so good..."

Blade was sucking on my labia as his tossed the clit around carelessly. I lay there like a bitch in heat as he lapped at my womb. My muscle clenched onto his tongue.

"I want you," I commanded. "Get inside of me."

"Remember," Blade shushed. "We have to be quiet about this."

With one swift motion, Blade mounted me like… a wolf, trying to shove his organ inside. The moist head rubbed against my lips which made me cringe.

"Condom?" I asked, a bit sternly.

"Crap," Blade snarled, pulling away from me. "I'll go to Flooreds on the way to the beach."

The rain came to a halt during our ten minutes of ecstasy. Pulling our clothes back on, we were disappointed in one another. No condoms, really? Not even in the heat of passion? It's a mood killer.

Down the block from my mother’s condo, there is a Flooreds Pharmacy that's opened 24/6, except for Sunday. It was built two years ago, still enormous and fairly clean, though the smell of air sanitizers will get you sick. We walked in with each other, making it a little awkward for the clerks. It made it obvious that we were going straight to the contraceptive aisle.

"Where's the contraceptive aisle?" Blade whispered.

"Like I've done this before?" I growled. "Get The Horses and let’s go."

Blade held my hand and looked me in the eyes.

"Don't be embarrassed that we're buying condoms in front of people. You and I want to enjoy our vacation, right?"

I nodded, meanwhile finding the correct aisle. There were countless choices in terms of features. I wanted something that will have Blade slip in and go 100 mph and never stop. Of course, that doesn't exist.

"You want "Sheer Pleasure?" Blade mocked in a wild, stereotypical French accent. "'You'll triple the strength of your orgasm!'"

I was growing impatient. I still wanted to walk to the beach and it was almost 9 PM. After fifteen minutes of comparing boxes, Blade snatched up one that had silicone lube inside and out, which would increase our sensitivity.

On our way to the register, I grabbed two Kit Kats for our walk. The clerk was an older black woman, maybe in her 60s. She had silver-rimmed glasses and mature dark eyes. Seeing the condoms, the woman glared at me, an expression that was filled with disappointment. Blade stood, watching the computer calculate the total. I peered down at my shoes, feeling a bit disgusted. My mother raised me to wait until I was married in order to become truly one flesh with my husband. I've never been penetrated, but gave Blade oral a few times. We were eighteen and Blade already wanted to marry me.

"May I ask a personal question?" The clerk interrogated Blade.

"Sure, ma'am," Blade nodded. "Shoot."

"How old are y'all?"

"We're both eighteen. Why?"

"Do you love her, sir?"

"I'd die for her," Blade confessed, glaring over at me while I looked at magazines. "I want to marry her and share new experiences with her. I love her so much."

The clerk swiped the condoms and chocolate as she continued listening to Blade. She nodded, gathering her own thoughts. Then she finally spoke as Blade handed her a $10 bill.

"Listen. You look like such a handsome, polite young man. I hope that you're truthful with your words about your friend. I can tell she's a bit nervous about sex, because she wants to be married. But, if you want to satisfy her for the rest of her days, then go for it. Marry her first.

"Sadly, it can't be that simple. There's something I must share with her before she can make that decision."

It was a quarter of ten as Blade and I walked into the dark. Blade was surprisingly quiet while he swung his bag of condoms and candy bars. We walked along the shoulder of the road, a few blocks from the beach. The street was lit with boardwalk and water park lights, filled with laughter of families and kids.

"Vanessa," Blade confronted. "May I ask you something?"

"Yeah, baby," I replied. "What is it?"

"If I..." he began. "If I were a monster, would you love me?"

I glared into the distance, thinking about his question.

"Yes, I would love you no matter what."

"What if your life was put into danger, but I'd attempt to protect you?"

"I would still stick by you, Blade. What are you trying to say?"

"I love you so much, Vanessa," Blade sighed as we walked through the opening onto the beach. "I want you for the rest of my life. I want to make love with you and you to be my first. I want to feel our bodies become one."

Swiftly, Blade wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close. I looked into his eyes, almost in tears. Our lips touched, so warm as our endorphins rushed. His tongue tied with mine while Blade growled with satisfaction.

"I want you too, Blade," I blushed. "Want to do it right here?"

Based on his size of his member, I should've guessed the icebreaker with his quietness. Without contest, Blade and I shook off our clothes and slipped a condom over his twitching cock. Hand in hand, we sprawled onto the beach, naked. It was 10:15 PM and the sand was abandoned.

The sand was moist as the waves continued to crash to the shore. Blade found a beach towel forlorn in the dunes.

"You want to be on top?" His cock pointed at me, hard as a rock. "You need a comfortable position."

"I want that stiff thing inside me," I drooled, throwing myself onto the towel. "Mount me."

Blade found the hole rather quickly and began to thrust hard and quick. When he first entered, it felt like something was trying to tear me in half. After thirty seconds, the pleasure began to swell. For virgins, we seemed very experienced. Blade kept eye contact with me as he moaned. Our only light was the moon shining down on the ocean.

"Ooo!" I whimpered. "Harder!"

"I only hope no one catches us!" he laughed.

As Blade moaned, I noticed a change in his pitch. It sounded like he was a Bassett hound. Surprisingly, he bucked his hips harder. The orgasm growing inside of him appeared huge. If someone caught us, they would be too mesmerized to reprimand our public indecency.

"Vanessa!" Blade snarled, his voice turning raspy. "My knot is swelling!"

His WHAT was swelling? “His knot?” I thought. Only canines knot to their mates. Is that why he was asking those questions? Seconds later, I felt his knot banging against my cervix, swelling inside of my opening. I wanted to cry, it was like a softball inside!

"Ouch! You're tearing me apart!" I snarled back at him. "Blade! No!"

I was horrified when Blade tipped his head back and let out a long, booming howl from his chest as he continued thrusting. We were in missionary position, a perfect position for biting. Now I knew exactly what he was.

All of the sudden, I felt a huge wave of hot goo inside of me. My eyes widened as the river of cum oozed in my canal. As he shifted his hips, the squelching of our fluids with his knot could be heard over the calming of the ocean. With my endorphins running amok, it was hard for me to comprehend what happened.

"Bbb...Blade?" I let out a cry as another orgasm seared through me. "I feel your seed...did you shred the condom!?"

Blade nodded and gave a little smile. I started to cry, the fear that washed over me. As the knot continued to swell, I started to feel some hints of pain from the roughness. Blade had a concerned look on his face as he lapped up my tears.

"I never wanted to hurt you, V," he whispered, feeling ashamed. "I-"

"Why didn't you tell me?" I interrupted. "You're lucky that didn't cause me much discomfort! This feels so wrong. Why did you lie to me!?”

His knot was beginning to subside. The knot part of his organ ridiculously increased my pleasure. It felt like a baseball growing inside of me.

"You probably would've gotten scared," Blade confessed, still on top. "You wouldn't have loved a monster!"

In the moonlight, Blade had his eyes closed. I could faintly see his bones shifting. When he opened his eyes, Blade's pupils were a fiery brown, shimmering in the night. After 20 minutes, his knot slipped from my canal causing his river of spunk to flow out onto the sand. I collapsed, dropping quickly to the ground. A small spasm struck me as I clenched the grains beneath me.

"I must show you something," Blade proclaimed. "Step back. I'm exhausted from hiding, trying to cloak what's inside of me. Society will never understand shifters, which is why their eyes aren't allowed to see us. You're one of the only people who would make love with a beast..."

My legs like gelatin, I managed to wobble to my feet. I wrapped my arms around my breasts, shielding myself from the suddenly frigid ocean spray. Blade marched carelessly into the ocean, diving into the waves. A thousand horrible thoughts flew through my head.

"No!" I sprawled to my knees, sobbing. "Please! Don't leave me! I love you!"

The greenish water began to swell as the crests rose in size. Over ten feet, the waves raged, taking the sand of the shore with it. I laid there crying and naked, thinking he drowned himself. However, I was proven wrong when I heard a confident bark and saw the impossible.

"V," a familiar voice echoed from the sea, "It is alright now."

Out of the ocean, a huge grey wolf came galloping toward me. Gallons of sand were thrown from its monster paws. The wolf was gorgeous. It's coat was a brindle color of white and grey. Its eyes were reddish orange. It was my Blade.

My first instinct was to run; however, I stood my ground, knowing my mate was truly present. Reaching my place, the wolf stopped and stood in front of me.

"Well," Blade began. "What do you think?"

He turned himself around so I could see his full wolf body.

"When do you shift?" I stammered. "When there's a moon?"

"No, no," Blade laughed, swaying his tail. "I'm a senior since I’m eighteen. When you have at least fifteen years of training, you're able to control your shifts."

"But, how is your wolf so...beautiful? I mean, you're real handsome and adorable as a human, but your wolf is gorgeous."

"Our wolf sometimes takes from our human physical attributes, except for skin color. So, no, black shifters can be white wolves as well..."

I stared at him with a smirk, being biracial. I knew some things about shifters and weres, both disturbing and positive, from being surrounded by a vast graduating class of creative, literary misfits.

"How were you able to mate me and want to marry me? Outsiders aren't allowed." I inquired.

Blade began to laugh as he and I began to trail home.

"I am rogue," Blade snorted. "I escaped a while ago. They threatened to kill me at 13 if I told anyone. I...I want you to be mine, why I told. Please don't tell anyone! You will jeopardize both yourself and me!"

"I wasn't planning on it," I reassured. "I don't understand why you'd think I'd hate you for being a shifter. You're still my best friend."

Blade cocked his head, showing off his furry, noble chest. You could tell he was a shifter if you knew about them. Blade was a bit bigger than the average wolf. Plus, his muzzle was thicker and wider in proportion. His entire canine body was lined with pure muscle. Muscle that could protect...or destroy.

"V," Blade leaped on his hind legs, placing his oversized laws on my shoulders. "Will you trust that I won't hurt you?"

His eyes were in line with mine. It was as if I was in a dream. At that moment, I knew I loved Blade, however, was unsure whether or not I would want to be bonded with a werewolf until death. The tide continued to roar as thoughts rushed in my head. He licked my cheek with his long, rough, slimy tongue. I had to give a laugh.

"I will be your mate," I cringed. "However, I don't know much about being WITH a shifter. Remember that you are rogue and nothing positive comes from a pack animal running alone. You're putting the two of us in great danger."

Blade sat on the dunes, curling his long, fluffy tail underneath his bottom. He began to pant, his thick, slimy pink tongue stuck out of his mouth.

"No one will know as long as I act normal...let's go buy a collar, mate dear..." Blade smirked, a rhythmic sway in his gait.

There I was, walking down the street with a bra and underwear on with a wolf in disguise in Myrtle Beach. It was 11:12 PM and the street lights were burning. As we walked into the coastal night, somehow I knew I was going to get scratched in this wild situation...

First erotica story in years, help me out!

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