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After the stroke of midnight you might just see a leprechaun.”
Deana and Mark have planned for a three week trip to Ireland for the past three years. It was the home of her ancestors. This year, their dreams would come true; they have booked the tour through Magical Escapes. On the fifth of March they’d fly to Dublin, see the sites, look up distant relatives, and immerse themselves in Irish culture.

She could hardly contain her excitement as they boarded Delta Airlines, destination: Dublin, Ireland.

They quickly found their seats and when the plane took flight, Deana began to reread the brochure about Ireland; "For centuries, the iconic images of Ireland were the shamrock, St. Patrick, and the Blarney Stone. The small country of Ireland holds an almost mythical place in the stories of our childhood, home to fairies and leprechauns and amazing adventures. The lush green countryside is often overcast with rain. The weather makes it possible to experience the amazing sights of some brilliant, beautiful rainbows. When the sun comes out you will quickly learn why Ireland is called the “Emerald Isle.” There aren’t enough words to describe the shades of green blanketing the rolling hills when the sunlight brings the countryside alive.

 An hour’s drive from Dublin will bring you to the Wicklow Mountains, an exhilarating country where rock-strewn glens provide sharp contrast to the forested mountains, and heather paints the bog lands with a purple sheen. For food lovers, a stop in Ballymaloe is a must (dine at the Ballymaloe House.). Visitors should continue their tour onto Kinsale, the culinary capital of Ireland, which has an annual Gourmet Festival.

From there you can visit Blarney Castle and kiss the famous Blarney Stone – said to grant eloquence to those who kiss it. If you dislike heights, keep in mind that to kiss the stone, you have to lean out over the edge of one of the castle towers to do so. An assistant holds on to you so you won’t fall, but it can be unnerving!

After a long and uneventful light, they were in Dublin at two p.m. After gathering their luggage and going through customs, they rented a car and drove to the Clontarf Castle Hotel.

The hotel is situated only two miles from the Dublin*s City Center and five miles from the airport. While offering centrality, the coastal location allows easy access to a variety of water sports, historical houses, nature reserves, and several challenging golf courses. Located within the hotel is "The, Fahrenheit Grill." It’s regarded as one of Dublin’s finest restaurants, which are the perfect setting for a business lunch or a quiet dinner, specializing in dry aged beef and seafood.

The bellboy escorted them into their suite and Mark tipped him for his help.

Deana looked around the room and gasped. It was beautiful. The design retained the castle setting. Against one wall was a four-posted oak bed covered with a bright red-velvet bedspread. On the other side of the room was a desk. Beside it was an armoire which contained a twenty-eight inch television. The room also had a climate controlled air conditioning, mini-bars, garment press, tea and coffee makers, hairdryers, and U.S and European electrical sockets.

She immediately kicked her shoes off and lay down on the bed. Its pillow top softness has been just what she needed after an exhausting trip.

Deana stretched, sighed, and purred, “Wow, Mark you should come feel this bed, it’s so comfy and romantic.”

Mark placed his laptop case on the desk. He walked toward her with a devilish smile on his face. He climbed on the bed next to her and said, “Romantic, huh. Feels like a bed that’s good to make love on. Shall we try it out, baby?”

She licked her lips hungrily and cooed, “Maybe later darling, I’m a wee bit exhausted from the trip.”

He pulled her into his arms and replied, “Okay love, but keep in mind there’s magic in the air of Ireland. After the stroke of midnight you might just see a leprechaun.”

She giggled, “Leprechaun’s are fictional, whimsical characters that you read about in books.”

Mark was about to reply when he noticed that Deana had drifted off to sleep. “Sleep, my precious darling.”

As she slept, Deana began to dream of mythical Ireland, fairies and leprechauns.

Around five p.m., Mark touched her on the arm. Once he was sure she was awake, he asked, “Hey sleepy head, aren’t you getting hungry for dinner?”

She stretched, yawned and suggested, “How about ordering something from room service, and spending the evening just relaxing and preparing ourselves for the tour we booked?”

Mark replied, “That’s a great idea. If I remember right, we go down to the lobby and await the tour bus which is scheduled to arrive here at eight a.m. tomorrow.”

Deana sat up crossed-legged on the bed and Mark handed her the menu. He then climbed next to her and looked over her shoulder as she reviewed the items.

She then looked at him and suggested, “MMM, the Irish Stew sounds delicious. How’s about we order that along with soda bread?”

Mark licked his lips and felt his tummy growl. “Yum, that does sound good. I’d like to order some Irish coffee.”

Deana winked at him and with an Irish accent asked, “laddie, are you ordering the whiskey-laden coffee so you can have your way later?”

Mark laughed, “You know I’m going to have my way with you darling, regardless of the spiked coffee.”

They changed into comfortable clothing, turned on the television and awaited the delivery of their supper. Soon there was a knock on the door, and when Mark looked through the peek-hole there stood the waiter with their meal on a portable table.

He looked over his shoulder and yelled, “Dinner’s here, darling!”

She rubbed her tummy and squealed, “Good, because I’m starving. I didn’t eat that much on the flight.”

The two of them settled down to eat. Afterward they snuggled for a while on the bed. They soon drifted off to sleep.

It must have been a little after midnight when Mark was woken by a mysterious sound. When he looked toward the window, through it beamed a rainbow. He rubbed his eyes, shook his head and whispered, “I must have drunk too much Irish coffee.”

His curiosity got the best of him and he carefully climbed off the bed to examine this strange light. When he walked over to the rainbow, he noticed a small black cauldron filled with gold coins. He rubbed his head and muttered, "I must be dreaming."

He knelt down to touch the pot when Deana grabbed his shoulder. With a scared voice she uttered, “What’s that?”

Mark touched her arm and with a reassuring tone answered, “Looks like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. An Irish myth, but we must be dreaming.”

Deana snickered and asked, “Pinch me for sure, I want to make sure I’m not dreaming.”

Mark reached over and pinched her arm and she yelped, “Ouch, why’d yah do that?”

He answered, “Because you asked me to. So do you think we’re dreaming?”

She looked cautiously around the room and responded, “If this is a dream, don’t wake me!”

Mark turned toward Deana and suggested, “Why don’t you sit down at the table and I will pick up the pot of gold so we can examine it more closely?”

She replied, “Okay, but I’m too scared to go over to the table.”

Mark pulled her close and replied, “Don’t worry baby, I’ll guide you over to the table, then come back to pick up the pot of gold.” In the back of his head he uttered these words, “If it’s still there, after all, this might be an imaginary image.”

Then he heard a wee Irish voice echoing inside his head. “Remember Ireland is a mythical place where our childhood stories of fairies and leprechauns come to life.”

After making sure Deana was seated at the table, Mark went back to the rainbow. He closed his eyes, shook his head and sighed. After opening them, he saw the pot of gold was still there.

He knelt down and picked it up. It was small and heavy. He then placed it on the table to examine it more closely. As the two of them looked at the coins, they noticed, each coin in the crock was stamped with a four-leaf clover emblem.

Deana scooped up a handful of coins and uttered, "This can't be real."

All of a sudden, they heard a voice exclaim, "Aye, but it is real!"

They both jumped and Mark asked, “Who said that?”

Suddenly, before their eyes, there was a tiny man sitting atop the pot of gold.

He tipped his hat and said, "Top of the day to you!”

As they both looked in awe, there sat a man about ten inches tall. He was wearing a green tailcoat, knickerbockers, white stockings, brown shoes with gold buckles, and atop his red hair was a green bowler decorated with a shamrock.
Deana rubbed her eyes, leaned close to the man, and asked, "Who are you?"

The small man laughed and exclaimed, "Oh me shamrocks and shillelaghs! Don't you know a leprechaun when you see one?"

Before either of them could answer, the man stood up, tipped his hat and answered, “Thomas O’Neil’s me name!”

Mark looked at him suspiciously. "Okay, Thomas, answer me this: did I drink too much Irish whiskey or is this a dream?”

Thomas laughed. "You're not dead, me boy, and you're not dreamin’, I'm a real leprechaun!"

Deana spoke up and said, "Prove it."

The leprechaun leaned against the pot of gold and replied, "Since you found me pot o' gold, you're entitled to wishes."

She then asked, "How many?"

The leprechaun rubbed his chin and with a smug remark answered, "As many as I think you deserve."
Deana then stated, "Alright, I wish for a bottle of Kilbeggan Irish whiskey and two glasses.”

The leprechaun smiled and snapped his fingers. There was a flash of green and gold light, and when it cleared, there was the bottle along with three filled glasses sitting on the table.

Mark gawked at the bottle and yelled, “No way."

The leprechaun asked, “Aren't you gonna have a drink with me?"

Each of them picked up a glass. Mark took a sip and noticed the whiskey tasted smooth. After that, he leaned over and asked the leprechaun, "Can you really grant any wish?"

The leprechaun giggled and nodded his head yes.

Mark then stated, "Well, this trip was very expensive. I wouldn't mind having my money back."

The leprechaun snapped his tiny fingers again and a green briefcase full of money appeared on the table next to Mark.

Mark jumped and yelled, "Whoa...that’s a lot of dough!”

The leprechaun stretched, sighed and said, "Give me a challenge!"

Mark rubbed his head trying to think of what to wish for, world peace, an end to hunger and disease…

Suddenly Deana asked, “Can I make a wish too? Maybe I can help you come up with an idea.”

The leprechaun replied, “Sure lass, ask me anything!”

She glanced at Mark then back at Thomas. She then whispered in Mark’s ear, “Darling, you already know what my favorite fantasy is. I know he’s small but I would like you to ask him if he’s capable of having sex. You know, do a threesome with us.”

Mark almost bit his tongue and felt weak in the knees. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think they would actually play out her fantasy. He nodded yes, and then asked the leprechaun, “Thomas, are you able to have sex?”

The leprechaun jumped up, grabbed his crotch and yelled, “Aye, fully function and the leprechaun gals call me a sexy, hot stud-muffin! I know I’m only ten inches tall, but I can abide by that wish wholeheartedly.”

Deana almost fell off her chair and squealed, “Oh my God, this I have to see. Mark, let’s do it. I’d love to know what fucking a leprechaun feels like!”

Mark felt his cock swell and with an excited voice stated, “We wish to have sex with you.”

The leprechaun jumped to his feet and snapped his fingers. There was another flash of light and when it subsided, there stood Thomas, taller and naked.

Deana ogled the leprechaun. He still had his curly red hair, twinkling green eyes, slightly pointed ears, a hairy chest, and a muscular build. However, he was no longer ten inches in height, but at least four feet tall. When she looked at his groin, there was a noticeable large cock.

It made her tremble clear to the center of her womanhood and she felt weak in the knees. After glancing at Mark and winking, Deana turned toward the leprechaun, licked her lips, gasped and uttered, “Oooooh you sure are functional. I cannot wait to taste that cock!”

Before they could do anything else, the leprechaun snapped his fingers and in a flash of light both Mark and Deana’s clothing vanished.

Mark’s eyes looked over at Deana, and the expression on her face made his cock rock hard. Oh God, he couldn’t wait to see her sucking the leprechaun’s dick.

He leaned over, pulled her close and kissed her hard, then helped her lay down on the bed, sandwiched between the two men.
Thomas almost passed out; no one in the clan would believe he had sex with a human, a Kodak moment and no freaking camera. He leaned upward and ran his fingers across her perky, swollen nipple.

Mark watched the Leprechaun’s action for a moment, then suggested, “Jen, I want you to suck his cock while I watch!”

Her face lit up and her twinkling eyes gave Mark the response he desired. She then looked over at the leprechaun and instructed him to lie down on the bed. Deana started by kissing the leprechaun passionately on his lips, then working her way downward with soft butterfly kisses.

The leprechaun moaned lustily as she moved downward toward his wanting member. Its head was already throbbing, swollen, and oozing pre-cum.

When she kissed the area just above Thomas’s pubic hair, he quivered and moved his hip in a fucking motion, attempting to get his cock nearer to her waiting lips.

As Mark watched his wife, beads of sweat covered his brow, his cock was so hard and it felt like it would explode without being touched.

Deana glanced over at Mark and saw how aroused he was. She then cooed, “Like what you see baby?”

Mark exclaimed, “Hot-damn baby, you’re so fucking hot. Wish I could take pictures. No one will believe me when I tell them what happened in Ireland!”

Suddenly Thomas looked at Mark and then Deana shouted, “No fucking pictures, it will ruin this magical moment!”

Mark responded with a calm voice, “Okay, no pictures. God I need some of that sweet pussy.”

Deana quivered all over and wanted someone to be eating her hot, wet, throbbing pussy. She looked at Thomas then back at Mark and commanded, “Eat me, Mark!”

The leprechaun then shouted, ” I can’t wait to fuck that sweet mouth, and watch you eat pussy, Mark. Come on, join in the fun, man!”

Now Mark couldn’t resist joining in. He moved over and positioned himself between her legs, watching the leprechaun out of the corner of one eye as he began eating his wife’s pussy.

Deana placed her lips around the head of the leprechaun’s cock and began tickling it before engulfing the shaft. She thought to herself, “Oh God, he must be at least eight inches.”

Thomas thought he would pass out when she engulfed his dick. He reached out and held both sides of her head, and fucked her mouth like a jackhammer on concrete.

She responded by moaning and sucking the leprechaun’s cock harder, making sure to tease the head with her tongue. With her free hand she rolled his balls, trying desperately to keep her balance between the two men. Mark sure knew how to push her buttons, and Thomas, wasn’t bad either. She knew she couldn’t hold out much longer as her first orgasm was building rapidly.

Deana sucked the leprechaun’s cock harder with long deliberate strokes, and knew he wouldn’t hold out much longer.

She paused from sucking his cock and uttered, “Want to cum in my mouth, baby?”

Thomas looked into her lust-filled eyes and exclaimed, “No my precious, I want to cum deep inside your hot cunt!”

Mark looked at them both and confided, “Well then Thomas, fuck her while I slide my dick into her mouth.”

Deana squealed, “Oh my God, I love my mouth and cunt fucked at the same time.”

Mark moved and the two men positioned Deana between them while lying on her back. That way the leprechaun wouldn’t have any trouble fucking her. After all, he could even fondle her clit as he rammed his cock deep inside her while watching her husband fuck Deana’s mouth.
She spread her legs wide and quivered in anticipation. After glancing down and helping the leprechaun enter her, Deana wrapped her lips around Mark’s cock. She purred in ecstasy as her mind shouted, “Ooooh God this feels good!”

The leprechaun shouted, “Hot-damn, lass, are ye are very wet! You’re about to get a hard fucking!”

To her surprise, the small man fucked her like a jackhammer on concrete. She reached down and began rubbing her clit while the two men fucked her. After a few minutes of teasing herself, she began to cum like a freight train out of control.

She then focused her attentions on Mark’s cock and shoved her hips upward, meeting the leprechaun’s thrusts.

The leprechaun watched the action with lust-filled eyes. He then ran his fingers through Deana’s cum and tasted it before cockily saying, "Magically delicious."

That did it. Mark couldn’t hold out any longer and filled her mouth with his sweet jism.

The leprechaun threw his head back and started shouting in Gaelic. After a few more thrusts he filled her hot hole with so much cum it dripped off his balls and onto the bed.

The leprechaun's orgasm was so exhilarating for Deana that she climaxed again.

Deana, Mark and Thomas lay back on the bed panting heavily. She looked over at the leprechaun and said, "Now that was a good wish."

It wasn’t long until Deana and Mark fell asleep, completely satisfied.

The next morning Mark awoke first. He made himself a cup of coffee and then sat down to think about the events of the previous night.

Deana awoke to the scent of coffee tickling her nose. She sat up in bed, stretched, yawned, and then looked over at Mark. Giggling and with an Irish accent she said,” Top of the morning to you!”

Mark laughed and echoed, “Good morning baby.” He then paused to watch her reaction and asked, “Do you remember seeing a leprechaun last night?”

She smirked, giggled and replied, “Ooooh, the one who fucked me while you were ramming your hot cock down my throat? MMMM, yes. Why?”

Mark winked and answered, “Well, I thought it was just a dream.”

She laughed and answered, “I wish we had pictures because no one will believe that it actually happened.”

Before Mark could say anything, he noticed the briefcase full of money that was sitting on the dresser. With a trembling, excited voice he stated, “Deana, look at the dresser.”

As the two walked toward the dresser they noticed something else was lying by the briefcase. On closer examination of the items, it turned out that they were pictures of last night’s events. Mark, Deana, and the leprechaun engaging in lusty sexual positions.

Late the next night in another hotel room, it was about midnight. A leprechaun named Thomas O’Neil set his pot of gold down snapped his fingers and waited at the end of the rainbow for another exciting encounter. After all, not all leprechauns hide their gold, especially after the previous night when the couple involved wished for a hot, lusty threesome.