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Marriage Counselor - Chapter 1

Doctor Upson, marriage counselor, hypnotizes and uses a married couple.
"Come on in!" Janice cheered, as she stepped aside, letting the short, chubby man inside.

He set down his briefcase, which resembled a suitcase.

"I'm Janice, and John is my husband. He'll be along shortly. Honey, the doctor is here," Janice called out to me.

"Yeah, I'll be right there," I said, as I threw away my paper plate from lunch. She didn't have time to make me lunch, even though she doesn't work. So I settled for a half-ass sandwich and chips. Something better improve, or I'm leaving her. These were my thoughts as I exited the kitchen.

Janice and I had been searching for some marriage counseling, and this 'Dr. Upson' looked promising. Especially because he did house calls, and we didn't want everyone to know that our marriage was on the rocks. The appointment for a consult been made, and here he was. He was a short, chubby man, and he carried a briefcase that looked more like a suitcase. He seemed nice--happy. It was mysterious seeing somebody that appeared so happy and fulfilled.

I strode in, and joined them at the table, where Dr. Upson was already talking shop.

"Now, I use some unique techniques that few people endorse, or even know about, but I have 100% success. Nobody makes that claim, because quite honestly, not all marriages are considered 'save-able'. But I have always been successful," he said, as he grinned.

The grin he gave Janice was a bit suggestive, and I started to protest, but then I looked at the poor, chubby, curly haired guy, and stopped worrying. Let him get an eyeful.

"Okay, well, what are your terms, pricing?" I asked.

"Well, it depends. Why don't we do a practice session, free of charge, and then you can see if it is something you are interested in, before you decide yes or no. Is that okay?" he asked, with incredible calm.

Janice and I agreed, and we opened up his briefcase.

"Have you ever seen one of these?" he asked, as he produced what looked like an ancient necklace, with a leather strap on it.

"This is a piece of jewelry from ancient Egypt. Check it out," he grinned, as he handed the necklace to Janice.

Janice started looking at it, then froze for a second, shook her head, and looked back at Dr. Upson.

"Let John see it," he grinned, as though he was waiting for us to get the joke or something.

Janice stared at me blankly, and handed me the necklace. I looked at it, and it was unremarkable. The string was... I just sat there, as something washed over me. Suddenly, it was as if my entire mind was a giant warehouse, with no thoughts of any kind.

I stared blankly at the man. I could see that he spoke something to Janice. She grinned, shook her head up and down, and started to undo her blouse. Something inside of me was churning, like something was trying to get into my empty warehouse mind.

"Wait!" Dr. Upson said directly to me.

Wait. That was it! I must wait! It hit me like something I had been trying to figure out my whole life. It all made sense now, I just needed to wait!

I sat back, and watched, as Janice took off her shirt, then her bra. More instructions from the doctor, and she leaned in to him. He started squeezing her tits. He started twisting her nipples, and I could see she was in pain, but she just held her chest out, allowing the assault on her titties.

He then gave her some instructions, and she looked blankly at me for a second, then nodded at him. She stepped out of her skirt, removed her panties, and was completely naked. She started dancing around him, sexily. She took off his jacket and hung it on the coat rack, then came back and sat her ass down in his lap, right where his cock probably was. She began to grind into him, and he was smiling.

This all started to seem confusing, but then I remembered - wait. I just had to wait. The entire world made perfect sense from the point of view of me waiting.

She continued her gyrations while grinding into his cock. She got up, turned around, and with her legs spread, sat down on his lap again. She began to rub her pussy onto his cock area, while rubbing her tits all over his face.

This went on for awhile, then she got up. She turned around to face Dr. Upson, and went down on her knees. She began to undo his belt, and then his zipper. Once down, he stood up slightly, and she pulled down his pants, exposing his short legs. She removed his shoes, and pulled his pants all the way off.

As she was doing this, he removed his shirt. He was a short man, and he had short, curly body hair all over.

Janice continued, and started to pull open his boxer shorts. She pulled out his cock, and it was maybe medium length, but had a large, over-sized head.

He reached down, and pulled off his boxer shorts, exposing his hairy balls. They were larger than you would expect from such a short man.

All at once, they both looked at me. Dr. Upson whispered something lengthy into Janice's ear, and she grinned as she was staring at me.

"Kneel down here and do what your wife tells you." he said in a clear, almost giddy tone.

The words again hit me like a new life direction. As if the biggest mystery had just been solved, I simply needed to kneel down beside my wife and obey her instructions.

I obeyed, and Janice looked into my eyes.

"Get naked." Janice commanded. I did as she said, clumsily clambering out of my shoes, pants, shirt, and underwear, trying my best to stay on my knees between this man's legs.

Janice then took ahold of Dr. Upson's cock, and pointed it lazily upward.

"Put your tongue in the tip of his cock, and wiggle it around," she said, with a blank stare.

I leaned in, still amazed by all of this, and slowly dipped my tongue in the slit of his cock. It tasted salty. I continued to slowly wiggle my tongue around the inside of the slit of his stiffening cock.

Janice took my right hand, turned it upside down, and put it right up to his balls.

"Tickle them" she said.

I started to tickle the underside of his balls, while Janice held his stiffening cock in place so that I could resume teasing his cock slit.

"Mmmmmm, that's it. Great work! The husbands always suck the best cock!" Dr. Upson exclaimed, as his cock grew. His cock head was becoming enormous, and my tongue was sinking deeper and deeper in his slit.

He whispered something to Janice, and she grinned and nodded.

"Put the head of his cock in your mouth, wrap your lips around the edges and start sucking. Keep tickling his balls too" she said, matter-of-factly.

Each instruction became more clear, and more 'normal' to follow. I opened my mouth, and stuffed his puffy cock head in my mouth. Smelling his musky scent, and tasting his cockhead, and his salty discharge, became like home to me. I felt comforted, secure, as long as his cock head was in my mouth, and that salty, warm taste was on my tongue.

"Now, run your tongue around and around his head while you are sucking," she commanded.

I started running my tongue around his thick, puffy head. He was starting to twitch as he smiled down at me. He started to stroke his cock as I treated his cock head to a slow tongue bath.

"Okay, now you, dance for me sexy," Dr. Upson waved at Janice.

She stood up, and with her tits in her hand, began juggling them, and swishing her hips back and forth.

Dr. Upson looked down at me, and as he let go of his cock, he grinned.

"Stroke my cock with your left hand," he asked cheerfully, as he gyrated his knob around my mouth.

That was it! I needed just to stroke his cock with my left hand. That, in combination with tickling his balls and tongue-tickling his head, was my entire purpose in life. I had always been unsure of where I was going in life, but for that moment, I was more clear than I had ever been.

Some more instructions were shouted out to Janice, and stood up right next to Dr. Upson, in my plain view.

He reached over, and started fingering her puss. She spread her legs and gave him full access. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was getting turned on, and his cock head had almost doubled in size in my mouth, his salty discharge continuing its slow drip in my mouth.

After another set of instructions, Janice walked to his briefcase, and returned with a tube of K-Y. She applied a generous portion to her ass.

"Wait," he said to me, and pushed my head back off of his plump cockhead.

He was fully erect, maybe 5", but with this enormous cock heard. Janice turned her back to him, and backed up, as if to sit in his lap. As she backed up and squatted down, she aimed his enormous cock head at her ass, and slowly eased it into her ass. He moaned loudly. It was evident that she was in pain, but she took it in stride, as if the whole thing was funny. She slowly lowered herself down, until his cock head was all the way in, and started gyrating, stroking his cock off with her ass.

"Tickle my balls, and tickle your wife's clit with your mouth," Dr. Upson said calmly, as if he had been on this merry-go-round many times.

Again, life's mysteries had been solved. THAT was what needed to happen, to make sense out of the entire world. His words were as if from heaven in their lucid clarity. Why didn't I figure that simple truth out! I was bewildered as I set to my task.

I leaned in, and took Janice's clit between my lips. I slowly started to suck her in, and tease her with my tongue. She squirmed, and started to gyrate. Dr Upson started gyrating slowly, easing his ghastly large cockhead around in Janice's ass. I continued my assault on her clit, and her juices were steadily dripping out of her pussy.

"Now, suck my balls." Dr Upson's words quickly registered, and before I could even fathom the harmony this act would bring to the world, I had both his hairy balls in my mouth. They were large, but I got them in, and started sucking them.

"That's it, tickle them with your tongue! It won't be long now!" he said excitedly.

As I was sucking his balls, I began to run my tongue all over the curly-haired sack in my mouth, as he pumped his fat cock in and out of my wife's ass. The short man was moaning from the stroking my wife was giving him with her ass, and the ball tickling my tonuge was giving him.

"Okay, when my cock comes out, fuck it with your mouth, and keep the cum in your mouth," he shakily shouted.

After he whispered something in Janice's ear, she quickly stood up and got out of the way.

As soon as his cock popped out, I had the whole thing in my mouth, giant cockhead and all. I started sucking and moving my mouth up and down on his cock, my head being impaled all the way down to his hairy belly, then back out again. Suddenly, he grabbed the back of my head and held me so that his cock was all the way in my mouth.

"This cum will be the best taste you have ever tasted. You will crave this, and you won't be able to get off unless you have this taste in your mouth" he said, in a smart-assed tone.

Suddenly, the short man's hips jerked upwards. Stream after stream of hot, warm cum shot out of his stick. From the first taste, it was pure magic. This cock was spewing forth pure liquid magic. It tasted like nothing I had ever tasted, and fulfilled me in ways I did not know were possible. I continued to suck him off, my mouth going up and down his shaft, keeping all of the warm, salty cum in my mouth. He pulled my head off so that just his cock head was in my mouth, and waved Janice over.

"Stroke my cock off into his mouth," he commanded, and she obeyed.

She took his cock in her hand, and started stroking. His cum delivery into my mouth sped up, and was just filling up my mouth. I was forced to swallow, but more and more came out.

As he was softening, he pushed me away.

"Show me," he commanded me, and I opened up my mouth, showing him my mouth full of his cum.

"Great work! Now, keep it in there, and jerk off for me and your wife," he said, almost comically.

I reached down to my already hard cock, and began to stroke. But it was very dry. Dr. Upson noticed this, and had a suggestion.

"Spit some of my cum on your cock, to use for lube. And when you cum, catch it in your hand."

I reluctantly spit a drizzle of the magic juice from his cock onto my own cock, and stroked it with ease. As I was approaching orgasm, the cum in my mouth was tasting so good. I began to happily swish the cum around my mouth, taking it the musky goodness.

It didn't take long until I came. I came extremely hard, and caught it all in the palm of my left hand.

"Excellent, now put your cum into your mouth, with mine, and swish that around for awhile." he commanded, and I obeyed. Mine tasted smoother and less salty. It diluted the taste of his magical cum, and I was not happy about this. I kept swishing his and my cum around my mouth, and sat back.

I watched Janice sit on his lap, and watched him start to finger her. I watched her climb down, and put his cock in her mouth. She began fingering herself as she held his soft cock in her mouth. She screamed as she orgasmed, muffled by his chubby cock in her mouth, and finally laid back.

"Swallow now," he said, and I did. His cum slid down my throat, and I was disappointed to see it go.

After a relatively few instructions, we all got dressed, and sat back down at the table.

"When I release you, you will just remember something about a fantastic counseling session, and you will be willing to pay whatever I ask. You will forget whatever it was that made you unhappy, and accredit this all to me," he said in a monotone.

He handed me the necklace again, and said something in a loud voice.

"I said, 'isn't that interesting'?" he said in a silly voice.

I nodded my head, and handed the necklace back. What had happened? And what was that taste in my mouth!

"Hang on, I need a breath mint," I said as I hurried off to the bathroom.

There was something remarkable about what had happened, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Kind of like when you think you have solved the world's problems, then you wake up and forget the whole thing. As I re-entered the room, I realized that this was a great counseling session. This was exactly what we needed.

"So, that'll be $500 for the first visit. I will be calling you as soon as I can schedule another session," he said, as he closed up his briefcase.

Janice made him out a check, and saw him out.

"That was an amazing session! I think we've found our solution!" I said to Janice, who had stars in her eyes.

"I love you John. I don't even remember what it was we were fighting about!" she chimed, cheerfully.

"Me too baby, I don't remember, and I don't care. Dr. Upson is probably the greatest counselor I have ever met!!

Janice flushed a bit and said, "I can't wait until our next session!"

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