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Immortal Sins, Part four

Contributing Authors: eve_mercurio 
Max flips me around pinning me to the shower wall before penetrating me slowly inch by inch.

I breathe in, enjoying the warmth radiating throughout my body. I open my eyes and come face to face with blue orbs, flashing with electricity. I am completely mesmerized by his beauty. The stubble on his jaw and the dark circles underneath his eyes are very noticeable.

Realization dawns on me; I must have fallen asleep after Max and I had let go of all the physical tension between us.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep. Here, I'll leave so you can actually sleep comfortably," I say and begin to roll over.

His arm shoots out and grabs me by the waist, pulling me in tightly against him.

"Don't leave. I stayed awake to make sure you didn't," Max says.

I can feel the rumble of his chest against me as he stares at me. I sigh, realizing how much of an effect I have on him.

"I'm not leaving Max. Get some rest."

His eyes meet mine before he leans in and kisses me lightly on the lips. He smiles at me sweetly then rests his head on my bosom, still holding onto me tightly.

"Thank you Ella."

I wonder why I am staying as his hold on me begins to loosen around me, but of course, even if I didn't want to admit it, I already know the answer to my thoughts.

The instant our bodies became intertwined, the excruciating pain that had tormented me for days disappeared. I had fallen asleep blissfully for the first time since Max had accidentally almost killed me.


I wake up hours later to a hard bulge pressing against my bottom. I wiggle around when I feel the well known feeling of Max's hardness. His arm is around my waist holding me tightly against him, but I manage to turn around and see him still sound asleep. I smile deviously, knowing perfectly well how I wanted to wake Max up.

I slowly begin to trace kisses from his neck to his chest and down his toned abs while slipping the sheets off. Max hardly moves until I lean in to kiss him on the lips. I bite his bottom lip teasingly before his hands fly up to my face and hold me there. His tongue swirls with mine, dancing in lust before I am flipped underneath him.

We stare at each other for only a moment before he smiles and I pull his head closer to mine. Desire is breeding inside me. Desire for him, not to feed, but just him. I wrap my legs around his torso pulling him in closer. My nipples brush up against his chest and I whimper as his lips lick the sensitive spot in my neck.

"Max," I say.

His stiff member rests on the inside of my thighs, teasing me.

"Yes?" Max whispers as his lips tenderly kiss down my breasts, my stomach and the inside of my thighs.

He licks me slowly and I forget how to breathe for a moment. He licks my outer lips and slides his tongue up and down my slit making my body explode with pleasure.

I scream out his name as he finally circles my clit. My hands search desperately for anything as I feel my muscles contract and tense as my orgasm nears. The pressure in my pelvis increases to the point where I feel like my head might just explode from the overload of pleasure. My inner thighs quiver as Max flicks my clit before looking into my eyes deviously and sucking on it with relish. My muscles spasm and I can feel my juices run down my thighs.

“Oh Max! Max, please, Oh god! Don't stop. Please don't stop!” I scream, desperate for the release.

Max halts the movement of his tongue, and looks at me. He spreads my legs wider and crawls up my body and faces me. His eyes are flashing wildly, I can see the beast for the first time.

His hand rubs my clit, and my body immediately presses against him. I grab his shoulders for support, and my nails begin to dig into his skin leaving my mark on his body.

“Ella,” Max growls. "I want to hear you say something," he says.

I stare at him for him to continue and he leans in to kiss me.

"Are you mine?"

I am quiet. Surprised. Am I his? Am I anyones? I don't know.

His hand squeezes my breast, and my legs instantly wrap around his waist pulling him in tighter. I can feel his hard member poking at me, teasing me, going everywhere except where it belongs. I am desperate for the feel of him against my skin.

"Are you mine?" he asks again.

“Max," I say his name desperately. "I need you. Please,” I beg, but he only set my body on fire more.

His lips envelopes my nipple and sucks on it; his teeth lightly biting into it. I moan loudly. My body pushes up against him, desperate for more pleasure.

"Are you mine, Ella?"

I stare at him wildly. His touch makes me go crazy, his eyes makes me feel hot all over my body, his mouth makes me melt, and oh god, his body. His body takes me to a whole different world.

“I’m yours Max. I’m yours,” I moan heavily.

Max looks me in the eyes and smiles lovingly before thrusting deeply into me. A torrent wracks through my body as he moves inside of me, filling me, stretching me, and claiming me as his. My hands trail down his back and I attempt to pull him in closer.

His fangs graze against my neck, before kissing me down to my collar bone. Pleasure hits me like a freight train and I clamp my pussy around his cock, in an attempt to milk it from all his cum. He grunts and growls, unwrapping my legs off of him and turning me over. I stick my bottom into the air, and I can feel him behind me before he fills me swiftly. He pounds into me from behind making hot, loud slurping noises with every movement.

One of his hands is holding onto my hip, while the other pulls on my hair. My back arches and he kisses down my shoulders and spine, never losing the pace. The sheer intimacy of the act pushes me over the edge and I pull him in with me. I feel him grunt before I feel his cock twitch inside of me; erupting with his cum.

I feel it fill me but instead of pulling out he remains inside of me. His hands trail down to my waist before he slips his cock inch by inch out of my pussy. I collapse onto the bed in sheer exhaustion. Max lies right next to me. He pulls me in closer to him and I dig my head into the crook of his neck breathing in his scent.

I feel calm, safe and secure. The feeling is foreign to me, but so intoxicating.

I feel a sudden sadness knowing I had begun to fall in love with him. There was no going back but the anguish of the realization hits me hard.

He can never love me for being who I am. This is lust twisted with passion and desire and loneliness that gave the illusion of love. Love is something that can not exist for someone like me.

I bite my lip trying to hold back the tears. The same thoughts ran through my head earlier but they were quieter then.

Tears escape my eyes and roll down my cheeks as I place my head on his chest.

“What’s wrong Ella?” he asks, stroking my hair.

I say nothing but simply nuzzle closer to him. How could I explain to him that he is my undoing?

“Ella, please, tell me what’s wrong?” He moves around and makes me face him.

God, he is so beautiful and perfect. I place my hand on his brow and smile sadly before pulling away.

“I don’t think we should see each other again,” I say raggedly.

“Give me a good reason why I would agree to that,” he demands desperately.

He pulls me in closer to him but I pull away before giving in to his touch.

“You can’t possibly want to be with a succubus. The sex is amazing but its just sex. You don’t know the real me. You can’t possibly love the real me. You have a soul mate and when you find her she will be everything you ever needed. I will be nothing compared to her, and what we had will be over. I’m just saving us the trouble that is to come,” I say.

Because I have met Max, I am now more envious that other demons could have soul mates but succubi could not. It was an added punishment since Lilith refused Adam in the Garden of Eden. Granted demons could not recognize them as easily as witches and faeries could, but never the less they had a companion destined to be with them for eternity.

I couldn’t bear to look at him. I felt so vulnerable and insecure. I lower my head to avoid his gaze and I remove myself from his hold and slide off the bed. I pick up my lingerie and my dress before I feel him right behind me. Silence permeates the air and I feel a rush of adrenaline. My heart is breaking with every beat it makes.

"Ella. Look at me and tell me you want to leave," he says quietly, but firmly.

"I don't want to leave. What part of this don't you understand? I just don't want to die of heartbreak in the future. There is no happy ending for us," I shout, still not facing him.

Max's arms wrap around me pulling me against his chest. His forehead rests against my head and he breathes me in deeply.

"I don't know where this is coming from. Believe me when I say that I want to know every little thing about you. How you like your coffee in the morning, all those cute little quirks, anything and everything. I don't know why you won't let me love you. But I am begging you, give this a chance... Give us a chance before throwing everything away."

Tears flow freely from my eyes, and even though I know I shouldn't, I turn towards him and when he leans in to kiss me, I kiss him back with all that I have. It makes my knees weak and my head spins, and even though I can't ever experience true love, I like to think that this is what true love feels like.

"I'll try," I say.

His embrace tightens before kissing me on the cheek. I feel drained emotionally and physically, but I am happy.

His hands rub the tenseness out of my back. I kiss him lightly on the lips. Max follows my every movement before pulling me into his chest. I breathe in his intoxicating smell and I let myself relax and calm down. I look up to see us in the mirror and the first thing I notice is how awful I look.

“I really need a shower,” I say. “You’re welcome to join me if you like,” I whisper into his ear before slipping out of his grasp and walking into the bathroom.

I turn on the water and step in. I moan as water trickles down throughout my body getting rid of all the grime and sweat. The shower curtain opens and Max steps inside. I grab the shampoo and rub it into his scalp. I let my fingers massage their way down to his neck and back up to his temples. I rinse his dark hair before bending down to pick up the lufa.

Max's hands hold me at the hips and I attempt to look up at him but I can't. The pouring water from the shower head hits my eyes. I remain still anticipating his touch. His fingers trail down to the inside of my thighs and to my bum, caressing it lightly before kneading it.

“You’re insatiable,” I say, completely surprised at his stamina.

Some succubi indulged in one male, repeating the process until he was dehydrated, hungry, and sleepy to the point where sex was no longer a possibility. To them it was a sport to see how far they could take a single man. Often times their victims died from dehydration or physical exhaustion.

“Max,” I suppress a moan, “You need to feed.”

I gasp as his fingers enter my pussy and angle around looking for a certain spot. My knees buckle and I lean into the wall for support.

“Max, I’m serious,” I moan out between each thrust his fingers make.

He moves his fingers slightly before he hits the spot. Ecstasy hits me with every movement.

“The same applies to you. Let me take care of you. You can feed off of me, Ella.”

Max’s fingers leave me and I cry out from the emptiness. Max flips me around pinning me to the shower wall before penetrating me slowly inch by inch. I bite into his shoulder and my hands pull him in closer, desperate for his touch.

He growls and withdraws before thrusting into me with brute force. The impact is strong enough for the bottles to fall off the shower racks but we both don’t care. I kiss him fiercely and he repeats the move repeatedly. Our pleasures increasing with each and every single thrusts.

My legs wrap tightly around him and my arms grasp onto him for support. He licks my neck and traces fiery scrapes from his fangs down my collarbone up to my neck. I have a strange desire to have him bite me and I try to repress it but my thoughts gravitate toward the idea.

“Bite me,” I hear myself moan out before I can fully comprehend it.

“Are you sure?” He growls.

He thrusts into me again and again. Everything around me spins as his mouth rests in between the crook of my neck.

“Yes,” I breathe out.

He kisses my neck before resting his fangs on the skin. His fangs rupture the skin and sinks into my flesh. I moan out in ecstasy as I climax profoundly. My body shudders and I have no control of my movements, or a sense of time. I feel Max’s cock shudder inside before exploding inside of me.

My hands instinctively hold his head in place as I bite his lip and gain entry to his mouth. I feed off of him but only just a bit. Enough to keep me satisfied but not enough to hurt him. We remain motionless, neither of us wanting to release each other from our gasps. I pant heavily and gaze into his eyes. He looked tired and drained.

“Max you need to feed. You didn’t get much blood and I took some essence out of you too,” I say.

“Don’t worry sweetheart. I’ve got a few bottles in the fridge,” He responds, but his voice sounds tired.

We turn off the water after a while and I wrap a towel around myself before glancing up at him. He stands there with water droplets running down his chest to his amazing v-shaped torso before hitting the towel right around his waist. I look away before I am tempted to make love to him again. I walk to his room and look through his closet before finding a dark t-shirt. I pull it on and walk on over to his kitchen. I can feel Max's eyes watching me; observing every step I take.

"Where do you keep the bottles?" I ask, suddenly a little nervous.

I shuffle through all the cupboards looking for a cup or glass. I find it and reach for it but just as I touch the glass, I feel Max's hands snake around my torso and his lips on my neck.

"Max, you scared me."

His fingers reach down to the hem of his shirt and pull it off of me.

"I can't think straight when you wear my shirt like that," he says huskily.

A part of me is flattered but the other part is worried that his stamina might not be enough for another round.

"Well I don't have any clothes of my own with me right now," I respond matter of factly before going to his fridge and looking at the dark colored bottles.

I grab one at random and look up to see Max staring at me with the same predatory look. For the first time I feel uncomfortable as I pour some into the glass and give it to him, the red liquid swirling around almost like wine. He takes a sip and his body instantly relaxes.

“What are you doing today?” he asks.

“Not much, I finished doing my escape work just in case the hunters were on to me. I don’t know if they’re on to me yet, but I’d rather be prepared anyways,” I reply with complete honesty.

Max almost chokes at my words and his grasp on the glass tightens.

“Do you think that they’re on to you?” he asks.

I lean into him instinctively and put my hand on his arm in an attempt to calm him down.

“I don’t know Max,” I say lightly, trying to relieve the tension.

He picks me up tightly and presses me against him so harshly I can hardly breathe.

“I won’t let them hurt you. Those bastards won’t get close to you. I promise,” he says almost menacing.

I say nothing, but bite my lip instead. I let him hold me until I feel the muscles in his arms relax slightly.

“Max, I need some clothes. I’ll go to my place and come back then we can do whatever you want. How does that sound?” I say hopeful that he would relax and not worry about the hunters.

“I’ll go with you,” he says, protectively.

“It’d be easier and faster if I went by myself," I respond, smiling at him.

He pauses and hesitates as if he's wondering whether or not to listen to me.

I sigh inwardly. "Okay, how 'bout this? If I don't come back within five minutes I give you permission to knock my front door down,” I compromise before he objects.

He growls and I know his demon at the surface attempting to take control. I kiss him on the cheeks and smile at him sweetly.

"I will be back in no time. Nothing is going to happen to me," I say soothingly to the beast inside of him.

A part of me is disturbed by his obvious paranoia but another wonders if its just his possessive nature.

His eyes began to grow brighter and seem to electrify as Max seems to lose control. His fangs pop out, his skin becomes more luminescent, and his pupils darken into black pits, the blue contrasting brightly.

I suppose I should be petrified but I stand my ground controlling every nerve in my body to not do anything rash to bring out its killer nature. He moves an inch closer to me and it takes every bit of my willpower not to take a step back. This is a dominance play that I am not willing to lose.

I stare him in the eye and hold my gaze. He stares back at me but I continue to hold my ground. The silence is thick except for our breathing. He leans in closer but does not touch me. He is stubborn, but so am I.

His face changes back to normal except for his fangs, and slowly, he descends down to my neck and I gasp as I feel his hot breath hit my neck. He licks down to where he bit me earlier and kisses the mark tenderly. I shiver in pleasure but manage to control my breathing. His arm snakes around my waist and I can feel my nipples harden instantly under his touch. His fangs graze across my collarbone and a small moan escapes my lips.

His lips pull into a knowing smirk before kissing me sweetly. I can feel his growing arousal against my own and I give in to his touch kissing him back fiercely. I bite his lower lip and its as if something snaps. He growls and pushes me down against the counter. His hands slide up my thighs and onto my lower back forcing my chest to rub and press up against the counter’s cold surface. I stay still bent over with my ass in the air

Cool air licks the empty wet slash between my thighs before I feel two hands grab the globes of my ass and spread them apart. I moan and I arch my back trying to look at him. Hands roughly push me face down into the cold slab. I quickly understand that Max’s beast wants me to submit to him.

I feel warm breath along my sex and his teasing tongue licking my clitoris. My body instantly responds, secreting juices for him. He licks them and then inserts a finger gathering my secretions before rubbing it up to my puckered star. My hips grind against him, my folds are dripping all so quickly. No other man could ever do this to me - make me desperate with need. My legs and body quiver in anticipation waiting for his touch.

I feel him trail soft kisses from my tailbone up my spine and up to the base of my neck. His hard cock teases my entrance, stroking the fire burning inside of me. He sucks on my neck before giving teasing bites everywhere. I mewl with every bite and I can feel the throbbing need in between my legs increase. I lift my head and arch my back again doing anything possible to get myself closer to him.

Once again I am pushed down against the counter top and I hear growls emit from his chest. He lifts my hips and grinds his cock up and down my slit.

"Oh Max," I moan.

He responds with a grunt and continues his slow, delicious torture. I put my hands down to my bottom and spread myself for him inviting him to enter me, to fill me just like he should. He growls and interlaces his hands with mine, forcing them on to the counter top. I can feel my lips part as his cock head teases my entrance. He teasingly slips in only a quarter of his length, moving slowly, never thrusting into me fully despite my desperate attempts to push myself against him. His hold on me is too tight and I am completely at his mercy.

He suddenly flips me over and pins me against the counter before kissing me passionately. I open my eyes and I can tell that Max, not the beast, but my Max is there again. I sigh in relief and Max kisses me again. His lips feel smooth and soft and his hold is no longer forceful but delicate as if he is afraid to hurt me. I whimper against him, my whole body is shaking with undeniable pleasure that screams to be released.

Every second he takes, not releasing my pleasure, creates a fire that burns through my whole body. His soft caresses brings sweet agony and I pull him in closer, desperate for both the cause and the cure.

For once in my life I tremble around a man, feeling completely exposed to him. My hands shake for the first time in my life and I almost don't know what to do. I realize that this is the first time I had let myself be with someone as long as this and with so many emotions involved. I feel terrified and strange, but most of all, I am excited. I smile and kiss him again, happy to have experienced such a feeling as this.

"I'm sorry Ella, I lost control," he whispers into my ear.

"Don't apologize. Its part of who you are and you can't ignore it. Don't forget I've got mine too."

His shoulders tense and my hands rub circles around them.

"Ella, did you try to kill me the night at the club?" he asks and pulls away from me, holding my face inches from his.

"No, I lost control. It hardly happens, but I was too lost in all the passion that I didn’t think before I did it.. When I was finished, you should have been dead but there you were, still standing. I was terrified because that’s not normal, so I panicked and left."

"More like vanished," he smirks.

"Which came in handy the other night at my place," I joke.

I pull him in closer, circling my legs around his waist.

"Which is a good thing. It means we can handle each other just fine. Now I think you should finish what you started."

I kiss him passionately before quickly pulling his hair giving me easy access to his neck. I bite and lick him down his jawline all the way to his chest.

"Hmm... I love the way you taste. There's so many naughty things I want to do to you," I purr seductively.

"Patience kitten,” he says huskily against my hair. “We have plenty of time. If we keep doing this we'll be nymphomaniacs. Although I kind of like the idea of that."

I laugh and push him away before hopping off the counter.

"Well in that case I think I need some clothes."

"Three minutes," he grimaces.

"Fine. You worry too much, you know that?"

I pull him in for a kiss and before he can kiss down my neck, I instantly teleport to my bedroom. I smile for a second before I smell the perfume I would recognize anywhere hits my nose.

"What perfect timing Ella, I just got here. You and I have much to talk about," my mother says, in her “Don’t give me any crap” tone.

I sigh and walk straight to my closet. I pull out my jeans and my tank top, not bothering to look at her.

"And what exactly would you like to discuss mother?" I ask while putting on my clothes.

"What isn't there to talk about? Ella, everyone saw what you did to Michael! You humiliated him and me! Luckily I managed to convince everyone that you are an angry drunk and you must have had too many drinks. Why would you throw away this opportunity to be with Michael, Ella?" she asks in anger.

“Opportunity? Mom, I couldn’t stand him. He is obnoxious and cocky! He got what he deserved.”

“Ella, listen to me. Give him a second chance,” she demands as she grabs the hairbrush and begins to brush my hair.

“No,” I begin but she cuts me off.

“He is good for you, Ella. Michael is good. He is handsome and his family is well known, just like ours. You two are a match made in heaven, honey,” she says, lovingly.

“Mother,” I begin but I am cut off by a loud bang from the front door.

“Ella?” I hear Max shout.

“Great. Just perfect,” I mutter under my breath. “Max, I’m over here. I’m fine,” I say, knowing he would hear me without having to raise my voice.

Within seconds, I am suddenly caged by strong arms and lifted up so effortlessly, the air is knocked out of me. I didn’t know Max could move so fast.

“Oh thank the heavens you are okay,” he murmurs quietly, stroking my hair.

My mother clears her throat and I grimace. Max tenses and sets me down before we both turn to her.

“Mother, this is Max,” I say, noticing the grimace on her face.

“I know who he is. Mysterious dangerous vampire and owner of a string of clubs. Mostly known for his dangerous hobby, hunting down the hunters. Of course I would recognize who he is,” she spits out.

I am surprised by the harshness coming from her voice and the anger on her face from seeing him holding onto me.

“Why on earth is he here, Ella? Don’t you dare tell me that you are messing around with this… this vampire ,” she hisses.

I am suddenly angered that she is being so offended by Max being with me. I step in front of Max and stare my mother down.

“And so what if I am?” I challenge her.

“I forbid you to see him, Ella! You and Michael are meant to be together. Not you and Max .”

“When have I ever listened to you, mother? What I do with my life is none of your business. As for Michael, he can find someone else to marry. I want nothing to do with him.”

“Ella! How dare you?!” my mother gasps.

I stare her down, holding my ground as she stares back at me.

“We are not done talking about this Ella,” she says and shifts her gaze to Max. “I will not let you ruin my daughter’s life the way you ruined your mate’s life,” she says and then teleports away.

I sigh and shake my head at my mother. I turn to look at Max and find that he is tense, staring at the spot my mother was standing just a few seconds ago.

“Max, what’s wrong?” I ask, raising my hand up to touch his face.

Max doesn’t respond to my question or my touch. He continues to stare at nothing, tense and unmoving.


Ella’s mother

“Welcome back Madam,” Albert, our butler greets.

“Albert, get me a drink and summon Michael,” I say before walking to my study.

“Will do, Madam,” Albert responds.

I take off my coat and hang it on the hanger by the door before walking to my desk. Just when I sit down in my seat, Albert knocks on the door.

“Come in,” I say.

“Here is your drink Madam,” he says before pouring the Sanford Chardonnay wine into the cup.

“Have you summoned Michael yet?”

“Yes, he should be here any second now.”

I excuse Albert and he bows before he walks out of my study. I sip the wine and savor the taste, letting the wine work it’s magic on me, loosening all the tension in my body.

“That damn vampire, he’s going to ruin my beautiful Ella,” I mutter to myself, lost in my thoughts.

“Vampire? Ella? What’s wrong Sheryl?” Michael asks.

“Oh Michael, you’re here. Thank goodness.”

“Hm. Yes,” he replies, and sits on the couch. “Why did you summon me Sheryl? And what’s with your muttering something about Ella and vampire?”

I sigh dramatically, frustrated with Ella and her damn stubbornness.

“Ella, apparently, is seeing a vampire named Maxwell. I don’t know who she takes after, that girl. She refuses to listen to me when I told her to stay clear of him.”

“Famous vampire Maxwell who owns all those supernatural clubs?” Michael asks.

“Yes. Out of everyone else in the world, she just has to meet him.”

“Maxwell is a dangerous man though. Rumors of how he got his mate killed by those hunters still goes around. What if he gets Ella killed too?” Michael gets up off the couch, angry and stalks to the big long window.

“That is why I summoned you here Michael. We have to get Ella to come back to us, where we can keep her safe and away from Maxwell. He is bad for her,” I say, determined.

“How do you suppose we get her back here?” Michael asks, staring out the window.

“That’s where you come in Michael. She is your bride to be. Do whatever you have to, to get Ella back here. If you have to kidnap her, do it. Just as long as she is safe.”

“Does she know that she is already engaged to me?” Michael asks, staring at me.

I smile, “No. She refuses to have anything to do with you. But of course, you’re going to have to persuade her to come back, and when she does, she’s all yours.”

“Where is she now?” he asks.

“She could be anywhere by now, but I can guarantee that she will be close to Maxwell. It seems those two are… well, sleeping together.”

“How dare he touch my Ella?!”he shouts.

His eyes has turned dark, and he looks like a man who could rip anyone to shreds.

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