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Little Doll - Part 1

Little Doll - Part 1

I will break you.
If there's one lesson I've learned in my life and learned far too well, its never to trust others.

Perhaps this is harsh of me to say, or to start a story off with. But truly, if I didn't would you bother to read what I'm writing? If I wasn't truthful with you, would you bother to ever click the link of yet another story and read? Even if it was from an unknown author? Of course not. You wouldn't. Not unless they were telling you a truth in their story. And the truth of this story is that lesson, never to trust others. 

When I was eighteen years old, my parents funded me to go on a backpacking expedition. Perhaps this was naive of them, perhaps it was a way to rid themselves of guilt from not attending my graduation, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. It doesn't matter really, only that it happened. And so, I packed one of those ridiculous bags for backpacking, reserved plane tickets, booked hotels, and made my trip, which in my mind would be the biggest thing that would ever happen, and it would be, but not for the reasons I had thought originally.

Looking back at myself, I would say I was young, innocent, and reflected all of this in my personage. I've always been on the outside of things, mostly because my red hair made people wary, and the way I looked through the world through thick glasses and kept to my books and studies made people look past me and not at me at all. 

It never bothered me much until I was planning this huge trip. The thought entered my mind to change the way I looked before going on this tremendous journey, but it passed, as such thoughts will often do when a teenager. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it as myself and let the world see me as me.

As I lugged my carry-on onto the plane, not being seen off by anyone, listening to the I-phone, my one true friend, as something inane and classical came on. I perhaps should have regretted that decision. I should have realized there are people who target girls like me, but I didn't. It was stupid of me.

The flight attendant asked me to shut off my phone once I was settled into my seat, and I did as she asked grudgingly, looking around, smoothing back my hair into a ponytail as I looked. There was no-one I knew on this plane, heading east from my hometown in Massachusetts. The plane itself was headed to London proper, but that was just my starting point on this journey.

I rifled through my bag, looking for something non electronic to waste my time when I felt a little chill down my spine. It was like a premonition, as I looked up, but saw no one. This feeling would plague me for most of the trip spent reading books that were currently popular and that I had no interest in.

Playing little games on my phone, and staring out at the window, since no one had claimed the seats next to me. The clouds were tinged with pink and deep purple as I touched down in London. I was only too glad to have chosen to fly at such a time because sunset in a new place was like discovering the things you loved again after you had forgotten them. As I walked slowly out of Heathrow, after claiming my luggage and sliding on a hooded sweater, I stared at the line of taxis and wondered quietly if I could convince them to take me around before going to the hotel I had booked for my first few nights. 

Chewing on my lower lip, my eyes scanned back and forth, clearly writing my thoughts on my face. Perhaps that look of uncertainty drew him. Perhaps the hazel eyes behind the thick glass intrigued him as my hair caught the last rays of sunlight. Maybe the band name on my unzipped hoodie made him smile and think of other girls. Who knows? All I know is, one moment I was alone and about to get into a cab, and the next, a man, tall, handsome, with a face I could not possibly ever describe was smiling at me, and offering me his arm and a ride.

I blinked stupidly up at him as I shook my head, trying to get his voice to come through clearly. It was as if there was water in my ears. "I'm sorry, what did you say?" my voice quavered out, as I looked up into his face. He was taller than me, by almost a foot, but it was a nice distance. Finally, he seemed to swim into focus and I wondered if my glasses were smudged or something. 

He had dark eyes, rich like chocolate, and his voice was accented heavily, not that I minded. 

Hell, what eighteen year old girl would mind an accented man hitting on them? "I noticed you looking at the cabs a little confused. Did you need a ride?" He said, slowly, carefully, as if I was slow. I felt the flush work its way into my cheeks, and knew I looked childish.

"Oh. No I wasn't confused.. just trying to figure out the cost of having a cab take me around London a bit before heading to my hotel." I muttered quietly, a bad habit I had picked up from school. He seemed to hear me though and a smile crossed his lips. There was a small scar on his upper lip, but it didn't detract from his handsome face. It pulled slightly as he smiled, and his teeth were white against his lips, perfectly formed. My eyes must have squinted a bit because he eased his smile down, and offered his arm again, gesturing to another car at the end of the cabs.

"My car awaits. I will not charge you for a ride, well not much perhaps." He chuckled at his joke and tugged my arm under his, pulling me towards his car. Should I have stopped him? Probably. You see what I mean about trusting people? I trusted this man before I even knew him, enough to let him show me London before taking me back to my hotel. 

I started to stammer my decline, but he shushed me, and opened the back door of the waiting car. I got in and slid over, as he followed closely behind, pulling my bag in with us. It took up a lot of room in that back seat, and forced us to sit close together. I turned towards him and flushed. "Um. Thank you.. I think. I'm not going to regret this am I?" I trailed off as my face turned to horror, realizing I had no idea who this person was really, or even his name. 

"Sebastian. Bastian for short if you prefer. I know how you American girls are. So shy but really so bold." He chuckled again as he brushed a hand over mine. "And what is your name, little doll?" He squeezed my hand before letting go, allowing one arm to settle behind me, the other resting easily. His coat gaped and I saw a silver shirt under his dark jacket, and changed my estimate of his age from his twenties to later, perhaps 30's?

"Um, Its Quinn Morrison. Um, um." I sputtered and shook my head and tried to relax and seem cool. All I managed to do was fluster myself more. "You can call me Quinn, or Ash, um, Ashlynn is my middle name. You know. Uh. Kind of like Ashley..." I was rambling and I snapped my lips shut, my teeth clicking together audibly.

The car had started moving sometime ago and my eyes moved to the window. They were tinted dark. The lights were coming on slowly, lighting up like fireflies, and I fought not to gasp at the wonder as they lit the architecture. Somehow, though I had seen most of it before in books and on Google, it was like.. almost magic. My hand came up and touched the glass and I heard a faint chuckle, and turned towards him again.

"You're very young, little doll. To want to touch something so far away, so naive. I like this about you." His smile was warm, but his eyes were cold, and I didn't trust that smile. I felt the same chill from when I was on the plane, but I was pulled into his eyes. I didn't move, and barely breathed as his next words came quietly. "I wonder if that naivety will still be there when I'm done with you." 

"I wonder if that naivety will still be there when I'm done with you." 

It should have set off alarm bells, those words. Instead, a heated shiver ran through me, making me flush, making me writhe a little in my seat, my hand falling from the window to my lap, my nails digging into my jeans. It was as if he had flipped a little switch with that innuendo, that he was going to use me and do things to me, it had me hotter than I had ever been. 

I was eighteen and of course had never had sex before. I had masturbated plenty of times, to fantasies like this, and the memories of those sessions, had my panties wet and my fingers trembling. I call them sessions because when I masturbated it was for almost always an hour or more, getting off in every possible way with my fingers before I could no longer cum. 

He laughed softly, and ran a finger under my chin, forcing my head up and my eyes to meet his again. " I see I caught an eager one! That's good for you, and for me, but did I catch a pure one?" He murmured and leaned into me, and with that I was gone.

His lips pressed to mine, and he kissed me slowly. I was slow to react, but I kissed him back, shutting my eyes, trying hard not to be stupid and turn him off. His lips were so firm, yet gentle and soft as they worked mine and I felt the slightest brush of his tongue against my lips before he pulled back with a smile on his face. His hand cradled my cheek still. I was slow to open my eyes, but I saw that smile. It was a cruel smile.

"Ah, the taste of innocence..", he murmured before letting my face go and leaning forward to rap on the divider between us and his driver. It must have been an unseen signal, because we turned and sped more quickly along the roads, the houses and churches and landmarks I had hoped to see before going to my hotel whizzed by. 

I let a hand touch my lips and I sat back in my seat, staring quietly. I had let this man bewitch me, kiss me. I should've been angry, I should've been horrified. I should've demanded he stop the car and let me out right now. But I did not do that. I stared at him, and he smiled back at me before muttering quietly in Russian, just loud enough for me to hear. "Я иду к пошел на хуй, пока вы не кричать." His smile somehow got darker, his eyes hooding as he leaned back into me, taking my hair and tugging it hard and pulling me close to him. I let out a little gasp and he laughed before tugging harder. "What's wrong little doll, do you not like pain? Don't worry, when I am done with you, you shall beg for it to be harder. I will break you."

I will break you. 

Again. These words should have set off alarms. Instead, I let out a small whimper, partly fear, and partly arousal. His mouth crushed mine this time, taking what he wanted, bruising my lips, his tongue thrusting its way past my lips, stroking insistently against my tongue before sucking it out of my mouth and into his.

Then his teeth nibbled my lips and I let out little sighs and whimpers and groans in my throat as he ravaged my mouth.

I felt myself throbbing inside of my panties. God I wanted him! He was a stranger, probably almost twice my age and I wanted to rip his coat off, along with his shirt, tug his pants down and ride him until....until...until...well until something broke. I lost all thought as we kissed, rough and hot, to his liking, until I was panting, almost blue in the face and he pulled away again, grinning. "Oh young girls are so fun..." his voice dark and harsh, his accent much thicker. I should've really gotten out of the car and I hadn't.

"Bastian..." I murmured quietly, hazel eyes flicking up to his face. I felt a smile curve my lips, which were slightly swollen from his rough and demanding kiss. My body felt like it was on fire, tingling from head to toe, and I felt like he had invaded me and infected me. Perhaps every first time was like this? I didn't know. My hand reached up and slid into his dark hair, and I pulled his mouth back to mine, kissing him softly, slowly parting my lips, taking his mouth gently, unlike what he had done to mine. He stiffened slightly before allowing me this gentleness, and then suddenly I felt a flash of teeth and he was biting my lower lip hard, hard enough to draw blood before pulling back, his eyes pitch black in his face.

I put a hand to my mouth, and wiped at the blood there and made a small pain noise in my throat. I wasn't sure if he had meant to hurt me, but seeing his wicked tongue flick out to lick the droplets of blood from his lips made me realize that he had wanted to hurt me, wanted to bite me, and then lick the blood that flowed.

I felt a shiver of fear and stiffened next to him, I pulled away as far as I could. My hand went for the door handle, uncaring that the car was moving, and moving outside of London proper. Fear started to course through my veins and I tugged the handle expecting the door to pop open. Nothing happened, except for his dark chuckle which covered me and then his arms drew me back to him. 

I was sitting awkwardly next to him, pulled as close as possible in the back seat, his one arm wound around my shoulders, the other pulling me in at the waist. He lifted me slightly and settled my frame on his legs, which felt thick and powerful underneath me.

He roughly pushed my hair aside and licked my neck slowly. "Such a sweet little terrified doll. Why do you seek to run?" He murmured before kissing my skin, sucking lightly at my pulse and then dragging those wicked sharp teeth across it. I let out a strangled moan, and squirmed on him and he smiled against my throat. The fear was still coursing through my veins, making my heart beat quickly and my skin flush. But along with that fear came the sting of passion, need and desire as he lowered his mouth over my pulse again, biting me hard, but not hard enough to bite through my skin. He suckled my flesh as his hand slowly slid up from my waist to gently palm and squeeze my breast.

My nipple turned rock hard in his hand, jutting through the thin fabric of my bra and I moaned his name. Letting myself relax on him and slowly grind in his lap. I could feel him just under me, becoming harder with each little move I made, and he made approving noises in his throat as he sucked and bit and licked my neck. He finally broke his mouth away, and both hands were caressing my breasts, causing me to pant softly.

"Tell me, do you often let strange men paw you like a common whore, or am I the first to enjoy your succulent nubile flesh?" He said softly, his voice mocking, condescending.

A blush from embarrassment and horror erupted across my face and I tried to get off of him, but his arms became hard bands of iron keeping me in place. I struggled hard trying to get off his lap, away from what we were doing, but he would have none of it.

"Bastian let me go! I'm not a damn whore. I just lost myself for a moment. Let me go! Let me go!" I panted, almost kicking the back seat in my attempt to get away. But he was an impassive stone and groaned an expletive as my frantic moving excited him more.

"Little Doll, you are making me more excited with each move. I realize you're not a whore, but it surprises me how many liberties I've taken and you've yet to fight back really." He said softly, his voice husky, as his hands moved up to palm and lay claim on my tits again. Feeling them squeeze and knead through my bra, I froze again, feeling the familiar flood of heat run through me once more. 

"Its like you're weaving a spell on me. I feel comfortable." I said softly in return, before giving into his touches again, shutting my eyes, feeling his thumbs brush back and forth over my erect nipples, making me wet my panties further. "Fuck! Bastian, I've never been touched by anyone, god you make me feel like I could shatter.." I murmur, before rolling my hips, settling hard against him, causing a sweet heated friction between us. 

He growled lowly and then I felt it. The hard piercing strike, as he bit my neck again, hard.

I let out a muffled scream, as he bit down even harder, his teeth stinging my throat, breaking the skin. One hand slid from my breast and down to cup me between my jean covered legs, squeezing hard, as he sucked. 

I shut my eyes, the pain rolling over me in hot sickening flashes, as the feeling of him groping me, feeling how wet my jeans had become, touching and squeezing my sensitive flesh made me groan and whimper in pure desire.

The two extremes blended perfectly, as he sucked harder, putting more pressure at my throat, until my hand came up to cup his head, keeping him latched, feeling his tongue ravage my skin and his mouth lap and suck up the blood spilling eagerly from the wound he had made.

I slowly rolled and grinded in his lap, feeling him harden more under me, reciprocating the movement with thrusts of his own, until we were dry humping one another as he sucked my flesh. I was close to exploding and panted his name, my voice high and tight.

He quickly undid my jeans, and pushed his hand roughly into my panties, fingers stroking quickly and eagerly at my erect little clit. With that quick almost inhuman move, I came hard, shuddering against his fingertips as a rush of blood spurted into his mouth again, my heart thundering in my chest and leaving me keening his name.


It seemed to echo in the small confines of the car as my body slowly wound down and he slid his fingers from my wetness, bringing them up to my mouth, forcing them between my lips. 

I sucked my own wet juices from his fingers, groaning a little at the sweet tangy taste of my own orgasm. I murmured and felt his mouth slowly pull off of my neck, his tongue lapping at the wound again before pressing a kiss to it. I shivered as a new wash of pain rolled through my body at the gentle kiss and squirmed, embarrassed to be turned on at the pain, and aching for more of that delectable combined high.

"Sebastian." I murmured, turning my head. He tried to stop me, his hand reaching out to catch my chin, his fingers firm, but it was too late. Blood smeared his mouth and chin, his skin tight over his bones, as his eyes slid back from their bright glowing red to deep brown again. I felt a small scream working its way up in my chest chest, as his face smoothed and filled out from the horror it had been, from the skeletal mask with its teeth bared, sharp and jagged, to the smooth handsome dark stranger once more. 

My hand, shaking, reached up to my neck expecting to find a gushing open wound, but found nothing but smooth skin.

The scream came, bursting through my lips, electrifying my body, and then darkness claimed me, hot, thick and choking.

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