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Montania: The Aftermath

Steve opened his eyes, hearing the sounds of the birds tweeting outside. The sunlight blinded him as it shone through the window. He looked around his surroundings, before looking down at Alyssa’s heavenly face. His heart just melted at the sight of Alyssa sleeping next to him. He gently stroked his index finger down her cheek, before moving down to her exposed breast. Steve caressed her small bust delicately, admiring the softness of her chest. As he stroked her little pink nipple, a loud bang at the door disturbed them.

Alyssa jolted up, startled by the deafening knock. She looked at Steve, wondering what was going on. Steve’s eyes glanced at her naked figure before moving his eyes to the door. Another loud bang was heard. Alyssa quietly tiptoed over to the window. She sighed with relief as she saw Thomas’ bald head. With a bit of hesitation, she moved towards the door. She opened it slowly, hiding her nude body behind it.

“Good morning,” Thomas said in a stern voice, “Do you know where that chap has gone?”

“What chap?” Alyssa questioned.

“The one you brought back to the village, I believe his name is Steve,” he replied in a frustrated tone.

“I haven’t seen him,” She lied.

He began to lose his patience with Alyssa and in a fit of anger, he pushed the door open. Alyssa fell backwards, revealing her naked body to him however, his eyes focused on Steve as he pulled his trousers up. Thomas began to walk into the house, drawing a dagger as he approached Steve. He glared at Steve with eyes of venom. Alyssa climbed steadily to her feet as Thomas continued to move forward.

“What gives you the right to fuck our woman?” Thomas yelled.

Steve remained silent, watching as Alyssa moved closer to Thomas. She winked at him as she quickly knocked the dagger from Thomas’ hand, disarming him. The blade slid along the wooden floor, ironically coming to a rest just in front of Steve. Chuckling to himself, Steve picked up the dagger. He stroked his index finger along the blade in a taunting manner.

“Oh, how the tables have turned,” He chuckled.

He pointed the knife towards Thomas and just like he had done, began to move forward. Thomas knew he was beat and in a hurry, he fled from the house. A smug look began to form on Steve’s face as he watched through the window.

“We showed him,” He laughed.

“Quick, put your clothes on,” Alyssa interrupted, “He’ll come back.”

He watched as she started to pull her panties up, followed by her trousers. Alyssa looked up, noticing his eyes on her. Her cheeks began to turn red as Steve watched on. She cleared her throat, making him snap into action. Together, they quickly got dressed and grabbed their weapons and tools. Steve held his sword firmly as he left the house. He watched the gravel paths as Alyssa took one last look at her house before joining Steve outside.

They began to move slowly through the village, hearing the nearby villages shout with fury. The gravel crunched beneath their feet with each step. As they reached the end of the street, they noticed the mob closing in. With swords drawn, the mob got closer to them. Without thinking, Steve grabbed Alyssa’s hand and began to run towards the jungle where they had first met. The mob shrieked again as they saw them. With no hesitation, they began their pursuit.

Steve and Alyssa sprinted through the long grass as they approached the jungle. Arrows began to fly past them, impaling the trees in front. They carried on running, ignoring Thomas’ calls. Leaves crunched under their feet as they went deeper into the woods. More arrows covered the tree trunks around them. Steve and Alyssa began to pull away from their pursuers as the undergrowth began to get thicker.

Thomas yelled at the top of his voice as he lost sight of his targets. None the less, he carried on climbing through the bushes with the rest of the villagers. As Thomas got deeper into the shrubs, he stumbled. He plummeted into a pit of darkness beneath the undergrowth. Slowly, he began to climb back to his feet, dazed by the fall. As his eyes adjusted to the dimness, he noticed movement around him. A creature came closer to him, revealing its jet black eyes before beginning to hiss as its body expanded.

Steve and Alyssa slowed down as they heard an explosion behind them. They couldn’t help but look back, watching the smoke drift up above the treetops. They were mesmerised by it for a few moments.

“We have to go,” Steve said, “They’ll still be looking for us.”

Alyssa remained quiet but acknowledged him. He took her hand once more and led her deeper into the jungle. For hours they wandered into the wilderness, looking for a new life. As the afternoon began to turn to evening, clouds began to form above them. Steve noticed a change in the shrubs as they carried on walking. The long grass started to integrate with wheat and out of the corner of his eye he noticed a wooden structure on the horizon.

“Over here,” he yelled.

Alyssa seemed unnerved by the sight of the structure but still followed Steve towards it. A flash of lightening lit the dimming sky, quickly followed by the rumble of thunder. They both quietly scurried through the wheat fields. As they approached the house, the rain began to pour from the clouds above. Swiftly, they entered the building, noticing that it was abandoned.

Cobwebs coated the wooden panels of the walls. The room lit up as another bolt of lightning flashed in the sky. Another loud rumble from the thunder sounded as Steve slammed the door behind him. Alyssa lit a torch as they looked around the room. A cool draft came from the hallway in front of them as they moved closer to it. All of a sudden, eight glowing red eyes appeared in the darkness at the end of the corridor. A large hiss came from the creature as it moved into the light.

Alyssa quickly drew her bow and shot an arrow at the spider. Just as quick, it fell to the ground dead. They both approached the body, cautiously.

“I’ve never seen a spider like this before,” Steve said as he inspected the bulbous blue body of the spider.

He walked carefully to the staircase, signalling to Alyssa to stay where she was. He drew his sword as he began to ascend the stairs. Each step creaked under his feet whilst he went up. Stubbornly, Alyssa followed him upstairs keeping the area illuminated for him. Steve approached the first door slowly. With his sword at the ready, he kicked the door open and marched in.

“Nothing in here,” he said as he came back out onto the landing.

He moved to the next door and repeated the process until all but one door had been opened. He took a deep breath as he kicked the final door open. Like the previous rooms, this one was also clear. However this room had a huge double bed in the middle of it. Steve closed the door behind them as Alyssa sat on the bed. They were both in silence, listening to the storm outside as the night drew in.

Steve moved over to the bed. He kissed her forehead as he sat down next to her. She raised her head slightly, forcing his lips to meet hers. Their mouths locked in a passionate kiss. Their tongues rolled over one another and their hands ran over each other. As their tongues wrestled, they began to stand up, pulling at each other’s waistbands as they did. Alyssa tugged firmly, letting Steve’s hardening penis catapult to attention in front of her eyes. Her eyes widened, still shocked by the length and girth of his manhood.

Alyssa’s cheeks began to turn pink as the cool air swept over her mound as her pussy slowly came into sight. She gasped slightly as Steve stroked his index finger along the thin strip of her pubic hair. Her teeth then sunk into her bottom lip as his finger came to a stop on her cute, little bud. Steve pressed down gently, making Alyssa squirm slightly as his other hand pulled her trousers off her slender legs.

Her eyes were fixed on him as his finger started to softly caress her clitoris. She quickly pulled her shirt over her head, letting her small bust come into view. She leaned back as Steve brought his mouth to her breast. His tongue began to circle around her erect nipple, flicking over it every so often. A soft moan left Alyssa’s mouth as his lips pressed around it, sucking it.

Steve pushed her back onto the bed powerfully, his finger beginning to move down to her soaked hole. His tongue whisked around her areola as his lips squeezed her nipple. Alyssa’s moans of delight were becoming more frequent as Steve pleasured her more. Without warning, his finger pushed into her tight hole. Immediately, it was coated in her juices. He worked his finger back and forth, fingering her as deep as he could.

More moans left Alyssa’s mouth as her pussy muscles began to squeeze Steve’s finger. Her body began to tingle as she came towards her peak. She began to cum as Steve sucked her nipples more and his finger fucked her harder. As her orgasm ripped through her body, she pushed him away, squirming and squealing as her body began to loosen up. Rapidly, her orgasm came to a stop, leaving her body feeling like jelly.

She glanced at Steve as he took his shirt off. Her eyes adored the sight of his muscular torso and erect cock in front of her. She crawled towards him, pushing him onto his back. Her legs began to part as she crawled on top of him. She came to a stop with her small, petite frame rubbing against him. She began to kiss him passionately as her hand reached between her legs. Firmly, she grabbed his penis and lined it up with her hole.

They broke the kiss and Alyssa looked deeply into Steve’s eyes. She smiled seductively at him as she pressed her hips back, impaling herself on his cock. He groaned as he felt his manhood go deeper into her moist pussy. She kept pushing, making her pussy stretch around his girth until her ass hit his hips. Steve groaned more as his head hit her cervix. Alyssa giggled as she paused for a few moments before she began to ride him.

Her hips slid up his pole, making her gasp with relief. Once again their mouths met as she slammed herself back down his length, pumping him deeper into her pussy. Another flash of lightning lit the room, casting a shadow of their lust on the wall. Another deafening rumble of thunder followed, however they could only focus on the sound of their passionate actions. Steve’s hands began to creep around Alyssa’s body to her ass. He grabbed it tightly, helping her up and down his shaft.

Alyssa broke the kiss yet again, burying her head in Steve’s chest as she let out a loud moan. The noise was so heavenly to Steve’s ears. He began to thrust slightly, making more moans escape her mouth. She begun to grind her hips back and forth, developing a rhythm with Steve’s thrusts. Another orgasm began to build up within her body as his head crashed into her cervix repeatedly.

She sat up, letting Steve witness her tiny breasts bouncing from his thrusting. Her hands grasped his thighs as her body began to tense with excitement. Her eyes rolled back and her body shuddered as her lust erupted. Steve grunted as he felt her warm cum flow over his gland. His hands moved away from her small, peachy ass to her hips. He began to pull her up and down his meat again, making her cum ooze down his shaft onto his balls.

Each time her hole glided down his shaft, it brought him closer. He couldn’t think about anything other than how good her pussy felt as it clamped onto his cock. Steve’s breathing began to get heavier as Alyssa slid down once more. He stopped suddenly, releasing her hips. With his hands moving up to her breasts, his member began to throb deep within her.

Teasingly, she began to make circular motions with her hips as Steve started to cum. His balls clenched together tightly as they emptied. He groaned as each string shot into her womb, filling her up quickly. Alyssa bit into her lower lip again as she felt the warm sensation of her lover impregnating her.

As Steve’s climax ended and his penis began to soften, Alyssa climbed off him, the excess semen trickling down her slender thighs. They shared one more kiss as the room lit up once again.

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