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Montania: The Chronicles of Alyssa

Vines hung from the branches and ocelots raced through the undergrowth as she made her way through the shrubbery. The sun bounced off of her glossy, black hair. Her eyes swooped down the valley to a small body of water at the bottom. She scanned the surrounding area, looking for a way down into the canyon. Moving to the edge for a better look, she noticed a thin green thing on a ledge just below her. It looked up at her, its jet black eyes staring into hers, and began to hiss. Smiling, she drew her bow and aimed at the creature’s head. Mercilessly she fired, knocking the thing backwards and off of the ledge. She watched it fall to the ground, exploding upon impact and making a little cavity within the soil.

“Damn,” she laughed, “I should have become a warrior.”

Her chuckle echoed around the valley as she climbed down onto the ledge. From there she noticed a pathway of overhangs down into the valley. Taking a deep breath, she jumped to the next overhang, dislodging it slightly. The rock began to tremble, unnerving her as she balanced herself. Quickly, she jumped again, the rock collapsing as she jumped. With her chest on the rock, she looked over the edge, watching the rock as it fell to the canyon floor. Composing herself, she pressed on, jumping from one to the next swiftly. Before she knew it, she was on the ground looking up the cliff face.

Shadows began to engulf the chasm as the sunset loomed. Turning her head, she began walking through more shrubbery. The pinkish sky began to turn black and the stars began to appear. On and on she walked, seeing a glow in the distance. As she got closer to the glow, she picked up the speed.

“Hold it right there,” a man wearing a balaclava said as he drew his bow behind her head.

She froze, sticking her hands up as high as she could. More men began to appear from the bushes, taunting her as they came closer. Every one of them was wearing a balaclava.

“A woman?” one of them said, “You picked the wrong place, baby.”

“Please, just let me get where I’m going,” she replied with a gulp.

They moved her into the light of their camp, pushing her to her knees beside the fire. She looked around, taking in the sight of their camp, before resting her eyes on yet another hostage. Sweat was dripping from the man’s cueball-like head, as they fetched him round to join her. They knelt there, teased and mocked by the gang.

“What is your name?” the man beside her asked.

“Alyssa,” she responded sharply.

“I’m Thomas, Thomas of Valedon,” he whispered.

Strangely enough, Alyssa was heading to Valedon to become their breeder. Thomas began to tell her how he had managed up a prisoner in the jungle. On and on he went, talking for what seemed like hours about how these men had raided his village and taken him. Tired, her eyes began to droop, almost shutting as Thomas carried on talking. Even the raiders were falling asleep due to his soporific monotone voice. With his babbling turning into nonsense, Alyssa’s eyes shut and her head bowed. Thomas continued rambling unaware that everyone was asleep. The owls hooted as the moon climbed higher into the night’s sky.

A cold breeze began to flood the valley, making Alyssa’s bare legs shudder. Hundreds of monsters began to pour from the cave at the end of the valley. Noticing the zombies and skeletons closing in, Thomas began to violently shake Alyssa. Her eyes opened slightly before closing again. He shook her once more, but yet again he failed to wake her from her slumber. The crowd of monsters came closer, their snarls deafening. Thinking quickly, Thomas put his fingers down in between Alyssa’s collarbone and shoulder. She awoke finally from the pain, slapping Thomas in the process before hearing the growls.

Her eyes widened as they began to get closer. Noticing that the guards were asleep, she grabbed a bow which was recklessly placed against the base of a tree.

“Go,” she ordered as she drew the bow.

Thomas complied, running to the wooden lift on the cliff side. She turned back, facing the crowd of night dwellers. Concentrating on her first target, she opened fire. Arrows were flying everywhere as she quickly fired at the group, hoping to hit at least something. Running out of ammunition, she realised that there were too many of them. She was forced to retreat, running as fast as she could to the lift. Thomas slammed the wooden door behind her and began to push the wheel to get them out of there. Alyssa looked out of the opening at the camp, hearing the raiders waking up in terror. She gave an evil smile as the lift went up.

“So hero, where are you heading?” Thomas asked as they reached the top.

“Valedon,” Alyssa replied.

Thomas’ eyes lit up as she told him. He was speechless as he looked upon her beauty; he knew exactly why she was going to his village.

“You probably won’t believe me, but I am the mayor of Valedon,” Thomas chuckled.

Alyssa remained silent, she felt slightly awkward as she would have to sleep with the man she had just rescued at some point. They began to move into the jungle slowly, keeping their wits about them as monsters could come from any direction to ambush them. Alyssa kept a steady hand on her bow as they crept through the undergrowth. A calm breeze began to blow against her cheeks as she moved in front of Thomas. The rattling of bones began to be heard around them. As Alyssa inched forward, she saw two skeletons stood in front of her, scanning the area. She ducked behind the bushes watching them. Thomas quietly dropped to his knees behind her, getting a glimpse up Alyssa’s skirt. He was mesmerised by her little ass.

The skeletons began to disperse as the moon went down. Alyssa watched them as they went back to the darkness of the caves, narrowly missing the rays of the sun. She began to get up, looking around the area. She turned her head slightly, pulling a short, flimsy sword from her scabbard. She tossed it onto the ground beside Thomas as she began to walk. Thomas sighed slightly as he grabbed the sword. He climbed to his feet, seeing that Alyssa was already way ahead of him. He started walking briskly, keeping her within his sight. He enjoyed the view of her hips wiggling as she walked a few meters ahead of him; it’s what was keeping him going.

On and on she walked as the morning sun rose. Thomas continued to watch her ass as they moved deeper into the jungle. Alyssa stopped sharply as she saw a body of water. She began to move over to the lake, dropping her bow as she cupped her hands. She climbed down to her knees, the water spilling over into her palms. She jerked her hands up to her face and gulped the water down as the sun glared against her face. Thomas joined her beside the pool, admiring her beauty in the sunshine. His eyes were glued to her as she took another gulp of water. Feeling awkward by the attention she was receiving from the man she had rescued, she quickly climbed back up to continue her journey. Thomas sighed slightly as he followed her once more.

The leaves rustled below her footsteps, and zombie groans could be heard from nearby caves. Thomas began to get unnerved as they proceeded deeper into the shrubbery. She stormed forward ignoring the noises, walking through an archway of trees. Thomas panicked as he saw a foreign green creature fall from the trees just behind her. He dropped his sword and sprinted towards Alyssa. Realising the explosion was imminent, he dived at her, grabbing her waist and pulling her to the floor as the creature blew up. He cuddled her head into his chest as rocks scattered around the area.

As smoke rose from the newly formed crater, he released her from his clutches. She trembled in shock as she looked over at the hole. She then looked into Thomas’ eyes. Her hand began to move up to his chest, stroking it gently as her head moved closer to his. Her hand opened up and rested on him. Their lips began to meet, kissing passionately. Their tongues entwined in a pool of lust and their eyes began to close as they shared their first kiss. Thomas’ hands slowly moved down Alyssa’s back and to her nicely rounded ass. He squeezed it gently as they made out. His cock began to grow harder as he groped her. Alyssa squirmed slightly as he did. He continued to squeeze and fondle her ass, making her squirm more and more.

After what seemed like an eternity, they broke the kiss. Alyssa smiled sweetly at him as he slipped his thumbs inside of her trousers. He quickly pulled them down, uncovering her legs. He licked his lips as her tight, virgin pussy came into view. Alyssa blushed and turned her head away as he opened her legs a little to get a better look at her anatomy. He placed his hand on it, feeling the heat of her sex gradually getting warmer. His bulge grew more as he continued to explore. He grabbed her hand, slowly bringing it down to his groin. He groaned as she wrapped her hand around his shaft. With his other hand, he began to slowly slide two fingers into her pussy. She moaned loudly as she felt his fingers begin to probe her. As he got deeper into her hole, she began to stroke up and down his erection. Thomas felt as if his cock was trapped. He paused for a second to pull his trousers down before continuing.

He gasped as he felt the breeze brush over his heated member. His fingers began to speed up, pumping Alyssa deeper. Her hand gripped his shaft tighter, squeezing it slightly as their lips met once more. Her juices began to coat his fingers and his precum began to coat hers, as they passionately kissed again. Their tongues rolling over one another, Alyssa’s eyes closed again. Thomas began to move on top of Alyssa as they made out. His cock rubbed against Alyssa’s pussy as he did. Alyssa broke the kiss and pushed his hands away. She knew it was time.

Keeping a firm grip of his cock, Alyssa began to turn over, moving onto her knees. She then propped herself up with her free hand. Thomas pulled her shirt over her head and removed it from her body. He then began to kiss her shoulder blades before kissing his way down her back. He fondled her boobs as he kissed her lower back. Moving back up her body, he kissed her cheek.

“I’ll be gentle, I promise,” he whispered as he moved her hand off of his cock and replaced it with his own.

She inhaled deeply as her other hand went to the ground. Thomas began to stroke the head up and down her lips, teasing her. He gave her one more kiss on the shoulder before his head slipped in. Immediately Thomas groaned as he felt Alyssa’s tightness around the head. His hands moved to her hips and slowly he began to feed her more. She gasped as her pussy began to stretch around his shaft. Her ass hit his abdomen for the first time, his cock fully embedded inside her. Alyssa breathed heavily with the new, foreign feeling of a cock. She reached back with one of her hands, placing it on top of Thomas’.

Slowly he began to rock her forward, the head of his cock hooking her pussy lips.

“You feel great,” he gasped.

He slid his cock back in, making her moan as he did so. His balls slapped against her clitoris as he started to pump her. She dug her fingers into the dirt as Thomas began to thrust harder. The slapping of his balls against her grew louder, echoing around the jungle, followed by her moans of exquisite delight. Thomas pulled his hands off of her body, letting her work his cock whilst he took his shirt off. She pushed her hips back frantically, loving the amazing feeling of his wide cock opening her up. He allowed her to keep working his cock for a few moments, listening to her beautiful little moans as she took his member.

He placed his hands on her ass, giving it a quick feel before moving them to her hips again. Alyssa looked over her shoulder, lustfully smiling at him. With a playful spank on her ass, he began to thrust into her again. Each thrust brought him closer to her cervix. Alyssa’s moans grew louder once more as she began to climax with Thomas deep inside of her hole. Her warm juices began to flood over his cock, coating it as he continued to make love to her. Her body began to tremble and her moans turned to soft screams of pleasure as she came. Thomas’ eyes lit up as he watched her squirm in front of him. She began to put her face against the ground, mortified by the amount of delight she was feeling. Her legs turned to jelly but she still managed to keep her waist hoisted with her torso dipped.

With Alyssa’s orgasm ending, Thomas felt it was time. He gripped her ass tightly. He drew his cock back, seeing the sun glisten on it from the juices. He climbed off of his knees and stood over Alyssa’s ass. He then lowered himself over her, guiding his cock to her entrance. He slipped in one final time, immediately fucking her hard and fast. Her pussy walls gripping his cock tightly as though they knew he was almost done. His cock was twitching, pulsating more and more with each thrust. Thomas began to turn bright red as he attempted to keep his seed in longer. With a last thrust deeper than any other, he sighed with relief as he felt his cum rushing through his cock and into her pussy. With the last string of semen leaving his cock, he retrieved his cock and laid beside her.

Alyssa’s legs stretched out, straightening on the floor. She looked at him with the sweetest of smiles and said, “That was one way to spend my eighteenth birthday.”
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