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Life on Earth

The Goddesses have forbidden the Pure Ones to touch a human, but Madison is falling...
Madison knew it was forbidden. That was what enticed herforward.

The burning cold lay before her. And behind her... Well she couldn’t go back now. Not back to Purity. She refused to remain Pure, the burden of it pulled at her heart. Or at least, where her heart would be if she had one. But since she had met Jasper, he was all she longed for. The Pure aren’t supposed to allow themselves to feel desire in that way. They are only meant to desire to serve the Pristine Goddesses, the virginal saints of the Upper. But it could not be done- Jasper’s temptation was too much for Madison. He was from the Under, he was an Aberration! He had sinned! How could she feel this for him? Was she damning herself to an eternity of pain by doing this? Would she rot in the Under forever?

Madison was goodness, Madison was kindness, Madison was compassion. Madison was Pure. But she knew she could not go back now, even if it meant making the ultimate sacrifice. Jasper had told her what to do, and had promised her everything would be okay. Could she trust him? Madison froze for a moment. But knew she must continue.

She continued down the dark tunnel, the burning cold only a sensation that briefly passed through her almost-body. Since she was Pure, she needed no breath, no heartbeat, and no sustenance. How would this change once she gave away her Purity? She decided not to care, and pressed on with her journey of self-discovery.


It was the year 2356. Jasper was waiting in his room. Everyone in the Under was provided with a room, sustenance and work. The Lords controlled the provisions, work allocations, and Joining of Partners. It was an ideal world, everyone had what they needed, and a little of what they wanted. Nobody complained, nor did they have anything to complain about.

Except for Jasper. He longed for an Angel. Nobody believed she existed- but he had seen her! She had spoken to him and everything! He had fallen in love (or was it lust?) right there and then. He had told her to meet him on Great Mother Earth and join with him in Partnership. He told her it would all be okay if they were together. She said she had watched him for a long time.


The tunnel around Madison disappeared, and she fell through a thick substance. Air! She was in air! Would she die!? She was so scared. She had never felt it before.

Suddenly, she landed with a hard thudding sound onto something she could not pass through! It hurt her soft body; she had never experienced pain before. A voice rang- in her ears, and not in her mind!

“Angel! You’re here!” the voice was masculine and deep, as well as kind sounding.


They stood opposite one another, staring. It had happened, they were finally together! Many feelings ran through them; joy, surprise, elation, love (which appeared for Madison as a warm tingly feeling in her chest, her fingertips, even the very the edges of her being), and a great sadness that they had left their old Existences behind. Madison’s naked body glowed with an almost pearlescent sheen to it. Her breasts were small, but perfect, and her skin was as smooth as marble. She had long curly hair in tones of copper and red.

“My name is Madison.” She said quietly, admiring how her voice sounded out loud- soft, gentle. “I have waited so... so long. For you. Jasper.” She said his name as a barely audible whisper.

“Madison,” he returned her name, “so beautiful.”

They spoke no more as their arms wrapped around one another. Madison, having never felt another’s touch upon her before, revelled in the new sensations. A shiver went down her spine as Jasper’s hand caressed each of her breasts in turn. He removed his shirt and pressed his warm, muscular chest against her. Warmth seeped through her skin, heating the blood which lay still in her veins. She felt a little less Pure just from the touch of a Human.

He took off the rest of his clothing, revealing a hard shaft sticking up which stroked Madison’s thigh. She stared at it; she had never felt one before. She had only seen them on the Pure ones who were male, and they had never been hard! Madison took it in her hand, feeling the smooth skin beneath her slender fingers. She felt a strange wet feeling between her legs, her body’s response to Jasper’s hard cock, she assumed. Jasper touched her there.

His fingers roamed the folds of skin, finding a sweet spot which he rubbed in gentle circles. This brought moans from Madison’s lips- another new sound. She gasped as he pushed a finger into her tight hole, finding a second good place and pushing it with his fingertip. It felt so good! Madison thought that she would give up a billion Purifications to feel this good forever!

Jasper stopped, and took her hand to lead her to his bed in the corner. He laid her on her back, and asked if she was okay, and was she truly willing to give everything up to be with him- even if just once? She nodded her consent, and instinctively parted her legs for him.

Their mouths met in a strange wet dance, tongues caressing each other, and tiny nibbles on lips. This awoke an animal in Jasper; he needed to consummate his love for Madison. He stroked his hand down her body, finding her wetness. He played with her there, knowing that each sensation was new. He slid down and licked her, tasting her, relishing in her Purity for the few brief moments it continued to Exist. She was moaning again, little gasping sounds and deeper, throaty groans of pleasure. He was pleasuring an Angel! He moved back up the bed, and touched the tip of his hard erection to her entrance. Slowly, he added inch by inch of himself inside her. She squealed with pleasure at the feeling of being filled up- evidently, the first time doesn’t hurt for Angels.

Madison’s hips grinded against Jasper of their own accord- but it felt good, so she carried on. Her Purity was lost now; she might as well enjoy herself.

Jasper began to thrust into and out of her tight, wet hole slowly and gently. He could feel her juices smothering his cock, dripping down the shaft and off his balls. With one hand he squeezed her right breast, pinching the nipple, pulling it upwards. Again, Madison squealed. Her eyes were tightly closed, her breath ragged and fast. This cock inside her made her feel dirty, naughty, Impure. She knew it was wrong, that she was giving up her divine right as a messenger of the Goddesses and letting them down, but in this moment, she didn’t care. Her whole body was alive with sensations of pleasure and lust, from the sharp tingle in her nipple, to the deep, aching bliss in her pussy.

Then a new feeling began to build within her from all the sensations, which began in her pussy and clit, and worked its way through her entire body. Muscles spasmed all over her as she writhed and shook with this new intense pleasure. It burned through her, lighting her blood, setting a new flame in her heart, searing a new power into every place inside her.

Madison had never experienced that before. It was powerful and amazing. She shuddered as the feeling faded slightly, then when it had gone she realised it had been replaced with a drum beat. Inside her chest, a rhythmic thumping punched her ribcage.

“I have a heart! I’m... Human!?” she gasped. Jasper was still thrusting into her hard and fast, and kissing her neck as she whispered it into his ear. He kissed her more passionately when he realised what this meant. He tipped over the edge, and allowed his hot cum to shoot into her body. Her warm, living, human body. Jasper held Madison in his arms, feeling new movement in her veins, her chest. He ran his big hands through her beautiful hair.

The Goddesses had lied to Madison- this world, the Under, wasn't evil. It was the Earth, a home. And Humans were not Sinners, they were merely Souls who had trodden where Angels should fear to to tread.

They both knew then, that they could be together now, and no Goddess could ever stop them.

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