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Memory of my husband

Fictional story

As the sun shines through the window, its brilliant rays warming my body, I sit here with my tea, still in bed, remembering the first time my husband and I met. For many people to hear how we met they would be shocked, yet even though I was shocked I am glad I never called the police in fright.

It was the beginning of fall in Alberta and all of the leaves had fallen, covering every inch of the ground. Every crunching step I took I had this overwhelming feeling that something monumental was going to happen in my life, I just did not know what. The sun did not stay out any longer then in summer.

I missed the warmth of the sun and the beating rays, yet I also loved fall, all the colors and its beauty.

As I entered the office building I turned on the lights and my computer noticing how grumpy everyone was as they entered the building, not enjoying the beauty outside. I work at a newspaper company setting up appointments and making sure things get done so I'm basically an office assistant which is not so bad. I thoroughly love my job even if people are grumpy.

The day seemed to take forever and yet I could not shake the feeling of being watched as I looked around the office. No one was there except my colleagues. The sun was already down and people were heading home.

As five pm rolled around everyone left before me. I was the last one to leave as usual so I turned off the lights and locked up. It was pitch dark outside except for the lights overhead. The feeling of being watched haunted me. I have never been the type of person to be neurotic but this night was different and I made sure I kept a vigilant eye out.

Upon reaching my door I tilted my head back opening my mouth capturing the first taste of snowflakes, the first of the season. I laughed knowing my colleagues would be even more irritated tomorrow, for each person hated snow. I loved the change for now, but here in Alberta the snow kept coming and staying.

Turning the lights on I called for my dog yet he did not appear which was not unusual for him. Upon locking the door and taking off my jacket I headed upstairs to open my bedroom door and there he was lying on my bed as snug as can be.

"Hey, boy?"

I called out. His ears popped up as he ran toward me pushing me to the ground which was an easy feat for him. My dog was a Great Dane and very much still a puppy. He took up half of my bed for there was no man in my life, just my dog and me.

Rubbing his ears I asked, "Are you hungry?"

His wagging tail and kisses answered that question so we headed downstairs. I poured his food in his bowl and pulled a yogurt out of the fridge for me. Leaning against the countertop I closed my eyes and breathed how good it felt to be home, my only solace other than my dog. Thinking how my birthday was today and how I wished I could be home celebrating with my mother.

I left him to finish his meal and headed for bed as I laid in bed the feeling of change became heavier but upon hearing my dog enter the room I became calm and fell into slumber.

Suddenly cold hands were caressing my face and warm covers were being removed from my body, being replaced by a warm hard and muscled body. Opening my eyes I saw the bluest eyes I have ever seen, so blue it was unreal. I was instantly captivated, enthralled. I could not speak. I didn’t want to.

My mind and heart were racing wondering, 'How could this be'? It was not real, (how could it be?) and as if he could read my mind before I could even speak his lips captured mine biting and nibbling.

I entwined my tongue with his twirling around tasting him. His mouth began to move lower reaching my neck and softly biting as his lips traced my collar bone tracing every inch of my body. My mind could not make sense of how he got in but my body wanted more, swarming my mind with bliss. His mouth progressively headed south to my breasts and to my nipples lightly tugging making my back arch and pressing my breasts to his chest.

My hands reached for his shoulders feeling how warm he was. An exotic smell permeated the room, so divine, filling my senses as he kissed my stomach. He dragged his nails down softly to capture my pussy lips, sucking and tugging.

I grabbed onto his shoulders digging my nails in as his hair fanned across my stomach.

"I... am... I... going... to..."

I could not finish the sentence as his tongue wildly played. A rush of ecstasy filled me for he did not stop. He kept sucking and thrusting his fingers, making sure I was sensitive to his touch, making me beg for more.

"Please... inside me..."

I could not fathom words anymore all of it was mush. A grand smile came across his face as he captured my lips again and plunged home. He did not move letting me get used to his hard cock filling me completely. Slowly he moved holding my hands by my head as I tried to bite his wrists arching my back as his teeth bit my collar bone making me orgasm I wrapped my legs around his waist allowing deeper entry to hit the right spot.

As he went faster his body tightened on the verge of cumming my own release was on the verge.

"I... I..."

"Do it baby... cum for me."

My orgasm made me shake shattering all my senses my pussy walls contracting milking him as his face tightened with bliss as he came. I laid on top and tasted his neck. Sweet sweat tantalized my tongue as I whispered in his ear.

"My turn."

I headed south slowly torturing him with my tongue till I reached my destination his cock got hard in my mouth as I sucked and tugged placing as much as I could in my mouth, as much as my throat would allow.

He leaned forward.

"Nah uh..."

Pushing him back I said, "You touch me, I stop."

A grand smile came across my face. I loved taking control making him suffer in bliss. I continued my torture, stopping each time when I knew he was going to cum, watching him grip the sheets into balls. He stared at me with utter desire.

I kept sucking and tugging till my body could take no more. Straddling I impaled myself, sending my body into orgasm as I rocked his hands reached for me grabbing my hips moving me faster.

Orgasming I watched his face tighten as I scratched down his chest making him explode filling me completely with his juices with exhaustion I fell laying on his chest I could feel his arms wrap around me holding me close I felt total bliss laying there and fell into slumber.

In the morning upon awakening he was still there, holding me tight. I have never been able to sleep in anyone’s arms.

"Who are you and how did you get in here?"

He opened his eyes and stared into mine and his hand placed over my heart. Suddenly vivid visions swarmed through my mind. Everything that I had dreamed all these years before his arrival it all made sense. I opened my eyes and searched his face touching every curve.


``Yes my dear."

I could not breathe all the air seemed to have rushed out of me. Reseph left the room in his nakedness and left me to try and slow my mind. All the dreams I have had fighting side by side in old wars, him and I husband and wife and the painful death I experienced.

Hearing his footsteps and my dog talking brought my attention to the door. Now I do not mean my dog formed words but I mean how dogs usually speak. Reseph entered the room with two cups of coffee and gave mine to me.

"Why have you waited so long to come and reveal yourself?"

"You were not ready. Upon this day is the day of your death and rebirth so this day was perfect to come to you and reveal everything. Show you who you really are and why last night you did not scream or fight me. Why your body gave into me and your soul recognized me."

"How is this possible?"

Leaning back against the bed frame he spoke.

 "There is a lot in this world that is unexplainable but this, what we have is real. Come with me and leave all this behind. Live with me and my brothers you can even bring your dog. You will learn how it is possible and have a family a support system to do whatever you please."

"But how?"

``Just call to say you are quitting and I can move you in this night."

Everything did change. I moved in with him in his mansion with his brothers and their wives. We knew each other in a past life and I was reincarnated but enough talk...

My delicious man has entered the room and well I do not need to finish the sentence for you probably already know what we have planned.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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