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Midnight Lovers: The Cemetery (2)

She Smiled at the touch of Jasper's lips. Starting to get damp already.
(This is more like a build-up for chapter three, seeing as though I have neglected you guys, Chapter 3 will be here soon, I had intended it the be a really big chapter 2 but the would be over 5000 words... so it will this will be a little tease for my readers, Enjoy)

Jakoda stared at the handwritten note on her dresser; Proof that the events last night had been real, her childhood friend was a Vampire. She had been seduced by him and most of all, she was bitten by him. What did this all mean for her? Was she too a Vampire, one of the most written about Mythical creatures? Or worse? Did she sparkle? Which legends were true? Which are just make believe? She pondered about this all day, until she noticed that the clock was ticking, rather close to the foretold 7p.m. So, she arose from her bed, as the sun dipped behind the hills. 

"What do I wear to a funeral?" She wondered.

Staring at herself in the mirror, she noticed her skin was a few sides lighter, but she brushed it off.

"Most likely the lighting," she thought, that or the matching black lingerie.

She held various dresses over her body, making, "Oh," and, "Ahhh," sounds.

Her thoughts again wandering, "I wonder if there are more then just vampires? I mean all hunters, become the Hunted at some point in time."

Shaking her thoughts away she regained focus on the task at hand. The tedious task of deciding what to wear. 

"Sneakers or heels? Tank Top or sweater? Skirt or jeans?"

The clock was ticking loudly in her ears. Choosing to go for the casual look she decided on a black tank-top with black, skinny jeans. Chances were that she would end up without her clothing by the end of the night. That thought made her smile, as she applied her black eye-liner and deep-red lipstick. She walked out the door, just as the sunset made the sky a deep orange. She would arrive at the graveyard at exactly 7pm, if she hurried, which she intended to do. 

The sky was a dark blue; almost black, by the time she arrived. She checked her phone for the time.

"Yes, 7p.m. exactly," Jakoda smiled.

She would see Jasper again soon. She pushed the wrought Iron gate open; the loud creak of the gate startled some nesting Ravens; causing them to sqwark and fly away. The moonless sky set the perfect atmosphere for a horror movie showdown. As she walked deeper into the graveyard a pale hand grabbed her shoulder,

"I said I'd be at the Graveyard not inside it!" Jasper's voice whispered in her ear.

"What the Fuck? Jasper, you scared the fuck outta me!" Jakoda turned around and was pulled into a hug by Jasper.

"You know I wouldn't hurt you. Well, expect for maybe the occasional bite or two," he smiled, his glistening white fangs clearly visible.

"Well, since you are already inside, let's go to the main event," he smiled, and led Jakoda through the graveyard.

Soon enough she saw the glow of a campfire.

"Hmm what's all this?" Jakoda questioned, looking more closely at the fire. 

"Just a few friends of mine," he laughed, obviously using his Vampire eyes to see what they were doing, more clearly than Jakoda could. 

"Yo, Jas'. Hurry up already. We want to see your new pet," a voice called, followed by a Red haired figure appearing before them.

"Ahh Roxas. Impatient as usual," Jasper sighed

"Speed. Check," Jakoda mentally ticked off in her head.

"Come now Jas', you have been raving on about this girl since you got back last night. How could I not be curious?" The Red Haired Vampire; apparently named Roxas Spoke.

"Oh is that her?" he said, as he just noticed Jakoda's presence.

"Yes, Roxas, this is her. Jakoda, meet Roxas," Jasper smiled. "Roxas, this is Jakoda."

At this time, Jakoda paid some attention the the vampire's figure. She had pale, white skin; a trait of all vampires. Her eyes were blood-red. She had short, spiky hair, also a dark red in colour. Her clothes were also a dark, blood-red colour. She wore a small, leather jacket, which cut off, just above her belly button; showcasing a flawless stomach and there was a bite-mark scar on her left hip. Her pants were leather, skin-tight jeans, making her long, slender legs look quite delicate, but also giving her a rugged look. 

"It's nice to meet you Roxas, as you know my name is Jakoda" Jakoda smiled. though she was confused by this, what did Jasper bring her here for? What could he have in store. 

"Hello, Jakoda, I am Roxas, or your could just call me Rox. Either way," she said, pulling Jakoda into a hug, whilst smelling her neck.

"Ohhh Jas', I know why you like her, she smells delicious!" She smiled, her lips going dangerously close to Jakoda's Neck. 

"Now, now Roxas! We should take her to see Damon, before we devour her," Jasper said resting his hand on Jakoda's shoulder, as a slight sign of ownership.

"Right. Yes we should," Roxas spoke as she tore herself away from Jakoda's neck.

"Well I'll see you there," she said, with a wink, before she dashed off, in the direction of the Campfire. 

"Mind explaining to me what that was about?" Jakoda tilted her head at Jasper. 

"Ah, yes, this is why I wanted to meet you outside the graveyard. Well, since I bit you, you are now my pet. I don't know if you will be comfortable with this, or not. As you can guess, Roxas, wants you. Not as a pet, but in a sexual way," Jasper took a pause to let it sink into Jakoda's mind. 

"I-I've never been with a girl before..." she stuttered, clearly shocked by this. 

"But, if I am not mistaken, the idea arouses you doesn't it?" He said, kissing Jakoda's neck, softly. 

"Well, yeah, it does, but I didn't think about it happening tonight," She smiled at the touch of Jaspers lips, starting to get damp already. 

"See you're already getting excited! Come now, we don't want to keep them waiting," he said, taking her hand in his, as they walked towards the campfire. 

Soon enough, they joined Damon and Roxas, who were seated on tombstones, around an old rusty barrel, with flames shooting from the top. Though, neither of the Vampires noticed their presence, as Roxas had her head bobbing in Damon's lap. 

Roxas raised her head, grasping Damon's cock in her petite hand.

"We decided to start without you guys," she smiled sheepishly, licking the head of Damon's cock, getting a rewarding moan from him.

"Babe, Jas' new pet is here."

Damon raised his head to eye Jakoda.

Jakoda knew she was getting wet, far wetter then she usually got. She couldn't resist cupping her pussy through her jeans. Roxas noticed this, and gave Damon one final suck, before moving over to her and kissing her neck.

"I See Jas' has told you what will be taking place here tonight, and I see you're ready," she said, kissing Jakoda on the lips; her fangs softly chewing on her bottom lip.
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