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Lucy, the Butterfly

Lucy's mission: To investigate the strange mating nehavior of those Earthlings
Why does it take them so long, I wondered, sitting on the hard wooden bench. I had told them the truth, but they did not believe me. I could hardly believe it myself.

And what a mess they made when they dug up the three young women we had so carefully dug into the flower bed behind the house. They had led me to their van through a crowd of curious onlookers. Then, sitting down in the police van with my hands handcuffed behind my back, was difficult and very uncomfortable.

Lucy had promised to be back shortly, but what was her perception of shortly?

I finally dozed off, and in my mind relived the events that led to my present predicament. They flooded over me like an avalanche.

I had gone on a short hike and had just passed the fake waterfall when I noticed a flash of color to my right. A most beautiful butterfly was keeping me company as I walked along the narrow path to my favorite picnic place.

To me all pretty butterflies are ladies, and so I call them she. This one was exquisitely attired. Her colors were of iridescent blues and vibrant oranges. The wings sported a large eye, which seemed to look at me.

It was when I arrived and sat down on my special rock that it dawned on me that her company had not been an accidental affair. 

She fluttered around me a few times and then perched herself on a wildflower in front of me. Her presence made me want to talk to her as if she was a live person.

"Good morning, Miss Butterfly. That was nice of you to accompany me. You are so beautiful. I wish I could take you home with me, but that would not be right."

The butterfly leaped into the air and flew in the direction of the high voltage transmission tower about 300 yards to my right. Soon after, there was a flash of lightning at the tower. A few minutes later a stunningly beautiful young lady came walking up the train to where I sat.

"Hi," she greeted me, flashing me a smile that shot red hot love darts into my heart. "My name is Lucy, Your name is Bill, right??" 

I was trying to answer and my mouth opened but not a word came out of it for a long time. I had jumped up when she had arrived so suddenly, and I must have stood rooted to the spot like an idiot. When I finally recovered I could only stammer.

"That's right," I managed at last.

It was not just her unexpected and sudden appearance that had made me speechless. The young lady who kept looking at me with her captivating smile was no other than this year's runner up of Miss Universe. When I saw her on TV yesterday I was utterly smitten by her beauty. I even dreamed of her last night.

She was just a bit taller than petite, and much of her height was due to her perfectly shaped legs. She wore her coal black hair in a pony tail. It shimmered iridescently in the sunlight, framing a delicate face.

Her eyes were large for her face, promising sweet delights. They also spoke of a good sense of humor. Slightly pronounced cheekbones gave her a somewhat mysterious look.

Lucy spoke up again before I could say more.

"I am not from here. I am from a different culture in a different galaxy. If you agree that I can stay with you for three days I will explain my assignment. Will you?"

Her voice was smooth and husky at the same time. What else could I do but walk home with Lucy; after all, I am a lecherous bachelor of twenty-eight. I never had a chance to throw a hook, it was Lucy who seduced me.

After breakfast the next morning we settled into the cushions of my couch and she explained the assignment she had been given.

"We had studied you for a while already before we finally found out your curious ways of starting reproduction. It took us a while because you do it behind closed doors in the dark, and you treat it like a dirty secret. The council decided to do some research about this strange behavior. I was selected for this research since I had studied your language for several years.

In my culture we are always happy when we can start another bud of our kind. It is a joyous occasion.  We also found out that there are various ways to accomplish this in you culture and I was sent to explore that phenomenon.

I am also trained in brainwave interpretation and discovered your lust for the black haired lady in the beauty contest. I made myself to look like her to facilitate my project because I have been given only three days. Fortunately you had enough energy available at the tower near you for me to fashion this body from the available matter and energy."

Whoa, that explained a lot but it also made me sad to know that I would have her with me for only two more days. I must confess they were days of unending bliss. I had fallen in love with Lucy.

The last day of her stay arrived and I did not go to the office, I wanted to be with Lucy the last precious hours or minutes. While I set the dinner table Lucy was in the garden picking flowers for dinner. Suddenly I heard a loud "WHOA", and a moment later she stormed into the living room.

"I have great news," Lucy cried excitedly as she rushed at me. She hugged me fiercely. She was breathing so hard with excitement that she had difficulty telling me what seemed to be so important.

"I got an extension. I can stay a while longer. I am so happy. The Chief said so."  Her words just tumbled out of her mouth, almost unconnected. Then her tiny hands reached up, clasped behind my neck and commanded me to bend down to kiss her.

Her kisses became more urgent and intense until I picked her up and carried her, cradled in my arms, through the bedroom door. She moaned quietly and contentedly in my arms., wiping away a few tears of happiness When I had deposited Lucy on the red satin bed sheet, she smiled up at me, her eyes telling me, no, they were ordering me, to love and pleasure her.

I started with the buttons of her blouse, making sure that I rubbed over her still hidden nipples while I worked on her blouse. After only two buttons her tits came into view. Lucy's nipples had started to harden and stood proudly for inspection in the center of
beautiful, dark red aureoles that showed me how aroused she was.

I did not finish opening her blouse; I first had to get acquainted with those pretty nubbins. They were so inviting. I bent down and started with the left nipple, teasing it with tip of my tongue before sucking it into my mouth. I heard her breath quickening as I fastened my lips on it. I gently kept sucking on her nipple for a short while before releasing it and giving the other one the same treatment.  By now she was shivering slightly.

When I released her nipple I blew little puffs of ear onto her wet nipples and watched as tiny crinkles appeared around her nipples. It was time to get rid of that damn blouse. She realized that it would be impossible for me to remove it while she was lying down, so she sat up half-way and did it herself.

Her tits were perfectly shaped cones, proudly standing away from her chest. I will confess, I like them all, no matter what shape, but I do have favorites, and these definitely were. I remembered the joy when I saw them the first time two days ago, and now I let my eyes feast on them again. I let my eyes have their fill before I attacked them, sucking as much in my mouth as I could.

Until now she had been quiet, but when I swallowed most of her smallish tit in my mouth and caressed it with my lips and my tongue, I heard her first mewls, quietly at first, then gaining volume as I tantalized the second tit.
My hands had been busy with my pants zipper and my belt. I stood up, kicked off my sandals and stepped out of my pants. There was a flash of black hair flying and the next moment Lucy's lips were wrapped around that part of me that she had come to love. She had learned what to do with it and she loved to practice. And practice she did while I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off.

She reluctantly released me when I crawled onto the bed and kneeled next to her. Lucy's body was sculpted to my idea of perfection and I let my eyes embrace her beauty every time I had a chance. Of god, I was so much in love.

My heart swelled as I looked at beautiful; woman, her lovely face framed by shimmering black hair, almost like an aura. I reached out to hold her head between my hands and kissed her forehead, then her nose, I released her and ran the tip of my tongue along the edge of her earlobe, When I wiggled my tongue into her ear she shuddered and let out a little shriek.

Next I kissed her temple, then her forehead again. I let my tongue dance over her eyebrows. I felt her relaxing as she closed her eyes and gave herself fully to the sensation of being loved gently. I left her eyebrows and trailed kisses along her cheek to her lovely chin.  She started shivering when I traced the outline of her lush lips with just the tip of my tongue. The kiss that followed was like no kiss I ever had. It was both fiery and gentle, hard and soft, demanding and yielding all at the same time.

Her sweet body begged me not to stay away too long, I took the hint and rained hot kisses on her belly, starting just below her tits venturing just once to her navel, letting my tongue say hello to it. She let out a little shriek. When my kisses arrived just above her pussy she stiffened. She became impatient when I only kissed around where she wanted my lips. When I blew a short breath at her clit she almost jumped off the bed.

"Don't tease me so much, lover, I can't strand it. I need you, I need you now. Hurry. Please," she pleaded.

She was breathing hard but relaxed a bit when I caressed her pussy lips with my lips and my tongue. I inhaled the sweetness of her pussy; it beckoned me to come closer. I did. I moved off the bed pulled her legs apart and crawled between them. Her moans of pleasure became louder and louder as I kissed and nibbled my way to where she wanted me to be.

Her legs quivered more and more as I moved closer to my target. Her breath came in little spurts. The fragrance of her pussy juices was now getting compelling as I moved closer. I had to turn a bit to the side to give my erection a little room to breathe. When I was just inches away I could feel her making slight jerks. She was aroused to a fever pitch. I had to give her some relief.

I clamped my mouth on her twitching pussy and drove my tongue in as deep as I could. Lucy at once threw out her arms and drew up her knees, giving me better access. I watched with fascination as her tummy heaved and ripples played over it. Her pussy walls were dancing and pulsing.

When I felt her climax coming on I moved my tongue up to her clit and let it vibrate against it. Her orgasm hit her like a tornado. Her body stiffened, but her pelvis jumped hard, almost throwing me into the air. Her arms were flailing about, her legs were kicking into the air, and then clamped themselves tightly around my head to hold me in place. It probably saved my eardrums. She shrieked, she yelled, she yelped, she screamed.

After most of the tornado had passed and her legs had freed me from my prison I stayed where I was to give Lucy a bit more time to recover. But instead of relaxing she was hit with a second wave. Her legs again came up and clamped themselves almost as tightly around my head as before. Her heels drummed a staccato on my back. Her cries reverberated around the room.

Finally she collapsed into a heap of pudding. I let her rest a few minutes and then tried to rise. I never made it for more than a fraction of an inch.

The pudding was gone. Instead, Lucy had sat up, and two arms shot out to hook themselves under my armpits and pulled me up on top of her. This slim girl had the strength of a wrestler. Well, I should have expected that, and much more, from Lucy. A moment later she had turned me on my back next to her. 

She raised herself on one elbow and laughed.

"Surprised you, didn't I? Now stay where you are because now it is my turn to pleasure you."

She swung one leg over me and immediately impaled herself on my shaft. As she moved up and down she practiced some of the tricks she had learned over the last two days. Her pussy muscles would tighten when she moved down, and lighten again when she moved up. It felt wonderful.

I closed my eyes and gave myself up to the bliss of what she was doing to me. Soon I felt her fingers playing with my chest hair and then her nails were scratching me softly, causing goose bumps to rise. She knew how to play me and when she heard my breath quicken she shifted her attention to my sensitive nipples, squeezing, twisting, scratching them with her nails.

I felt the muscles in my loins tighten and then I exploded inside her, shooting my sperm once, twice, three times. Then it was my time to collapse.

When I opened my eyes I saw Lucy looking at me with a grin of satisfaction.

"Did I do alright?" she mocked me. "I am only a silly apprentice. I need much more practice, dear."

Dinner was late. After dinner we watched one half of a vapid show on TV and then decided to take a refreshing walk in the park.

"You sure liked that blond Bimbo in the show, didn't you?" This was half a question and half a statement. How can one have a private thought in the presence of Lucy who reads brain waves?!

"Yes," I admitted. "I guess I am just a typical, average male, filled to the brim with hormones."

I better not lust after Blondes while Lucy is with me, leave that till later, I chided myself.

About midnight I felt her stirring, but went right back to sleep until a crashing sound woke me. I reached for the night stand lamp, but it stayed dark. Well, I thought, must have been a transformer that blew up.

I woke up to a pair of soft hands caressing my back while a sexy voice with a southern drawl whispered love words into my ear. It felt wonderful and I wanted it to go on, but I was also curious how Lucy had managed to change her voice.

As I turned I was greeted by smiling blue eyes in a laughing face. I brushed away a few strands of blond hair and realized that I was looking at the Bimbo Blonde from yesterday's TV show. How could that be? Was I hallucinating? I have to stop lusting after beautiful women; I was admonishing myself when my musings were interrupted.

Two soft, lush lips had fastened themselves to mine and a persistent tongue demanded access. What was I to do? Disappoint a sexy, curvaceous lady? Absolutely not; I am a gentleman and a pretty lady's wishes are a command.

It was much later when I propped myself up on one elbow to look at her more closely and to ask some questions.

"Tell me, Adorable, who are you?"

"You mean you don't remember? Don't you remember, I am Susie. You watched some of my TV show yesterday. "

"Then tell me, what happened to my girl Lucy? Where is she?"

"Oh, the one with the black hair down to her waist? I dug her into the empty flower bed. You drooled after me, so here I am. It's that simple."

"I think I understand. You got up last night and transformed, using a lot of energy, which caused the power outage, right?"

"Oh no, you Silly, that was Lucy. And I loved the way you loved me. I like men like that, tender and considerate, yet firm inn being in charge. I am looking forward to our time together. There is so much only you can give me."

"You mean you will stay here now that Lucy is gone?"

"What a silly question. I have an assignment and I have to finish my research. You will like me, I am very cuddly, and very sweet, and I love sex, and I love flowers, and I love pearls, and I love diamonds especially."

After breakfast I asked her to show me where she had put Lucy's body. It was a masterful job, the soil looked undisturbed. I hoped no one had seen her burying a corpse.

Susie was a wonderfully sweet and irresistible companion. She was undemanding, at least during the day. Her talents bloomed at night. Forget about cooking or cleaning that was my job again. She watched TV and read or at least looked at the pictures in fashion magazines. 

I don't believe that she ever touched a cook book in her life, so I made breakfast as usual, except now it was for two instead of for myself only. After three days I got tired of pizza for dinner and took her out for dinner and dance. She flirted with all the males and made them want to swap places with me. She was in her element. It turned out to be the end of Susie's stay with me.

About the middle of night a loud thunder clap woke me and I knew right away what that meant. The redhead on the stage had caught my fancy and I fully expected her to use my shovel and dig under the blond, voluptuous Susie. I also expected to find her in my bed in the morning.

This time I just accepted her and her sinuous dancer's body. She was close to being a virtuoso in the art of loving. If this really was Lucy, I think I should have asked her right then to change again to the black haired beauty I had fallen in love with. We enjoyed each other for three days, and then the inevitable happened.

My Lucy, the Lucy of my love, had come back. It really was the Lucy with whom I had fallen in love. But she now was so much more skilled. And most of all, I she loved me also. Maybe it was a pipe dream. But I knew in my heart that there was only Lucy from now on.

As she joined me in bed I looked at her, and she was even more beautiful as I remembered her. The happiness of having her next to me again made me shed some happiness tears, As her lips kissed them away she pressed herself against me as tightly as she could. When she whispered to me it was in a strained voice, punctuated by quirt sobs.

"I love you so much, Sweetheart, and I want to stay with you for the rest of my life. I don't know if that will be possible, but I will ask the Chief.. Pretty soon I will have to go home to file my reports and I can only hope that they will be liked by everyone.

Oh God, Lucy loved me, I was delirious with joy. I could only hope that the Chief would give permission for her to stay with me for a long time.  Every minute with her was a precious gift.

When I woke it was with the voice of my Love in my ear, and I was wondering what I was doing in a bare room, sitting on a hard, wooden bench,

"Darling, I have disintegrated the bodies back to what I had used to make them. Without a corpus delicti they can't hold you and we will go home shortly. The papers are already filed."

Three days later I was a free man again.

Once home she dropped a bomb shell.

"They loved my in-depth reports and the Chief told me I could stay as long as I want."

We hugged each other, we kissed we cuddled, absolutely delirious with love and happiness. We laughed and we cried until Lucy finally broke the mood with an announcement

 "Dear, I have preserved a small bit of a conversation between two of the detectives on the murder case at Police HQ. Want to listen?"

"Love to hear it, Princess."

"OK, here it is."

*   "Hey John, know what happened to that case with the three gals we dug up and couldn't figure how they' d been killed or who they were?"

"Yeah, what about 'em?"

"Well, they through out the case. We ain't got us no bodies no more."

"OK, what's the joke?"

"Ain't no joke, buddy. The bodies totally disintegrated said the coroner. He complained bitterly. Said we was playing a practical joke on him. All that's left was some grass, wildflowers, broccoli, refried beans chicken noodle soup, and other stuff. He said it was a holy mess we created. Took a whole day to clean the soupy stuff."

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