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Mackenzie pleasured by Aliens after Abduction

Mackenzie is abducted by aliens and then is pleasured by them.
If you knew me back in high school, then you would know that I am not the crazy type. I never seen or heard things that were not there. Indeed, I am about the non-craziest person you might know but the event I had experienced on that fateful night was certainly real. I know that you might not believe me but I know what I saw and I cannot forget the things that were done to me. My friends knew me as Mackenzie and I was a twenty year old college student with a down to earth kind of mind. Most people described me as attractive. I was tall, standing at a height just of short of six foot. This gave me longer legs which also complimented my body well. I also had a nicely tanned body that was trimmed down enough to allow me to fit into tight fitting clothing. Let us get back to the story at hand because that is the reason for why you are here right?

Well, I was never one to believe in extraterrestrial life forms. I had a hard time believing that there were other planets out there which could support life. Sure, I heard all the UFO stories about alien abductions but that didn’t that I believed that these stories were genuine. That is until now. That is until it happened to me. Isn’t it quite funny how one person can be oblivious to something but become a firm believer in something due to having experienced it? I know that you have heard all the stories yourself and you might not believe these are true either. Well, let me tell you about what happened to me. Then maybe you will believe.

I awoke to find the room bathed in a light that shouldn’t be there. I lived in the country and in a place without streetlights. The clock on my bedside table read 3:23 AM. That meant for certain that the light was not from the sunlight and we didn’t have any lights set up outside in my yard. I also knew that this light was too bright to be the moon. I laid there for a moment and just stared at the bright light coming through my window. It appeared to be moving but was bigger than a flashlight. I decided to get out of bed and check it out. I was wearing nothing more than a pair of white boy shorts and a pink T-Shirt which fit against my “c” cup sized breasts very tightly.

I moved cautiously for fear of the unknown. I made it to the window and froze. There outside my house in the pasture was a flying object. It was hovering a few feet off the ground. It wasn’t a plane and neither was it a helicopter. The craft was spinning counter clockwise and glowed like a bright orb. I gasped when I spotted something moving beside the craft. They were tall and lanky creatures but it was too dark to make out anything else about them. They walking back and forth and steadily getting closer to the house. It occurred to me that they had to be aliens because no human could take on the form that they had; perhaps you might believe that I would have been scared of them. Yet, I was not. I actually was intrigued by them and was often interested in TV news reports about flying saucers and other strange occurrences.

I screamed and fell over onto my backside as another of the figures stepped right in front of the window. I backed up away from the window as it was now staring in at me and I knew one thing. I didn't like the way that thing was looking at me. I was just getting to my feet when suddenly my bedroom wasn't empty anymore. There stood three of the tall figures from outside staring at me. I backed up right into the fourth one which was standing behind me. I think I had stepped on it's feet and spun around as another screamed ripped through my lungs. I realized that I was now scared of them. I guess I had every right to be. Where had they come from? How had they gotten into my room so fast? What the hell were these things? I knew that I had my suspicions but didn’t have a solid answer to my question.

I screamed once more after one of the figures behind me touched my long, straight black hair. This made me spin around a second time and come face to face with the three creatures behind me. Then I felt another touch on my neck from behind before it grapped both of my wrists. I felt a strange sensation flood my body and I became like jelly. I didn't have time to react. I blacked out just as I was being taken through the window and realized that they now had total control over me. Was this really happening? Was I actually being abducted by aliens? I wasn’t very sure but I knew that this was all too real for me to be dreaming it. I merely shivered at the thought of what they were about to do to me and then I lost consciousness.

I awoke a short time later and was lying on a table but it wasn’t made of any material I knew. I knew it wasn’t stone, metal or wood. The surface of the table was warm to the touch and was vibrating into my body to the point that it was very relaxing. I also wasn't bound to the table but I couldn't move either. I merely was able to stare at the ceiling above me. The roof was circular but not smooth. It was hard to explain but was bubbly and I could only describe it as looking like popcorn. The room was freezing and made me shiver and I was a little glad for the warm table underneath me. I could feel goose bumps all over my skin as I shivered from the cool air. I could also hear a humming noise which started faint but grew louder before it trailed off again. Shadows washed over me and I was no longer alone. The four figures I had seen earlier in my room and outside my house were now standing on either side of the table.

The first instinctive reaction to a situation like this would be to panic; however, I did not do that. It wasn't because I didn't want to but because of what one of the things did next. It reached out and lightly hovered it's fingers over my forehead. I instantly felt further relaxed and unafraid. My mind was at ease. It was strange but I suddenly felt happy or like this was suppose to happen to me. I watched as the thing moved it's fingers downward. I became aware of a sensation that was both odd and unexplainable by my normal human knowledge. My body came alive and I felt heat washing over my body as it's hand move down. It started on the surface of my clothing and skin before it began to seep deeper into me. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was becoming aroused by the feeling inside my body caused by this thing and the table below me which had also began to vibrate more. The warmth over and inside my body was growing in power.

The thing's hand was now over my stomach but it wasn't stopping there. I was now biting my lip and shaking my head. I didn’t know if I wanted this and continued to shiver in the soft cool breeze that kept blowing on me from somewhere above. This had caused my nipples to harden because of it; perhaps it might have also been because of how horny these things were now making me. I wasn't wearing a bra and so my erected nipples were poking up against my pink shirt. I gasped when the creature reached down and started playing with my breasts. It rubbed it’s long fingers in circular motion around my nipples which caused me to bite my lip and grow wetter. I could still feel that warm sensation radiating off it’s fingers and coursing through my body.

My breath soon quickened and I was moaning softly by the time the creature moved its hand down and was just mere inches above my white cotton boy shorts. The warmth invaded me more and I felt it penetrate and the force of it ride up into me . My moans quicken and became louder at this. The thing with it’s hand over me it stay there for more than a minute. The four creatures all watched every expression that I was making as the warmth continued to invade my body. I was on fire now and felt like I was sitting on a tropical island bathing in the intense rays of the sun. The thing finally removed it’s hand and I was able to relax and let my panting subside. I didn’t have much time to rest because the four alien creatures returned to me and they all laid their hands on me. I felt that same sensation again but it was four times greater now. I began to moan and squirm under their touches but gasped when their hands moved down in between my legs. Two of them rubbed me along the thighs and over the front of my boy shorts.

“Oh god, it feels so good.” I was murmuring to myself as I became wetter. The creature which had been touching me from before had managed to find it’s way into the thin cotton boy shorts. His hand slid inside and right up against my pussy. I nearly screamed as shockwaves of pleasure shot right up into my body. The thing then grew claws as sharp as a knife and began to cut off my boy shorts. One of the other creatures did the same with my shirt until I was completely naked and shivering. I began to whimper under the touch of these creature’s hands and claws sweeping over my body.

“Oh my god….” Was all that I could manage to blurt out during all of this. The warmth, their hands and the vibrating table below me was driving me crazy. The creature that had started to touching episode with me had now moved it’s hand down to my knee. I gathered that this creature must have been the leader because it was leading their little experiment on me. My moans started to increase again as the creature’s hand moved up my legs and over my inner thighs. It then stopped right on top of my tight, wet hole. I gasped and quivered at it’s touch as it began to rub on me a little. I bucked my hips and arched my back to meet it’s touch. The thing then inserted it’s long finger into me and I screamed out in pleasure. My breath began to quicken again and my pussy tightened around the creature’s fingers as it started to thrust them back and forth inside of me. The gasps, moans and screams that I was emitting at it’s touch soon must have caused it to catch on cause it started to fuck me harder with it’s fingers.

It wasn’t long before I started to cum. I decided finish with one but had multiple bursts. The creature’s ability to manipulate my body only caused me to have even more climaxes. I was soon exhausted and spent. I tried to focus on what they were doing now but soon drifted into an unconscious state. Some time later I awoke a second time and they were gone. I was also back in my room but was completely naked as I laid on my bed. That is how I knew that this had not been just a dream. It was just turning day light outside and so I got up to take a shower and tried hard to shake the thoughts which continued to plague my mind. Thoughts of pleasure and lusts and what these htings had did to me. I knew that I couldn’t tell anyone because they would never believe me. I sighed and turned off the water and got dressed. I went on to work and went on about my day as if nothing had ever happened.

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