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My Ghost House

A house with an erotic reputation snares its next victim.
Being a lover of fine, southern homes, I was thrilled when the old antebellum house that I had my eye on came on market. It is a fine house with huge columns on the porch, which wraps around the entire house. Three stories high and painted white, this massive 150 year old mansion resided close to the Louisiana boarder.

My best friend, Katrina, lives in New Orleans, so I always see the house on my way down to visit her. I have told her about it so many times, that she can practically see it already. The day it came on the market I was ecstatic.

“Oh, my GOD! Trina, guess what?” I exclaimed.

I was on my way down to visit her and to partake of the Mardi Gras festivities. The hotels were too expensive this time a year, and they were all booked up, anyway. Lucky for me, Trina lived on the outskirts of the French Quarter.

“What? What? You bout to come tru de phone, girl!” Trina drawled, her voice thick with her Cajan accent.

Katrina DuBois was the most beautiful Creole woman. From her long, curly black hair to her silky milk chocolate skin, she was exotic to the core. Her dark brown eyes were able to entrance any man alive. Having seen her in action, I know just how seductive my friend is.

Trina, not only a stunning creature, was the most loyal friend around. She has gotten my butt out of a lot of jams. Did I mention that she was a Voodoo priestess? Her aunt, Marie, was the high priestess for their sect and was training Trina to follow in her footsteps.

I have learned a lot about Voodoo from my friend and her aunt, and it is nothing like what Hollywood portrays it to be. Many secrets were shared with me. Secrets that only family would know, and since I have known this family all my life, I am considered one of them. They call on the Loa to protect me, as well.

We are the polar opposites. Her dark eyes and hair, rich complexion, and sinewy poise contrasted my red hair and blue eyes, fair complexion, and clumsiness, but I loved her.

“My house, girl! My house! It's for sale,” I gushed, excitedly.

“Girl, what you gonna do wit a house like dat?” Trina inquired, with an amused tone.

“I never said I was going to buy it! Geesh, I don't even know the cost or anything, but isn't it amazing? Could you imagine the parties and stuff I could do there?” I rambled on.

“You ain't never been to no party, as long as I know you. And, dat's been long time,” she laughed.

Trina kept me in line. She didn't have the money for college, so she encouraged me to do my very best and helped me to keep my scholarship. It wasn't that she was not smart enough, far from it. She said it was not in the cards for her to go to anymore school.

I graduated Nursing school with honors and began work at the local hospital. I have no life to speak of, so I didn't mind working night shift on the weekends. The pay was spectacular, and I never had to deal with crowds anywhere I went. I had money, just nothing to do with it.

The more I thought about the house, the more I realized that I could buy it. Hell, I was living at home with my parents. Virtually no bills. My week, which had started out normally, got progressively more exciting, as I made plans to call the realtor on Monday. When I finally arrived at Trina's flat, I was bursting at the seams.

Trina rushed out of her home, literally jumping into my arms. It was the same each time I visited. I had once asked her why she tackled me every time I visited, like she had not seen me in a year. She told me that no one knew the future and this could be the last time she saw me.

“Always let de person know you cherish dem,” she told me.

After my routine tackle, we went inside to catch up. We spent the night talking about what had happened since our last visit. Gradually, I told her of my plans.

“You know, Trina, I have some money set aside. I could buy that house,” I said, nonchalantly.

“What you mean?” she asked.

“I have been thinking. I live with Mom and Dad, and it is time I get on with my life. And, if I bought it, I would be closer to you,” I said, hurriedly.

Trina got up and went to her closet. I knew what was in THAT closet. She was going to consult her spirit guides. Trina always did this on major decisions. She told me that the spirits would guide us in the right direction.

Grabbing a small bag that contained her spirit stones, she came back to the table. Pouring them on the table, she leaned forward to look at the message. She sat there staring at them for a minute.

“Girl, I ain't neber seen any message like dis,” she murmured, “De spirits, they won you to buy it, but dey also talk of a bad juju, too.”

Most of the time, I listened to her about what the spirits said, because 90% of the time, they were right. But when I get my mind set on something, there is no changing it. I didn't want to upset her, so I remained silent.

Trina remained solemn about the subject. Every time I tried to speak to her of it, she would clam up or change the subject. It got so annoying that I just dropped it. I knew she would not go with me to the realtor.

The next morning I drove to meet the local realtor. After inquiring about the price and other bids, I was pleased to find out that no one had made a bid. The price was right in my range. I was so excited that I bid on it right then and there, and to make a long story short, my bid was accepted.

Now, it was up to me to get the funding, but I was going to celebrate first. The next day was Mardi Gras, fat Tuesday, and I was going to go. All the time I visited Trina, I have never been to the celebration.

I had always wanted to go, but never did. Rushing back to Trina's, I told her to get ready. We were celebrating. Not wanting to know why, she rushed inside to change, and we made our way to Bourbon St.

The parades and crowds were overwhelming. It was so much to take in. I watched drunk girls lift their shirts and flash drunk men, all for some plastic beads to take home and put on their rear view mirrors. Laughing, I had a brilliant idea. I was going to do something totally out of character for me.

Grabbing Trina's hand, I rushed up to the edge of the parade. I reached for the end of my shirt, and without thinking about it, I pulled it and my bra all the way up. I could feel the cold air surround my full breasts. It was so cold that my chill bumps rose on my boobs, as my nipples puckered.

I heard a lot of whooping and hollering and felt beads strike me in the chest. Hurriedly pulling my shirt down, I grabbed my beads and ran into the nearest pub, where it was warm.

Trina, close behind me, burst into the pub, laughing.

“What got into you, girl?” she laughed.

“I don't know! I have a good feeling. I am happy. You name it!” I giggled.

I was laughing and playing, like I was drunk, but I had not had a single drop of liquor in ages. We ordered some drinks. I had made up my mind that I was going to get tipsy tonight.

“Oh, girl! You puttin off some good vibes t'night. De mens in here be lookin hard,” she whispered.

“They are looking at you, Trina. They always look at you,” I said.

“Shoot, girl. Don you know what you look like? Des mens dey be lookin at you, t'night,” she scolded.

We sat in silence for awhile, waiting on our drinks and fries. I may be family with one of the most Cajun of women, but I could not bring myself to eat crawdads. There are certain things I just couldn't do.

Someone walked up to our table. The realtor from earlier today greeted me. I introduced Jaxson to Trina.

“Trina...this is the man that made me incredibly happy today. Jaxson St. Trina DuBois,” I said.

Trina, for the first time in her life, blushed. Jaxson, or Jax, shook her hand. I could tell she liked him, a lot. Apparently, he must have liked her, too. They hit it off and spent the rest of the evening talking.

I didn't feel left out, though. I was happy for her, and the night passed by quickly. We had too much to drink and needed to get home. Jax offered to give us a ride home, saving us costly cab fare.

Trina sat up front with him, and I crawled into the back seat. I knew better than to drink when I had no boyfriend. Liquor went straight to my clit every time, and it seemed that I was a bit of a voyeur. Sitting in the backseat, I was able to observe the two up front, unnoticed.

They were getting pretty friendly, and I don't blame them. Jax was hot! Tall, with bright blue eyes, Jax sported a well built body. Out of his suit, you would not know that he was an office worker. Broad shoulders tapered down to a narrow waist. Dark blonde hair contrasted his dark complexion. He was all around attractive, just not my type.

They must have forgotten about me in the back seat, because when Jax stopped the car in front of Trina's flat, he pulled her close for a toe curling kiss. Trina melted into his arms. I was far enough to stay out of their way, but close enough to watch his tongue wrestle with hers.

I could hear each moan and sigh. Seeing him nibble on her full bottom lip, I watched her gasp and touch her tongue to his upper lip. She traced his mouth with her pink tongue. I was not the only being kissed, but I certainly was sharing in this seduction.

My hand rubbed my breasts, as if on its own. Kneading my full globe, I sat quietly, hoping that they would continue. Breaking their kiss, Jax happened to look at me. He coughed to cover any embarrassment.

With a saucy grin, I jumped out of the car and blew a kiss to them both.

“Be good, kids! Don't do anything I wouldn't,” I called out.

“Love you,” she called out.

I went to my room and undressed. Slipping my summer nightgown, I laid down on the bed and listened to the movements in the front room. Unable to resist any longer, I crept to the door and cracked it open. From my room, I had a unobstructed view of the couch.

What I saw brought my hand to my panty clad pussy, immediately. Using the heel of my hand, I ground it over my now throbbing clit. The crotch of my panties was very damp. I watched as Jax opened Trina's shirt. Her beautiful breasts were full and pointed.

Having known her for so long, I knew that she was a 34C and so perky that she often went without a bra. Jax cupped both of her breasts, lifting one to his mouth to tongue the turgid nipple. I could see him tracing her puckered aureola, before engulfing most of her breast in his wet mouth.

Trina groaned. He must have been sucking deeply, because I could see his cheeks cave in with each draw. She arched against his mouth, gripping his hair tightly when his other hand began pinching her nipple.

“Harder, Jax,” she whispered, clearly.

Obeying her command, he twisted and pulled her nipple harder. I watched as he pulled it out from her breast almost 2 inches. She screeched low in her throat, but did not stop him.

“Punish them,” she said.

He looked at her, smiled, then I saw his white teeth bite down on her nipple. Slapping her other breast, repeatedly, I watched as her tit turned bright red. My best friend had a secret. She liked pain and was plainly getting off on his rough play.

With every slap her nipples got harder, her legs opened wider, and my clit throbbed in time. I needed more pressure to my pussy. The heel of my hand was not enough. I pulled my panties down to get better access to my now sopping bush.

Dropping to my knees, I continued to watch.

Jax had worked his way down her chest. Making a beeline to her crotch, he yanked her pants and panties down in one pull. Throwing them behind him, Jax pushed her legs open wide, and I could see the dark hair of her pussy.

“I can smell how wet you are. Your pussy smells so fucking good,” he growled.

“What you gonna do to it, huh?” she whispered.

Instead of telling her, he showed her. I saw his every movement, right from the flat tongue lick that started by her puckered ass and ended right on the hood of her swollen bud. Trina hissed when he circled her clit in a figure eight.

I could feel every pass his tongue made and tried to copy what he was doing. Using just the tip of my fingers, I swirled them in a figure eight, as well. Starting at the top of my own hood, I angled down over the entire clit to the base and back up along the other side.

My touch was soft and light. I didn't want to cum until Trina did. I kept watching.

He had both of my friend's legs open wide and up high. His face was so deep in her pussy that when he came up for air, his face was shiny with her juices. Trina was breathing heavily, her eyes half open. Yes...only half open, but open enough to see my spying on her.

It was like being busted by your parents for breaking curfew or something. She looked directly into my eyes, and then smiled. It was her way of letting me participate without actually taking the attention away from her.

Having her blessing to watch made my pussy wetter, and she got herself and Jax into positions that made it easy for me to see what they were doing. It was so fucking erotic.

Evidently, Trina wanted to put on a show. She knew that I loved blow jobs, so she pulled him onto the couch and slid down his lap. Settling herself between his legs, she made a show of undoing his pants and rubbing the thick bulge between his legs at the same time. I don't know if it was for my benefit or to tease him, but it worked on both of us.

Her full, red stained lips opened wide to engulf him. No gentle licks and playful sucks, she was getting down to business, quickly. She took all of him in one suck. He looked big from my vantage point, so it was an impressive feat to watch her throat swell the further his rigid pole explored.

I have never heard a man make THAT sound before. It sounded like it was dredged all the way from his soul. Her cheeks caved in as she pulled his dick from her throat. When she reached the top, I heard her gasp for air. His shaft was shiny with her saliva, as well as her pussy was shiny with his.

My pussy was drenching my hand, and my clit was twice the normal size. It would not take much for me to explode. I was already feeling the pull in my cunt.

Trina got up. She turned around to face me, and with a wicked grin, I saw her reach between her legs and grasp his pole. Pulling it upright, she placed it at the entrance to her flushed, pink pussy and started to descend.

Suddenly feeling very empty, I glanced at the shelf of figurines to my left. Spying a distinctively phallic looking one, I grabbed it. Using the blunt, rounded top, I began to grind it against my pulsing bud. I had never been so turned on. It was like I was being compelled.

The bumpy texture of the figurine caused the most wonderful sensations, as I slowly inserted it inside me. The different textures seem to work together and hit every hot spot I had. Shuddering, I almost came right then, but I forced myself to hold off.

Trina's descent down Jax's cock was almost painful to watch. I could see her pussy being impaled. She was stretched so wide, and her cunt lips were gripping his shaft. She was grunting, as in this position, he seemed to be almost too big for her.

Tired of being passive, Jax pushed his hips up, sharply. He shoved the remaining portion of his dick deep inside her. Growling, he grabbed her slim hips and began to pound away, very hard. They were at the point of no return.

Trina met his thrusts and timed them with her own. Her hand pulling and rubbing her clit, like a tiny cock. Both of them seem to be working on their own agenda. His movements were jerky, and it was obvious that he was losing control.

I could literally see Trina's nectar oozing out of her pussy and beginning to drip down his shaft. His cock was flushed to a dark red , and her pearly white juice was very noticeable, even from a distance. Her ragged breath sounded guttural and beautiful at the same time.

The glass object in my pussy was getting too slippery to hold. My hand was soaked, and I was close. Pinching hard on my clit, I felt the blood rush back to it in waves. My muscles were tense, and I had major butterflies in my stomach. I was losing grip on my control.

With hazy eyes, I watched as Jax gave several more jerky thrusts, then pull out. His sperm spurted out of the end of his cock in jets, landing all over Trina's stomach. In ropey bursts, her belly was a lattice work of cum.

Trina pulled on her clit one more time before digging her feet into the couch and arching up. Her pussy was flushed a dark red. The flush extended up her chest and covered her hard nipples. She stayed tensed up for about half a minute, then relaxed back onto his chest.

I could not take it anymore. I let the waves overtake me and drowned in a hard orgasm of my own. Bracing my forehead against the door jam, I rode the figurine, just as hard as Jax rode my best friend. I gasped, trying to catch my breath.

They sat there a moment, cuddling. He was softly kissing her neck, as she snuggled back. Eventually, the position that she was in got uncomfortable, and Trina climbed off of his lap. Using her pants, she wiped the sticky cum off her belly.

Turning to Jax, she said, “Hun, it be getting late. 'Bout time for you to go.”

“ power of the season must have gotten to me. I usually get to know someone better before I have sex with them,” Jax stammered, a bit.

Trina laughed softly.

“You know, de spirits prolly just guiding you to me,” she chided.

Jax grinned.

“Oh! I almost forgot. I have a packet here for Kari. It is the background of the house she is purchasing. I thought she love like to know that she is buying a haunted house,” he said.

He left the packet on the couch, leaned down to give Trina a kiss.

“I see that she gets this,” Trina pointed to the envelop.

“Can I call you later?” he asked.

“You bedder!” she scolded.

Trina grabbed him in a hug, squeezed his ass, then sent him on his way. Spying me reclined on the floor, she walked to me and squatted down.

“Enjoy dat?” she asked me.

“Smart ass,” I said.

She offered me her hand, and I took it. She guided me to the couch and pushed me onto it. Trina, then, collapsed down beside me. After handing me the yellow envelope, I opened it and spilled the contents out onto my lap.

We were comfortable enough with each other that our nudity did not bother us. I have seen her naked more than once, but for some reason now, I could not help but to be a little turned on in her presence after what I had just seen.

She seemed unbothered by our state of undress, but I could not focus on anything but her puffy nipples, staring me in the face. I have never wanted to reach out and touch them so badly, but restrained myself when she began to talk to me about the information in the packet.

“Kari, look at dis,” she said, pointing to the old article.

Yellowed with age, the article describe a killing at the house. The same house that I was set to buy. Happening in the late 1800's, a prominent businessman's son was killed in a duel over a local lady's hand. It seemed that the son was seeing this woman behind her fiancee's back, and when he learned of it, he challenged the younger man.

According to the authorities, the jilted man, who was known as Beau Johnson, rigged the duel. He had a second man in the bushes to ensure that he won. Ending on sad terms, Beau was killed by the expert shot of the younger man, who was shot by the unknown hidden man. Both died on the property, and the lady, it seemed, perished from a broken heart.

It was not known if she loved her fiancee or her lover, but the double loss was too much for her. The young lover, Colton Shelby, was well loved in the county. His father sold the house that summer and moved to New York.

There were many articles like that in the packet, but one caught Trina's attention, as well as mine. It was from a popular Paranormal magazine. Describing the manor, it told of the haunting there.

The latest owner was interviewed as saying that she loved her house, but sometimes the ghostly visitors were a bit hard to handle. She spoke highly of one, saying he was gentle, strong, and protective. The other was forceful and angry. It was like he was punishing women.

The owner never would elaborate on the goings on in the house, although she would blush from time to time. The article later reported that despite the house's reputation of ghosts, it never sat empty for long. Each and every new owner was a single female, who stated that she felt a hypnotic pull to the house.

I looked at Trina, who had a frown on her face.

“Looks like you gonna have a time on your hands, Cherie,” she simply stated.

We gathered the papers up and went to bed. Laying there, my mind was in a state. Did I want a haunted house?

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