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My Ghost House, Ch 2

I discover some of the house's secrets
Over the next couple of weeks, my loan application was approved, and I was on my way to being a home owner. Trina tried to be happy for me, but after reading the articles, she was worried that I was in over my head. Lucky for me, the previous owner state d that the house be sold fully furnished. She was donating the period furniture with the house when she died. So, I got an amazing deal.

Moving day came, and I was so excited that I could barely drive. Trina told me earlier in the week that she would come up and bless the house some time next week. I would have the weekend to get know and love my precious commodity.

Pulling up into the circular driveway, my breath was taken at the simple beauty of it. By modern mansion standards, my house was quite small. Having 4 bedrooms on the 2nd floor and the master bedroom and another on the 3rd , the design was not a complex one. The master bedroom was wine red in color. The walls were covered in silk, and the balcony looked over the driveway. This was to be my room.

I walked into the front room and looked up the grand staircase. My shoes clicked on the hardwood floor, echoing. I wanted to explore. Ascending the staircase, I came to a landing with a door. I could turn right and go to the 2nd floor, or I could open the door.

I didn't like the feeling coming from the door, and try as I might, I could not bring myself to open the door. There was something ominous about that piece of wood. Continuing up the to the 2nd floor, I looked into the four rooms and bathroom.

I liked the color schemes. Blue, lavender, yellow, and green were the design colors of the guest rooms. Each room felt happy and light. The bathroom was magnificent, with its raised porcelain tub. I could not wait to lounge in that.

Proceeding to the 3rd floor, I stopped by the guest room on that level. Done in a royal blue and cream palette, I was almost tempted to move into this room, instead of the master. Stepping further into it, I felt the air thicken and chill bumps raced down my spine. It was like walking into a freezer in some spots.

The cold spots danced here and there. Curious, I reached out to one, sticking my hand into it. It was like touching your tongue to the end of a battery. Shocking, but not painful. It slid p and down my wrist, almost erotically.

With my arm hair standing upright, the cold spot ventured further up my arm to my elbow. It seemed like it was trying to eat me. Panic began to rise. My heart was racing, and I wanted the cold spot off me.

Backing up, I tripped over the door jam and landed flat on my ass in the hallway. Having a healthy dose of respect for the spirit world, I chided myself for letting my fear get the better of me. I knew that fear fed their strength.

Picking myself up off the floor, I went to my new room. My spirit encounter drained me, and suddenly, I felt so incredibly tired. It was only 3 pm, but the need for a nap was super strong. Sitting down on the bed, I tested the firmness of the mattress.

Pleased to learn that the bed was soft, I laid back on it. Turning my head to the left, I saw my dresser with it's huge antique mirror. To my right was the fireplace. Stretching, I let my eyes drift closed. I don't know how long I drifted in the hazy presleep world, but my sleep befuddled mind began to register that something was not entirely right.

Thinking that the movement I was feeling was a dream, I let the invisible visitor remove my shoes. Warm hands caressed my feet, massaging them. I could tell that they were m ale hands, because they felt large and rough.

My eye lids were too heavy to lift, and the sensation of his thumbs working my instep was too much. A soft sigh escaped my lips, as he worked his way up my calf. Kneading and rubbing, my leg felt boneless.

Never had a simple foot massage felt so sexy. He might have been melting my tension, as well as my bones, but there was a burning starting to ignite in my core. Caught between the dream world and reality, I was powerless against it.

Sitting my foot down, he repeated his actions on the other one, and by this time, I was all but panting. My nipples were so hard that I could cut glass. Unconsciously, I began to run my hands over my breasts, trying to relieve some of the ache there. They felt heavy and full.

“So responsive...,” a far away voice said.

They disembodied hands continued their journey upward, kneading my inner thighs. I was wearing a pair of shorts, so it was easy to glide up my bare skin. His stopped at the place where my thigh meets my pelvis, a place so very sensitive to me.

His strong hands traced the ligament there, causing me to push up against him. Gasping out loud, I pinched my nipples, wanting more stimulation.

“Silky eager,” the voice chuckled.

“Please,” I whispered.

I did not want this dream to end. It had been a long time since I felt a man's hands on my body, even if they were dream hands. Pushing off my alertness, I tried to remain in my dreamy state.

I could feel his thumbs massaging my outer lips in a circular motion. With each rotation, he pulled them open. In an essence, he was using my labia to stimulate my clit and doing a very good job of it. Every so often, he would cease the circles and just press my lips together, putting a lot of pressure on my bud.

My slit was getting so very slick, and he had not even touched me there. The wetter I got, the easier it was for the circling massages to coax my shy love button from it's hood.

“Beautiful...,” he whispered.

In my half awake state, I was very aroused, so close to cumming. I just needed one small push, and I would explode into a million pieces. He must have sensed that, because he spread my lips open wide. It was like he was watching my clit pulse and jump. He leaned down. I could feel his hot breath.

With the tip of his tongue, he probed me. Using it only tongue, this dream lover nudged my hood back, fully exposing my throbbing clit. Letting only a moment pass, he sucked it up into his warm mouth. His lips massaged the base, while he flicked his torturous tongue all around.

With a wild screech, I came undone. My pussy contracted uncontrollably, causing my hips to buck up and down against the air. What a wild experience that was, to have an orgasm that strong and seemingly be a sleep.

Fully awake now, I sat upright. Looking around the darkened room, I was a bit unnerved to notice that my shoes were off, and my pants were in a disarray. I didn't know what to think about it. The room smelled of sandalwood and sex.

Looking at my watch, I noted that it was 7 pm. How could I have slept four hours? I got up and went to the bathroom that adjoined my room. Splashing cold water onto my face, I gradually regained my senses enough to realize that I was hungry.

Retracing my path to the kitchen, I was stopped by the mysterious door on the second floor landing. If it was eerie during the day, it was positively scary at night. In the dimness of the hall, the door looked like it was breathing.

Rushing past it, I made my way to the kitchen, only to note that there was a person sitting there. Skidding to a halt and with my heart in my heart, I could only stare at the man sitting at my table.

“Who... who are you?” I asked, timidly, “How did you get in here?”

He just looked at me. Scared to go further, and unable to go back, I stood there in a deadlock. The man studied me, so I decided to study him. I would need details for the police when I called them.

My eyes roamed over him. He was attractive for a possible serial killer. I could get the overall picture of him, but every time I tried to focus on a single trait, it was like he was out of focus. Hazy, if you will.

“Look... you can either tell me what you are doing here, or you can get the hell out!” I said to him.

“I can't go anywhere, and you know that,” I heard him say, but did not see him move his lips.

Dumbfounded, I staggered backward a few steps. Maybe I was going insane. I am now hearing voices in my head. In fact, I am hearing the same voice in my head that my dream lover had.

“What the fuck!” I said to myself.

“I can see that you are troubled,” the voice said, in my head.

“Troubled? Troubled, you say. That is a fucking understatement. I need a drink,” I mumbled.

“You knew about the history. Why are you so surprised now?” he asked, reasonably.

“You are not real. I refuse to acknowledge this is happening,” I said, dismissively.

I walked right past him to the refrigerator. Opening it, I spied some cheese. Perfect! I would have cheese and crackers. I grabbed a knife from the drawer and began to slice the cheese, when I felt two warm hands on my shoulders.

“I'm not real, huh. Let me prove to you just how real I am,” he growled, spinning me around.

Up close, I was able to make out more of his features. Although his face and body looked like it was wavering, I noted that he had the most green eyes I had ever seen. His hair was dark, almost black. He was much taller than I am, so I had to look up a ways to see him. Broad shouldered and strong, he was the perfect man, even if he was a figment of my imagination.

“Do I not feel real to you?” he whispered in my ear.

Sure enough, his hands felt solid, and I could feel his breath on my neck. He planted a soft kiss on the side of my neck. Not wanting to accept what was going on in front of me, I closed my eyes for a fraction of a second. The heaviness of the hands remained.

Ready to do battle, I opened my mouth and eyes and started to say, “You are... not...”

I was alone in the kitchen. He was gone. As I grabbed my cell phone and bolted out the back boor to the yard, I heard him talk in the echo voice.

“I can come and go as I please. But remember, so can he,” the specter remarked.

Dashing to the gazebo, I dialed Trina. My hands were shaking so bad. She finally picked up on the third ring.

“I feel your unrest. What be de matter, girl?” my best friend asked, concerned.

“Oh God! Trina, what have I gotten myself into?” I wailed.

The stress of the day was getting to me. I told her about the door, the nap, and the kitchen encounter. Then, I asked if she would call the Loa to help me.

“Girl! You don need the Loa! Dey judge wat de see fit. Maybe, dey tink you got wat you ask for by buying a haunted house. You leave dem be,” she scolded.

“Trina! I don't know what to do. I am scared!” I yelled.

“No needs to holler! I be there on Monday,” she said.

“But that's still 2 days away!” I told her.

“Look. Calm yourself down. What is de worst dat can happen? What? Now scoot inside. Auntie Marie calling me back. I gots to go,” she said, hanging up.

I took a deep breath. Maybe I was overreacting, but it is not every day that you encounter a sexy, but horny ghost. Returning to the kitchen, I made myself a quick snack and decided to go back upstairs for a shower.

I got myself excited about the marble tub, but decided that a quick shower would be better. I made my way to the grand staircase. Starting my ascent, I noticed that the scary door was open, and that stopped me dead in my tracks!

I was halfway up the steps and glued to my spot. I stared at the door. It stared right back at me, then slammed shut all by itself. Nearly peeing my pants, I gathered every bit of courage and ran past it.

Scrambling up the second flight of stairs to the third floor, I leaned against a wall. My heart was pounding, and my respirations rapid. I really didn't like that door.

Gathering my senses, I went to the bathroom. It was more modern than the one downstairs, having a shower stall and all. Turning on the water, I stripped off my clothes and got inside.

The rushing, hot water cascaded down my body, helping to relax me. Bracing my hands on the cold tile in front of me, I leaned forward to let it beat down on my neck, massaging my tension away.

It took a few minute s before I noticed the pair of hands gripping my wet breasts. Perhaps, my dream lover was trying to alleviate my fear, but something didn't feel right.

These hands were not gentle. The longer I stood there, the tighter they became on my breasts. Having only been focusing on my breasts, I failed to note the hard body behind me. The sudden gasp, that was torn from me, only caused me to suck up water and start choking.

I tried to push backward, away from the water, but a strong, hairy chest prevented tha t. He pulled me back tighter against him, and skin of a different texture was pressed down the length of me.

With an ear piercing shriek, I yanked out of his grasp and spun around to confront him. All I saw was the outline of a big body. All I felt was hatred. He was projecting an enormous amount of hatred. I dove out of the shower head first, slipped on the floor, busted my ass for the second time today, and scrambled back into a corner.

Drawing my knees up protectively to my chest, I sobbed. I w as dripping wet, cold, and scared. The combination of the three made for a bad time.

“Mine... before him,” I heard him growl.

“Go away! Go away! Go away!” I screamed.

I couldn't tell you how long I sat there. My legs were cramped, and my skin was blue from cold. I kept my eyes closed and head down, until I heard the door.

Peeking out from my protective enclosure, I saw boots. I heard him kneel down. The familiar scent of sandalwood filled my senses.

Looking up, I saw my dream ghost. He was looking down at me, shaking his head. It's funny how they can solidify when they want, and vanish other times. I watched him grab a towel.

Wrapping it around my body, he lifted me up to my feet. Then hooking his arms under my legs, he lifted my body up t o cradle against his solid chest. My ghost carried me to his room, the royal blue room.

“You will be safe here,” he said, setting me down on the huge bed.

All I could do was stare. He walked around the room, before sitting in the wing chair in the co rner.

“Time to talk. You know about this house's past. I won't even go into that,” he said, “What I will tell you is that there are 2 spirits here.”

“You are Colton, aren't you?” I asked.

“Yes...but I go by Colt. The other is Beau. He was my best friend, until she came along. She was betrothed to him, but loved me. To make a long story short, it ended up with everyone dead, and no one happy,” he continued.

“But, why me?” I said, in a tinny voice.

“Many reasons. You are the female he lost. You are the female he wants. You are the female he wants to punish. That is why. You felt compelled to buy the house, so obviously you are meant to be here. Maybe, it will be you that stops him,” he said.

“From what? Stops him from what?” I asked.

“Only you can solve that. But know this, he will try to claim you. I am sure of that,” Colt said, as he slowly vanished, leaving me sitting in a cold room.

“This sucks,” I said, aloud.

Returning to my room, I paced the floor. It was warmer in here, than in the royal blue room, so I could care less of my naked state. Whoever said that fear was an excellent aphrodisiac was correct. I had chills running up and down my body. My heart was racing. And, that combination had my nipples so erect that they actually hurt.

I was scared, but for some reason, all I could think about was cumming. Leave it to my sexy ghost to strand me here horny. I paced the room a while longer. Finally, I went to the closet and got out a special box.

My good friend, Odin, gave this to me to use in times of urgent need. Being a lover of mythology, he always went by the nickname of Odin, Norse God of Thunder. To say he was special was an understatement, and I adored him.

Setting the box on the bed, I sat down beside it. Although I knew what was inside, I still acted like a school girl virgin. I was excited and wanted it to last.

Unable to resist any longer, I revealed the contents. Pulling the items out one at a time, I examined each and every one. A bottle of the finest lubric ation was the first thing, water soluable and silky to the touch. Second, a curved purple vibrator meant to stimulate a woman's G spot. Next, a simple hand vibe that would be excellent for clitoral stimulation. The final items caught my curiousity the most, a set of anal beads.

Having five beads of increasing size, the toy was soft, but firm. My fingers explored the smallest bead, the size of a small marble, to the largest bead, the size of a golf ball. I had always been curious about them, and during one of our talks, I told Odin about it. Leave it to him to try to alleviate my desire.

It is no secret that I like anal. The pressure from the penetration and the electric shocks from the stimulation never failed to bring the best orgasms. As if in a trance, I liberally lubed the beads, and then pouring a large amount on my fingers, I rubbed my puckered hole.

Getting to my knees, I leaned forward to rest my chest on the bed. This opened me wider, allowing my fingers to probe deeper. The feeling of my slick finger gliding in and out of my relaxed, open ass was heady, and with each probe, my pussy wept more.

I knew I was ready for the toy when my whole pussy was soaking wet and throbbing. Grabbing it, I worked the first bead inside. God, it felt good to be penetrated there. The second and third slid in easily. When I got to the fourth, I was beginning to feel full. The largest and last bead burned, but I managed to get it inside.

I pulled on the handle, causing the beads to move. The pressure was amazing! I flipped over on my back and grabbed the curved vibrator. I needed no lube for where this was going. It slid inside my cunt easily.

With the tip of the vibe curved the way it was, it was easy to find that sweet spot not too far inside me. I switched the vibe on and let it take me away. My stomach was in knots, and the fear of the day not too far from the surface. I was tense.

Slowly working it in and out, I could feel my thighs tensing up, tightly. The tip of the toy concentrated on my G spot, while the body of it, rubbed against the anal beads. The double penetration had me focused on my pussy and ass.

Knowing that I would need more to cum, I went for the small vibe. It was tiny, but the vibrations coming from it, when I turned it on, were powerful. I tried to manipulate my clit, but realized that I needed more hands.

“Let me,” Colt said, appearing on the bed with me.

Startled, I jumped, then groaned. My reaction to his appearance caused the anal beads to shift, sending waves of electric pressure through my whole body.

“Fuck,” I whispered.

He took my hand off the vibe in my pussy, but continued to work it in and out. This left me with the sole job of working my stiff clit. Swirling the vibe around, I concentrated on my favorites pot. Grinding and rubbing to the side of my clit, I was aware of the familiar humming that was beginning in my pelvis.

Starting at the base of my clit and working outward, the contractions grew stronger, as the need to cum increased. With my legs stiff and feet braced against the bed, I was about to cum, and cum hard.

My pussy was contracting violently, ballooning out and collapsing. I was close. The only things holding me back were the five beads in my ass.

Sensing this, Colt bumped the handle, purposely. This jarred the beads, keeping me right on the edge. With a wicked smile, he manipulated the largest bead by pulling it almost out, and then letting it bounce back into place.

My pussy was literally sobbing. I could feel my juices pouring out of me , soaking the bed underneath.

“Please,” I begged.

He teased me. Pulling the largest bead out slowly, I felt it pop out of my ass. The pressure drop was dramatic and was enough to push me over.

“NOW! NOW! NOW!” I yelled, hoarsely.

Wave after wave hit me, as he slowly inched those beads out of my ass. I came hard and long. My asshole felt loose and open, but as the last bead exited, it clamped shut tightly. The only thing touching my bed was the top of my head and the bottom of my feet.

Riding the aftershocks, I felt Colt mount me. My orgasm must have been too much for him. He was stiff and throbbing. I needed no prepartion. He slid right inside with one forceful thrust.

Hooking his arms under my knees, he grabbed my wrists to use me as leverage for powerful thrusts. My eyes were glazed, as I stared up at this powerful man, who was as deep inside me as he could be. The muscles in his chest were tense, and he was pounding me something fierce.

I was already sensitive from my earlier orgasm, but the sight of him thrusting away and the feel of his hard cock inside me, reignited my passion.

“Fuck me,” I murmured, repeatedly.

Granting my wish, I felt him lift my hips off the bed and slam into the cradle of my groin. He was close. His movements jerky and uncoordinated. A new ache began in my slit. It was deeper and came on slower.

Colt angled his pelvis in order to rub against my wall with the tip of his pole. I felt like I was going to drown. This new pressure engulfed me, and my vision faded. I couldn't breathe. It was the mother of all orgasms, and it was taking me down.

Colt slammed into to me several times, before pumping hot jets of cum up inside me. He roared with his release. My tsunami wave crested, and she who never passed out, did just that.

I woke up some time later, tucked into bed. Looking at my watch, I saw that it was 2:30 am. My bed was empty, but I felt his presence. Drifting back to sleep, I wondered what to do with the other one.

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