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Montania: The Chronicles of Steve

The beginning of Steve's adventure to Alyssa.
Steve shivered as an ice cold breeze hit his figure. The clouds began to surround him as he made his way over the mountain tops. With his sword in hand, he trekked on through the snow. Growing up, he had always wanted to explore the world that was known as Montania, and now at sixteen he was finally fulfilling his dreams. The breeze began to grow stronger as he moved on with a sway in his stride. The sky began to darken, indicating night was about to fall. Steve needed shelter, and quick.

Monsters began to appear in the distance, making Steve slow down. He ducked slightly, trying to avoid being spotted by them. As he moved closer, the ground beneath him collapsed. Quickly Steve was plunged into darkness. Unable to move, he looked up at the sky until eventually he passed out.


The night passed by quickly, and fortunately Steve remained undetected in his little cavern. As the sun hit his face, he awakened. Swiftly, he shielded his eyes from the glaring winter sun before looking around. He climbed to his feet, noticing a few forks in the cavern. He had to make a decision if he wanted to survive. After a short debate with himself, he chose a narrow path that looked as though it was man-made. He began to walk briskly, hugging the wall as much as possible. Hisses of spiders could be heard from a nearby cavern, however Steve wasn’t focused on monsters. His main goal was escaping.

Deeper he went into the cave. The hisses grew fainter and eventually light began to emerge. His walk turned into a run as the light grew brighter. Faster and faster he went, until finally, the crisp winter wind hit his face. He looked around, puzzled by his new surroundings. He raised his sword, as he began to slowly come out of the cave. With one more look around, he realised that he was on the inclines of the mountains. Looking down, he noticed a small forest of spruce trees with wooden posts around. He felt relieved as he knew these posts meant civilisation was close by. Gradually he began to climb down the rugged rocks.

As he reached the bottom, he made a break for the forest as snow began to fall heavily. Another crisp breeze blew against his face, making his teeth chatter. He wandered further into the forest searching for the warmth of his village. For hours he had no luck, and as the day turned to night he began to lose faith that he was ever going to get home. Exhausted, Steve began to fall to his knees, panting heavily. As he looked around his surroundings, he noticed a faint light coming from the distance. His eyes widened and a smile began to form on his face.

Quickly Steve pushed himself up to his feet and began to amble towards the light. It began to get brighter and brighter until finally he saw a wooden structure from where the beam was coming from. His pace sped up as he heard the rattling of bones behind him. Along the gravel paths he went until finally he was in the centre of the village. He looked around in disbelief.

“This isn’t my village,” he whispered to himself.

He saw a tallish building on the right, filled with a crowd of people. He immediately headed there in hopes of finding out where he was. As he opened the door, the crowd looked at him. In an awkward silence, they glared at each other. One person in particular caught his attention; a middle aged woman sat at the back. He had never seen something so beautiful and delicate before. Her eyes were just so elegant, with a deep blue filling. Her long, wavy blonde hair complimented them, and her cleavage was just out of this world.

For the longest time he stared at her, until finally he gathered up the courage to walk over. He sat down beside her, timidly looking as she winked at him.

“Who are you then?” she asked.

“I’m... I’m Steve,” he answered nervously.

“So Steve, I haven’t seen you around here before,” she laughed, “Where did you appear from?”

“I was up on the mountains ma'am,” he answered, “I was looking for my village.”

They carried on conversing throughout the night, talking about everything and anything, as it grew later and later. She downed her drink as the final bell rang. As Steve wondered what he was going to do for the night, she grabbed his hand and yanked him from his seat. He was slightly puzzled by this, but at the same time he was quite intrigued. He hadn’t realised he had made that much of an impression, to be literally pulled out of the pub. She carried on tugging him down the gravel, until they reached a cosy cottage on the edge of the town.

“So Steve, are you a virgin?” she demanded. “Tell me quickly.”

“Yes,” he gulped as she began to stroke his cheek.

“Good,” she laughed.

She opened her door, allowing Steve to enter first. She took a quick glimpse around the village before making her way in. As Steve looked around with a bewildered look on his face, she began to pour two glasses of whiskey.

“My name is Brianna by the way,” she said as she passed him a glass.

She paused a few moments, looking at Steve, before moving over to the bed. She sat down, her legs opening just enough for Steve to see her icy white panties. He took a sip of the whiskey as he stared at her. She gently patted the soft duvet beside her, longing for him to join her. He quickly obliged, recklessly planting himself down next to her.

“How old are you Steve?” she asked as her hand squeezed his thigh.

“Sixteen,” he answered, his focus on her hand.

She hummed in excitement, loving the fact that Steve was a young and inexperienced boy. She snatched his drink from his hand, placing both of them on the bedside table. Her hand returned to Steve’s thigh, slowly stroking up and down the inside of it, as her mouth began to move to his neck. She began to kiss and suck on his neck, her hand moving onto his hardening cock. He turned his head slightly in disbelief, triggering her to begin kissing his mouth passionately. Her tongue pressed into his mouth, licking and swirling around his tongue. She moved his hand onto her chest, letting him squeeze her tits.

Getting a good grope of his cock, she then moved her hands up onto his chest, breaking the kiss as she removed his shirt. Her hands sat firmly on his chest as she climbed off of the bed and onto her knees. Their tongues continued to entwine with one another as she knelt there. She quickly pushed him away, and started kissing down his torso. Each kiss was gently planted on his skin until she reached his stomach. She looked at him with a promiscuous look on her face, as her hands grasped the waistband of his trousers. Licking her lips at him, she began to pull them down, watching as his cock came into view.

“Wow, for sixteen you sure are packing it,” she chuckled.

Her laugh was cut off, as his head entered her mouth. Steve groaned slightly, feeling the velvet of her gums around his manhood. He felt sure he was going to cum straight away as her saliva coated the entire head and eye. Her tongue rolled over the head, every now and then flicking at his banjo string, causing exquisite pleasure to her new, young lover. It was a rare occurrence for oral sex in Montania, but Brianna just couldn’t resist having Steve’s innocent, untouched cock inside her mouth, and she was certainly enjoying the taste of it. Moans were muffled as more of him penetrated her orally. She grabbed the base of it, stroking it as her head bobbed up and down on his lap.

Steve leaned back, watching her lubricate him for entering her soaking wet pussy. He was beginning to want it badly. Just to finally feel the warmth of a woman on his manhood was his only desire. Her head carried on bobbing and her lips slapped together. Her free hand began to slide her skirt and panties down together, uncovering her back end. Saliva dripped down his shaft and onto his balls as she stopped sucking.

“Nice cock,” she smiled, before pulling her shirt up and over her head.

Steve’s eyes widened as he saw two pink nipples in his face. His hands began to run all over her body, admiring it. For a woman of at least forty, she was in good shape. She pushed him back and began to climb onto the bed, on top of him.

“Don’t worry Steve, I’ll be gentle,” she winked.

Her hand held his cock up, letting his head rub against her pussy lips. Her mouth planted on his, as she let go and plunged her hips down on top of him. He went into her deep, making her shudder as her pussy stretched around his girth. Steve placed his hands on her ass, grabbing it tightly. He was straining to keep his cum inside already, but he managed to do so, as she began riding him. Her juices were already beginning to slither down his length as she went up and down on him. Her tongue dominated his mouth, swirling viciously around it, but none the less Steve loved it.

The springs creaked underneath them whilst they bred passionately. His cock strained to keep his cum inside but remarkably each and every time he felt as though it was going to happen, he managed to keep it under control. His hands spread her ass cheeks, grasping them tightly as her pussy gripped his dick. Faint squelching noises began to be heard around the room and quickly Brianna turned from composed to squirming. She carried on fucking his virgin cock, wanting to milk it quickly. She broke the kiss and sat up as a large moan escaped her lips.

Steve’s hands immediately moved from her ass to her busty chest as she kept on riding him. He squeezed and rolled them gently, loving the feel of her erect nipples in his palms. Her pace began to quicken, wanting Steve to cum for her. Her ass slapped against his balls, making them tighten in time with his squeezes.

“Cum for me Steve,” she moaned, “Give me your seed.”

Steve’s head moved back against the pillow and his knees came to her back. He thrust into her as hard as he could. His balls clenched, as they both of them fucked in rhythm. Each thrust brought him closer to orgasm, but reluctantly he held his sperm inside. As they picked the pace up, he pulled her neck down to him, kissing her deeply as his last thrust made him burst. His hot seed began to shoot deep into her. Their tongues entwined passionately as Steve felt the sensation of his first orgasm, the sensation of impregnating his first woman in the world of Montania.

As his final string of cum entered Brianna, their kiss broke and her eyes looked blissfully down into his. She licked her lips as she climbed off of his cock, the excess sperm making a string from her pussy lips to his cock. She scrunched her body over, placing her head next to his softening cock. She began to suck the tip as he placed his hand on her back with a smile. The salty taste overpowered her taste buds as she sucked him gratefully. With one final lick and slurp, she moved back up his body, nestling her head into his chest as she did. They embraced as their eyes began to shut for the night.

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