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Young and brash, Xavier Livas was burnt out. He seeks the help of an attractive, yet enigmatic woman
"Our last award this evening is for someone very special to us here at Apraxis. He has been a big part of the Apraxis family for some time now and his hunger and commitment never fails to surprise us. For the best national sales performance of the year, it can only be…”

He let the anticipation build amongst the assembled staff. This was fine dining for two hundred souls in black tie and evening dresses. Free booze and a band would round off the evening; the awards were the high point before the drunken debauchery began.

“Xavier Livas.”

It was muted applause but polite nonetheless.

Shaking hands, posing for a photo and pocketing the cheque, he held up his trophy to the assembled guests. More muted applause followed and he wondered if he would put the trophy on the shelf in the loo with the others.

He returned to his table and to Suzie. They had met in a club a few weeks before, it was nothing serious but she was attractive, fun and a great fuck. Considering the distinct lack of warmth in his applause, maybe some warmth of a different kind was in order.

“Suzie darling, did I say you were looking fabulous this evening?”

“Oh Xav, you charmer, you know what happens when you do that.”

Indeed he did know, it usually resulted in her knickers on his bedroom floor and a night of drunken monkey sex.

“I do,” he added with a wicked glint in his eyes, “Come on let’s get out of this sad place.”

He paused to count his drinks; he wasn’t unfit for service. All he had to do was listen to her conversation and get some more drink down her neck.

“Suzie, why don’t we hit a club and drink the night away? Champagne!”

He knew that the last time she had Champagne, she was a complete deviant between the sheets.

“Xav! Let’s do it baby!”


“Oh man, I don’t feel too good.”

“Xav, of course you don’t, you got shit-faced and you haven’t had any sleep.”

He still had his sense of humour though. He looked up, made a ring with his thumb and index finger and worked his other index finger in and out the hole.

His colleague laughed loudly.

“What? Suzie? Again?”

Xavier nodded and held up three fingers.

“What three times?”

“Yeah, twice in her pussy and once in her ass.”

“Fucking hell Xav!”

Xavier’s reaction to his colleague’s animated state was a look of pain on his face. Normally, he couldn’t stand this guy but he was so tired, he didn’t care.

“Sorry Xav, she’s a top bit of skirt mate, I’d hit it.”

“What about, erm?”

“Leigh pronounced ‘Lay’? Oh she’s good, real good,” leered his colleague. “Erm Xavier, you don’t look so great. If you don’t mind me saying you haven’t looked good for a few weeks.”

He looked up, “Seriously?”

“Yeah, you know, you look a little burned out.”

His response was immediate, “No way man, I just need some sleep.”

To Xavier this guy was a nuisance at the best of times, now he was annoyed and tired. Thinking was difficult but something piqued his curiosity; this guy had something he wanted.

“You work as hard as I do. You party as hard as I do. So what is your secret?”

From his calling card case, he selected one, turned it over and slid it across the desk. Expecting the winning card in Texas Hold ‘Em, Xavier made the flop.

Picking it up, he read it for a moment.

“Paramour Wellbeing? Suzie’s mentioned this place; I’d remember more if I wasn’t so smashed at the time.”

“Leigh works there. That’s where I met her. Seriously, I’ve never felt better. I’ve got the edge now.”



“No drugs or hippy shit right?”

Xavier thought that he looked the sort that would.

“Nah, just advice and you should see the babes that work there.”

“Yeah? Like?”

“Like there’s a woman there, Lilith, she is seriously fucking hot. She’s an eleven.”

“An eleven to you maybe, that’s probably an eight on my scale.”

“No Xav, she’s an eleven on your scale.”

“Compared to Suzie?”

His colleague nodded, “Eleven. Ask for her, you could bag her easy.”


“Look, call the number; tell them Jason sent you. I’ll cover for you, just go.”


He was surprised in getting an appointment that easily; Jason’s name must have carried some weight. Sitting in the waiting area, he’d filled out the questionnaire and handed it back to the receptionist, Leigh. Jason was not wrong about her; she was a cracker. He wasn’t wrong about the women here at all, none of them scored less than an nine.

Xavier had an aversion to anything remotely medical; he had no need for a doctor’s surgery. He was in the prime of his life, young, confident and handsome. Nothing had been too difficult; women fell into his lap although he preferred the thrill of the chase. He could pick, choose and drop women on a whim and another would be just around the corner.

He had not suffered a single reverse or upset in his life, nothing had been too difficult. It has been one smooth trajectory to success, wealth and happiness. It troubled him to be here, he never needed advice on anything but this lethargy really bothered him. Success was a hard taskmaster and there was nothing in being second best. Feeling as he did right now, winning that fourth trophy was not going to happen and that irked him – greatly.

So Jason was right, he would have shook off a night like this by lunchtime. Last week was the same, the week before too so this would be a good investment if he got his mojo back.

“Xavier Livas?”

He looked in the direction of the voice and she approached him.

“Hello, I’m Lilith Senoy, pleased to meet you.”

Dumbfounded by her looks, she was indeed off the scale, a veritable eleven.

He stood and she offered her hand, he was gentle not to shake it too firmly. Her skin felt like the finest silk, he looked into her eyes and felt immediately at peace.

“Thank you for seeing me at short notice Ms. Savoy, I realise you must be busy.”

“It’s Miss.”

“Oh, sorry, I thought you be…”

“No, not at his precise moment.”

Taken aback by her perfunctory tone, he was too tired to turn on the charm and he thought better of it.

“I see.”

“Please, come though.”

Her poise and grace were impeccable and her attire was deeply feminine. A long flowing indigo linen skirt matched with a pale cream blouse. It was modest whilst accentuating her alluring charm. Her figure was a riot of perfect mathematical ratios for bust, waist and hips. Her hips swayed as she moved with a mesmerising fluidity.

As she took her seat, a hint of her firm, yet generous bosom showed through the tightened fabric.

“Please sit and relax. This is just a first consultation; we look into what makes you tick and what does not. Then we take it from there.”

Just her words were enough to ease his mind; his headache was a barely recalled memory. Despite a lack of sleep, he felt more alert and sharper.

Answering her questions was easy and eliciting his answers meant he could look her into their intoxicating eyes. As he spoke, she smiled and occasionally adjusted her long layered hair. Her face with its flawless bone structure and pale skin was attractive and kindly. Her demeanour projected an air of blissful serenity.

“Well Xavier, the first conclusion is a simple one; you are burning the candle at both ends.”

“I kinda knew that really.”

“I would suggest some Valerian tablets, a long soak in the bath and a few goodnights of sleep. Once you feel a bit more rested, we’ll have another chat.”


“Relax, Valerian has been used for centuries, it’s natural sleep-aid. There’s a good chemist across the road from here.”


“Anything else?” she asked, her voice lilted with a faint air of curiousity.

In the psychology of buying and selling, this was as brazen a signal of interest as he would get and he had to clinch the deal.

“Well, I was wondering if perhaps you might like to go out for dinner?”

She was self-assured and confident just like him and he had to be bold. Anything else, any sign of weakness and he knew the deal would be off.

She smiled, “Mr. Livas, you know I wouldn’t normally accept.”


She smiled, “You know Tosca’s? Tomorrow 7.30pm sharp. On one condition, get an early night.”

“Ok excellent.” he replied confidently. “I look forward to it.”

“So, I think we are done now.”

Her measured tone hinted at her unavailability, it hinted that she would need to be pursued. He smiled at the prospect of such a challenge, there was going to be one hell of a reward at the end of it.


He felt exhausted; the soporific effect of the valerian and a long soak in the bath had kicked in. It was still early but he pulled the duvet over him. His body felt so heavy and his eyelids closed – he was out for the count in seconds.

It was a buzzing sound; it uncomfortably jangled though his mind.

There it was again.

With one bleary eye, he looked at the intercom handset and his alarm clock.

It was Lilith, it was 3am.

He pressed the talk button, “Lilith?”

“Can I come in?”

In a state of bewilderment, he pushed ‘Open’. Wrestling with his robe, he made his way to the front door.

Pulling the catch, there she was , a vision in a crushed black velvet dress. Made to be kissed; her lips were full and matte painted to perfection. Her eyes were sapphire blue and demanded admiration. Long, lustrous black hair shone in the low light, immaculately layered with a precise centre parting. It framed her beautiful face perfectly and with only a modicum of make-up, her beauty electrified his drowsy senses.

As their eyes met, she conveyed no emotion. There was no chance for words, she pushed the door closed and pushed him back against the hallway wall. Pulling at the ham-fisted bow, she opened his robe and groped his cock. Placing a soulful kiss on his lips, his head reeled as his knees weakened. Again, she kissed him as she pressed her body against his, the velvet caressed his naked body and his stiffened cock pressed into the flesh of her stomach.

Taking to her knees, she felt the weight of his cock and eased her mouth over him without a word.


She looked up, those sapphire eyes conveyed her determination and he could only groan in response. Pinned against the wall, he had to do something and reached for her hair. With the texture of cashmere, it glided through his fingers as she worked on his rigid shaft. Her tongue and mouth conspired to make his cock lurch hard. His head felt woozy but his body felt fortified and strong.

This beautiful, aloof woman was sucking on his cock with a sublime degree of skill he had never experienced before. A repetitive deep moan left him as she bobbed her head and took him. Her lively velvet mouth worked over him relentlessly, her tongue licked around at the swollen head of his cock. He was fully hard as her hand gripped his cock and stroked him. Single-mindedly, he had to put it inside her; he would readily plead, beg and grovel if had to.

Rising from her knees, she grasped his livid prick and Xavier was trembling in anticipation.

“Now we’ve established that you have a fantastic hard cock, show me what you can do with it.”


“No questions Xavier, just fuck me.”

She led him by his cock and found the bedroom easily enough.

“Now unzip me.”

The runner fell effortlessly, with a shrug of one shoulder and then another, she turned to face him.

He had to look.

“Holy shit!”

Adorned in black stockings and suspenders and absent of any underwear; her body was a perfect ensemble of curves. She was the very pinnacle of womanhood. Her sublime breasts begged to be squeezed, her hips flared delicately, he pulled her in closely and placed a tender kiss on her neck. She looked at him and placed a finger at his lips.

“If you want this body, not another word.”

Xavier nodded his head, he watched as she sat on the edge of the bed. Parting her legs, unabashed she revealed her sex. His heart pounded as unadulterated animal lust coursed through his veins.

“Now, eat me.”

Surprised by the heat and wetness of her sex; her slit spread readily for him. Her fingers slid through his hair as she clasped him by the scalp. Firmly fixed in place by her thighs squeezed against his head, he knew what he had to do. Lapping at her clit, the syrup sweetness of her juices inspired his efforts as she let out small yelps of pleasure. His desire for her burned intensely, his need for her drove him on. Feeling her weight press into the bed, his fingertips slid with delicate pressure over her body. As he caressed her breasts and nipples, her back arched to his touch. Sucking on her clit, she rubbed her sex against his mouth as her hips rose and fell.

With a delicate soundless tremor and a flood of her juices, she climaxed.

“Fuck me.”

He mounted her in one languid movement, taking his fiercely hard cock she taunted him by rubbing up and down her wet slit. As his vexation spilled over, his thoughts betrayed him through his pleading eyes. She laughed at his frustration as she guided his cock into her. His eyes widened as he felt her enveloping warmth. Placing a finger at his mouth, she reminded him to remain silent as he pressed on to fill her.

His first thrust was reticent; he had never felt such a cosseting heat around his cock. His second was bolder and she wrapped her legs around his own. This third was a fluid push into her as her arms pulled him close for a kiss. Explosion of light hit the backs of his closed eyelids as her tongue explored his mouth. He pushed again and felt that tight heat around him once more.

“Come on, give it to me.”

Increasing his tempo, her body rose to meet his and she playfully bit on his shoulder. As a signal, he needed something from his repertoire to give her what she wanted. Kneeling before her, he pulled at her body letting her bottom rest on his thighs. Embedded inside her once more, he held her legs together and her feet rested on his chest.


Her voice tailed away as she took a deep breath and gasped as he filled her deeply. Her nostrils flared for air, her groans were the invitation to fuck her with more force. The curve of his swollen cock hit her there and then again. The persistent thrusting of his cock made her body squirm; his skin was livid, blotchy with lust. He looked upon her rapt body as he pushed hard. He drove on as her feet pressed against him; he pressed back and her frequent moans grew louder. Her body writhed before him; her breasts shook as her tremors built.

Relentlessly he pistoned into her and with a hard exhalation of air, she shook violently. The crucible tightness of her sex convulsed against him and still he pressed on. Suzi would have milked him dry at this point but he wasn’t even close. Lilith wanted more and she reached out with her hands and held her own legs apart.

He looked down at the flare of her pubic bone and his cock sawing in and out of her sex. A pearl emulsion coated his cock, she felt fiercely hot and soft as wet satin.

“Give me more.”

He freed one of her legs and leant in, a litany of kisses followed as he straddled her leg with his own. He sat up and pressed her other leg against his body, the deep penetration from his cock made her gasp. Again, he began to fuck her with all the potency of his strong body.

He looked upon her beautiful flushed face, his free hand pressed on her firm breast as he thrust hard into her. His power came from his hips and she felt the head of his relentless cock graze her upper walls again. He pressed on, the motion from his hips steered in his hard cock in and out of her at a furious pace. Her body responded, his cock pressed into her as she began to shake. His gasps and moans punctuated each thrust, the sinews and taut muscles of his glowing body flexed as he attended to her.

Obeying her commands and fulfilling her desire, her body smashed through the pressure inside as she shook ferociously. Crying out in orgasm, the vice grip of her cunt surprised him as her muscles clenched hard around his fierce cock. Drops of perspiration ran down his scalp and temples as he strained hard to keep up this momentum up.

Pressing her hands against his chest, she prised herself away from him.

She rolled over onto all fours pushing her bottom into the air. He lingered to take in the plumpness of her labia framed beautifully by her luscious peach-shaped arse and the suspender straps. On his shins, he held her hips for purchase and thrust powerfully into her.


Hinged on her knees and shoulders, she met each powerful thrust by pushing firmly against him. Fighting to hold her hips with his perspiration soaked hands, he clasped at the elastic of the suspender belt. With his heart pounding and his throat dry, he dug into his reserves of endurance to fulfil her craven needs. Each moan from her grew stronger with every formidable lunge of his cock into her sopping cunt. The sounds of their bodies colliding together bounced off the walls as he relentlessly fucked her with all his strength. Crouching over her body, he groped her breasts trapping her nipples between his moist fingers. He playfully bit her shoulder and powered into her again and again.

Her arms shook first and as they gave way, he sat up and fucked her fiercely though another tumultuous climax. Again, her muscles clutched and gripped his cock violently and he was still not close to yielding into her.

Leaning forward, she broke contact and rolled over. Splaying her legs and throwing her hands over her head, she was prone and vulnerable on the bed. He had to crawl to her and their hips pressed together; he penetrated her fully. Kissing passionately, her legs locked around his waist and he knew what he had to do. She sought no sanctuary from his attention; she gave no further instruction so Xavier continued.

His body trembled as his sturdy arms began to leech their strength. Summoning every scrap of energy he possessed, he started to fuck her hard making her body shake underneath his own. He craved his own release as their mouths pressed together. He powered into her and her fingers played with his nipples. Each of them moaning as their bodies pressed together, she pressed her teeth into his broad shoulder.

“Cum for me, fill me with it.”

Energised by her words, it galvanised his efforts. His fiercely hard cock slew against her tense slippery cunt muscles. His perineum convulsed making his cock throb inside her with each pounding thrust. That throbbing tension inside him reached its zenith as his cock swelled ready to release.

“That it, I can feel you. Cum, shoot it in me.”

As she writhed on the bed, her voice faltered with each moan. The broiling heat of her tight sex pressed against his hardness as they mashed their bodies together. Each thrust brought him closer and made her body squirm against him. Trembling hard, her body lurched heavily against his. Her shrieks cannoned off the walls as she shuddered violently. Digging her nails into his back, he growled deeply; her arched back took his deeply impaled cock to the hilt.

Convulsing on his swollen cock and with a growl suffused with pleasure and pain, he felt the first spasm of his climax. With his last reserves of strength, he roared and his orgasm consumed him. Struggling to thrust into her, he gave her more and more of his essence. The delicious cloying heat of his seed filled her as they writhed together. Weakened, he could only summon weak stabs of his cock into her as her spasms subsided. He fought on to the very end of his climax and his body screamed out for resolution. He rolled off her body and his lungs bawled for air; his heart begged for rest. He clung to a pillow, seeking to keep his floating body on terra-firma as his cock spasmed, empty and spent.


He woke up with a start; he looked to the other side of the commodious bed and it was unmolested.

Confused, he rolled onto his back, he was hard and his back did not give out a sting of pain. He was definitely drinking more of that Valerian tea if this was the result. He laughed at how vivid it all was, how he could remember every single curve of her body and the heat of her sex around him. He wondered if he would get some tonight, he would definitely give it everything he had to ensure he did.

His head was clearing; he would get up, hit the gym and take it easy for the rest of the day.

Showered and dressed, he reached for the front door. It was bright outside and he squinted to the point of closing his eyes. Shielding them to let them adjust to the bright summer light, he closed the door.

At first, he didn’t register, everything was white, everything. There was nothing, not a pavement, street, car or person. It was brilliant white everywhere. He turned to look for his front door and it was gone. He was still asleep and he fought to wake up, he pinched the back of his hand – nothing.

“Hello Xavier.”

Alarmed, he span round, it was Lilith and Leigh. They were both dressed in black, both of them immaculately presented with their sapphire eyes sparkling.

“Oh, you’ve just missed Jason, never mind,” stated Leigh.

“What the fuck!”

This loud exclamation bounced off unseen walls and threatened to build up into a deafening screech of feedback.

Lilith pressed her finger to his lips, “Shush Xavier, shush!”

Her touch delivered a deep sense of fear and his body began to shake uncontrollably. Try as he might, he could not move his legs and no words would form in his mind.

“That’s better,” stated Lilith primly. “Xavier, do you know who we are?”

His eyes were wild as he shook his head hurriedly.

“We are Succubae. We steal souls and last night I stole yours. Be still and you can feel the emptiness inside you.”

He could feel a considerable void inside him and it was filling with a malevolent terror.

“I suppose you are wondering where you are? This is a place where very bad things happen. This is a place for people who don’t deserve a swift death at our hands.”

It was Leigh’s turn, “We select only a special few for this place, people with a capacity for limitless evil. We feed from their emotions until they are mere empty husks; it takes a lot of energy to look this good.”

They both giggled as they posed and batted their eyelashes at him.

Lilith moved to only inches from his face, “Bye Xavier you were a great fuck, remember that. You are going to be horrified what will arouse you here.”

Leigh gave him a smile and a little wave of her hand; they turned and slowly walked away arm in arm.

“Lilith darling, so you made this month’s target after all, he will be pleased!”

“Suzie gave it a damn good try. He just needed someone with a little more experience.”

“Yes, Jason was a tough one but I got there in the end. What will you do with Xavier?”

“Well, I thought I’d test him here for a century or two, then….”

He could just about see that she was pointing down, “Down the hatch and stoke the boilers!”

He heard their peals of laughter tailing off into silence. His eyes looked out to the distant white horizon until they were gone.

So, if man gives out a primal wail of deranged terror and there is no one there to hear it – does he make a sound?

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