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Kitty's Awakening

A women learns that things in the night can be erotic


           Kitty left the city in hopes of a slower and more secure life. She found a nice cottage behind an old couple that rented it out for extra income.

         The man was of the grumpy sort, didn’t say much. But, his wife is very upbeat. Almost in her own world, happy to be alive. If she wasn’t so old, I swear she was getting some on the regular. Any way, she told me some thing kind of strange when I moved in.

      Things that go bump in the night aren’t always bad. I asked her to explain, but, she wouldn’t say any more. I just figured she was talking about the owls hooting, the crickets, maybe a possum or a raccoon. Either way I had lived in the country before, so, I was fine with what ever.

      It took me a few days to get settled in and use to my surroundings. One thing I noticed every night was a bright light on at the big house. I just figured one of them couldn’t sleep. Some times I would go to sleep and wake up in the middle of the night and the light would still be on.

      One night I got up because it was a little warm so I opened the door. Hoping a little breeze would be blowing. The bright light was on as I walked off the porch and looked up at all the stars.

      That’s when I heard something that sounded like moaning. I looked around, but, didn’t see any one. I strained to hear and I could make out that it was coming from the house. Couldn’t be, the wind was playing tricks on me.

     I cooled off and returned to the cottage. For some reason I stopped in front of the mirror. My legs were bare because of the short nitie I had on.   I notice I could see through it as well. Maybe I was horny, that’s why I thought I heard moans coming from the big house.

     Kitty looked at her striking figure in the mirror. She stood nearing six feet tall, smooth dark skin, medium length hair, nice full lips, thirty six DD breast, small waist and sexy hips.

     Kitty is what men call an Amazon, most men was intimidated by her sexy size. This reminded her that she hadn’t had any in awhile. What the heck, as she took the nitie off and stood there in her thong. She always did satisfy her self better than any man could.

      Her fingers felt good as she ran them over her smooth skin. Caressing her nipples, stroking her erogenous zones, she could feel her self becoming moist.

     Kitty was just getting into her self when she felt like she was being watched. She looked around, checking each window. No one there, she shrugged it off as her hand slipped into her thong.

     Jut when she stroked her swollen clit and that first pleasure shot through her. A bright light flashed and the mirror shook. This alarmed Kitty as she quickly found her robe. She looked around and even went back out on to the porch. The light was out up at the big house.

      She could see nothing, no one, no animals, nothing as Kitty peered into the night. A chill went up her back and Kitty eased back into the cottage. She told her self it was nothing and then she remembered the words of the old lady, which settled her some what.

      Kitty climbed into bed and was soon asleep. She dreamed that some one came in the cottage. Eased the covers back and gazed upon her beauty. She dreamed they ran there fingers through her hair. Over her full lips along her neck which was one of her erogenous zones.

      Kitty was becoming wet as the dream continued. The touch ran over her breast, taking time to make her nipples erect. Kitty found herself moaning. Was she dreaming or was this real.

      The touch continued down over her body and it found another one of her zones. The touch played in her navel, deepening her desire. Kitty couldn’t figure out if she was sleep or awoke.

       All she knew was that what ever she was it felt very good. The touch continued over the outside of her thong. Kitty was soaked and wet by this time. The touch stroked her clit and bliss shot through her entire body. Just as the pleasure was subsiding the touch was pulling her thong down. She felt her self lifting her hips to allow the thong to come off. Her legs were being gently pulled open. Kitty then felt something gliding just in the inside of her pussy lips, another erogenous zone of hers.

     Her body trembled with pleasure, but, she couldn’t figure out what was being used. She was being driven to climax, by a finger or a cock. She didn’t know which, what ever it was it felt awesome.

     Just when she thought she was going to orgasm. Her pussy lips were parted and a long, thick, hard prick was slammed into her cunt. It was the thickest, longest dick she ever felt. She came very, very hard. It was the most intense climax she ever felt.

     She felt her pussy double clutch around this massive cock. Her pussy walls massage it and her cumm splashed the entire shaft. She could hardly catch her breathe as the climax reached its crest.

      Kitty was panting like a race horse. Before she could catch her breathe. The large cock began to pound her pussy, long deep and hard. A fuck Kitty always dreamed about. She pulled her knee’s up and back allowing the huge penis deeper into her pussy.

      The cock fucked her deep and hard, Kitty was cumming every fourth or fifth plunge. She had never been fucked like this before. Dream or not she didn’t want it to stop. The paced picked up and she was cumming every other stroke. She had never cumm so much in her life.

       Just before Kitty felt a rush of wetness being pumped over her sugar walls, a flood of cumm being shot into Kitty’s hungry pussy. She saw the bright light again, in the form of a man high lighted by shadows. Even the flood of warm semen made her cumm. When the last few ounces of jism were seeping into her, the bright light dissipated and Kitty woke up.

       She was drained, but her thong was still on. The sheets were still on the bed, but, her thong was soaked. She looked for the gallons of cumm she knew had to be there. Nothing as she felt all over the bed.

      Kitty settled down, she told her self it was just a very erotic dream. One like she never experience before, but, it was just a dream.

     The next morning Kitty was awoken by a knock at her door. When she opened it, there stood the old lady with a basket in her hand. The smell of home made pancakes woke her right up. Kitty was starving and quickly invited her in.

      While they ate, they old lady asked, how did you work up such an appetite? Kitty felt funny telling her what she thought happen. So, she just smiled at her. Then she thought, how did she know I would be hungry? But, Kitty didn’t question her.

      You know he will be back, the old lady said. Who will be back Kitty finally asked a questioned? Otis, the old lady replied. Kitty wondered what this old lady was talking about. I didn’t want to believe at first, she went on. The story goes there was a big black slave named Otis who fucked his master’s daughter. She ordered the slave to fuck her and when it was found out. The girl lied and said the slave forced him self on her.

     Of course they believed the word of the slave owner’s daughter over a slave. While they were stringing him up, he cursed this whole place. Now all the women whom stay here are fucked by Otis.

      Is that why your always in good spirits, Kitty asked the old lady? Yes indeed, she said. I came here a young lady and my husband lost interest. But, Otis started fucking me. My husband found me one night with my legs up and spread. Otis was fucking me real good. That’s when we researched this place and found out what happened.

     They shared me for awhile, until about ten years ago. My husband can’t get it up any longer. He has to watch Otis fuck me night after night. Is that why he’s so bitter, Kitty asked. Wouldn’t you if some big dick spirit was fucking your wife well, was her response.

      Why doesn’t he just pack up and move, she asked? Well, we have never talked about it. But, I think he knows I love to fuck Otis and he doesn’t want to take that from me. Or he gets off watching him fuck me. Either way I don’t complain.

      Wait, wait I can’t believe I’m listening to this. I don’t believe in things like this. You’re telling me a spirit fucked me last night, Kitty asked? Yes… I am as she packed up the dishes she brought. Believe or not, but, he will be back tonight to fuck you again, she warned.

      Kitty wasn’t sure what to believe as she finished unpacking some things. As evening rolled around she couldn’t help but wonder if the story was real. Couldn’t be, I just had an erotic dream, she told her self.

      The blue sky soon turned dark and was full of stars. Kitty retired and got a good book to enjoy her evening. She was just getting into her book when she seen the bright light flash. She went to the window to see the light on in the big house.

       She remembered the old lady stating the spirit fucked her every night. She got her jacket and a flash light and headed for the big house. After a few moments she drew near the window the light was illuminating from.

     As quietly as she could she eased up to the window. The window was cracked and she could hear moans coming from it. Yes….fuck me….yes fuck me, Kitty heard. She could hardly believe her eyes when she peered through the window.

      There was the old lady. Spread eagle, legs up. She was in pretty good shape for her age. Her titty’s were firm with long erect nipples. The old lady’s thighs are shapely, her pussy lips phat and open. Her nipples looked like they were being pinch and her pussy looked like something was being pumped in and out of it. But, Kitty couldn’t see any one.

        The old lady looked to be cumming with every thrust. Still Kitty couldn’t see any one. A twig cracked and Kitty looked around to see the old man. He had his limp dick out stroking it as he looked in the window. This has got to be real, Kitty thought.

       The whole scene was very erotic as Kitty didn’t know whom to watch. The old man still had a wash board stomach and he was semi-hard now.

       He joined Kitty by the window still jacking his semi-hard cock. Kitty admired his dick, semi-hard he looked to be nine inches, nice for a man his age. This happens every night, he told Kitty. Otis fucks my wife every night.

      So, Otis is real, Kitty asked? Real as she wants, he said as he looked on. Kitty tried not to get wet, but, she couldn’t help. She kind of felt sorry and turned on for the old guy. Having to jack his own dick as his wife is fucked by a big cock spirit.

       Kitty saw her self reaching for his prick. He sighed in pleasure from her soft touch. Kitty ran her finger tips over his shaft, his body shuttered. While they watched his wife get banged good by the spirit.

      Kitty noticed the old man was becoming harder as she yanked on his rod. He was a full nine inches long and throbbing. I thought you couldn’t get hard, Kitty questioned? It must be your touch, I haven’t been this hard in years, he grunted.

      I need to use this hard on, he told Kitty in urgency. Kitty looked into his eyes and seen the need. She couldn’t believe she was undoing her pants. She pulled down her pants and panty’s. Her pussy was very wet as she took his cock and guided to her twat. She bent at the waist lining him up to enter her doggie style.

      She rubs the tip of his penis head over her moist pussy lips, wetting it so that he would slip into her hungry pussy. She could tell he hadn’t had any pussy in years, as he grabbed her hips and stabbed at her pussy wildly. Hitting everything, but, her wet pussy, Kitty stopped him. Settled him down some and guided his prick into her pussy.

      He groaned the whole time, inch after inch. She knew he was fighting back his orgasm. She knew the pussy was good to him as his balls rested on the cheeks of her firm ass. He began to tremble as Kitty’s sugar walls massage his cock.

      Kitty’s breathe was taken away when with out warning the old man began to pound his nine inch dick into her sweet pussy. She was surprised at the force of his thrust. Lucky for her he couldn’t last long or he would have made her cunt sore.

     He did mange to last about ten minutes of intense pounding. Driving her to her first old man orgasm, she felt his man juice coat her pussy walls. He pump so much jism in her it seeped pasted her soft, phat pussy lips and down her inner thigh.

       He stayed hard a while longer, but, he didn’t move. There fuck was so intense, they didn’t notice the spirit had left and now they were being watch by the old lady.

       She watched her husband become soft and slip out of Kitty’s well fucked pussy. No one spoke a word as they gather them selves and went there own way.

        Kitty was so tired she couldn’t even think about spirits, old men and old women.   All she wanted was her bed and a sound sleep. She had just got into a sound sleep when the bright light appeared.  

      Kitty stirred a little bit, but, after that old man made her cumm she was done. Even when she felt the covers being pulled back, she wouldn’t wake up. Her bed clothes and panty’s were being pulled down, still she didn’t wake.

      She could feel what felt like warm hands kneeling and caressing her firm ass. Kitty was on her stomach; face down ass up as the spirit pulled her legs open. She began to wake when she felt what seemed like a hot tongue glide over her ass hole and pussy.

      What or whom ever was behind her got her full attention. When her ass hole was rimmed and entered. Kitty’s brown eye puckered and she almost came. She never knew she was so sensitive there.

     Before she knew it she was on her knees holding her ass cheeks open. She anxiously waited for what ever it was to push its way back in her ass. The spirit licked her clit, slowly working its way up her pussy lips. Kitty tremble the entire time as the wet sensation neared her pucker. It forced its way in a little deeper this time. Kitty cooed from the delight, in and out, in and out. This was a new bliss for her and she came real fast. When she looked back all she could see was the bright light.

      Breathlessly she waited to see what the light would do next. The wait wasn’t long, as her pussy lips were parted and its big prick was shoved in. Kitty thought she was through, but, her body lied. She rocked back to meet every thrust.

      Its cock filled her till a sweet pain was felt. Again she was being fucked like she never had before. The pleasure was sweet until its tip slammed into her curvex. No man had ever been that deep in her pussy before. The feeling was bitter sweet, stroke after stroke.

      Kitty loved the pounding the spirit was giving her. She understood why the old lady spread her legs for years. This spirit named Otis sure knew how to fuck. His deep penetration and huge cock put all the men of her past to shame.

       Kitty was being fucked towards her third orgasm of the night. She hadn’t had two orgasms by two different men since she was younger, yet alone a man and an entity.

      Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better. She felt what seemed to be a finger rimming her ass. The pleasure she felt when he rimmed her ass with his tongue. She grabbed the sheets in anticipation of the bliss.

     His cock pounded her quivering pussy and now his finger tip rimmed her pucker. His cock was dammmm….gooooood, but, that finger was driving her wild. She never knew she would love things in her ass. The pleasure became intense as the tip of the spirits finger forced its way into her ass hole.

     Nice and slow the finger probed her pucker. She kept telling her self not to tense up as the finger advanced. All the while the cock that was fucking her pussy began to pick up pace.

     Kitty’s clit was throbbing like never before. Her nipples barely grazed the sheet and every time they swayed from his thrust. Her nipples would send a sweet jolt through her.

       Her knee’s buckled when his finger eased half way in her brown eye. Kitty fought back her climax as the finger inched further. Her heart raced as her body tried to handle all the sensations.

      Kitty lost all control when the knuckle of the finger pushed into her orifice. I-I-I love a finger in my asssssssss…..It feels soooooo goooooooooood. During her out burst, the spirit began wiggling its finger, driving Kitty even closer to a mind blowing climax.

      The pleasure was quickly translated into words by Kitty. Yes… yesssssssssss……..yesssssssssssss finger my ass. Fuck my tight pusssssssssssssscy……yessssssssssssss. That finger feels so good in my ass. I never knew anything could fuck me this gooooooood. Fuck me……….finger me…….she command.

     Otis the spirit slammed his cock deep in Kitty’s tight soaked pussy.   Liquid heaven was pumped deep in her sucking pussy; ounce after sweet ounce flooded her pussy until it seeped by her pussy lips to hit the bed.

      This triggered Kitty’s orgasm as the liquid heaven splashed her pussy walls and that sweet finger fucked her ass. Kitty’s body jerked and shook while ecstasy overwhelmed her entire body. Otis extends the climax by pounding her pussy some more.

        Kitty spoke in tongues and gasped for air as her body engulfed the pleasure. What a fuck….what a fuck…..was all she could manage as her ass puckered and her pussy quivered.

      Kitty collapsed on the bed, the long cock slipped out of her with the finger. Her clit still throbbed as Kitty tried to catch her breathe. The light faded while Kitty drifted off to sleep.

       The rays of the sun woke Kitty and soon after the old lady along with her husband were at the door. They brought breakfast and obviously wanted to discuss the events of last night. Kitty didn’t need any convincing, Otis was real and Kitty was awoken. In fact she couldn’t wait till the sun went down.


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