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Immortal Sins Part Two

Contributing Authors: eve_mercurio 

I pulled off my helmet as I parked in my driveway. I could smell the human across the street, although he was far away from my vision. I breathed in carefully or else I might just run after him and take him then and there. My blood was boiling, but a smaller part of me knew that doing that wouldn't fix anything.

Who was 'blue eyes'? Hell. Why did I even leave? I didn't understand why I had receded to my hiding place. Going through my liquor cabinet, I found a bottle of wine. Taking a glass, I filled it halfway and tried to relax but I couldn't. My curiosity was almost as insatiable as a cat. I would find him. I had to find him. After learning about him, he would just be another face. Another male, maybe with kids or a wife, a job, hobbies, likes and dislikes; the standard man in some way or form.

If I was going to be elusive then it was time to pull one of a few tricks up my sleeve.

Succubi had the ability to disappear or to teleport. The ability came in handy for escapes, evading hunters, and keeping our existence a secret. Our ability should only be used in extreme circumstances, but for tonight I no longer cared about the consequences. If anyone saw me and said anything, who would really believe them?

In a flash, I was in the club sitting in my favorite seat. In a small but comfortable space, I was shielded from the light penetrating the shadows and searching security cameras, leaving me at my discretion to watch whomever I pleased. I smiled.

'Blue eyes' was only twenty feet away from me and exiting a room. His stern face was intense, and his eyes practically glowed. My eyes traveled down to his body. I never had the chance to appreciate what he looked like. His dark pants, and white dress shirt accentuated his figure well. Thick but not overly buff muscles were hinted at, and he walked with extreme grace.

I was so engrossed in savoring the sight that I was unaware of the blonde approaching him until she was already near him. Jealousy sparked a fire within me, even though he wasn't mine to claim. The blonde was attractive enough with a gorgeous figure and a pretty face. 'Blue eyes' would buy her a drink, and one thing would lead to another. Imagining what they would be doing later on in the night brought an onslaught of jealousy. I had to remind myself that he didn't know me, nor did he belong to me.

The blonde was whispering something in his ear. I wished the sound system wasn't so nearby. Even with my acute hearing, I could only assume she was flirting with him and seducing him, when I should be the one who was doing that. My anger only intensified when I saw him lean in close to her as if to kiss her.

"He isn't mine." I told myself. If it wasn't for him being so mysteriou,s I would be in a much happier place. Even with that being said, I still saw red. Behind my mask, I wanted to push the blonde over the balcony for getting near him.

He then surprised me. He walked away. The blonde was in shock and so was I. I was relieved but at the same time angry at myself for caring.

Despite my surprising emotions, I still wanted to know more about him. Why had he said no to the blonde? She was hot and any other guy would have easily obliged to buy her a drink.

As he exited the club, I slipped out of the shadows and followed him. Not once did he look back, or notice me following him. He was completely immersed in thought, so much so that he didn't see me lurking right behind him. I couldn't help but notice that something was off. His strides were too graceful, and he lacked weak spots. His overall body held nothing of vulnerability, hinting that he wasn't anything close to human. What was he?

I impatiently waited as he walked into his home. The flicking of light switches signaled which rooms he moved to and from and eventually he was in the kitchen. I teleported into the living room. The overwhelming smell of masculinity turned me on instantly. I was still hungry, and being near his proximity was not helping me get anything under control.

I looked around the room and noted that everything was simple, clean and organized. Black couches, white bare walls, widescreen television,and modern clocks filled it; but it lacked personality. It was a practical excerpt from a home decor magazine. I scanned across the television stand and saw nothing. There were no books, no magazines, no pictures, absolutely nothing that hinted at who he was.

I moved my search over to his room. Moving through the hallway, I caught a glimpse of him. In dark gray sweatpants, and a fitted white t-shirt. I instantly held my breath. If I got any closer, I would lose my grip on my control. Oh how I would love to straddle him, and feel my hands going down his chest…

I mentally slapped myself to regain my composure. Wait, what was he drinking? The dark red liquid swished around in a glass, as he brought it to his lips. His life essence became stronger as he drank it. He was a vampire.

I knew I should have gotten away, but with my new tidbit of information, I was hungry for more.

I knew what he was, but could I get a name? Rummaging through his desk. I again found nothing. No bills, no letters, no paperwork, just a notepad and a pen. The notepad was completely blank, and I wasn't going to go through the trash bin to see if anything was there. Opening the last bottom drawer, I found something peculiar. There was a picture frame completely face down.

Picking it up, I instantly recognized him and another woman. He was holding on to her as if, his life depended on it. She was extremely beautiful, with brown straight hair that contrasted with her pale skin, and wide brown eyes. My fingers slipped, and the frame hit the ground before I could catch it. I disappeared in an instant, not bothering to close the drawers. He would know someone had been there.


As I sat in the love seat of my own apartment. I wondered who the woman could be. She obviously wasn't around, or else I would have noticed the womanly touch his home would have. I contemplated on who she could be, but I was also confused on what I was feeling. I felt almost sick, but I was immune to all human infection. What was wrong with me?

Rubbing my temples, I inhaled and exhaled slowly. I should have eaten more back at the club. I was far too exhausted, to go back and snatch a quickie.

Pulling off my dress and letting it drop on the floor, I lay there completely bathed in the moonlight. I grabbed a wool blanket, and dozed off on my love seat.


It was nearly ten o'clock and despite my growing hunger. I had not gone out to feed, but had decided that I was going to go through a grand buffet tonight at the club. I told myself that I was simply waiting for a larger and better meal, but a small part of me denied it.

Pulling on some fresh white lacy panties and matching bra, I looked deceivingly angelic. Smirking I pulled on a red strapless sweetheart a-line dress that reached mid-thigh. Adjusting my make up, and hair I made sure every part of me was perfect. The predatory part of me was hinted at through the reflection. My eyes shined bright, and my skin was glowing. The demon had surfaced and it was begging for attention.

Half an hour later, I walked into the club and went straight to the bar.

"White Russian?" asked the bartender. He smiled cheekily, with dimples showing. He obviously remembered what I drank far more than I did.

I smiled and said, "Not today, babe. Whiskey, and keep it coming."

Shot after shot, after shot, I was finally feeling the effects of the alcohol that barely tickled my throat. I was finally buzzed and ready to hit the dance floor. I had already earned enough stares from the gentlemen around me.

I could practically hear their desires. They probably thought I would be an easy target, since no other girl could have drank that much alcohol and still be standing.

Putting more than enough money on the table, I walked towards the sea of bodies dancing to the beat, ready to put my trap into place.

They would search for me here and dance, and when I was ready I would pull them out of the crowd and finish them one by one. A few bold hands began to hold on to me and I lost myself to the music, not really caring. I rubbed myself up against them, pulling them towards me. Then some bold hands grabbed on to me so tightly I stumbled and pushed back into his chest. My butt rubbed against his crotch.

"Oh well, its not like I wouldn't have done that anyway," I thought.

I felt my own arousal, against his own as our tempo increased with the music. I tried to look at my mysterious partner, but he wouldn't let me turn around.

Then in an instant, he was gone. My gaze followed his back, as he swam his way back and towards the exit. My demon howled. It wanted him, and in no way or form was it going to let him leave.

Teleporting, I was instantly in front of him. I took a step back and gasped.

"Blue eyes?"

He smirked. A part of me wanted to punch him, the other wanted to kiss that delicious mouth of his. I did neither.

Holding his gaze, my face hardened. He knew that he had my attention. I wasn't used to that and was usually so in control. I felt my mouth go dry, and I licked my lips as he returned the stare. His eyes went to my mouth and I looked away.

Without saying anything else, I walked towards the bar. I really needed a drink this time. He trailed behind me, then grabbed my hand and pulled me into one of the private rooms. Saying absolutely nothing, he looked at me with such intensity, I felt self-conscious under his stare.

"Anything to drink?" he asked, as he went to the island of liquor in the corner.

"A whisky will be fine," I bravely said. I was practically shaking on the inside. Private rooms signified that their clients were strong and powerful, and that meant I was playing with something that could have consequences. Yet, as his fingers slightly brushed up against mine, the inner demon howled and made my hunger resurface.

I looked at him, intensely, saying nothing and yet saying everything. He seemed taken aback by my bluntness and took in a drink of his own glass. He looked at me straight in the eyes and said, "Blue eyes?" with a laugh in his smile.

I blinked, and for once my cool seductive powers were gone. Taking in a drink, I felt the heat rise to my cheeks but I managed to choke out, "Well, your eyes are blue."

"Since you already have a nickname for me, can I give you one?"

"So many questions, in such a short amount of time, don't you think?" I answered, without a thought. I felt disoriented. One moment I was completely in control, the next I was a complete slave to my needs.

He laughed, as he took another sip of his drink. I sat next to him on the beige leather couches.

"I only have one that I really care about," he smiled deviously. I lifted an eyebrow in response. I no longer trusted my mouth. "What are you?"

"What do you mean?" I asked as adrenaline began to pump through my veins at the question.

"Don't play coy," he leaned into me and stared at me looking for a lie.

Realization dawned on me, that he was the one who saw me in the alley. He was a vampire and had seen me with that human, but had obviously not seen the entire spectacle or else he wouldn't be asking. I said nothing. If I told him that much, I knew that this is where I would cross the point of no return.

Keeping my face blank, I got up and said, "Thanks for the drink," and went for the exit.

In a flash, I was pinned against the wall. The over-stimulation of my senses made me lose it. I could taste him as he invaded my mouth. I could feel him against my legs, my groin, my arms; and every time I breathed, all I smelled was him. There was only him. My hands went through his hair and crushed him against me. I needed him everywhere and anywhere. My legs wrapped around his waist, as his mouth went underneath my chin and towards my throat. I felt his fangs graze against the skin, and my breathing hitched.

His hands slid up my dress, and I felt my back arch in response. The growing hunger fueled my movements, as I tore off his shirts and trailed my hands against his back. My tongue danced up his neck and settled near his jugular vein. Biting it softly, I heard him moan in response as he cupped my ass cheeks and spread them apart. My body pressed even tighter against him, and I groaned. I needed him to fill me in every way.

"Please. Just fuck me already," I begged. I let go of my pride as my need increased.

Fueled by my begs, he tore off my dress and paused at my lacy white bra and panties, only to rip those off too. His mouth crushed mine as he squeezed my breasts, pinching the nipples. My hips bucked towards his erection in response, and my hands tore down his trousers. He took a step back in order to shuffle off his shoes and pants, and I took in his glorious manliness. His cock was huge in girth and length. His eight and half inches of steel were at least an inch and a half in thickness. Before I could even think, he thrust into me.

Leaving me no time to adjust, he thrust hard and fast. My groans got louder as I felt my walls expand and contract around him. I wanted him deeper. My moans got louder as he grunted with each thrust. My legs pulled him in closer. He was reaching undiscovered places and just when I thought he couldn't go in deeper, he slammed even harder into me. His balls brushed against my pussy lips as my body was pinned forcefully up against the wall. I howled in excitement. He withdrew for only a second before ramming himself into me again. Our hips and moans were in perfect tempo as the heat increased.

His hand went to my clitoris and began to rub it skillfully, and mine went to his balls giving him a light squeeze. The muscles in our bodies tensed in anticipation. He thrust himself into me, and then I exploded. Waves of euphoria rolled throughout my entire being. My body clenched onto him so hard, he had trouble continuing his thrusts without friction.

Still high off of my orgasm I squeezed his balls, and I felt his member twitch and swell inside of me. He gave one last thrust, and began to shoot his cum inside of me. I unexpectedly came again. My lips reached his and I began to feed off of his essence. I couldn't stop. This was different, I took all of him in, until he was dry and then let go of his body.

I expected to see empty blue lifeless eyes. Breathing heavily, his gaze met mine.

Panicking, I did the only thing I could think of, I teleported out of there.


I caught myself on the wall as my mystery woman disappeared all of a sudden, leaving me alone and empty. It was weird because I really did feel empty, it was as if my life was sucked out of me, yet I’m still standing and alive.

What did she do to me? And where did she go? Why did she suddenly just disappear like that?

I looked around the room, hoping I would see her sitting down on the couch looking at me with desire, but I found that I was all alone in this private room. If the room didn't smell like sex and if her ripped panties weren't on the floor next to me, I would have thought that I had been imagining everything.

I pulled my pants back on and fixed my clothing, making sure nothing was out of order. I stuffed my mystery woman’s ripped panties in my pocket and walked out of the room alone. I was halfway across the club when someone put their hand on my shoulder. Instinctively, I grabbed the stranger’s arm and flung them over my shoulder throwing my attacker onto the ground in front of me.

“Ouch! What the bloody hell, mate?!” Anthony cried out on the floor in front of me.

I just looked at him, shocked that I had thrown my best friend and partner on the ground. Luckily he wasn’t human or else he would have been seriously injured from that throw.

“You know better than to sneak up on me, Anthony,” I said to him as I helped him up.

“I didn't sneak up on you, I have been calling your name since I saw you come out of that room. What were you thinking about anyways? You’re usually more alert of your surroundings than that,” he said to me, looking a bit annoyed that I had just thrown him onto the ground seconds earlier.

“Oh sorry, man. Just a lot of stuff on my mind right now,” I said to him, looking away at the door.

“It’s okay, so who’s the lucky girl?” he asked, smiling.

“What? What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Don’t act stupid, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyone could smell that sex on you, and even if I couldn't, your lack of alertness already proved it. So tell me, who is the lucky girl?”

This was what I disliked about Anthony, he was too observant and too curious. It’s what got him in trouble with those vampire slayers back then.

“Mind your own business, Anthony,” I told him and began to walk away.

I heard him chuckle as I continued to walk away from him and out of the club. I couldn't wait to get home, since I needed to rest and clear my head.

For the first time in centuries, I felt feelings I thought I had lost forever, strong foreign feelings that made me feel restless. I felt as if I've been asleep this whole time, and I've just barely woken up.


It was just a few hours before the sun would come up and it would be too hard to stay awake. Vivian was somewhere around the house, painting. I walked into the room that she had turned into her own painting room and found her.

Her face lit up when she saw me walk in. God, she was beautiful. I walked up to her and pulled her into me and kissed her full on the mouth. She dropped her painting brush and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, surrendering herself to me.

I picked her up without breaking the kiss and sped out of the painting room and into our bedroom. I laid her down gently on the bed and kissed down her throat to her bosom.

God, the way she smelled was so enticing.

I bit into her skin just before the crease of her breasts and drew blood. I heard her moan out as she wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me closer to her. I sucked a bit of her blood then licked it to close the wound. I looked up at her and she looked back at me. I smiled as I saw the desperation in her eyes.

I grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed as she threw her head back and moaned. I ripped her shirt open and heard her gasp and grunt in disapproval for what I had just done. I smiled and took her nipples into my mouth making her moan again. As I was sucking on her nipples, I pulled her pants and panties off and then took mine off as well.

“Max, baby, fuck me already. Please, I can’t take it anymore.”

“Shhhh… Don’t rush this baby, we have all the time in the world.”

I knew she wanted me to penetrate her already, but I wanted to hold this out. I wanted to tease her some more.

I kissed down her stomach to her navel and licked it. I felt her goosebumps form on her body and I smiled again. I continued to kiss down until I got to her clitoris and she moaned when she felt my breath on it. I licked her clitoris slowly as she moaned and pushed her hips against my mouth.

“Please, Max, please!” She cried out.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her against my mouth and started to fuck her with my tongue. She moaned and begged me to make her cum and when I felt that she was on the verge, I stopped and she cried out.

I smiled and pulled her body to the edge of the bed where I was standing. She was breathing hard and was looking at me desperately, begging me with her eyes.

I winked at her and fingered her, hitting her g-spot as she moaned out again, but like earlier, when I felt that she was on the verge, I stopped and she cried out again. I could tell she was getting frustrated with the look she was giving me, but I was enjoying this.

“Max, stop playing and just fuck me already!” she cried out to me again.

I grabbed my swollen member and started to slowly tease her hole. I would let the head go in and then take it back out and rub her clitoris. She whimpered and moaned as her body shook with pleasure.

In an instant, I penetrated her fast and hard and she groaned out lifting her hips up to me. I fucked her hard and she moaned and screamed in pleasure. Her moans and her screams were like music to me. I loved everything about her, and I loved how she looked when I pleasured her.

“Oh Max, I’m cumming. Max, baby, cum with me,” she moaned.

Within seconds I shot my cum into her pussy and her body shivered as she came hard on my cock.

Her body and mine were in sync. If I told her to cum, she would cum. If she told me to cum, I would cum. We were meant to be. She’s my soul-mate and the love of my life.

"Max, what would you do if something ever happened to me?" Vivian asked me as she laid her head on my chest.

"What nonsense are you talking about, love?" I asked her as I caressed her back.

"Well, it's just a question. You know, out of curiosity?"

I sighed out loud as I thought about a life without her. I couldn't bear to see it.

"I would avenge you... Then after that, I'd follow you..." I told her quietly.

She gasped and turned to look at me. "No Maxwell, promise me you won't do that. Promise you'll live on even if something ever happened to me," she said to me sternly.

I looked at her with a pained look. Is she really serious? How am I going to be able to live on if she's no longer by my side?

"Maxwell! Promise me!" she demanded after a while of silence.

"I can't promise that I won't follow you, but I can promise that I will try my best."

She pulled my face down and kissed me. "I love you Maxwell. I love you with my whole entire life, and I'm so glad I met you."

"And I love you Vivian, my beautiful goddess. You Are my life; my sunshine in the darkness, my blood that pumps my vampire heart, and my everything. I don't know what I would ever do without you."


I awoke from my dream with a heavy heart. I missed Vivian dearly, and on top of that, I felt so guilty for giving in to temptation and having sex with my mystery woman.

I loved Vivian and that will never change, but I can't help but ache to have my mystery woman near me. I just have to see her again. But how?

For the next few days, I went to the club in search of her, but I never saw her. I needed to see her again. That night was starting to feel like a dream, but I know it isn't because I still have her ripped panties from that night. It's the only thing keeping me from thinking that I'd gone a bit crazy.


I picked up my espresso and took a sip as I observed the vampires in front of me. They chatted away with their clean business suits, and crisp collar shirts. The early sun’s rays dancing off their pale skin. They reminded me too much of what had occurred a few nights ago with “Blue Eyes”.

It had been a one night stand that was fueled by pure lust and hunger. The way our bodies intertwined in clumsy and alcoholic fused passion promised more fulfilling and wonderful times. But I had gone too far, in that moment of ecstasy, I took every single last drop from him but he was still standing. That was unnatural even for a vampire.

The vibrating of my phone disturbed me from my thoughts. Looking at the caller id I sighed, knowing perfectly well what would happen.


“Ella, How are you darling? It’s been such a long time since we have spoken.”

“I’m doing well, Mother. How are you?”

Not even bothering to answer my question, she immediately drove on about being busy with coordinating the annual supernatural ball. I sighed again, and sipped more from my espresso. She wanted me to go to the ball, so that she could find an appropriate 'husband' for me. Succubi were never bounded only to a single person, our increased libido and life-spans made such compromises difficult. However, due to the need to procreate it was customary to marry and have an open relationship of sorts. I was still young and was in no hurry to be tied down to a male but since my mother had nothing better to do, she insisted on finding a man for me.

“Ella, I have a favor to ask of you? Would you please do me the honor of accompanying Michael to the ball. He just got back from Mexico, and doesn’t get out much. I told him, I would find him someone who wasn’t already going with someone, so that he wouldn’t be lonely.”

Lies. There were plenty of women that would gladly accompany this 'Michael' she was talking about. She was simply attempting to manipulate me into going to this ball with this so called 'Michael'. To her, even if 'Michael' and I were bitter enemies, I would still be seen and flaunted at by men at the ball. She was hoping that I would find my future “husband”.

“I don’t mind at all. Can you send me the invitation later. I have to go so I’ll call you later.” I had no desire to go but I had excused my way out of her past three attempts. It would be easier to go unnoticed at the ball, and simply play a game of cat and mouse with her until I was ready. However, the idea of being tamed was not something I looked forward to.

Turning into the alley, I waited until the vampire behind me passed right in front of me. Yanking him out of sight, I stepped behind him, grabbed his arm, and kicked his knee under him. His weight pulled at the shoulder socket, causing him discomfort and an inability to stand up without ripping his shoulder’s tendons.

He pushed through the pain and side stepped past me, hurling me into the wall. I let my body relax, and take the impact to minimize the damage. I looked at my opponent, analytically as he lunged at me. I slipped out of his grasp, jumped behind him and planted my knees between his shoulder blades. He lifted his arms as a reflex to balance himself, and I crossed my arms with him pushing his head and shoulders forward. I shifted my weight forward pushing him to fall face forward on the hard asphalt.

“Grr. Goddamn, woman. You win, damn it!”

I tightened my hold pulling the tendons in his shoulders. He grimaced in pain.

“Why have you been following me since yesterday?”

“I’m a friend of Max. I don’t know who you are but he hasn’t been the same since he last saw you.”

I leaned in to his ear and whispered “I don’t give a damn. Now answer the question, why are you following me?”

“I just told you. Max hasn’t been the same!” I released his arms, and he sighed in relief. Punching him straight in the face, I see his body slump across the ground.

I quickly dig through his pockets, find his cell phone and look through the contact list. I hesitated for a second before I hit dial on Max’s name. The phone rang twice before a gruff “hello” answered on the other end of the line.

Looking at the vampires wallet I said “Hello Max, it seems your friend Anthony here has passed out in an alley on Seventh and Olive.” I heard him stutter, but before he could compose himself, I simply said “Goodbye, Max” and hung up on the phone.

I instantly slumped up against the wall, my heart beating out of my chest. Max was Blue Eyes and Blue Eyes was Max. I had avoided the club, all in an effort to avoid the one night stand, but his vampire friend Anthony had found me. I should have left Anthony there in the middle of the alley, but I had to hear Max’s voice to confirm my suspicions.

Why wasn’t I leaving? I had no legitimate reason to stay other than wait for the arrival of Max, but there I was as if I was glued to the floor. The best option, would be to go home and walk away, but I couldn’t. I climbed up the ladder towards the roof and waited patiently for Max to arrive. With luck, the wind wouldn’t carry my scent down and tell him where I was.

I caught him, running as if his life depended on it, through the streets, checking every alley, before reaching Anthony. He screamed out “shit” and punched the brick wall in frustration. I was hoping he hadn’t recognized my voice through the phone, but I knew he had.

My heart broke a little knowing that Max had tricked himself into thinking that he would see me ever again. He wasn’t the first nor would he be the last . I fought against the urge to go down the ladder and speak to him . The darker part of me told me I shouldn't care that he could be my chew toy that would be tossed away when it was all over but deep down inside there was the smallest sliver of fear. I was afraid that this man was capable of breathing life back into me and at the same time befriending my demons instead of taming them. He had the potential to be my greatest desire, and be the poison to my heart.

I then noticed that three hunters had discretely followed him into the alley. I acted on instinct and in a flash I was behind the one furthest from him. He was a foot taller than me,, making it difficult to snap his neck. Grabbing the hilt of his knife I sliced through his hamstrings. His body gave way with the lack of support, and I caught him and plunged the knife into the base of his thick skull.

The sudden rustle of clothing finally got the attention of the others, but it was too late. I subconsciously knew that I had just thrown myself into a mess I had no business in and I was not planning on leaving any clue that I was ever in it. Knife in my hand I lunged towards the one to the left and threw the knife to the hunter on the right. My foot connected to his knee. I grabbed his arm at the elbow and wrist, twisted behind him and with a large snap contorting it into an unnatural angle.

The hunter screamed in pain, as he began to writhe on the floor. My father had taught me the basic anatomy of the human body. The broken bone inside his arm was pressing into the very same nerve often called the “funny bone”. An accidental hit with your funny bone was painful, but for the hunter, it was excruciating pain as splintered bone pressed itself into his ulnar nerve right at the elbow. I lowered myself, and grabbed the knife in the back of his waistband and quickly thrust it in the back of his head. I didn’t want him to cause unnecessary attention.

Breathing heavily, I looked over to the remaining hunter that was breathing raggedly and sagged across the floor with the knife sticking out of his chest. Waves of nausea hit me, suddenly as I realized that a dart with a clear green liquid had been fired into me during the fight. I pulled it out, but the drugs had already begun to have an effect on my body. I blinked, as I felt my world begin to spin out of control. My legs began to shake and I leaned into the brick wall for support. My body felt heavy and my eyelids began to droop.

The last thing I felt were strong arms around me as I gave into the darkness.


I opened my eyes and saw an unfamiliar white ceiling above me. In a second, I had bolted out the sheets in sheer panic. However, the heavy comforter had been wrapped around me making me stumble and trip into a crumpled heap on the floor. Pain shot through my sore muscles as I got up. I was sure that there would be a couple of new bruises to add to my current collection.

I looked up only to see Max burst through the door. His hair was heavily disheveled, and his white t-shirt strained against his upper body. My eyes traveled downwards, drinking him all in, and when they met his eyes my desire burned uncontrollably. I was ravenous.

I almost jumped him right then and there, when a familiar face popped through the door frame. Anthony’s face lit up into a cheeky smile, and I gulped. He had a dark bruise that was yellowing on his left cheekbone.

“Ella! You’re awake. Max was going sick, but I told him the tranquilizer would take a while to rub off.” Tranquilizer, that’s what the green liquid was. I smiled back, Anthony’s good mood was somehow contagious. I walked over to the bed and sat down, I felt weak and nauseous. When was the last time I fed?

“How long have I been out?” I said.Then it hit me. “How the hell do you know my name?”

“Driver’s license, and only two days. Oh and by the way, I forgive you,” chirped Anthony. I lifted an eyebrow.

“Forgive me for what?” I asked.

“For ruining my lovely face, and moving me from utter perfection to almost perfection. At first, I didn’t know what it was like to be so ugly, but I’ve moved on past that. You are forgiven.” I laughed, this boy had too much energy and a bit of a narcissistic disorder.

The pang in my stomach reminded me of other matters.

“Look guys. Thank you for the hospitality, but I believe this is the part where we part ways. And Max, I was never in that alley.” I picked up my jacket from the nightstand, slipped on my shoes and attempted to walk through the door.

Neither Max nor Anthony moved. I couldn’t bear to be this close to Max, he was so enticing. I pushed through that and decided to look up at Anthony. If I even dared to look at Max, I was afraid of the consequences.

“Please, just let me go.” I asked.

“Not until you answer some questions,” responded Max. I looked up at him, completely furious.

“And why would I do that?” I snapped right back at him.

His face leaned into mine. Rage, and passion intertwined into his face. “Because you took down three hunters, within fifteen seconds. In addition to the fact that you have somehow managed to elude every question I have ever asked you. You aren’t leaving until I get answers.”

I was hungry, and I needed to get out of there. I couldn’t vanish out to my home, if they had my license no doubt they knew where I lived. My defenses were falling apart. I sighed in resignation.

“What do you want to know?”

“What’s your real name?” Max asked.

“It’s Ella, the license is not a fake.”

“Fair enough, but that doesn’t answer the question of who you are, Ella?” Anthony responded.

“What do you mean by who I am?” They were tiring me out. I wasn’t lying to them and I just wanted to get out of their lives and move on with mine.

“Do you always flip the question around when you don’t want to answer something?” Max asked softly. I closed my eyes in frustration. The words began to flow freely out of my mouth,

“I’m not the same as you guys. I’m a succubus, which is why I disappeared on you the night at the club. Your friend Anthony here, decided it would be a good idea to track me down. I’m just like every other supernatural being out there, there are hunters out to get us. So when he started following me, I flipped out and started to interrogate him. After I called you, I decided to wait and see who you were. I had my suspicions on who you were, but I just wanted to be sure. I would have left right then and there, but then the hunters came in. I did myself a favor right then and there, getting rid of them. I’m no damsel in distress I can protect myself just fine.”

They looked at me, searching for any hint of a lie. Max had a poker face and Anthony gaped.

“Look I’m exhausted and hungry. I’m going home right now. "

"Let me take you home" Max immediately responded.

"Of course not. I can easily get there by myself."

"Yes but those hunters could be waiting for you. I just want to make sure your place isn't being watched. "

I sighed he was right. Why did hunters have to be such a pain?

" Fine. But I’m going to have go teleport both of us there. If they are there, I don't want them to know we've entered the house. "

Anthony piped in " But what if they are already inside waiting?"

"Easy. I teleport back.”

Anthony’s phone rang for a second, before he energetically answered and practically skipped down the hallway.

“Is he always like this?” I asked.

“Yes. He is.” He curtly responded. It was in that moment that I realized how much I had hurt him. His walls, his defenses were all there, protecting him from me. I couldn’t help being what I was. No matter what I did, or how I did it, there was no changing what I was. Any trace of true compassion from him, would always be from this magical alluring trait that all succubus have. There was no such thing as love, for us, merely the illusion of it.

“Umm Max, I know Anthony is busy but I have things to get to, so if you don’t mind, could we leave right now?”

“ It’s fine.” He mumbled.

Saying nothing, I reached over and touched his arm lightly. His gaze shot up, his penetrating eyes staring at mine. I did not back down from his gaze nor did I look away.

“It’s easier if there is some physical contact for us to teleport.” I said.

In a flash, we were back in my bedroom. Everything appeared to be in order, but a distant rustling could be heard from the kitchen. The smell was definitely human, and most importantly male.

I had found my next meal.

Max tensed and opened the door slightly. I put my hand to his chest and motioned at him to be quiet. I couldn’t feed off the recently departed like he could.

I walked down the hallway and peeked into the kitchen. There was only one man, he was five foot nine with a medium build. A thick black jacket hugged his upper body, that led down to a nice firm round ass. I was completely ablaze with animal lust.

Smiling, I coyly asked, “Excuse me, but who are you?”

A knife went flying towards my head. He was a hunter, but at this point it didn’t really make a difference. I dodged the knife and began to circle around him. My demon was surfacing.

“Now, now. That’s no way to treat a lady.” I could feel the pheromones gushing out of my body. He would succumb slowly but surely. Pulling off my jacket, I looked up at him. His eyes had already began to travel towards my cleavage. But his fists were clenched as if he was still trying to fight his desires.

“They didn’t believe me when I swore there was a succubus, but its true.”

I said nothing. I was getting impatient. I walked up to him slowly, moving my hips side to side. I licked my lips, and placed my hands on his chest. “Do you want to find out what a succubus can do?” I trailed my hands down slowly. I slid my hands across his torso and pulled off his jacket. I looked up at him, and could see the increase in his pulse. The blood was running through his veins, and his pupils were dilated.

He was lustful. Perfect. I reached up and brushed my lips lightly with his. His hungry mouth instantly responded and deepened the kiss. A fire had begun to grow in my belly. I bit his bottom lip, and I explored his mouth with enthusiasm, all while my hands pulled his shirt up. We paused for only a second, as it went over his head and began the onslaught again. His hands were exploring my body, pulling off my shirt in the process.

He paused for a second, and gazed down at my breasts. Then, all of a sudden, he mauled them with his hands. I moaned loudly as he pinched the nipples and rolled them. A fire was burning inside of me and I needed him. He pulled me closer to him, and began to kiss me as his hands played with my breasts. I was growing impatient. I was in no mood for foreplay.

Grabbing him from the waistband of his jeans I pulled him over to the kitchen table. I pushed him roughly, and I enjoyed the surprised look on his face. I was in control right now and he didn’t seem to mind.

I undid the front of his pants, and lazily raked my fingers around his crotch area. He stifled a moan and looked at me expectantly.

I pulled down his briefs and paused. His blonde head rolled back, as he tried to stifle a moan. My slender fingers reached down and cupped his balls, as I began to flick my tongue across the tip. He looked at me begging me for more, as I teased him. My hand traveled towards the base of his shaft and began to pump in an up and down motion. I leaned forward and began to explore the velvety smooth skin. Thick veins bulged, through his cock as his member pulsed with energy. My lips traveled down his shaft, as I took one of his balls into my mouth. I quickly moved over to the next one and began to suck on the small area between his asshole and his ball sacks.

His body tensed in anticipation. I smiled inside. So this little hunter liked a little anal play? Well, I just found my golden ticket towards a quick orgasm and a full stomach.

I popped his member into my mouth, letting my tongue swirl on the underside. The sudden unexpected movement had him cry out in surprise. I began to suction him off and my hand was sliding up and down in sync with my mouth. My finger trailed down using his own lubricant towards his anal star.

“Please don’t.” He moaned loudly. Not bothering to listen. I opened up my throat and slid him further into my mouth. In that instant, I thrust my finger into his anal pathway.

He growled fiercely, as I bobbed my head, flicking my tongue. I began to deep-throat him again, and then began to move my finger. His hips, began to involuntarily thrust upwards. I inserted another digit, and within seconds his member began to swell. He was on the verge of cumming. I curled my fingers, and he was on the edge.

His hips pushed his cock into my throat. I breathed through my nose as my lips reached around the base. I pushed the base of my palm up, so that I could roughly massage his balls. In an instant, he was over the edge. His hips jerked forward as he unloaded his seed. I pulled him out of my mouth and attacked his lips. In the height of ecstasy, I milked the life essence from him. Every single drop until I felt his cock soften, and his breath shudder for the last time.

I rolled off the kitchen table, and pulled on my shirt. A full stomach always gave way to a content heart. I rummaged through my fridge and pulled out a water bottle. Looking up, I found Max staring at me. He was hot with desire, I could see it in his eyes. I grabbed another water bottle and tossed it at him.

He caught it easily and only said “What was that?”

“I was hungry. He was going to die anyways. No hunter comes into my home and leaves alive.”

“He was a hunter!” Max choked.

“Calm down. He was alone, succubi are like legends to hunters since we are incredibly difficult to track or catch. He said no one believed him, so I have a few days before they figure it all out. But by then, I’ll be gone.” I smiled. Maybe I would go to Japan for a while, but I would leave after the royal ball. I still had a promise to keep.

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