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Immortality Becomes You (Part One)

Immortality becomes you my darling... it really does.

I feel him walk up behind me. I always get a tingly feeling when he’s around, I don’t even have to see him. The music and lights start fading, and when I turn around, all I see is him. I hate this. I’ve never talked to him, I’ve never touched him, and I don’t want to. I don’t understand him. I can’t read his mind, he doesn’t have an aura. I don’t know what I am, or how I got this way, but the only people like him that I see, are already dead.

I turn around. Isaiah. Why would he be here? I didn’t think senior high school parties were his thing. I don’t know much about him, but some things are obvious. There are some things that are obvious even in the most secretive people.

I turn around. He’s closer than I thought.


“Isaiah.” His name almost burns as it leaves my lips.

“I didn’t realize you knew my name,” He breathes. “You never talk to me.”

“Yeah well…” I don’t have a legit excuse, so I let my voice trail off.

“I make you nervous. Scared even.” He says it so calmly. I open my mouth to tell him It’s not true, but it is. I don’t understand him. He can’t be dead, if he was, only I would see him.

I turn away from him. “No, that’s not it. It’s just.” My voice trails off again. I can’t tell him why what he said is true. He’d think I was a freak.

“It’s just what?” I didn’t hear him move up behind me, but he’s there. I can feel his breath on my neck.

He takes my hand, slowly, so I have time to pull away if I want. I don’t. He leads me through the crowd of dancing people and to a staircase. He leads me up the staircase and down several hallways, twists, and turns.

We go into a pretty-much hidden room. “What are you doing?” I finally ask him a question I should’ve asked a long time ago. He closes the door and then stands in front of me. I can see his chest rising and falling as he breathes in slowly, relaxed. That’s when I realize, when he touched my hand, I didn't’t see anything. I didn’t see his past, or what he was thinking. Normally I avoid physical contact, I see too much about the person. I always see something.

Isaiah is like a blank page in a book. I’m not sure if I like it, or hate it.

“I’m giving you a chance to get to know me.” He comes closer to me, burying his face in my hair. He slowly kisses my neck, running his soft, smooth lips against my skin. 

He runs his lips against my jaw line. I let a small moan escape my throat. I didn’t realize how much I was getting into this. Then I’m suddenly self aware. I’m slowly getting wet, I’m fighting not to moan, and my fingers are itching to find their way under his shirt.

“Stop fighting your feelings.” He whispers it, like it’s a deep, dark secret.

“Kiss me.” I take a step back when he says it. “Kiss me.” Another step back. The next step I take presses me against the end of the bed. I look up into his eyes. They almost shine in the darkness. It’s a mistake and I know it.

I try to resist it, but I can’t. I reach back behind his head and pull him towards me. His lips feel cold when they touch mine. I kiss him lightly at first, and then I deepen the kiss. He doesn’t hesitate, but he continues to let me lead.

Soon we’re going full into the kiss. No hesitations.

What the fuck am I doing?

I don’t stop. I can’t. He pushes me back onto the bed. I scoot myself up and he follows, his lips never leaving mine. He unbuttons my shirt and I squirm out of it. I pull his t-shirt over his head and off of him. He kisses me lightly and then works to unbutton my jeans. He slips them off of me. I do the same to him.

I’m left in a black thong, and my sexy lilac-colored bra. He kisses me again, letting his hands explore my body. I moan out when his lips leave mine. He kisses his way down to the top of my thong. He pulls it away slowly, waiting for any sign of resistance from me. I give none.

He slips them all the way off and kisses the top of my clit. He allows his fingers to explore inside me. My juices are already slowly spilling from me. He presses his mouth to me . I feel his tongue slip inside of me. I let out a loud, moan.

He blows into my clit, something I’d never felt before, but it makes me go crazy. I grab at the bed sheets, so close to my orgasm. But he doesn’t let me. He comes back up to me and kisses me. I taste myself on his lips.

He removes my bra as he kisses me, and I remove his boxers. He’s huge. He flips me on my back. I nod and he presses the head of his long cock to my clit. I moan, wanting him inside of me.

“Please,” I whimper.

He slides his member along my clit, teasing me.

“Please.” I say it louder. I’m begging him now. 

Just when I start to think it’ll never happen he thrusts into me. It literally takes my breath away. I gasp. He stays still, as I get used to him inside of me.

He slowly starts fucking me, slowly at first, and then he picks up the pace. I reach behind me and grip the headboard. My breathing quicken. I close my eyes and let my head fall back.

His hands go to my waist. I can hear him, breathing harder. He let’s out a small groan. He leans forward, his pace never changing. He kisses my breasts, and then my lips. I try not to moan when he kisses me.

He starts slowing. And then takes long strokes, all the way out of me, and then all the way back in.

“I’m going to come,” I whisper between breathes.

“Me too.”

“Inside me.”

Then it happens. We orgasm at the same time. I grip the bed sheets and his grip at my waist tightens.

He pulls out, slowly. I can feel his hot cum drip from me. When I catch my breath I sit up. I lean in and kiss him, softly.

“I know who you are,” he whispers.

“I know you do,” I say back. It’s true. I saw glimpses of his knowledge. He knows… because he has them too. He just knows how to control them.

"Immortality becomes you." He breathes it as his lips meet mine.

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