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Man in the Mirror

Everytime you look at him, you never see him.
To see, but not to be seen. To slip into your desires and fulfill them as you yearn for them with your body and soul. That is the way I proceed, but in ways you cannot fathom.

At night, I slip to the see your yearning. It may be as simple as a change from your longtime lover or as intricate as exploring the fruits of your gender.

You look straight at me, but never see me. How could you see through the looking glass?

I don’t really have name. But the title ‘Man in the Mirror’ seems to suit me, though I can choose my appearance, Man or Woman. I am a traveler that is never seen. I seek, every night for someone in deep yearning for passion more powerful than they have ever seen.

It is not overly complex to find someone with this yearning. I simply slip though the Stream, the small reality what lurks behind your mirror. When going through the Stream, I hear what one says on the other side and find the looking glass. Most people don’t realize how much can be heard when they think they are alone. Of course one may find the odd person watching a bad porno at 2 am or a drunken roll in the sac, but those are casually ignored.

I seek something more.

Tonight, I slip through the Stream, finding nothing of interest. A happy couple occupying themselves, a drunken hump session, a college student trying his first girl for hire, and a kama sutra pose that barely looked pleasurable. Then, I heard it. A girl talking to her boyfriend on the phone as she brushed her hair for bed.

“But I don’t understand why you have to stay three more days on this business trip, babe,” She said, clearly disappointed. The other end murmured something about flight delays and multiple projects.

“Alright, I guess it can’t be helped.”

More murmurs.

“Yes, please come home soon. I love you. Goodnight.”

Another murmur and she hung up the phone.

She stared at herself in the mirror. Eye makeup perfectly done to compliment her hazel-brown eyes, hair looking like gorgeous honey silk, and pure white soft skin that looked soft enough to touch. But she looked sad, sad enough to almost weep.

“He was supposed to come home, he was supposed to be here,” She said angrily, seeming to only talk to herself.

She bent over her phone to send a text to someone named Julia.

‘He’s not coming, in Chicago for another 3 days’

A quick reply came moments later

‘Bastard. He always does this. Clare, go out and use that number on some guy who might deserve it.’

So, her name was Clare.

She stared at her phone for a long while. She finally got up from the vanity at which she sat and disappeared from view. I was disappointed, thinking I would not see her again. But she did come into view again, only dressed differently than her previous look of pink pajama set. She now wore a Black and Scarlet lace rose corset, black lace stockings to match and black silk panties.

Gorgeous did not seem like a strong enough word to describe her.

Beautiful, ravishing, wonderful, astounding, lovely, stunning….. none of these words could describe the pure beauty that was Clare.

She examined her look in the mirror, turning and twisting around. Not a flaw on her. She pressed her 36B breasts together and up, she turned around fully to examine her back and buttocks in full view, and she opened her legs fully at the front to see how the panties hugged her perfect camel toe canal.

She seemed to stare into eternity before her.

“No, he’s a bastard, but my heart is still his.”

She was yearning, aching for the passionate release she could not get on her own.

She sighed and disappeared from view, only for a moment, to turn off the light. I watched as she crawled into bed, obviously trying to satisfy her desires. A futile effort in my view.

I watched her dark shape move in the bed, heard her breathing and moans, not seeming to be satisfied with her movements. Clare finally gave up and rolled over to rest.

I watched for a few moments, letting her drift to the point near sleep.

I finally slipped through the mirror in the form of a man. My Stream form can only be described as a reflective being, no features. But now I took the form of a dark haired man. Tall, 6’1 to be exact, dark brown eyes, dark curly hair, and a strong jaw. This body itself seemed strong and fit, muscles lining the bones.

And Naked. Clothes seem a little pointless at the moment.

I slipped into the right side of the bed, under the covers, and molded myself behind Clare.

She mumbled in her sleep, only half awake.

I crept up to her ear.

“What do you desire, Clare?” I breathed.

“To feel passion and lust,” She answered clearly.

They always tell me exactly what they want.

“To be fulfilled?”

She smiled, half conscious.

“Yes, fulfill me. Please,” She begged.

A smile formed on my lips. Just what I was hoping to hear.

I pressed my body against her and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her deeper into the bed.

She pressed herself into me, feeling my warmth around her and let out a moan of pleasure from the feel.

My Manhood, pressed against the silk of her panties, began to grow to it’s full length behind her.

She pressed her behind into it, grazing the silk up and down in a luxurious feel between her firm behind.

My hands traced up and down her side under the covers. From the curve of her hip, to the base of her neck, feeling the silk, lace, and pure softness of her skin.

I finally threw back to covers to get proper access.

I unclasped the top hook of the corset and slipped my hand around to trace her soft, full breasts. She shivered at my gentle touch.

“More,” she breathed. I turned her over so that she saw me for the first time. She gasped.

Of course she didn’t recognize me, but she seemed to realize I wasn’t her boyfriend.

She also didn’t seem to care.

She faced me now as she pressed herself against my manhood, even slipping it between her legs outside the underwear. It was quickly getting hard and I could feel the moisture seeping through the silk.

I pulled her back slightly and licked between her soft mounds. She moaned as I traced up her chest to kiss and nibble her neck. She eagerly pressed into it and felt wetter below.

“More, more,” She begged again.

As I nibbled on her neck, I slipped a hand down and my Manhood out to remove the silk underwear. I slipped the hand to her moist lips.

She gasped as I traced the curves of her lips, spreading her lovely juices, grazing over her bud.

“Put it in,” She gasped. “Please, fill me…. Please, consume ME!” She said, gaining urgency.

I rolled her on top of me and had her legs straddle me.

I put the tip to her opening, gently prodding her.

“Put it in, Put it in” She said again.

I was not gentle as I pushed her hips down over my 8 inch Manhood.

She screamed in pure pleasure.

“Oh Fuck me…. YES…….FUCK ME!!!” She screamed between thrusts.

She reached behind her to undo the lace up back to the red corset covered in black lace, intricately woven into roses.

I reached for her and released her from the confines of the corset.

She threw it away and her breasts bounded out in their full glory, her nipples hard and protruding.

“Oh God, you’re so THICK……….” She moaned out.

I assume she was not used to the feel of someone like me.

She seemed to bound up and down in pure pleasure, reaching for her breasts in ecstasy. She pulled and pinched her nipples high above me.

I flipped over so that she was now under me and I straddled my hands next to her head. She did not let go of her breasts, not for a moment.

Clare arched her back as I slid in and out of her, pushing me deeper inside her.

I increased my thrusts and she started to groan.

“Yes…..OH God, YES……”

She was tight, but wet enough that it was a smooth, firm thrust deep inside her.

“I’m going to cum, I’m going to come,” She chanted.

I slid my arm underneath her to balance myself and used my other hand to pulse her swollen Clit.

“OH FUCK YES,” She screamed in passion.

She pressed into me in one final movement and gripped my shoulders, her nails digging into my back as she screamed.

I felt her body convulse against me and her womanhood hold me in a nearly painful vice grip. I couldn’t hold it anymore, and released inside her. Hot, burning juices, mixing together.

She suddenly collapsed back, gasping with sweat.

I gently pulled out of her and moved off her.

Clare closed her eyes and recovered from her passionate display.

When she opened her eyes, she was alone in the bed, alone in the room.

Clare thought she dreamed the whole thing.

As she will the next time I fulfill her desires.

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